Joker Tattoo Design Ideas

25 Best Joker Tattoo Design Ideas

Your favorite character can look amazing in a tattoo form! Are you a fan of the Joker himself? Everyone knows about his witty smile, determined look, as well as unforgettable quotes. Do you want to show your love for the movie with the best tattoo? A Joker tattoo can have either a straightforward meaning and can say that you really love the movie, or you can get something personalized and deep placed on top. Browse through your options down below!

Why Get A Joker Tattoo?

If you watched the movie, you will need a Joker tattoo! Batman as well as Joker fans will enjoy this list, as well as all of our Joker inspired tattoos. Anyone who is a fan of DC will love our top 25 recommendations.

What Does A Joker Tattoo Symbolize?

A Joker tattoo will represent you as an individual, as well as how you love to present yourself to the world. The actual Joker is a villain who has deep and dark intentions. However, all of us have our dark moments, so why not showcase them with the right tattoo? A Joker always comes back to life, and he also represents perseverance!

Back & Chest Joker Tattoos

1. Joker Chest Tattoo Black Ink

 Joker Chest Tattoo Black Ink
Instagram: @stefanr.arnaut

This joker tattoo over your chest will suit you if you work out, have a bigger chest, and if you think that there is true love. It will suit Joker and Harley Quinn fans, as well as perfectionists!

You should dedicate this joker chest tattoo to the love of your life (if you have one). If not, it can just show others that you really love this movie.

2. Joker Tattoo Black And White Back Design

Joker Tattoo Black And White Back Design
Instagram: @mabi_tattooer

This joker back tattoo will look great on guys who are often wearing tank tops, and who want to show their figure. This tattoo is quite attention-seeking, and it will take you 4 hours (minimum) to get this tattoo.

It can symbolize your rage, your inner crazy thoughts, as well as your dark twisted soul. You will prefer it over your shoulder or your entire back.

3. Joker Face Tattoos On Chest

Joker Face Tattoos On Chest
Instagram: @jokertattooink

This woman inspired joker tattoo will look amazing over your chest. It won’t hurt, but it will take you several hours to get this design over your chest. Make sure that your tattoo artist is precise as well as knowledgeable when it comes to his tattoos before you fully commit to this one.

This ink symbolizes your playful and intimate side. If you’re someone who loves an adventure, let others see that with this joker tattoo.

4. Colorful Joker Tattoo Drawing

Colorful Joker Tattoo Drawing

This joker stomach tattoo is a bit painful to get, but this piece will suit you if you love flashy pieces. This is the original joker piece that will suit true fanatics and lovers of this movie.

This joker stomach tattoo will let others know that you’re a fanatic of the movie and that you prefer bright and bad characters in most of your favorite sagas.

Fun fact: did you know that the Joker’s real name might be either Jack or Arthur?

5. Joker Tattoo Ideas Batman Inspired

Joker Tattoo Ideas Batman Inspired
Instagram: @22_roses_tattoo_22

This back piece can show your love for both characters. Show the appreciation for the Joker and Batman with this back tattoo. It can take you four hours to do this ink.

You sometimes have good and evil fighting in you, which is okay since all of us struggle on a daily! Show your true face with this authentic tattoo. It will also symbolize your power and your will to grow and explore different chapters in life.

Shoulder Joker Tattoo Designs

1. Joker Tattoo Hahaha Design

Joker Tattoo Hahaha Design
Instagram: @davidebenevenga

You can decorate your shoulder with your preferred and favorite design. Make sure that you’re satisfied with your physique before you fully commit to this joker tattoo.

It will tell that you know how to have fun and that you know how to joke with people around you. You are probably a ray of sunshine at all times and in your circle of friends.

2. Joker Face Tattoos Card Inspired Tattoo

Joker Face Tattoos Card Inspired Tattoo
Instagram: @spawniccia

This forearm tattoo in black ink will look lovely on most guys. You should book an amazing tattoo artist who is skilled when it comes to portrait tattoos and faces, as well as characters from cartoons or anime.

This detail will show that you’re someone who loves the saga. You’re a fan of every character and you love dramatic pieces, and you wish to show your love for movies through straightforward designs.

3. Heath Ledger Joker Tattoo

Heath Ledger Joker Tattoo
Instagram: @zachroberts_tattoos

This giant shoulder or sleeve tattoo will suit men who chase precise and giant tattoos. If you want to seek attention and you want everyone to be amazed by your love for true piece of art, go with this design.

It will show that you’re a brave and bold person who wants to show their true face with the right tattoo! Joker tattoos are for everyone, just make sure that you know how to wear them.

4. Joker Tattoo Why So Serious Shoulder Tattoo

Joker Tattoo Why So Serious Shoulder Tattoo
Instagram: @stevenblance

This is another shoulder piece that can suit you. It is the best design for true fans of the Joker, as well as all of his lines from the movie.

The phrase why so serious is quite common in the movie, and is the most famous saying that Joker made. Get this tattoo if you’re a person who loves to go through life with a smile on your face, and you don’t take all of your phases as seriously.

Did you know that Joker’s smile was inspired by a silent movie? It dates back to 1928, and has been invented by Conrad Veidt.

5. Watercolor Splash Joker Tattoo

Watercolor Splash Joker Tattoo
Instagram: @alrounder_joker

A fan of color? This splash of watercolor will suit men who want something a bit more noticeable as well as colorful over their shoulders. It is for artsy people who want to stand out at all times.

You are probably a little artist deep inside of your soul. You know how to show your true face to the right crowd. Even though you might be a tough shell to crack, you are a fun person to be around at all times!

Leg Joker Tattoos

1. Bright Tattoo Joker Designs On Calf

Bright Tattoo Joker Designs On Calf
Instagram: @bluamaranth

Do you like your calves and you want to show them off at all times? Wear a pair of shorts and embrace your body image. This joker tattoo will hurt to get, but the pain is bearable as well as perfect for anyone who works out.

This joker colorful tattoo will suit you if you’re a DC fan. It will show your true intentions and your dreams as well as the perfect perception of DC characters. You are someone who is probably strong-willed and determined.

2. Joker Card Tattoos

Joker Card Tattoos
Instagram: @kayla_guidera

This giant thigh tattoo will look amazing on guys who work out, or even women who prefer larger tattoos and have a lot of skin. This design will take you 5+ hours to achieve.

Bright and loud tattoos are perfect for perfectionists and people who gravitate toward large tattoos. This Joker thigh tattoo will symbolize your passion for color and precise designs, as well as the Joker himself!

3. Calf Detailed Joker Tattoo Suicide Squad

Calf Detailed Joker Tattoo Suicide Squad
Instagram: @gavel_tattoo_art

Calf Joker tattoos are for guys who work hard at the gym. This piece will emphasize your body image and will tell others that you gravitate toward dreamy tattoos. You will need to come in a couple of times to get this tattoo done by the right tattoo artist. Make sure to trust him fully before you begin this tattooing process.

This black tattoo will symbolize your soul and your true intentions. It will show others that you’re a fan of authentic tattoos, as well as art. This Joker tattoo will suit men and women, so why not get it?

4. Thigh Joker Tattoo Drawing Colorful

Thigh Joker Tattoo Drawing Colorful
Instagram: @lukeylines

This bright and colorful tattoo is perfect for anyone who is into larger and colorful designs. Joker tattoos such as this one are gorgeous as well as a masterpiece. This flashy ink design of a Joker will take 5-6 hours to tattoo.

It symbolizes your true intentions, as well as your determined side. You should invest a couple of hours and also ask your tattoo artist for the best representation of his artwork. This tattoo will symbolize your true self, as well as your loyalty to DC comics.

Fun fact: your favorite movie was almost played by Ryan Gosling! Would you be able to think of him as the Joker?

5. Joker No Risk Tattoo Idea

Joker No Risk Tattoo Idea
Instagram: @thctattoo_studio

No risk, no gain, right? This large forearm tattoo is perfect for guys who love to get quotes placed all over their body. This black ink washed out tattoo is for everyone, but you might like it especially if you prefer lyrics and quotes.

This Joker tattoo will show your love for the movie, as well as all of its most-important quotes. Some tattoo artists will be able to give you an amazing story-telling tattoo, so stick to something unique to you!

Scary Joker Tattoo Designs

1. Scary Dark Red Joker Tattoo

Scary Dark Red Joker Tattoo
Image Source:

This quote inspired Joker tattoo will suit guys who love precise and straightforward tattoos. It will take you 5-6 hours to place this tattoo over your thigh or your leg. The bigger the surface, the more time-consuming it will be.

This tattoo will symbolize your love for the most accurate and precise designs. It will also show others that you love to watch movies as well as pay close attention to details. This scary tattoo is for everyone who is into scarier pieces.

2. Joker Face Tattoo Over Arm Red Ink

Joker Face Tattoo Over Arm Red Ink
Image Source:

Want a bloody and flesh inspired tattoo? This red design will suit guys who prefer scary pieces, and who are not afraid of the blood, nor any SFX inspired or similar designs.

This Joker is quite unusual, and it will suit men who love to come off scary and mystical at the same time. This dark red tattoo will tell others that you’re a determined individual who loves to seek attention. You are also probably someone who is brave and bold, so why not show it with your Joker red tattoo?

3. Joker Tattoo Black And White Eyes Design

Joker Tattoo Black And White Eyes Design
Image Source:

Joker is scary on its own, but his eyes?! This tattoo is for brave guys who want to stand out, and who are in love with this DC movie.

Joker tattoo meaning is pretty straightforward as well as scary. You can show your bold and different side to the world with this black and detailed artwork. It will let everyone know that you are not afraid of others, and that you are someone who wishes to stand out.

4. Pop Art Cartoon Inspired Joker Tattoo

Pop Art Cartoon Inspired Joker Tattoo
Image Source:

Cartoon-inspired tattoos and comic tattoos will suit you if you want to seek attention everywhere you go with your bold tattoo. This one is perfect for guys who love a lot of color, splashy ink, as well as fierce tattoos.

Let others know that they can’t mess with you. This Joker tattoo can also show your love to this character, along with all the movies!

Did you know that Joker is the dark mirror of Batman? He has been designed to be everything that Batman is not.

5. Large Thigh Joker Tattoo

Large Thigh Joker Tattoo
Image Source:

Scary and twisted is something that you like? Say no more, and simply say yes to this Joker tattoo! It is the perfect leg-piece and an amazing thigh tattoo that men will want to get, especially if they gravitate toward villains in most movies.

Yellow, orange, as well as green colors are quite unusual, but you can make them work! Aside from representing the Joker himself, these colors will also let others know that you are a ray of sunshine to be around with, underneath all of your scary layers!

Bright & Colorful Joker Tattoo Designs

1. Funny Joker Tattoo Small Design

Funny Joker Tattoo Small Design
Image Source:

Decorate your Joker tattoo with some hot letters, as well as a unique color wave! This leg design will stand out everywhere you go, so be ready for loads of curious looks.

This Joker will symbolize your determined and scary side. You are probably a fan of the bad guys in the movies, and you don’t like to mess around with others.

2. Joker Face Tattoos On Arm With A Quote

Joker Face Tattoos On Arm With A Quote
Image Source:

This tattoo can have a deeper meaning, it is all about the way you decorate it with the right letters and quotes. Pop of color and these larger tattoos will suit men who prefer unique symbols, as well as one of a kind tattoos.

Put on a happy face can say a lot about you. Most of us struggle with our everyday activities, and admitting that you’re having a rough time is normal, as well as human! Let everyone see the real you with this tattoo.

3. Bright And Colorful Joker Tattoo Lego Idea

Bright And Colorful Joker Tattoo Lego Idea
Image Source:

Are you a fan of legos? Almost every little boy loved or still loves to play with legos. This creative and unique image will suit lovers of pop, art, as well as bright and unique pieces.

This Joker tattoo will let others understand your true colors. Aside from being a fan of Joker, you might also be a fan of legos, so why not show that with this Joker tattoo?

4. Large Joker Thigh Tattoo Realistic Ink

Large Joker Thigh Tattoo Realistic Ink
Image Source:

Thigh tattoos usually hurt a lot, so heads up since you’ve been warned. It will take you 5+ hours t achieve this Joker tattoo, but the outcome is more than worth it in the end.

This HA HA HA Joker tattoo is pretty common, believe it or not. It is a large piece which will look the best on masculine men. This Joker tattoo will symbolize all of your struggles, but also your wins.

Fun fact: Joker & Harley Quinn are one of the most-common Halloween costume ideas. They are also the best example of love/hate relationship.

5. Batman & Joker Inspired Tattoo

Batman & Joker Inspired Tattoo
Image Source:

Last, but not least, how about this Joker and Batman tattoo? It has that old-school comic vibe which you will love if you are someone who reads quite often, as well as a lot. This arm piece and this bold color choice is a must-have for true DC lovers.

This tattoo can represent both of your sides – the good and bad, as well as happy and sad sides. We all have our phases from time to time, and the best way to show it is with this Joker inspired tattoo!

Ready For Your Joker Tattoo?

Ready for your perfect Joker tattoo? Men and women will enjoy these 25 designs, and everyone will easily find the perfect match for themselves! If you are a fan of DC you will enjoy our list. Let us know if you already have a Joker tattoo, and if not, which one is a must-have for you from our list!

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