Tattoos That Symbolize Love

32 Tattoos That Symbolize Love (2024 Updated)

Are you in love? Maybe you’re looking for the perfect matching tattoo that you can rock along with your partner? A lot of people spend what seems like an eternity waiting for their other half. If you’re trying to dedicate your passionate and loving side to someone you care about, you will enjoy this article! Keep on reading and find the perfect love-inspired tattoo idea for you or your boyfriend/girlfriend.

What Tattoos Symbolize Love?

What Tattoos Symbolize Love
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Love is something personal and no one can describe it with ease. There is no universal description of this state, and every person will describe it differently. However & tattoo-wise, for most people, love is described through:

  • A heart symbol
  • Love portrait of the couple
  • Through a song
  • Through a quote
  • With a flower inspo
  • With a special date

Different Meanings & Explanations Of Love Tattoos & Symbols

When it comes to your creations & tattoo ideas, here are just some symbolism ideas that you should take into consideration:

  • Faith-love-hope was popularized due to a fantastic movie. It is a common & feminine girly tattoo idea.
  • Heart symbol or infinity symbol stands for your pure love & intentions. It is an endless symbol of connection & deep emotion.
  • Rose tattoo stands for deep romance, passion, and connection.
  • The heart stands for your romantic & pure love, as well as the connection of two souls.
  • Animals will represent your freedom & wild spirit, as well as the blend of two powerful & strong-minded characters.

Where Should You Place A Love-Inspired Tattoo?

Since it is so delicate, important, as well as personal, you should know that this tattoo deserves a unique and special spot. For most people, a collarbone placement will work. You can also consider putting it next to your heart, chest, or over your wrist (veins).

What Does This Tattoo Symbolize For Men?

For men, a love-inspired tattoo can be quite universal. Guys can stick to different elements, such as their favorite show, quote, song, or date. They are not too big on sentimental or feminine ideas.

What Does This Tattoo Symbolize For Women?

What Does This Tattoo Symbolize For Women
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For women, the best go-to tattoo idea are usually heart symbols, as well as matching tattoo ideas. Girls will try to express their feelings through a king & queen crown, different animal prints, as well as heart matching symbols.

Which Tattoo Was Your Favorite?

Are you a romantic soul, or are you someone who doesn’t love to show emotions in an obvious way? Either way it may be, this article will have your back covered! Men and women will easily find their masterpiece, and their go-to tattoo that stands for love & pure happiness. Let us know your top-pick, as well as if you are a fan of loud & bright, or low-key and subtle tattoo ideas.

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8 Animal Tattoos That Symbolize Love

1. Animal Inspired Lion & Tiger Tattoo

Animal Inspired Lion & Tiger Tattoo
Image Source: @bastianklak

A lion symbol along with a tiger print is popular love-inspired tattoos. This dynamic duo is perfect for a powerful and fierce duo.

If you are someone who is an adventurous person and you have someone who is important in your life just know that this can be an amazing matching tattoo. Perfect for loud and attention-seeking couples.

2. Cute Colorful Cartoon Matching Tattoo

Cute Colorful Cartoon Matching Tattoo
Image Source: @tattoo_rus

You and your boyfriend can get a set of matching and cute tattoos. Are you someone who appreciates pink and feminine colors? Do you enjoy cartoon characters? This duo will suit the two of you!

Go for a collarbone placement and a shoulder tattoo. This will suit every couple who has that innocent and romantic side. It symbolizes your love for animals and nature itself.

3. Black Animal Inspired Forearm Cheetah Tattoo

Black Animal Inspired Forearm Cheetah Tattoo
Image Source: @hu_chuan_tattoo

Are you a zodiac lover? How about someone who loves the wildlife and the safari itself? If this sounds like something up your alley, how about you get this love-inspired print?

This animal tattoo will represent your love and your power couple strength. If you two are fierce and you are the main talked about topic in your surrounding, this idea will suit you!

4. Bright Koi Fish Matching Tattoo

Bright Koi Fish Matching Tattoo
Image Source: @flow_tattoo_toronto

Koi fish is cute and artsy, as well as loving and caring. Are you looking for a matching tattoo that can represent your relationship in an innocent way? Guys and girls will appreciate this print!

You two will look like a well-balanced couple if you end up getting this tattoo. It can show your calm side, as well as your love for the sea, peace & adventure.

5. Whale Bright Blue Back Matching Love Tattoo

Whale Bright Blue Back Matching Love Tattoo
Image Source: Tattoodo

Whales are humble and peaceful animals. If you’re a couple that is trying to express his or her lovely side and inner peace whales are the way to do it!

Matching tattoo such as this one is for those who love a pop of blue color, as well as men or women who enjoy delicate and smaller ideas. This one will take you less than two hours to achieve.

6. Small Whale Forearm Tattoos

Small Whale Forearm Tattoos
Image Source: Tattoodo

Two whales playing together and looking like they’re having fun can represent your caring and roller coaster of a relationship. Are you someone who is trying to improve and have fun as time goes on? Show it with this bright idea.

Whales symbolize playful and peaceful vibes. If this is the feeling that you feel with your loved one quite often you should show it with this matching duo.

7. Butterfly Inspired Love Tattoo

Butterfly Inspired Love Tattoo
Image Source: @lil_koks_tat2

Not everyone can rock a butterfly tattoo. Where do you stand when it comes to this print? If you’re in a caring and loving relationship just know that butterflies are one way of showing it.

A butterfly is a symbol of patience and love. If you and your partner end up getting this matching tattoo just know that it will symbolize your time and effort that you’ve put into your relationship.

8. Matching Fox Love Inspired Tattoo

Matching Fox Love Inspired Tattoo
Image Source: @hansantattoo

Fox tattoos are some of the prettiest prints that you can go for! Are you an animal lover? If you love these furry pals you will enjoy showing them in this forearm placement.

Foxes stand for wisdom, patience, as well as cleverly. If you two have some of these trades just know that you can express them with this matching duo.

8  Heart Tattoos That Symbolize Love

1. Cute & Playful Love Tattoo

Cute & Playful Love Tattoo
Image Source: @mofo_tattoo

Do you have a kid? Do they love to paint and draw? If so, you can express the love and the connection that you two have through a painting! Go for your favorite drawing of theirs, and place it somewhere on your skin.

Every parent will enjoy this tattoo that represents and shows your love. If you’re trying to embrace your emotions and you’re connected with them deeply, let the world see it!

2. Small Heart Matching Tattoo Ideas

Small Heart Matching Tattoo Ideas
Image Source: Tattoodo

Small heart tattoos are quite common ideas for couples who wish to express their love. Are you in love and you prefer something cute yet small? How about a matching pair of heart designs?

Although quite small, this tattoo will say that you’re willing to commit. Not everyone has to express their love in a grandiose way, wouldn’t you agree?

3. Cute Couple Forearm Love Idea

Cute Couple Forearm Love Idea
Image Source: @_inkside_tattoo_

Do you have a picture of you and your favorite person? Is there a specific portrait that comes to mind when you think of them? If so, why not bring that picture to your tattoo artist and ask them to recreate it! There is nothing more sweet or cute than this idea.

Consider placing your favorite quote next to your image. It can be any quote such as from your favorite movie, from your song, or your anniversary date.

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4. Love Fingerprint Tattoo Idea

Love Fingerprint Tattoo Idea
Image Source: @pao.arev

You can ask your boyfriend or your girlfriend for their fingerprint. Once they approve of it you will bring the sketch to your tattoo artist. They can make it into a romantic piece with ease!

Simply put the tattoo and the fingerprint in a heart shape. It will say that you’re in love, loved, as well as committed to the other person.

5. Heart Inspired Love Forearm Ink

Heart Inspired Love Forearm Ink
Image Source: @gang2tattoo

A smaller forearm tattoo can also be artsy and loud in its own way. You don’t have to scream that you’re in love from the top of your lungs. Sometimes, less is more!

This heart tattoo will stand for your affection and your pretty positive side. If you’re someone who knows how to love and you have found your other half – show it with this image.

6. True Love Bright Heart Tattoo

True Love Bright Heart Tattoo
Image Source: @dylangregorytattoos

Have you found your true love? If so, why not let the world see it with this bright red tattoo? Combining two heart elements is a good idea, especially for people who want a pop of color and who enjoy colorful prints.

A true love tattoo can be your go-to no matter your age, gender, or preference. As long as you’re in love and you’re not afraid to show it – this image is for you.

7. Black Heart Love Leg Tattoo

Black Heart Love Leg Tattoo
Image Source: @rimatattoo

The beauty can be in all the little details, wouldn’t you agree? This black heart tattoo with a crack element is different and gorgeous. If you love showing your mysterious side and your loving side all in one image – this tattoo has it all.

With this tattoo, you will easily show the world that love is, sometimes, a tricky road. It symbolizes your cracks that we all have, yet emphasizes the beauty of every character and every path.

8. Colorful & Loud Love Inspired Tattoo

Colorful & Loud Love Inspired Tattoo
Image Source: Tattoodo

Couple Inspired Tattoos That Symbolize Love

Loud tattoos are for those who are not afraid of all the extra attention. Are you someone who loves to stand out and at all times? Show it to the world with this bright red and pink heart idea.

The bigger the heart, the bigger the dedication. If you’re feeling like you’re capable of sticking to just one person for the rest of your life, make sure that you let them know with this design.

8 Gorgeous Couple Inspired Love Tattoos

1. Men & Women Love Tattoo

Men & Women Love Tattoo
Image Source: Tattoodo

A couple kissing and sharing affection is cute and sexy. Get your matching couple photo and bring it with you to your tattoo artist. They will know how to create it into a masterpiece.

This design stands for respect, mutual feelings, as well as your determination to grow old, and grow together.

2. Black Love Inspired Couple Tattoo

Black Love Inspired Couple Tattoo
Image Source: Tattoodo

Are you truly in love? You can go for a sexier tattoo than others around you since you’re different and your love deserves to be heard of and respected!

This tattoo is great for those who prefer black and white tattoos. If you’re impatient and on the lookout for something practical that will look good as time goes on, and as your tattoo fades, just know that this is a bulletproof solution.

3. Shoulder Colorful Matching Love Tattoo

Shoulder Colorful Matching Love Tattoo
Image Source: Tattoodo

Another couple tattoo that you will want, especially if you’re trying to rock a matching tattoo. This duo is in love, and both characters are represented with different color patterns that you will love.

Show that you’re each other’s missing piece and that you’re the perfect half! Not everyone is as lucky as you are, hope you know that!

4. Couple & Dog Inspired Love Tattoo

Couple & Dog Inspired Love Tattoo
Image Source:

A couple tattoo can also be interesting once decorated with a dog image, and your favorite furry pal. You two can go for cartoon characters and express your childish side with something like this.

A smaller forearm tattoo such as this one will take you 4 hours to get. Show others that you’re in love and that you’re willing to create a better future with this idea.

5. Collarbone Black Ink Love Idea

Collarbone Black Ink Love Idea
Image Source: @twofeettohell

You two should always remind each other that you need to inhale and exhale together. Grow with patience and love, and make sure that each move counts!

Your other half can complete you, which is why you should consider this tattoo. It is done in such an artsy and respectful way, ideal for perfectionists and true lovers of purity and freedom.

6. Couple Inspired Bright Forearm Love Tattoo

Couple Inspired Bright Forearm Love Tattoo
Image Source: @sharedtattoo

Which cartoon is your favorite? Have you had a chance to watch “Up”? If this is your favorite cartoon and you and your partner often talk about it, why not surprise him or her with this bright and loud tattoo?

Balloons in their own way are a symbol of childish foreplay. If you two can bring the best of each other and you often have fun as true friends do, “Up” is the only way to go!

7. Couple Kissing Love Tattoo

Couple Kissing Love Tattoo
Image Source: Tattoodo

If you are a bisexual you can express your love with this tattoo. Two girls kissing is a different approach, yet it doesn’t minimize the feelings and the attraction that you two have for one another.

This couple-inspired tattoo represents your chic and modern vibe. If you’re proud of who you are and you’re ready to show it to the world consider this black tattoo.

8. Delicate & Small Love Tattoo

Delicate & Small Love Tattoo
Image Source: @saraspinelli22_tattooer

How badly do you need a hug from your most-loved and precious person? In fact, you can show off your love and appreciation for your other half through this hug-inspired image.

This tattoo stands for true and authentic feelings. If you are caring and you have a special story that can go along with this tattoo try to place it on your forearm.

8 Sentimental Tattoos That Symbolize Love

1. Cute Saying Love Tattoo

Cute Saying Love Tattoo
Image Source: @junnopacheco

Not everyone has to be aware of what is it that your tattoo says. How about you consider a Latin or Greek saying? It is fun and different! This one is actually written in Portuguese, and is bold and pretty in its own unique way.

Once translated, the tattoo says ”I am a long story”. which is just an indicator that we are all complex human beings. If you are a long story (along with your love story & caring side) make sure to let the world see it in your own language or your ideal approach.

2. Family Inspired Love Tattoo

Family Inspired Love Tattoo
Image Source: @222_tattoomadrid

Are you a family person? Do you love your people and your closest ones? You can show your appreciation and true feelings with this emotional piece. Go for your cartoonist approach and let others know how caring you can be.

This portrait will take 5-6 hours of your time when at a tattoo shop. It is ideal for men and women, just make sure that you’re a family person before you stick to this tattoo.

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3. Ankle Foot Love Tattoo

Ankle Foot Love Tattoo
Image Source: @nare_tattoo

Ankle tattoos are quite popular and famous when it comes to matching a couple of ideas. If you need something fun and quirky that is up your alley – how about this duo?

You can go for a map, lines, or funny language that is only used between the two of you. Men and women who need a matching print will appreciate this symbol + everyone will see their funky personality.

4. Queen & King Love Tattoo

Queen & King Love Tattoo
Image Source: @instory_tattoobeauty

Do you have your eyes set on a king? Or maybe on a queen? If you’re someone who loves their other half and is blessed with their presence, try to show it with this matching crown tattoo idea!

Crown is usually a symbol of respect, power, as well as mutual understanding. If the two of you are caring and you respect each other like royalty, these are perfect for you!

5. Cute Astronaut Forearm Love Tattoo

Cute Astronaut Forearm Love Tattoo
Image Source: @sinergia_tattoo_studio

Do you love your partner more than life? Is your love out of this world? If this does sound a lot like you just know what the astronaut-inspired couple tattoo is perfect for the two of you.

Not everyone is capable of reaching high and outer world milestones. Do you feel as if you have found your other half? Show everyone how precious and beautiful these moments can be with this small black tattoo.

6. Red Kiss Inspired Love Tattoo

Red Kiss Inspired Love Tattoo
Image Source: @rimavilko.tattooartist

Do you want a sexy tattoo? You can ask your girlfriend to put on red lipstick and give you a kiss somewhere on the body. A professional tattoo artist will know how to give you something like this, and will make it into an actual masterpiece!

Red kiss or red lips usually symbolize deep love, passion, as well as romance. If the two of you are sensual and crazy for one another this will work!

7. Couple Love Tattoo Delicate Ink

Couple Love Tattoo Delicate Ink
Image Source: Tattoodo

Artistic illustrations and abstract lines will symbolize your love in such a humble way. If you’re trying to come off as respectful lovers and you’re into minimalistic art, consider this tattoo.

This image stands for deep connection. It shows how two souls can intertwine with one another and become one soul, only if they are truly in love.

8. Date Inspired Symbolic Love Tattoo

Date Inspired Symbolic Love Tattoo
Image Source:

Last, but not least, how about you go for a matching tattoo and place your favorite date on your forearm? A matching tattoo and your anniversary date is a common choice, yet it is still a powerful and extraordinary tattoo design.

It will stand for the day that you met one another, and after you decided to spend eternity together. What can be more romantic than this?

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