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40+ Best Wedding Ring Tattoos. Love Symbols To Inspire You

Weddings are one of the most memorable moments of our lives. For most people, weddings are more than a fantastic party, with an elegant dress code, good music, and tasty food.

Weddings represent the bonding between two people, the spiritual connection they swear to have for a lifetime.

The traditional way to express these vows is the wedding rings. These perfectly round finger jewelry represent the eternal bond between two people.

However, these rings are not too meaningful for some lovers, and they prefer to have something a bit more permanent than a simple piece of silver or gold. As such, they like tattooing their love for each other.

A growing trend in the tattoo industry sees lots of people preferring to tattoo themselves with unique finger designs instead of wearing some wedding rings. So, the wedding ring tattoos represent the eternal connection people want to share for a lifetime.

These tattoos come in lots of styles and designs so that they can look quite appealing—no wonder why the wedding band tattoos are becoming the ultimate commemoration of your special day.

I brought together the best inspiration for the actual wedding ring, from traditional tribal knot designs to numbers, letters, and names. These tattoo examples are perfect for those couples who are not afraid of a bit of pain for expressing their immense love.

Best Wedding Ring Tattoo Designs

Okay, so let’s talk a bit about wedding rings. There are tons of designs for this exceptional jewelry, with different textures, materials, sizes, and colors. You can find hundreds of ideas and inspiration boards on the internet.

However, none of these satisfy your wish, and none has grabbed your attention. Or, maybe, you like a particular model, but it is so expensive that you need to remove it from your mind instantly.

Instead of adding much more pressure to the big day, why not eliminate this stress and find a more original, spectacular way to say you love the chosen one? Consider the wedding ring tattoos, although they are not traditional wedding rings.

However, this body art will last forever, and when I say forever, I mean forever.

The best part? It does not matter if you enjoy more minimalist designs or you want to show off a more detailed finger tattoo.

The examples down below will satisfy every taste. Keep on reading and find your favorite wedding ring tattoo, to match your personalities and your type of love.

Matching Initials

Matching Initials 1
Credit: Instagram
Matching Initials 2
Credit: Instagram
Matching Initials 3
Credit: Instagram

One of the most common wedding ring tattoos follows the idea of getting your loved one’s initial right on the finger. This is a very personalized idea, a distinguished ring detail you will have with you forever.

The style of the letter and the font you want to use is only up to you. There are lots of designs that can inspire you. For instance, if you want a more noticeable ring tattoo, choose to bold that script and the initial.

Of course, you can add many other details around the letter, such as flower petals or a little heart.

Personal opinion: Make it as personal as you can.

Meaningful Words

Meaningful Words 1
Credit: Instagram
Meaningful Words 2
Credit: Instagram
Meaningful Words 3
Credit: Instagram

Do both of you love a particular quote? Maybe two or three words that represent your relationship? Well, this can be the most excellent idea for your wedding ring tattoos.

Talk to the artist and let them tattoo around your fingers those meaningful words.

Personal opinion: Make sure you select a representative comment representing your marriage or is connected to a particular moment in your life.

Full Names

Full Names
Credit: Instagram

If you want more than some simple initials of your spouse, you can go further and tattoo the script’s full name.

This is one of the most intimate touches you can offer to your marriage, as well as an exceptional work of body art, as soon as you make it look so personal.

Personal opinion: use a font that really matters to you.

Signs of the Stars

Signs of the Stars
Credit: Instagram

How many times have you promised her to bring the moon on her feet? Well, if this life is not enough to respect your plans, at least you can put the moon on her finger. These tattoos are for star lovers and moon fans.

If you are interested in astrology or find the celestial universe meaningful to you, choose to have little matching stars on your fingers instead of traditional wedding rings.

Personal wish: And may your life be filled with loveable stardust.

Dainty Symbols

Dainty Symbols 1
Credit: Instagram
Dainty Symbols 2
Credit: Instagram
Dainty Symbols 3
Credit: Instagram

If you enjoy more discreet, minimalist tattoos, then you can choose to have some dainty symbols on your fingers. These shapes are made with fine, black lines and sure signs that mean a lot to you two.

Personal opinion: Let’s say the wedding bands might not be for you, but these dainty symbols are more suited to play off one another’s ring finger.

Floral Patterns

Floral Patterns 1
Credit: Instagram
Floral Patterns 2
Credit: Instagram
Floral Patterns 3
Credit: Instagram

If you are flower lovers, there is nothing better representing your love than some blooming plants. If your enthusiasm is connected to nature, choose to have a matching tattoo band with some floral-inspired designs.

Personal opinion: It doesn’t need to be a flower, but the tattoo ring can have only some floral pattern details.

Nature-Inspired Designs

Nature-Inspired Designs 1
Credit: Instagram
Nature-Inspired Designs 2
Credit: Instagram
Nature-Inspired Designs 3
Credit: Instagram

Do you feel more and more connected to nature? Why not showing the love you have for it with a special symbol tattooed right on the ring finger? You can choose whatever symbol you want, from beautiful pine trees to flowers, animals, or a preferred plant.

Each of you can select a specific model, a character that can be cohesive with one another.

Personal opinion: Explore your creative spirit.

Anime Wedding Tattoo Ideas

Anime Wedding Tattoo Ideas 1
Credit: Instagram
Anime Wedding Tattoo Ideas 2
Credit: Instagram

How cool would this body art design look like a matching tattoo finger? Relationships are different, and some show their love in many different ways than other people.

People can bond over through cartoons and animated films, and it is incredible to connect with loved ones like this.

Different anime characters will never forget some memorable moments for some couples so that a wedding ring tattoo can start from this simple idea.

Personal opinion: This is a unique yet ideal way to represent the eternal bond between two people.

Wedding Band Tattoo Body Art

Wedding Band Tattoo Body Art 1
Credit: Instagram
Wedding Band Tattoo Body Art 2
Credit: Instagram
Wedding Band Tattoo Body Art 3
Credit: Instagram

While some people would instead choose some more elaborate designs as their wedding ring tattoos, others would prefer a more straightforward approach that is more likely to suit their style.

The wedding bands are elegant, simple, minimalistic, and they imitate wedding rings best.

You will find lots of different wedding bands tattoo body art that create that perfect circle of life and represent the wearer’s love for each other. The tattoo artist should work perfectly clean and make clean stipple shading, with the most precise line work.

You can go for a continuous band, in a fine line, or maybe a dotted design.

Personal opinion: I would recommend a densely packed black ink to look as precise as possible.

Crown Wedding Ring Tattoo Ideas

Crown Wedding Ring Tattoo Ideas 1
Credit: Instagram
Crown Wedding Ring Tattoo Ideas 2
Credit: Instagram
Crown Wedding Ring Tattoo Ideas 3
Credit: Instagram

One of the most exciting trends in wedding ring tattoos is the designs that incorporate the idea of having a crown on your finger. Considering you are his queen, and he is your king, you can show your love by matching some finger tattoos with regal symbols.

Some of these pieces will also incorporate a bit of a script. Your initials are written on the crown or recreate the classic designs from the king and queen of hearts in playing cards.

Personal opinion: When your love for each other is like from a fairytale, there is no better way to commemorate the wedding than with some matching crown tattoos.

Infinity Traditional Wedding Ring Tattoo

Infinity Traditional Wedding Ring Tattoo 1
Credit: Instagram
Infinity Traditional Wedding Ring Tattoo 2
Credit: Instagram
Infinity Traditional Wedding Ring Tattoo 3
Credit: Instagram

Familiar mathematical symbols can show our love for each other and create a unique design representing the eternal bonding between partners. The infinity symbol is always trendy and a quite common design.

The infinity sign is such a meaningful symbol in the world of modern tattoo design.

Personal opinion: You can ask the tattoo artist to incorporate other elements, such as little hearts, crosses, or flower petals.

Matching Couple Tattoo Wedding Ring

Matching Couple Tattoo Wedding Ring 1
Credit: Instagram
Matching Couple Tattoo Wedding Ring 2
Credit: Instagram
Matching Couple Tattoo Wedding Ring 3
Credit: Instagram

While it is not always necessary, a couple can choose to have some matching couple tattoo wedding rings to commemorate marriage’s eternal love and bond.

The matching ring tattoos come in various designs and styles, so it should be only the personal approach when choosing the right body art to represent your bonding.

I have selected some small ideas and great examples to inspire you, but you can create your own dedicated wedding ring tattoo. From powerful words to a matching Celtic design, some cat paws, or just a heart, choose the tattoo idea representing both of you.

Personal opinion: Matching tattoos will always let the others see that the wearers are forever a bonded couple, proud to show their connection and love.

Music Themed Wedding Ring Tattoos

Music Themed Wedding Ring Tattoos 1
Credit: Instagram
Music Themed Wedding Ring Tattoos 2
Credit: Instagram

Sometimes, relationships can start from a first dance, a particular song, a concert, or a unique artist for both of you. Choose a matching tattoo that shares your musical passion.

Whatever the reason is for doing this type of tattoo, well, a music-inspired design is an attractive choice that will show the power of music in your lives.

Right above, you have two simple examples for precise line work and musically-themed tattoos that will commemorate the connection between two people.

Personal opinion: You don’t have to be a musician to choose this kind of tattoo. You just have to love music.

Date Wedding Ring Finger Tattoo

Date Wedding Ring Finger Tattoo 1
Credit: Instagram
Date Wedding Ring Finger Tattoo 2
Credit: Instagram
Date Wedding Ring Finger Tattoo 3
Credit: Instagram

Another notable trend in the world of wedding ring tattoos is inking the wedding date on your fingers, as the permanent reminders of the carrousel of emotions you had during one of the happiest days in your lives.

You can choose to have the date inked in Italic, a more calligraphic style, in Latin numbers, or hand lettering.

Personal opinion: Place them right on the ring finger or on the sides of your fingers if you want a more discreet tattoo.

Script Ring Tattoo Designs

Script Ring Tattoo Designs 1
Credit: Instagram
Script Ring Tattoo Designs 2
Credit: Instagram

While some of the tattoo designs I have mentioned are pretty more symbolistic and have deeper meanings, the script ring tattoo designs are cutting through the ambiguity.

As such, the creation of these tattoos will let the world know exactly what you meant and what the ink represents.

One notable trend was already discussed today, the one with inking the initials of each other.

As long as you go to a talented artist, that can work in excellent lines. You can get inked with a beautiful message, written in a very compelling style so that everyone can read it.

Minimalist Wedding Ring Body Art

Minimalist Wedding Ring Body Art 1
Credit: Instagram
Minimalist Wedding Ring Body Art 2
Credit: Instagram
Minimalist Wedding Ring Body Art 3
Credit: Instagram

Sometimes, less is more, and this life principle applies to body art too. If you are looking for a tasteful expression of your eternal bond, then choose to have a simple wedding ring tattoo as an expression for your love.

Here are endless tattoo ideas: from classic celestial symbols to a clean recreation of a butterfly, some diamond rings, or minimalist floral designs.

Personal opinion: You can choose to have a matchy-match tattoo, or each of you gets inked with your favorite minimalistic symbol.

Zodiac Symbols

Zodiac Symbols
Credit: Instagram

There is this saying that some star signs are more suited to certain ones in the zodiacal world. If you found each other and your zodiac signs match perfectly, you can choose to tattoo them as a symbol for your wedding day.

Personal opinion: This type of tattoo design is simple, original, good-looking, and will always look trendy.

Wedding Ring Tattoos: More FAQ

Let’s check out some of the things you should know before you get inked.

Q: How much do wedding ring tattoos last?

A: The tattoos would look good depending on the body area you choose to get inked. As such, different parts of the body will react to the process of inking differently than others. For instance, the fingers are some of the most difficult to tattoo and the palms.

Why is that? Because the skin here is a continuously used one, it makes the artist’s job more complex and challenging. No wonder why the ink here tends to kind of “falling out,” as well as to fade quicker.

So you can wake up one day, after a bit of time, and see the tattoo design fading away. Some artists will try to compensate for this phenomenon by inking deeper than they would probably do normally. This process can lead them to blown-out tattoos that will have imprecise designs.

Okay, let’s say the artist is talented enough to navigate the initial application like a pro. However, hands are the most exposed parts of our bodies, and the endless use of our fingers means that the tattoos will tend to fade faster. Think about how many times a day you are washing your hands or how much the sun is reaching the skin on your hands.

All of these factors will contribute to the life and good look of the ring tattoos before getting inked; remember this information and that you might need to remake them from time to time.

Q: Are wedding ring tattoos suited for anyone?

A: Wedding Ring Tattoos might not be for every couple. It is best to discuss the idea first, considering this part of your body is the most visible one.

Furthermore, tattoos will suit some personalities; as such, if you don’t like the idea of body art but still want to show your love, you might have some discrepancies.

The attitudes regarding tattoos have changed a lot during the last years. For the older generation, this type of body art is a no-no; well, youngsters have different opinions.

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Q: Should I get a wedding tattoo even if I don’t know how much it will last?

A: Well, there is this saying that once you have roasted yourself with soup, you will end blowing in yogurt too.

Of course, it is a metaphor, but think about it when it comes to marriage and love oaths. Before taking the wedding ring tattoo, consider how much a marriage would normally resist.

No one wants to think about separation during the wedding time. However, we live in modern times, and a wedding should not be seen as a permanent vow. Make that tattoo guided by love and enjoy it; make it for yourself as an individual spirit.

Thankfully, the tattoo removal process will help you in case you want to erase that ring tattoo. However, you can also remake it or keep it as a beautiful reminder.

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Last Thoughts

Wedding ring tattoos are a memorable, beautiful way to express the love you have for the most special person in your life. The tattoo designs are diverse, and they should suit your lifestyle, personality, and connections with significant moments in your life.

I hope you found some inspiration today, and this article gave you some essential information about this tattoo idea.

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