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7 Best Tattoo Kits in 2024: Dragonhawk Is The Best?

Tattooing is heavily tool-dependent (like other crafts that require this much creative flair.)

With the right kind of gear, you can significantly cut the learning curve, enhance your performance and the quality of the end-results, and considerably reduce the amount of effort and time you need to create intricate pieces.

And there is a lot of gear to get. For most tattooing jobs, you will require an arsenal of tools that include a tattoo machine, power supply, foot pedal, clip cord, tattoo lining tube, armature bar nipples, tattoo ink, and tattoo needles… and that’s just the basics.

Other essentials you need include stencils, a couple of rubber bands, a tub of Vaseline, ink caps, water, paper towels, and shaving razors, amongst others.

Consequently, putting together a functional and handy collection of tattooing equipment is no easy feat. Unsurprisingly, several top artists take pride in their collection of tools, having built them up over the years, or even decades of experience, during which they regularly scoured the market for the best gadgets on offer.

However, as a newbie to the tattoo industry, you don’t have this advantage of prolonged skin in the game.

One of the fastest ways to make up for this lack of experience buying tools is to opt for premade tattoo kits as an amateur. Tattoo kits are expert-vetted selections of tattooing equipment available from some of the industry’s top manufacturing names. Plus, buying a tattoo kit is typically significantly more cost-effective than getting each of the included resources individually.

Even for expert tattooists, a premade tattoo kit can offer an excellent, affordable way to start a new arsenal of tools for your work quickly.

Whether you are a beginner tattooist looking to pick up your first gear or a seasoned veteran trying to restock, this guide will help. Here are the top tattoo kits you can buy today to boost your workflow and give your corner of the tattoo parlor makeover it deserves.

Our Top Pick: Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit 2

Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit 2
Know More Details on Amazon

Anyone who is even a little bit acquainted with the tattoo industry won’t be surprised that Dragonhawk is the first name that pops up on here. Dragonhawk is arguably the industry’s most prominent manufacturer with over 20 years of operational experience in the business and one of the most varied product portfolios you will find anywhere.

Dragonhawk specializes in everything from tattoo machines to power supplies, needles, pedals, and every other type of tattoo supplies you’ll ever need.

With their complete tattoo kit #2, Dragonhawk provides the ultimate streamlined tattoo starter kit for amateurs and professionals who want a simple setup that can do almost everything.

Whether you are shading, lining, doing dot work, or detailing an already finished tattoo, this complete tattoo kit packs all the essential tools you need. Here, you will find Dragonhawk’s renowned tattoo machines, tattoo power supplies to match, needles, grips, pedals, inks, and more, all at an eye-catching bargain price point that is hard to refuse.


Tattoo Machines

Best Tattoo Pen Machine
Image Source: Saved Tattoo

The centerpiece of this kit is a pair of Dragonhawk tattoo machines that are some of the best-in-class offerings at the moment. Even without the rest of the package, this pair of engines pack enough class and quality to make it a good deal at the mouth-watering prices at which this kit retails.

Dragonhawk tattoo machines have a reputation in the industry for being some of the most reliable machines on the market and packing some of the most durable construction you will find anywhere. The pair included in this kit is no different.

Here, you get a coil liner machine and shader machine, both featuring a cast-iron chassis and a composite material exterior that combines to create a sturdy frame that is guaranteed to last you for years on end without any durability issues.

Both machines also feature a core layer of 10-wrap copper coils, naturally highly-elastic and resistant to fatigue, enabling you to work long continuous hours with either device without issues.

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Power Supply

Power supply kits are a significant cause for concern in tattoo setups as they are usually the first part of the system that develops durability issues over time.

Some of the most typical issues with tattoo power supplies include the power cord losing connectivity from wear and tear, the foot pedal breaking or losing connectivity or power problems with the clip cord.

Hence, the fact that you are getting a matching OEM power supply with this kit, and from a brand like Dragonhawk that has made a name for itself for providing products with top tier quality and durability is a big plus.

Plus, the included power supply with this unit is also a beast in terms of functionality. The power system consists of a sturdy foot pedal for easy manipulation of the power supply and a clip cord that transfers a stable and accurate current.

With this device, you also get a straightforward reading of the operational voltage thanks to a large digital LED display in front of the controller and power knobs that let you adjust the voltage output to match your needs.


Best Tattoo Needles
Image Source: Saved Tattoo

Here too, Dragonhawk continues its use of OEM products. The needles included in this kit are an assortment of 20 pieces of commonly used round liners and shaders, all separately packed in sterilized blister packages. Even the needle tips come in separate, sterilized, individual packets.

Plus, all the needles are pre-sterilized with EO gas to ensure the highest levels of safety possible.

You already know that with Dragonhawk products, you are getting top-line quality, and the needles are no exception. These tattoo needles feature a medical-grade 316 stainless steel construction that ensures maximum stability and reliability.

The needles also include a host of extra perks like an attached silicone membrane mechanism that helps prevent ink backflow, an indentation at the needle tips that fosters rapid ink flow and enhanced saturation. The included needles are also smooth-edge options, which can help to significantly minimize the amount of trauma inflicted on the skin while tattooing.

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The one major drawback to this tattoo kit is the included ink. However, considering the amount of value crammed into this package for only 60 bucks, we can’t complain too much.

The ink set included in this kit is the 10-bottle premier offering from Immortal Inks, a tattoo ink manufacturer based here in the U.S. Their ink pack contains the basics; black and white and primary colors red and yellow. You also get two shades of blue and secondary colors; purple, brown, orange, and gold, all in 5ml bottles.

Considering that a standalone purchase of this ink set will set you back 25 bucks, it is a considerable bargain that you are getting it included in the package. However, in terms of quality, this batch may leave a sour taste for some users.

While the ink set from Immortal Ink is decent enough to create raw, colorful tattoos and is an excellent pick for practice, it’s quality and fade-resistance is a far cry from what you get from high-end brands like World Famous Tattoo Ink and Kuro Sumi.

However, since most professional tattooists already have their ink preferences and most people buying this kit will be amateurs seeking practice, we will let this gaffe pass.

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With each order, you get two high-quality metal grips, one for each machine. Dragonhawk makes both grips, and as you would expect, they both feature sturdy steel construction for maximum durability.

These grips also sport indentations along the length of their profile, from end to end, to ensure you always have a firm hold and to enhance maneuverability.

Other Accessories

Another massive selling point of this tattoo kit is the number of extra accessories you get included in the box. In addition to the core elements we mentioned above, you also get a tattoo stencil transfer paper, one practice skin, a pair of black gloves, and several rubber bands.

The depth of material included in this package means that you only need one or two extra items to complete your tattoo session, providing an excellent quickstart setup for any amateurs or newbies.


  • Complete starter kit for beginners with all the tattooing basic and tens of essential small accessories
  • Two high-end Dragonhawk tattoo machines for lining and shading with matching Dragonhawk power supply
  • 20 individually-packed pre-sterilized 316 medical-grade stainless steel needles included in the box
  • Super affordable pricing

Other 6 Best Tattoo Kits We Also Recommend

The primary target audience for tattoo kits are amateurs, beginners, and hobbyists who are just starting their tattooing journey. Hence, with this package, manufacturers tend to max out the amount of material included, often at the expense of quality.

However, our top pick, the Complete Tattoo Kit 2 from Dragonhawk, does one of the best jobs of creating a small but effective group of materials that includes almost everything you need to get started.

Plus, with several high-caliber pieces of machinery from Dragonhawk at the core of this selection, you can rest assured that you are getting some of the best quality you will find at this price.

Nevertheless, this specific assortment of equipment is not for everyone. Depending on your intentions, you may require a setup that packs a slightly different set of tools or more or less of certain items.

The good news is that there is such an abundance of starter kit offerings on the market with different configurations that you are bound to find something that suits your needs.

Here are a few handpicked options we found that are on par with or almost as good as our top pick.

1. Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit 4

Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit 4
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For those that prefer an even more robust kit to what you have with the Complete Tattoo Kit 2, Dragonhawk offers another collection, the Complete Tattoo Kit 4, that packs even more options for a more well-rounded tattooing experience.

The most significant change to this setup is the addition of two extra machines. Here, you get four coil-powered machines, a regular liner machine, a power liner machine, a soft shader machine, and a color packer machine.

With four specialized tattooing devices, you get significantly more resourcefulness out of this pack. Each machine is specially designed for a specific task, which can dramatically enhance your workflow and help you get jobs done faster and more effectively. The addition of more specialized machines also increases the total number of styles you can create and make for an overall, more enjoyable tattooing experience.

Plus, all four machines bring that dependable Dragonhawk construction you can trust. These devices pack sturdy steel frames and copper coils, resistant to fatigue, and can stay running for hours on end without freezing or incurring damage.

Similar to what you get in Tattoo Kit 2, this kit also includes a Dragonhawk power supply that delivers a stable and accurate current to either of the four machines.

Plus, this power supply system lets you connect two devices simultaneously and switch power between them with the click of the button for a more streamlined workflow. You also get a pin-point control of the power delivered to the machines with knobs that let you manipulate the voltage outflow to match your needs.

If you are othering this package, which includes more machines, the chances are that you will be doing more work from the start. Dragonhawk recognizes this fact and more than double the needles included in kit 2. Here you get 50 EO gas sterilized needles, all in individual blister packs. However, you only get ten bottles of Immortal tattoo ink here, just like in kit 2. You only get two grips to share across the four machines.

However, there is no shortage of other accessories here. Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit 4 packs a double portion of all the accessories like rubber bands, practice skin, and stencil transfer papers with kit 2.

With this order, you also get a big black and chrome carry case to house all your tattoo equipment, adding increased portability and an aesthetic touch.


  • Complete starter kit for beginners with all the tattooing basic and tens of essential small accessories
  • Four specialized Dragonhawk tattoo machines, with a regular liner, a power liner, a soft shader, and a color packer
  • 50 individually-packed pre-sterilized 316 medical-grade stainless steel needles included in the box
  • Hardshell black and chrome carry case included

2. Solong Complete Tattoo Kit 3

Solong Complete Tattoo Kit 3
Know More Details on Amazon

Solong is yet another famous brand in the industry, known for building high-quality products that promise top-notch performance over extended periods. Here, you get an all-inclusive kit that packs a double dose of everything you need to get started on a tattooing journey.

This starter kit’s core element is a set of three tattoo machines—one light shading machine, one heavy shader, and a lining machine—to cater to all your various styling tasks. All three devices pack a high-quality steel construction and a 10-coil copper nucleus that combines to create a durable unit that is guaranteed to maintain its reliability over extended periods, even when frequently working in temperature extremes.

Plus, you can easily adjust the machines with the included toolset, customizing it to fit any particular intended purpose.

Solong includes a self-produced digital unit that lets you rig two of the three machines simultaneously for a more seamless workflow for the power supply. The power unit also lets you work at any voltage level between 1.5V and 16.2V, allowing you to tweak the machine to provide the exact amount of oomph you need to recreate the images in your mind’s eye accurately.


To maximize the durability of your tattoo machines, you should keep the operating voltage under 12V. Operating most tattoo machines at extreme voltages over extended periods can break them, as most engines don’t have the resilience to handle such stress.

The supply unit also ships with a foot pedal and a clip cord to further streamline the operation process to help you work faster and with ease.

Besides this core setup, you also get a host of useful accessories with this setup.

Some of the attachments included in the box include 50 assorted liner, shader, and magnum stainless steel needles, eight matching steel tips, two color-coded aluminum grips, a 7-bottle set of 8ml sterilized full-color ink, a 5-piece set of tattoo tip cleaning brushes, a 3-size adjustment tools for modifying the tattoo machines, a paper manual for the kit, and access codes to a digital platform that takes you through beginner tattooing tutorial video. You get a lot.

Plus, you also get a host of disposables, including 60 disposable tips, 50 rubber bands and grommets, ten rubber rings, one reusable, dual-sided practice skin, two pairs of disposable gloves, 100 pieces of assorted size ink mixing cups, and one cup holder.

With Solong Complete Tattoo Kit 3, you get a well-rounded yet affordable kit that promises to pack everything you need to get started, whether as a beginner, professional, or hobbyist experimenting at home.


  • All-inclusive tattoo kit with three varied tattoo machines for all your tasks—one light shading machine, one heavy shader, and a lining machine
  • 50 individually-packed pre-sterilized 316 medical-grade stainless steel needles
  • More disposables than you get with most other starter kits
  • One year warranty coverage with free replacements during the warranty period

3. Fancier S-T06 Tattoo Kit

Fancier S-T06 Tattoo Kit
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While there is no shortage of tattoo kits you can buy on the market today, one area where the Fancier S-T06 has the edge over the rest of the competition is in its presentation.

The first thing that catches your eye with this package is the aesthetic and sturdy black and chrome case that houses all the elements that come with this package. The carrying case also features a lock and key, adding even more functionality as a form of protective storage for your tools.

Inside the box, you will find all of the tools you need, including the tattoo machines, grips, tips, and adjustment tools, all slotted perfectly into matching crevices in the dual foam inserts that ship with the box.

Even the tattoo machines themselves continue this exquisite presentation policy. Two of the included six devices featuring sculptures (one machine has a skull while the other has a goblin) embedded into their chassis. One of the machines sports an antique design with a matching bronze finish, while the remaining two tattoo machines are more traditional but are also aesthetic in their own right.

However, the machines included in this package are not all just good looks. In this kit, each tattoo machine features a sturdy steel core that allows reliable performance even in temperature extremes and copper coils that guarantees reliable performance over extended periods.

Plus, all the tattoo machines in this set are all-purpose tools, which means you can easily tweak them with the included adjustment tools to work either as a lining or shading device.

Fancier also ships its power supply in the box that is compatible with both a 110v or a 220v power inflow, has a foot pedal for easy control, and can support a single machine at a time for an uninterrupted 10-hour period.

In the box, you will also find other core accessories like four machine grips (two stainless steel grips and two colored grips), 50 tattoo needles with both liners and shaders, 50 rubber bands, 50 grommets, ten rubber rings, and adjustment tools.

You also get a supply of seven varied color ink bottles. However, many reviewers online complain that the inks are subpar quality and too thin to make any passable tattoos. However, these ink bottles could still work great as practice gear.

The package also includes extras like disposable work gloves and a tutorial video DVD guide, and paper manuals for beginners that provide instruction for designing tattoos.


  • All-inclusive tattoo kit with instructional book and DVD for beginners and hobbyists
  • Six all-purpose tattoo machines with sturdy steel construction and resilient copper coil core
  • High-end aesthetics with the construction of the tattoo machines and the presentation of the whole package
  • 50 individually-packed pre-sterilized 316 medical-grade stainless steel needles
  • Included steel carry case with lock and key

4. Grinder Tattoo Kit

Grinder Tattoo Kit
Know More Details on Amazon

Pirate Face Tattoo is another prominent name in the industry that always puts out quality equipment and accessories for tattoo artists. With their Grinder Tattoo Kit, you get one of the best start collections on the market, complete with tattoo machines, a power supply, ink, and a barrage of disposables, everything you need to get started on your tattooing journey whether as an amateur or hobbyist.

The machine set included in the box comprises four all-purpose tattoo machines with matching grips, equipped to handle whatever task you throw at them. These tattoo machines all feature highly-durable steel shells and 10-coil copper cores that guarantee a lifetime of high-end performance.

The machines also allow for some of the most effortless adjustment, so you can easily make any of them into a liner, shader, or color packer on the go.

Powering the machines in this set is an OEM-produced power supply that lets you adjust the voltage output to any setting you desire. However, the power supply only enables you to use one machine at a go, which could create a slight bottleneck for folks who like to work at top speed.

Also included in the package is a set of 50 assorted pre-sterilized needles for all your lining and shading tasks, seven variable color ink bottles from top U.S. manufacturer Radiant Inks, and a host of useful disposable gear.

The disposables included in this set include:

  • Twenty-seven one-use tips and nozzles.
  • Eight reusable stainless steel tips.
  • 100 tattoo ink cups.
  • One practice skin.
  • A collection of transfer papers.
  • Rubber bands.

Pirate Face Tattoo also takes extra steps to make this kit beginner-friendly by throwing in a 2-hour tattoo instructional DVD and a 200-page guide to match.


  • All-inclusive tattoo kit with instructional book and DVD for amateurs and hobbyists
  • Four all-purpose tattoo machines with sturdy steel construction and resilient copper coil core
  • 50 individually-packed pre-sterilized 316 medical-grade stainless steel needles
  • Affordable pricing
  • 6-months warranty coverage

5. Budget Option: Rehab Ink Tattoo Ink

Rehab Ink Tattoo Ink
Know More Details on Amazon

If you are a hobbyist, the chances are that you don’t want to shell out the big bucks to get one of the popular tattoo kits. However, that does not mean you have to settle for a dud. With its current retail price of only $30, the Rehab Ink Tattoo Ink is one of the cheapest functional tattoo kits you will find anywhere.

Plus, this beginner tattoo kit is no pushover either.

On its product pages, the Rehab Ink Tattoo Ink consistently receives positive reviews from users who are awe by its reliable performance, especially considering its low dirt price point.

Furthermore, this offering packs everything you need to get started tattooing as a hobbyist or an amateur.

Inside the included carrying case, you will find one all-purpose tattoo machine, a matching power supply (with clip cord and foot pedal), five tattoo needles (two round liners, two round shaders, and one magnum shader), 10 UV-resistant rubber bands, ten grommets, ten o-rings, a pair of latex gloves, a skin marking pen, thermal paper, a 2-sided practice skin, an instructional how-to ebook for the whole setup, and even a tube of aftercare ointment amongst others.

That’s a lot for 30 bucks.

However, it would be best if you remembered that this kit is targeted almost exclusively at hobbyists, so hence the durability may be a bit shaky. If you want to use this setup over the long term, you may want to consider upgrading a few parts like the control pedal, clip cord, or the entire power supply unit over time.

Plus, while you do get some ink packets in the package, we recommend that you use this low-quality ink only for practice. If you are working on human skin, consider getting a more premium option like the offerings from Kuro Sumi and Mom’s Millenium Ink.


  • Arguably the most affordable yet functional tattoo kit you will find anywhere
  • All-purpose tattoo machine with sturdy steel construction and resilient copper coil core
  • All-inclusive kit with a carrying case and an abundance of tattooing accessories to match all your needs
  • Five individually-packed pre-sterilized 316 medical-grade stainless steel needles: (Round Liners: 5RL, 7RL / Round Shaders: 5RS, 7RS / Magnums: 7M1)
  • Affordable pricing

6. Rotary Option: Stigma Complete Rotary Tattoo Kit

Rotary Option: Stigma Complete Rotary Tattoo Kit
Know More Details on Amazon

Rotary machines are the preferred option for a lot of tattoo artists for a good reason.

A rotary machine’s core element is an electric motor, not electromagnetic coils, so rotaries are typically significantly lighter and more comfortable to use than their coil counterparts. This substantially lower heft means that tattoo artists can use rotary to work longer hours while avoiding cramps and reducing the likelihood of errors.

Consequently, rotary machines can be an excellent choice for beginners, amateurs, and inexperienced hobbyists, especially when they want to embark on longer, more ambitious sessions.

However, there is a shortage of low-priced quality rotary tattoo kits for beginners, and that is where this all-purpose kit from Stigma takes the cake.

This starter kit’s centerpiece is a small, portable rotary machine from Stigma that is just the right size for even inexperienced newcomers to handle for extended periods. With a length of 12cm and weighing only 154 grams, this stellar piece from Stigma is the most manageable, lightweight machine you’ve ever seen. The supreme aesthetics and the sleek matte body on this unit is also a big plus.

The tattoo machine packs a 10-watt electric Japanese motor that brings all the power you need for all your tattooing tasks. The motor’s high-end construction means that you can leave it running for hours on end without making the machine overheat.

The machine also features a state-of-the-art gear system that ensures super quiet and reliable operation while outputting a considerable voltage quotient between 9 and 11 volts. Plus, you also get a digital power supply included in the box, with four graduated power modes to help you quickly modify the amount of energy delivered to the machine.

Pair this engine with any needle group (it works with all cartridge types), and you immediately have a liner or shader at the ready.

While the Stigma Complete Rotary Tattoo Kit is not the most extensive option out there for accessories, it does pack a decent amount. You will find 20 assorted cartridges, one practice skin, a pair of gloves, and one tattoo grip bandage in the included carrying case.

However, like with many options in this price range, the ink included in the package is completely useless for actual tattooing, and you should opt for a more premium option when working on human skin.


  • A lightweight all-purpose rotary machine that measures only 154 grams
  • 10-watt electric Japanese motor brings massive power for all your tasks
  • Some of the best bang-to-buck ratios on the market
  • Super affordable pricing

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