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When Is The Best Time To Get A Tattoo?

Tattoos are becoming more widely accepted in both personal and corporate life. That’s why, there are a lot more people interested in getting them, as well as the new tattoo studios that provide the service of inking tattoos of all kinds. Tattoo processes can be quite hefty and challenging to heal, which is why it’s important to pick the right time to get a tattoo when you’re 100% ready.

But is there the best time to get a tattoo anyway? Many people say that there’s not, that as long as you’re more than 18 years old and consciously ready to get a tattoo, you can do it. Nevertheless, some factors in time can make the inking process easier.

In this article, we’re going to dive through these factors and see how they act for you to have an easier time getting a tattoo done, while also experiencing fewer difficulties during the healing and aftercare process. We’ll also answer some additional questions about the right times for getting a tattoo done.

So, Is There The Right Time To Get a Tattoo?

The only best time to get a tattoo done is when you feel ready, and are 18 years old, or older. Everything else is the appointment you make with your tattoo artist, whenever they’re free to schedule you for inking.

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Saved Tattoo

Given that tattoos have extremely grown in popularity, making the right appointment to get a tattoo done is more difficult. In smaller towns and areas that are limited to several tattoo studios, many people have to schedule their appointments weeks ahead.

 Not rarely, some people have to wait for as much as one to two months to get their tattoo appointment. Although, generally speaking, getting a tattoo is a good decision at all times, you must plan your time accordingly so that you wouldn’t end up spending the busiest days of the year healing for the tattoo.

That’s why we dedicated a special section in this article, that will talk about the right times to get a tattoo, regardless of the season, time of the day, year, and age. However, it’s important to plan your time accordingly, so that you can reserve the right amount of time that you will need to heal.

People who have already gotten their first tattoo are already well-versed with planning their next one, whether it includes consulting with your tattoo artist, or organizing your time so that you will have enough time to heal.

However, people who are getting their first tattoo may not know some hidden tips on how to choose the right time to get inked. That’s why, in the below section, we will detail the best times to get a tattoo. Read our tips carefully, and plan thoroughly so that you have enough time to heal, and not miss some important events in your life.

The Right Times To Get Tattoo

Best Time To Get Tattoo saved tattoo best time
Saved Tattoo

Let’s take a look at why it’s important not to eat right before getting a tattoo done, why morning may be a better option than evening, and why you shouldn’t get your tattoo done during the summer months.

Knowing this information will make the entire tattooing process a lot easier, and potentially less painful than it’d normally be. Here’s how.

Best Time To Get Tattoo – Season

Of course, there’s no prohibition which stops you from inking your body at any season of the year. But, here’s why choosing fall or winter is the best season for getting a tattoo done. It’s no secret that some tattoos take a long time to ink, sometimes hours, and sometimes even multiple sessions. That means a lot of tasking work for your tattoo artist, but also a lot more endurance from your side.

For that reason, fall and winter are the best seasons to get your tattoo done. The temperatures are lower, and the tattoo studios sufficiently warm to keep your tattoo dry.

The lower temperatures mean that both you and your tattoo artist will feel less burnt out, and potentially experience less sweating and hot flashes than you’d during the spring and summer.

Sweating less, on both sides prevents fewer mistakes from your tattoo artist’s end. Additionally, your tattoo wound is going to be dry for the most part, especially if you’re inking a body part that is prone to sweating due to the density of sweat pores.

Sweating less and dry skin will allow your tattoo to scab the dead skin easier. Also, sweat, and potential bacteria, and other microbes don’t stand a chance to enter your scabby skin or wound, which also means less chance for your bloodstream to be infected by potentially harmful bacteria.

Additionally, getting a tattoo done during the winter, or even early spring will ensure that your tattoo heals before your summer vacation, beach parties, and a lot more. Still, some people avoid spring because of pollen and dust mite allergies which are at the peak during the spring months. Some people also experience dander allergies early in the fall.

Why You Shouldn’t Tattoo In The Summer

While there’s no prohibition from getting a tattoo in the summer, if you’re a generally outgoing person and like to party, perhaps you’ll have to hold off from wearing clothes with a lot of viscose, polyester, and generally tight clothes, as it prevents your skin from breathing and tattoo from healing.

Best Time To Get Tattoo saved tattoo beach
Saved Tattoo

Additionally, you should avoid parties that involve foam, a swimming pool, or even the ocean. It’s not safe to soak your freshly-made tattoo wound, nor swim with it, as it could potentially lead to infections, or compromise the quality of the ink used. Of course, the damaged tattoo can be reworked, but rework can sometimes last as long as the entire inking process, resulting in the same healing times you already went through.

For a lot of people, summer is a great time to get their body inked, because they can show off their new tattoo and style it with their bikini summer style. Unfortunately, if you’re a fan of tight and hot clothes, pools, and swimming, in particular, getting a tattoo in the summer is not a good idea.

Note: Tattooing in the fall and winter months also has its flaws. These two seasons reach the peak of flu season, which means people are more prone to getting sick and experiencing immunity fluctuations. Getting a tattoo may make you feel feverish and a little sick, it’d be a lot worse if the tattoo healing symptoms combined with an infection of flu.


  • Winter – The best time of the year because of the cold temperatures. Still, the holiday season can make busier days harder to heal. Additionally, the flu season can result in you getting sick while healing from the tattoo.
  • Spring – Spring has great weather conditions and gives you enough time to heal to display and brag about your tattoos. Still, allergies and varying weather can discourage many.
  • Summer– is the worst season to get a tattoo done. Not only it prevents you in visiting pools and swimming, it also makes you sweat and exposes you to strong summer sun.
  • Fall – is the second best time of the year to get inked. However, mild allergy season and the beginning of the flu season and respiratory infections may rise concerns.

Best Time To Get Tattoo – Time Of The Day

Does a daily clock have a role in getting a tattoo? Surprisingly, it does. Here’s how.

You can make an appointment for your tattoo at any time of the day. However, according to science, it’s more advisable to get your tattoo appointment as early in the morning as possible. When we wake up, we’re refreshed and if you’re one of the people who exercise in the morning, you can be lucky enough for your body to release endorphins that contribute to a better mood and help fight the pain.

Best Time To Get Tattoo saved tattoo morning
Saved Tattoo

With that in mind, waking up early also means that you’ll be more tolerant of the pain. Some tattoo artists also recommend that you should eat before your tattoo appointment. Many recommend eating at least one to two hours before the appointment so that the raised blood sugar levels make the tolerance higher due to the extra adrenaline doses that get released.

Still, endorphins are the most important chemicals for triggering a positive sensation in the body that helps block pain in a similar way to how morphine does it.

There’s also nothing wrong with getting a tattoo appointment after work or in the evening. Getting it done in the evening allows you to hit the bed as soon as you get home, instead of going to work and putting up with daily obligations.

Still, being tired and exhausted makes us easily irritable, which for some people can trigger more pain, because they’ll be more sensitive to the needle penetrating their skin.

Note: If you’re getting a tattoo in the evening, make sure to have a proper meal before the appointment and make sure to stay hydrated.

People Also Ask

If you had any questions regarding the best time to get a tattoo, here’s our list of answers that you were potentially looking for, make sure to check them out.

What Is The Best Age To Get a Tattoo?

As long as it’s legal, there’s no best age to get a tattoo done. In some countries, it’s allowed to get inked before you turn 18. In others, you will have to wait until you’re 18 years old. While there’s no right age for getting a tattoo, many tattoo artists advise getting inked in the 20s and 30s because the skin is still young, tight, and heals easier.

Is It Safe To Expose My Tattoo To Sunshine?

This is another reason why inking your body during the summer is a bad idea. The sun can make the skin burn and potentially make the ink on the tattoo fade. Some people think that applying sunscreen will fix this problem, but it can only make it worse.

How Much Time Should I Spend Deciding On Tattoo?

If you’re brainstorming on which tattoo design to pick, you can spend as much time as you need to decide. If you’re thinking about whether a tattoo is a good or bad idea, we advise taking all the time in the world to decide as it is a huge step in your life.

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