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Top 32 Gorgeous Roman Numerals Tattoo Design Ideas 2024

Roman numerals as a tattoo design can represent and stand for a lot of things. These can be used to describe your most important dates, birthdates, anniversaries, as well as your well-valued and sentimental memories. Keep on reading and find inspiration and a gorgeous design that will interest you down below.

Roman Numeral Tattoos: FAQ

Roman Numeral
Credit: Saved Tattoo

1. What Are Roman Numeral Tattoos?

Roman numeral numbers are numbers that were used in Ancient Rome. These can be any numbers of the letters representing numbers in the Roman numerical system. Those are I = 1, V = 5, X = 10, L = 50, C = 100, D = 500, M = 1,000. Once done in this way the tattoo itself will look a lot more cohesive and attractive, which is why a lot of people like the concept.

2. Who Should Go For This Tattoo?

Anyone can go for this tattoo design. If you’re a fan of different prints and you don’t want to look “basic” or you wish to recreate something unique in your own way, this is how you can do it. Men and women can go for this concept and enjoy it thanks to its stylish appearance.

3. Where To Place A Roman Numeral Tattoo?

You can place this tattoo anywhere you like based on your style and preference. Most men prefer placing it over their chest or calves. Women like to place this design over their wrists and collarbones. Make sure that you stick to something that is personal and meaningful to you.

4. How Pricey Is A Roman Numeral Tattoo?

Luckily and thankfully this tattoo concept is quite easy to go for. It is not too pricey either. This is because this tattoo is simple and easily done in black ink. Your tattoo artist will bill around $200 for most Romanian number tattoos.

Top 32 Roman Numerals Tattoo Design Ideas

1. Roman Numerals Tattoo Arm

Roman Numerals Tattoo Arm
Image Source:@artistchick28

This forearm tattoo will suit both genders just as well. If you’re someone who likes precision with your tattoos and you have one date in mind that you might want to cross out with red ink, consider this design. It will take you around 2 hours to place.

2. Dedicated Roman Numerals Print

Dedicated Roman Numerals Print
Image Source:@kaylastotski

Want to fully customize the tattoo and show your loved one how much you love him or her? Go for their name tag and add their date of birth all over the arm. This way, everyone will know who your special person is and when their birthday is.

3. Angel Inspired Tattoo With Roman Numerals

Angel Inspired Tattoo With Roman Numerals

Go for this cute little angel tattoo and print along with your roman numbers. With this tattoo, you will show that you love your baby and that you’re passionate about the connection that you two have or that you’re going to build. If you have just had your first child this concept will suit you.

Fun fact: There are no zeros in Roman numerals.

4. Flower Roman Numerals

Flower Roman Numerals
Image Source:@andrew_tattoos95

Roses and Roman numbers usually go so well and they look great together. In most cases, you will pair up the rose print along with a date or someone who has passed away. Roses are used to show off love and appreciation while adding value to someone in our lives.

5. Arm Tattoo For Men

Arm Tattoo For Men
Image Source:@gemelli_tattoo_13

This black ink Roman date tattoo over your fist or your palm will work and look great on men who prefer fierce tattoos. If you want to look like a true gentleman and you’re a fan of gorgeous and defined black ink + you have a special lady in mind, show it all off with this print.

6. Simple & Small Black Ink Roman Numerals

Simple & Small Black Ink Roman Numerals
Image Source:@kristinevodon

Simple and cute yet so effective! If you enjoy elegance and you’re a fan of Roman numbers give it a go with this tattoo. It will look good on both genders + it is not too pricey or hard to achieve, meaning that you can book it with most tattoo artists and tattoo salons and be carefree.

Did you know that this type of tattooing is sleek and more elegant?

7. Collarbone Roman Numeral Tattoo

Collarbone Roman Numeral Tattoo
Image Source:@bayareaink

Go for this tattoo over your chest if you’re someone who likes delicate and cute ideas. This design will take you 2 hours to complete. Most women tend to go for this placement and ink color combo. Black and red can look so soft and feminine, as well as elegant once done the right way.

8. Blue Roman Numerals

Blue Roman Numerals

If you’re on the lookout for something chic and cute you are going to enjoy these butterflies. These are a representation of a fun spirit and a caring individual. Once combined with this royal blue color and butterfly wings the outcome will suit mystical women and those who enjoy flashy tattoos.

9. Side Stomach Numbers

Side Stomach Numbers
Image Source:@dmkcontreras

This side-stomach tattoo and this side print of Roman numbers are for those who can handle the pain. Heads up since side stomach and stomach tattoos in general hurt quite a lot. Be patient and careful when it comes to these or similar designs. The end result will suit those who enjoy being outstanding.

Fun fact: I represents the number 1.

10. Angel Wings Roman Numeral Tattoo

Angel Wings Roman Numeral Tattoo

Collarbone tattoos are for those who dare to wear something noticeable and elegant. You can go for these Roman numbers and add these wings to the design. The end result will show that you are going through a grieving process and that you’re finally ready to let go.

11. Love Inspired Roman Numeral Print

Love Inspired Roman Numeral Print
Image Source:@edu_zancanaro

Go for a small and delicate heart symbol next to your Roman numbers. A tattoo such as this one will show and talk about your loyal side and your will to express pure joy and positivity for the other person. Stick to black and red ink if you want to show off a feminine and lovely design.

12. Retro Tattoo Roman Numerals

Retro Tattoo Roman Numerals
Image Source:@g.gia_

Roman numbers written out in this cool and old-retro concept will suit those who like to stand out. If you’re a fan of drama and you like to wear cool tattoos this will intrigue you. Show off this print and wear it knowing that you’re one of the rarest people with a similar concept.

Did you know that V represents the number 5?

13. Collarbone Creation For Women

Collarbone Creation For Women
Image Source:@steven_inkfiend

You’ll enjoy this tattoo if you’re on the lookout for feminine placement options. Women who are in their twenties or thirties usually like to go for this placement. Chest or collarbone placement might feel uncomfortable at first, so make sure that you’re well aware of this fact before trying some new tattoos. This Roman tattoo style will show that you’re passionate and close to whoever this design may be dedicated to.

14. Bicep Roman Numerals For Men

Bicep Roman Numerals For Men
Image Source:@einfachnurmarco_tattoos

Do you work out? Are you proud of yourself or your physique? If you enjoy your presence and you’re a fan of your masculine obliques you’re going to like this placement. Add an important date that you have and value and you’ll end up with an attention-seeking tattoo. This print will seek attention and everyone will ask about this tattoo.

15. Roman Numerals For Women Tattoo

Roman Numerals For Women Tattoo
Image Source:@kara.inks

Cute and simple with that minimalistic vibe and a minimalism feel! If you’re someone who enjoys elegant tattoos and you want to place one over your chest or your collarbone, this outcome will suit you. If you do the tattoo in this simple and chic way you will leave an impression of someone who is a gentle sweetheart with an eye for details and a love for Roman-inspired tattoos and important dates.

Fun fact: X represents the number 10.

16. Wrist Matching Tattoo

Wrist Matching Tattoo
Image Source:@assaritattoostudio

You can go for a matching tattoo and let your design speak for itself! If you’re indecisive and you want your tattoo to stand out while having more intriguing elements, stick with this. Also, a matching crown print with some dates can and will suit couples. Show that the two of you are intertwined and that your bond is stronger than ever with this cute final print.

17. Butterfly & Rose Tattoo

Butterfly & Rose Tattoo
Image Source:@badbullyink

Spread your wings like a butterfly and show that you like to stay true to yourself and your emotions. Women who like girly designs will enjoy pairing this up with some Roman numbers, cute flowers, and a butterfly image. Let your positive spirit come through and show that you can love the other person in your own way.

18. Neck Roman Numerals Tattoos

Neck Roman Numerals Tattoos
Image Source:@greenink_tattoodesign

Neck tattoos are not for everyone. This is because these tattoos are quite hard to get and they can be painful when placed down. If you have “thick” skin and you’re in the mood for something attention-seeking, we advise going with this. The whole world will know who your love is and you will enjoy the looks and comments on this design.

Did you know that L represents the number 50?

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19. Wings Roman Numerals Dedicated Tattoo

Wings Roman Numerals Dedicated Tattoo
Image Source:@thebeeink

If you have lost someone and they are your angel consider this tattoo. With it, you will show that you still love them and that no one can break your bond. Add their date of birth or death and you’ll show such huge respects and homage to them in your very own and personal way.

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20. Small Ankle Roman Numeral Tattoo

Small Ankle Roman Numeral Tattoo
Image Source:@jingstattoo

Do you enjoy small and seamless tattoos? Are you a fan of cute concepts? If you are someone who is afraid of the needle and a tattooing process we know that this is going to suit you! Stay true to yourself and to the other person by placing these seamless and small numbers to enjoy this conceptual art.

21. Crown Inspired Roman Numerals

Crown Inspired Roman Numerals
Image Source:@dpatricktattoo

Some women like to pay close attention to the love of their life and they like to go for tattoos that are for their kings. If you have a king in mind and you’re looking for something cool that will truly show your love, consider this! Add a crown tattoo and an important date that the two of you have to express your true feelings.

Fun fact: C represents the number 100.

22. Black Roman Numerals Leg Tattoo For Men

Black Roman Numerals Leg Tattoo For Men
Image Source:@frankiedanbytattoos

This ankle tattoo is for those who enjoy placing smaller and seamless tattoos. Not everyone has to know what you fancy, isn’t that right? If you are someone who is more-so private and low-key + you don’t want to show your true self to the world, go with this tattoo. Anyone who is simple and quiet with their personality will like these unique and important roman dates on top of their bodies.

23. Roman Numeral Tattoo With A Rose Print

Roman Numeral Tattoo With A Rose Print
Image Source:@tusshartattooist

Roses are usually placed next to dates and important numbers that have to do something with someone passing away. If you miss your favorite person and you’re struggling to recover from their loss, consider this tattoo. It will show how close the two of you were. Stick to some red ink to show that you’re feminine and elegant at the same time while letting the world know that this was your true love.

24. Collarbone Design Numbers For Men

Collarbone Design Numbers For Men
Image Source:@mt.tattooer

Collarbone tattoos and this placement is a common and popular one when it comes to Roman numerals. If you’re passionate and you want to show how close you are to someone important in your life just know that you can do it with this tattoo. It won’t take you too much time to achieve this design either.

Did you know that D represents the number 500?

25. Thigh Roman Numerals

Thigh Roman Numerals
Image Source:@inkbybooshie

Do you prefer and enjoy large thigh tattoos? If you have some time to spare and you’re not afraid of the needle or the tattooing process you should give it a go with this print. Make sure that you have 3-4 hours to spare when it comes to this cool concept, it is crucial for you to have patience. This design will suit those who truly love a lot of people and they have to pay their respects, love, and homage to all of them in one bold and visible way.

26. Leg Roman Numerals Tattoo For Women

Leg Roman Numerals Tattoo For Women
Image Source:@facefullofink

Women usually go for these sexy and extravagant thigh tattoos. This is because this placement is perfect for the summer season and those who like to show off their feminine bodies. Usually, these Roman numbers and this placement will work so well if you dedicate them to your loved one, boyfriend, or your husband.

27. Thigh Roman Numeral Tattoo

Thigh Roman Numeral Tattoo
Image Source:@ink.rmb_hontattoo

Some believe in the power of the zodiac. Are you one of those yourself? If you like to show off your caring side and you believe in the law of attraction, this design will suit you. Let the world see that you love a Libra or that you are a Libra! Dedicate these Roman numerals to someone important in your life, and show that you know how to express yourself through cute tattoos.

Fun fact: M represents the number 1000.

28. Forearm Roman Numeral Tattoo Creation

Forearm Roman Numeral Tattoo Creation
Image Source:@tatted_pumpkin

Go with this wrist tattoo if you’re someone who likes minimalism and artsy ideas. This design won’t take you more than 1 hour to achieve. Stick to plain and simple black ink and show off the beauty of your most important date. This design will suit both genders equally.

29. Chest Design For Women

Chest Design For Women

Make a statement with your chosen tattoo and let the world see you for who you are! You will look like a true dominant person who is not afraid to speak his or her mind. If you’re in your twenties or thirties this type of design will suit you and grab your attention. Show that you know how to appreciate something totally different and quirky.

Did you know that Kings and Queens are named after Roman numerals such as Henry VII?

30. Small Minimalism Number Tattoo

Small Minimalism Number Tattoo
Image Source:@tintahanan_tattoo

Go for these Roman numbers over your forearm if you prefer simpler ideas. Those who are straightforward and quite blunt will enjoy this design. Make sure that you have 2 hours to spare when getting this ink. The best part about it is that it is not too pricey to go for.

31. Roman Numerals For Men Over Arm

Roman Numerals For Men Over Arm
Image Source:@theregulators_tattoo

This Roman design with a pair of wings will look showy and flashy. Men who like to create and those who are not afraid of big black tattoos will like this concept. Heads up when it comes to it since it can take you 5+ hours to get this tattoo.

Fun fact: there are no zeros in Roman numerals.

32. Date Inspired Tattoo

Date Inspired Tattoo
Image Source:@pinky847

Lastly, go with this tattoo and a lion crest. Those who are in the mood for something bold and flashy will gravitate toward this tattoo. Show that you’re always lurking and that you’re capable of getting what you want once you set a specific “date” in mind.

Time To Tattoo It Right Now

Which tattoo was your favorite out of the bunch? Were you able to find your inspiration and enjoy its elegance, as well as meaningful design? You can fully cater the tattoo per your preference, so why not give it a go? Anyone will easily find their new favorite among these options.

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