Tattoo of Lips on Someone's Neck Mean

What Does a Tattoo of Lips on Someone’s Neck Mean?

A tattoo is never the same to an observer and to the owner of the tattoo. What may be a silly or weird tattoo design to someone, to another person has a special, specific, and probably unique meaning. What contributes to different tattoo interpretations is also the placement of the ink. When you combine the design and the placement, you can find out a lot about the person wearing the tattoo, if you know what to look for.

Now, neck tattoos are pretty obvious; they’re right there, in your face, bold and a statement piece. Neck tattoo placement shows one’s willingness to be expressive without the need to hide or cover; everything is right there in the open.

One of the ‘rising starts’ in the tattoo design world is the lips or kiss tattoo design, usually placed right there on the side of the neck. If you’re seeing these tattoos everywhere and you’re wondering if they have any particular meaning, don’t look any further. In the following paragraphs, we’ll explore the origin and the meaning of the kiss/lips tattoo, and what it means when it’s placed on the neck. Let’s get right into it!

Lips Tattoo on The Neck

Meaning and Everything You Need To Know

Lips tattoos, regardless of their placement, generally convey the meaning of love, desire, passion, sensuality, and sexuality. A simple lip tattoo is far more than that; it is a statement of one’s unfiltered, raw expression of everything love and sexuality. Some people even get lip tattoos that resemble the real lip appearance of their partner, lover, or someone special they’ve been acquainted with. The story of a simple lip tattoo should never be underestimated. But, what contributes to the meaning of the tattoo is also where it’s placed.

lips on neck tattoo women
Saved Tattoo @blondiefrom_mars

A neck lip/kiss tattoo and its meaning can be based on the story the owners of the tattoo are trying to tell. But, even without our knowledge of the story, few things can be concluded just from the very location of the tattoo. Based on this, a lips/kiss tattoo can stand for;

  • Expression of one’s desires and passions
  • Expression of one’s sensuality and sexuality
  • Display of an arousal point on one’s body
  • Expression of suggestive nature
  • Public display of love or affection for one’s partner
  • Adventurous nature and love of unique experiences
  • Cheeky, flirtatious, and playful nature
  • The visible expression of a private sentiment

These would be the most common and potential interpretations of a lips/kiss neck tattoo meaning that you could conclude without knowing the actual story behind the tattoo. The kiss/lips tattoo placed on the neck is a super bold move and can be interpreted as mainly suggestive to the observer. But, it really doesn’t have to be that. What a person chooses to tattoo on their body is totally up to them and no one ever should have to justify their tattoos with explanations.

Lips Tattoo on The Neck men
Saved Tattoo @butterflyinktattoo

Now, depending on the actual lip tattoo design, the meaning of the tattoo can be emphasized or changed completely. For example, a simple red lip can symbolize passion or sensuality without any particular story attached to the meaning. A red lip is a universal, common expression of sensuality and passion, and has been so for centuries.

On the other hand, if a lip is colorful, it can be a prideful statement and expression of one’s association with the LGBTQ+ community. Furthermore, if the lips are suggestively open, and there’s also the use of a tongue, the tattoo can symbolize seduction, sensuality, and open sexuality of the tattoo owner.

There are hundreds of ways a tattoo can be interpreted. But, based on the general assumptions and associations with the tattoo design, one can easily assume a meaning of a tattoo. However, one should never impose their own interpretation of someone else’s tattoo without first discussing the meaning with the tattoo owner, if possible of course. People get tattoos and different tattoo designs for reasons known to them only, so if you’re particularly interested in someone’s tattoo, use it as an icebreaker for a conversation and try to be polite about it. Not everybody likes talking about their tattoos.

Should I Get a Lip/Kiss Tattoo on My Neck?

We’re not sure if we can really answer this question for our readers. A tattoo needs to be a personal choice, impartial to the influence of other people’s tattoo decisions and opinions. If you like the bold and statement nature of a lips/kiss neck tattoo, and if it relates to you in any way, then yes, you should get it. Why not?

But, this decision needs to be yours, and you have to be completely okay with it. Why? Well, first of all, you’ll have a tattoo right there on your neck. This means lifelong commitment and potential issues should you want to remove them.

So, before you make a final decision, try to weigh out the pros and cons and see how well the tattoo affects your everyday life. For example, some employers may find your tattoo to be an issue. Some clients or customers may share their opinion as well. If you work in a field where professional appearance is a must, then a kiss/lips neck tattoo might not work for you.

If a neck tattoo seems too much for you, you don’t have to give up on the lips tattoo idea. Simply choose a different body placement and you’re good to go. Other places that could help your lips tattoo stand out are the wrist area, forearm, thigh area, etc. These areas can be well hidden or exposed, however, you want it. This may make it easier for you to avoid any potential issues you might have encountered if the tattoo was more visible and on your face.

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Final Thoughts

Now you know what the lips/kiss tattoo on the neck potentially means. As we mentioned, people attach different and unique meanings to their tattoos. So, in some cases, our analysis of the tattoo’s meaning could be completely wrong. But, based on anecdotal information from tattoo artists and tattoo owners, these meanings seem to be the most common. Hopefully, we’ve inspired you to do more research and maybe even get this tattoo yourself. Who knows? Either way, we wish you good luck and happy tattooing!

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