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50+ Creative Ace Tattoo Design Ideas (Ace of Spades & Portgas D Ace One Piece)

Ace tattoos are the perfect print and new tattoo design for those who want to show their love for different card games and your love for winning. If you’re someone who believes in pure luck, destiny, or good odds – give it a go with ace tattoos. Expect to find loads of different ideas and tattoo creations down below. We have covered loads of different prints that will suit men and women.

Ace Tattoo: FAQ

1. What Does An Ace Tattoo Symbolize?

What Does An Ace Tattoo Symbolize 2
Credit: Instagram

Your tattoo can symbolize desire since card players are usually very much hoping to get an ace in their hands. If you’re an experienced player or someone who likes to take your chances you can show it all with this ace tattoo.

Ace prints and cards, in general, will represent your hope, bright future, and chance to win in life in every field that’s in front of you.

2. Who Is Ace From One Piece + Can You Get Him As A Tattoo As Well?

Ace, born as Gol D. Ace and nicknamed “Fire Fist” Ace, was the sworn older brother of Luffy and Sabo. He is a character in the well-known anime manga cartoon One Piece, who is truly loved & mostly recognized due to his hat. This Japanese manga series is bright, vivid & colorful, while all of its characters have a fun story of their own that they tell through the series.

Who Is Ace From One Piece + Can You Get Him As A Tattoo As Well
Credit: Instagram

We will also talk about some cool tattoos of Ace from One Piece at the end of our article.

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3. Who Can Go For This Tattoo?

Anyone who is a player or a gambler can go for this concept. Show that you’re ready to win big and small gambles that are in front of you. Men and women who like to have online or in-person gaming action are going to like and enjoy ace tattoos. Also, if you have watched this anime you’re going to love what we have in store for you at the bottom of our article!

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4. Where To Place This Tattoo?

Placement-wise this tattoo will work well for big and small areas. Show how much you care about different games and show how good are your odds through your tattooing process. Most people like and prefer placing their ace tattoo “up their sleeve”, or somewhere around their arm or forearm if you will. You can fully customize it and go for something that you’re a fan of, there are no rules!

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5. Will The Tattooing Process Hurt?

The tattooing process will not hurt, but it mostly depends on your chosen and preferred placement. You could go for a tattoo that is quite close to your bone (which will hurt), or you can go for some thicker skin regions. The size of your tattoo will also navigate your pain tolerance level and outcome.

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6. What Is A Common Price For An Ace Tattoo?

Your tattoo will not be pricey. For most situations and placements, expect to pay around $80 for a smaller tattoo. Bigger designs will be pricier, as well as more colorful prints. Expect to pay $200 for one big and colorful tattoo.

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Top 30 Ace Tattoo Design Ideas

1. Aces Tattoo Design

Aces Tattoo Design
Image Source:@zhuliye2111

This chest tattoo is for guys who like noticeable and louder ideas. If you’re someone who likes to stand out and you have a dominant chest and larger chest, give it a go with this tattoo. It will take you around 3 hours to place it, while its burning cards will symbolize your will to overcome obstacles and poor paths that have been presented your way.

Did you know that red and black colors reflect day and night and that the four suits represent the four seasons?

2. Ace Of Spades Tattoo

Ace Of Spades Tattoo
Image Source:@suskiarts

Get this ace tattoo but also place a meaningful sentence or a saying they go well with your character. This tattoo saying “one life one chance” will show you always loving your life and still not regretting any move that you make. You are a brave individual with nothing holding you back, as well as someone who knows how to “ace” everything in your life.

3. Black Ink Ace Tattoo One Piece

Black Ink Ace Tattoo One Piece
Image Source:@pete_b_tattoos

This ace card tattoo will suit anyone who is a real player. If you wish to have fun and experiment with different kinds of games, give it a go with this tattoo. It will suit big and small players who are always used to winning, no matter the tools used in the process.

4. Ace Card Tattoo With A Skull

Ace Card Tattoo With A Skull
Image Source:@matthewbrowntattoo

Several different cards will express and show your different personalities. If you’re often changing and growing through different situations and you’re not worried about showing it with your “true face”, get this ace tattoo and show it proudly.

Fun fact: in Las Vegas, decks can last for up to 12 hours before being discarded.

5. Aces High Tattoo One Chance

Aces High Tattoo One Chance
Image Source:@jesse_tattoos

This rose and ace tattoo will suit those who like noticeable ideas and black and white ink. Place the saying “one chance” on top to make it more intriguing and to show that you live your life to its fullest potential.

6. Black Idea Ace Tattoo

Black Idea Ace Tattoo

Decorate your ace tattoo with your lucky and favorite numbers. Is there a number that has been on your mind that’s been bringing you luck? If so, commit to that tattoo and show how lucky or unlucky it has been treating you.

7. Small Creative Ace Tattoo

Small Creative Ace Tattoo

This ace tattoo will go well and it will blend in just as well with your other small or big tattoos and symbols. This black ink will suit minimalist lovers and people who have been trying to express their creativity through small and seamless ideas.

Did you know that the first printed card deck was made around 13 centuries ago?

8. Forearm Colorful Ace Tattoo

Forearm Colorful Ace Tattoo
Image Source:@_moxikotatus

This colorful forearm tattoo will look lovely and mesmerizing on those who like color and a pop of drama to their ideas. This colorful bright tattoo will show that you’re a natural seeker and giver, as well as someone who likes to stay bold and noticed at any given moment.

9. Small & Simple Ace Tattoo

Small & Simple Ace Tattoo
Image Source:@maldita.mar

If you’re afraid of the tattooing process and the needle itself you’re going to like this mini and cute tattoo. Place it over your wrist and show that you always have one “ace up your sleeve”, since this tattoo will go well with your personality and your tricky character that is not as easy to trick or detect.

10. Red & Black Ace Tattoo

Red & Black Ace Tattoo
Image Source:@radiantcolorscrew

Do you have favorite numbers? Looking for something that will go well with your character? These numbers will suit women or men who often gamble. If some specific numbers have done you good or harm in your life you can still get this tattoo and show homage to them.

Fun fact: ace cards are the highest ranked cards in most card games.

11. Side Chest Ace Tattoo

Side Chest Ace Tattoo
Image Source:@lotus_tattoo_piercing

Side chest or side piece tattoos are for anyone who is not afraid of the tattooing process. This tattoo will suit those who like meaningful dates and who have something that is personal to them. Let everyone know that you’re a fighter to this day. No one can beat you or be you, that is what is your power.

12. Black Detailed Ace Tattoo

Black Detailed Ace Tattoo
Image Source:@darcy_cosney

This black ink tattoo will suit men or women who like simplicity. However, this larger tattoo and this concept of a sleeve will take your time. Make sure that you have 4-6 hours to achieve it. It is not too pricey yet it will suit anyone who likes larger ideas.

13. Cross Ace Tattoo

Cross Ace Tattoo
Image Source:@sanaz.tattoos

If you’re someone who is a true firm believer you can still go for this tattoo. The end result is playful and different from the rest. Show that you’re someone who has been praying to win in life and to win big money. If you’re a player and a firm believer you can rock this tattoo.

14. Eye Ace Tattoo Black Ink

Eye Ace Tattoo Black Ink
Image Source:@thedot.tattooboutique

Get this tattoo and place an ace over your forearm with an eye symbol. This realistic print will show that you’re a creative guy or girl who sees true beauty with your own eyes. You believe in a higher power and you’re a creator yourself with an eye for detail!

Did you know that you can vice-versa the game and play ace cards as the lowest cards?

15. Card Ace Tattoo

Card Ace Tattoo
Image Source:@elli.wonderlea

This ace tattoo will look great on those who like to see a subtle amount of color in their designs. This black ace print with a pop of red will let others know that you like to gamble and that you always bet on the red color since it is your lucky one. Does this sound like you and does this describe you?

16. Playing Cards Ace Tattoo

Playing Cards Ace Tattoo
Image Source:@miko__tattoo

Are dice games your favorite to play? Do you enjoy testing your luck and try out different tactics when it comes to winning big and going home as a true winner? If this sounds like your destiny and your character you’re going to enjoy this design.

17. Gaming Ace Cards Tattoos

Gaming Ace Cards Tattoos
Image Source:@thetattooshop_newdelhi

Some people have had poor or bad experiences when playing card or number games. Show that you’re someone who doesn’t like this process or the gaming period. Let the world see where you stand and how you feel when it comes to losing or betting big in your life.

18. Forearm Black Ace Tattoo

Forearm Black Ace Tattoo
Image Source:@tattoos_by_thora

This detailed ace tattoo will suit men and women who like black colors and simpler art. Show that you’re someone who likes to create and express yourself and your mood through different ideas. If you’re someone who likes a lot of flawless lines and creations to your tattoos you’re going to enjoy this print.

Fun fact: this card was a military symbol during World War II.

19. Chest Ace Tattoo

Chest Ace Tattoo
Image Source:@ink.us_tattoo

Chest tattoos are for those who like to look flashy and those who wish to stand out with their chosen design. Go for this tattoo if you’re a fan of stylish pieces that not everyone would get to see on you. Your tattoo can have a significant meaningful power that is only known to you and your soul.

20. Playing Cards Ace Tattoo Color

Playing Cards Ace Tattoo Color
Image Source:@sophieannisontattoo

You can get literal ace tattoos and show that you always wear them up your sleeves. This tattoo will represent the hand that you’re always having, as well as your eager will to game and play along. Let everyone see you as a big deal when you rock this print with colorful cards, and a crown detail to show.

21. Four Cards Ace Tattoo

Four Cards Ace Tattoo
Image Source:@gabxgiroux

If one ace is not enough for you, why not get four of them? This design with four different kinds of ace prints will show everyone that you always have something up your sleeve. You are not worried or shy about expressing your true emotions, and you are also always in the mood for some fun games.

Did you know that there are 52 cards in the deck and 52 weeks in a year?

22. Small Leg Ace Tattoo

Small Leg Ace Tattoo
Image Source:@tylertelles

If you dislike the feeling or a needle pressed deep into your skin, we highly recommend that you get a smaller tattoo. This cute and artsy ace symbol will show that you know how to express and enjoy your style through a minimalist art form. Every person who is extremely chill and nonchalant will enjoy this ace print.

23. Artsy Ace Tattoo

Artsy Ace Tattoo
Image Source:@pepoomarius

If you’re skilled and someone who likes artsy ideas you’re going to enjoy this print. This ace shows someone who is creative and always trying to give it a shot with new experiments and new people. Being different comes naturally to you, doesn’t it?

24. Skull Black Ink Ace Tattoo

Skull Black Ink Ace Tattoo
Image Source:@artatorture

Get a scary skull image and this print will symbolize your new chapter yet you will show that fear is behind you. You’re not paranoid or scared about your journey, you are perfectly aware of what’s in front of you and how to “play” it.

Fun fact: During the Vietnam war a lot of American soldiers would leave ace cards behind on the dead bodies of the enemy.

25. Arm Ace Tattoos

Arm Ace Tattoos
Image Source:@doc_hospo

This shoulder tattoo will suit and look the best on those who like to play the game and enjoy a friendly journey! If you believe in luck and a game of chance you’re going to like this concept. Show that you are always “holding the cards” and that nothing can go out of your way since you have full control.

26. All In Ace Tattoo

All In Ace Tattoo
Image Source:@glitchjestertattoos

Are you always playing and going all-in? If so, you’re going to like this tattoo. It shows someone who is always willing to try out new chapters and go all out with his or her heart. You are not afraid to show true emotions, and you’re always giving 100% of what you have.

27. Back Ace Tattoo Ink

Back Ace Tattoo Ink
Image Source:@kaa.ele

Do you like back tattoos? If so, give it a go with this one. It is an artsy tattoo that will suit those who are keen on details. You can also show your love for defined lines, mandalas, as well as artsy pieces with your new ace tattoo.

Did you know that there are twelve face cards in the deck, representing the twelve different months of the year?

28. Thigh Black Ink Ace Tattoo

Thigh Black Ink Ace Tattoo
Image Source:@tome_mandic

Leg or thigh tattoos such as this one will look amazing on guys who work out. If you’re someone who has a masculine figurine and you’re looking for an amazingly detailed piece with the main focus on cards (ace card to be even more specific), try out this design! Heads up since it will take you around three hours to achieve it.

29. Artsy Black Ink Ace Tattoo

Artsy Black Ink Ace Tattoo
Image Source:@slum_mansionink

Black and white ink with detailed elements is for anyone who is big on precision and fancy elements. Show that you’re into cute ink tattoos and that you’re a fan of tattoos that have a story to tell. This print will show you as a control-driven character. Would you like that?

30. Chest Numbers Ace Tattoo

Chest Numbers Ace Tattoo
Image Source:@fifiloutattoo

Lastly, try out this ace tattoo! It has some subtle elements of color and it will suit anyone who likes to gamble in quiet and peace. Show how creative, retro, and different you are with this new ace beauty!

Fun fact: one of the most unique & rare decks of playing cards is on display in New York City.

Top 20 One Piece Ace Tattoo Design Ideas

Are you a fan of the well-known manga series ‘’One Piece’’? If so, this part of the article is going to suit you & intrigue you a lot more since it is a lot focused on everyone’s favorite character, Ace! Find your perfect Ace tattoo down below!

1. Ace Tattoo One Piece

Ace Tattoo One Piece
Image Source:@rika.loli

Go for this loud and colorful tattoo if you’re a fan of drama within your favorite characters from the manga.

Did you know that Ace was born on January 1, which makes him share his birthday with the creator of the manga Eiichiro Oda?

2. Hot Orange Ace Tattoo Character

Hot Orange Ace Tattoo Character
Image Source:@chapi1225

Express your love for Ace with your favorite color while you’re at it! Orange will truly compliment him.

3. Black & White Ink Ace One Piece Tattoo

Black & White Ink Ace One Piece Tattoo
Image Source:@alvaroescobart

You can still rock a unique tattoo even when done in black and white ink.

Did you know that One Piece had sold 320,866,000 units in less than twenty years?

4. Manga-Inspired Ace Tattoo

Manga-Inspired Ace Tattoo
Image Source:@elow.noos_tattoo

This tattoo will look the best on those who like Ace and old-school types of tattoos.

5. Black Ink Idea Ace Tattoo Manga

Black Ink Idea Ace Tattoo Manga
Image Source:@helenmatosink

Get this quirky black and white tattoo to show your favoritism of the favorite manga character in your own subtle way.

6. Cartoon Inspired Ace Tattoo

Cartoon Inspired Ace Tattoo

If you’re into color and retro looks you’re going to enjoy this accurate representation of Ace!

7. Noticeable Ace Tattoo Manga Ink

Noticeable Ace Tattoo Manga Ink

Go for a lot of flames to make your tattoo artsy and dominant. If you’re a fan of elegant and loud looks, this is it!

Fun fact: Dragon Ball was a huge inspiration for this manga.

8. Big Shoulder Ace Tattoo Character

Big Shoulder Ace Tattoo Character
Image Source:@kelseydiana

This giant shoulder tattoo will take you 5-7 hours to achieve. Show the beauty of it with your unique approach and color scheme.

9. Ace Sleeve Manga Tattoo

Ace Sleeve Manga Tattoo
Image Source:@onepiecetattoos

If you have masculine or dominant shoulders you’re going to like this tattoo, as well as Ace as your dominant character.

10. Simple Black Ink Ace Tattoo One Piece

Simple Black Ink Ace Tattoo One Piece
Image Source:@dieup_art

This black and white tattoo is for artists who know how to value their new form of artwork.

11. Colorful Shoulder Ace Tattoo One Piece Print

Colorful Shoulder Ace Tattoo One Piece Print
Image Source:@brasitattoo

Show the beauty of this tattoo and love for Ace with this giant portrait design.

Did you know that there are loads of pirate references in this manga?

12. Big Ace Tattoo Shoulder One Piece Design

Big Ace Tattoo Shoulder One Piece Design
Image Source:@alexis.tattoos

Let the whole world see that you’re a true fan of the manga with this dominant shoulder tattoo.

13. Fist Ace One Piece Tattoo

Fist Ace One Piece Tattoo
Image Source:@senpaiink

Fist or arm tattoos can be quite risky. If your job allows you to wear something similar, give this tattoo a go!

Fun fact: Armani Exchange has designed outfits for a lot of characters.

14. Colorful Ace Tattoo One Piece Print

Colorful Ace Tattoo One Piece Print
Image Source:@reza_tattoo28

Go for the watercolor tattoo concept and enjoy this splash of creativity!

15. Bright Blue Ace Tattoo One Piece

Bright Blue Ace Tattoo One Piece
Image Source:@barbe_bleue7

If you’re an artsy person you’re going to enjoy this Ace symbol and colorful idea.

16. Realistic Black Ink Ace Tattoo Manga

Realistic Black Ink Ace Tattoo Manga
Image Source:@_20tatuar

Decorate your tattoo in the “evil villain” style, and wear this tattoo with confidence.

17. One Piece Ace Tattoo Hat Idea

One Piece Ace Tattoo Hat Idea
Image Source:@best_anime_tattoo

Men or women who love Ace can show their love through this tattoo and splash of color.

Did you know that there are restaurants, cafes, as well as theme parks dedicated to One Piece in Japan?

18. Orange Colored Ace From One Piece Tattoo

Orange Colored Ace From One Piece Tattoo
Image Source:@ciallinetattoo

This tattoo is hot and fiery, ideal for anyone who likes to stand out with their retro ink.

19. Black Ink Wrist Ace Tattoo

Black Ink Wrist Ace Tattoo
Image Source:@anime_tattoosz

One Piece shadow will make your Ace truly stand out without making him too bold or noticeable in the tattoo design.

20. Funny Character Ace Symbol Tattoos

Funny Character Ace Symbol Tattoos
Image Source:@neo_tokyo_tattoo_studio

Lastly, how about this funky and funny tattoo? It will make Ace look quirky and unique, ideal for anyone who wants an intriguing tattoo.

Fun fact: Portgas D. Ace made his debut quite late in the manga but has won fans in a heartbeat.

New Tattoo Time

Ready to find a new tattoo? Which one you can’t wait to rock from our list? Let us know which design was your favorite from the list. We can’t wait to see what you pick out for yourself!

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