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40+ Best Tropical Palm Tree Tattoos: The Inked Trip To Sun Paradise

Close your eyes and think about your best holiday ever. Can you already feel the glazing sun, the cool breeze running through your hair, the glittery sea? Well, what could miss from this landscape other than some perfectly looking palm trees?

Their leaves trembling, the shadow they do, you sitting under their leaves, what could you wish more for? Considering you cannot be on holiday all the time, at least you can ink the contour of a palm tree into your skin.

In recent years, palm tree tattoo designs have been increasing in popularity and rising among body art enthusiasts. There are no points for guessing, but most of its popularity is due to the people’s need to connect with their favorite holiday locations.

The cool shade of a palm tree, along with the perfect evergreen leaves, are a few of the reasons why these ink forms are offering those ideal holiday vibes.

However, not all palm tree tattoos are suited to every body part. As I will explain down below, each design goes better with different skin areas. The result should be an aesthetically pleasing tattoo.

Keep reading to find the best palm tree tattoo ideas, as well as their meanings, design variations, and ink techniques.

This being said, if you are planning to get a palm tree tattoo, you came to the right place. Before the main designs, take a quick look at the actual meanings and symbolism of palm tree tattoos.

Palm Tree Tattoo Meanings

Palm Trees have a strong symbolic meaning behind their beautiful, holiday-ish look. While some will associate the palm trees with the sun, beaches, tropical vacations, and sea, well, others would see eternity and immortality in their greatness.

These two values are present behind the Palm Tree Look. When it comes to other palm tree tattoo meanings, the symbolism might differ a bit, depending on societies and cultures.

On the other hand, once you choose to tattoo only the leaves, the result will be the symbol of God. [1]

Others would agree that palm trees are the sign of the garden of Paradise, where men were created. As such, these tropical trees are the symbol of goodness and wisdom.

However, not all people consider palm trees as something positive. Some would believe that these plants stand for loneliness and abandonment. This mostly happens when the tree in your tattoo design stays alone and comes with lots of branches.

The point is, the palm tree tattoo can change a lot in meaning, depending on the elements you will add to it. Here are some examples:

  • A palm tree with a skull is ideal to symbolize loneliness or death;
  • Some flowers on the palm tree tattoo design stand for connection with the divine;
  • Sun next to palm tree tattoos form the ideal landscape of a tropical paradise;
  • Tiny flowers next to palm trees are the symbol of happiness and positivity;

Lastly, for many people, having a palm tree tattoo is a symbol of home. Yes, you read it right.

Palm Trees are common home symbols for people living in California, Hawaii, Bahamas, or other places where there are crystal beaches.

Great-Looking Palm Tree Tattoo Designs

Need an inspiration source? Here are the most popular designs.

Small Palm Tree Tattoos

Small Palm Tree Tattoos 1
Image Source: Instagram
Small Palm Tree Tattoos 2
Image Source: Instagram
Small Palm Tree Tattoos 3
Image Source: Instagram

The palm tree tattoos in small sizes are some of the most popular designs due to their simple lines and intricate placements.

However, for some people, this tiny palm tree tattoo might look too minimal. But for those who want to keep their body art pieces as subtle as possible, this idea seems to be the lucky one.

Tiny palm tree tattoos are ideal to have on the wrist, on the ankle, or the shoulder.

Equally, placing them on the sides of the hand might work as well. If you consider the mini palm tree tattoos, just get them in hues of green or black, and admire the wonders this design will create.

Personal opinion: I think that this model is perfectly suited for a young woman.

Traditional Palm Tree Tattoo

Traditional Palm Tree Tattoo 1
Image Source: Instagram
Traditional Palm Tree Tattoo 2
Image Source: Instagram
Traditional Palm Tree Tattoo 3
Image Source: Instagram

The palm tree tattoos traditionally have a firmly rooted impact. Although these ideas do not come with many elements or artistic lines, the project stands for beautiful virtues, such as truth, peace, glory, ethics, and many other values.

However, the traditional palm tree tattoos have increased in immense popularity, primarily due to the holiday vibes they can share.

In fact, for lots of body art enthusiasts, the traditional palm tree tattoos produce a special and unique soothing effect.

As a quick tip, ask the artist to get the palm tree inked in vibrations and simple shades like green and black. In addition, try to get inked with beach details in the background, such as the sun’s rise.

Personal opinion: A classic palm tattoo is a model suited for every man or woman. Moreso, it can be inked on any body part you might like.

Palm Tree With Sunset Tattoo

Palm Tree With Sunset Tattoo 1
Image Source: Instagram
Palm Tree With Sunset Tattoo 2
Image Source: Instagram
Palm Tree With Sunset Tattoo 3
Image Source: Instagram

There is nothing more idyllic than a breezy beach with a beautiful sunset and a setting sun that meets the ground right behind the palm tree. You can have this trio right on the skin and ink it in a body area that you love.

The shade of the leaves will be cherry on top.

Once inked into the skin, the tropical sunset will offer that warmth and visual satisfaction that everyone is searching for.

If we go on a more philosophical note, sunsets are always a reminder of the never-ending cycle of life. Furthermore, sunsets are the symbols of eternal beauty, life, death, hope, love, inspiration, and love.

Personal opinion: This tattoo goes best in vibrant colors, so don’t keep things to a minimum.

Watercolor Palm Tree Tattoo

Watercolor Palm Tree Tattoo 1
Image Source: Instagram
Watercolor Palm Tree Tattoo 2
Image Source: Instagram
Watercolor Palm Tree Tattoo 3
Image Source: Instagram

When it comes to eye-catching tattoos, you cannot go wrong with a watercolor palm tree tattoo. Once you get it done on a wide skin area, the lively texture of the final tattoo will steal lots of glances.

For best results, choose a body area that is big enough, like the shoulder or the arm, so all the colors can be beautifully displayed.

Watercolor Palm Tree Tattoos are usually quite simple. However, the beauty of them is connected to the colors you will be choosing.

Personal opinion: Just as small palm tree models, these also are highly suited for young women.

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The Heart-Shaped Palm Tree Tattoos

The Heart-Shaped Palm Tree Tattoos
Image Source: Instagram

The heart-shaped palm tree tattoos symbolize positivity and love, which are true virtues in life. When it comes to this palm tree tattoo design, it stands for sacred hearts and Christian values.

Apart from these religious symbols, the heart tattoos signify compassion, immense love, and courage.

Moreover, having a heart-shaped palm tree tattoo is also the best method to express loss, grief, or simply commemorate the loss of loved ones. Try to choose a design that suits you best and which indulges in wellness.

Personal opinion: Colorful and nice, these tattoos go on every part of your body.

Circular Palm Tree Tattoo

Circular Palm Tree Tattoo 1
Image Source: Instagram
Circular Palm Tree Tattoo 2
Image Source: Instagram
Circular Palm Tree Tattoo 3
Image Source: Instagram

The uniqueness of this tattoo design is based on the circular pattern. This is a modern approach for the palm tree tattoo.

Once you get the circular palm tree tattoo, choose a wide skin area where the artist can play with colors, shapes, and lines.

To make everything look more realistic, choose to draw the branches in circular patterns. In this manner, you will showcase the effect of the wind moving the branches.

The method used is the shading of ink. This is the best recommendation coming from professionals, as it is truly flexible.

Personal opinion:  Add as many details as you wish, depending on your lifestyle and the message you want to share.

Palm Tree Beach Tattoo

Palm Tree Beach Tattoo 1
Image Source: Instagram
Palm Tree Beach Tattoo 2
Image Source: Instagram

Dreaming about a beach vacation all the time but don’t have the budget to do it? What about getting a beach tattoo done all for yourself?

Palm trees are part of the sunny beach landscapes, and they do complete the soft breezes and the holiday vibes.

The palm tree beach tattoos look amazing, especially if you get them inked circled by the oceanic waves. A watercolor finish will increase the appeal of the final body art piece.

Personal opinion: If you choose to have a palm tree beach tattoo, you will share happiness, positivity, fun, and love. Thus, if you always want to feel the holiday vibes, consider inking yourself with a palm tree beach tattoo.

Body Areas To Have A Palm Tree Tattoo Design

Let’s say that you already know the palm tree tattoo design you will choose, but now comes that tricky question: where to get tattooed? Well, there is no correct answer here, but it is only up to you and your wishes.

Whether it is a butterfly or a California palm tree tattoo, a tattoo can be placed wherever you like.

Some would like their tattoos to be very discreet and hidden, while others would prefer to have them exposed. However, some are more extravagant than others and would have their inked body art pieces in unusual places, such as lips, the face, or the fingers.

Now, it is essential to consider the placement of your brand new palm tree tattoo. The skin area you will choose should suit your lifestyle, as well as the age over time. Furthermore, it will affect the general look of your ink design.

Here are some of the best body areas where you can have your favorite palm tree tattoo design.

Palm Tree Back Tattoo

Palm Tree Back Tattoo 1
Image Source: Pinterest
Palm Tree Back Tattoo 2
Image Source: Pinterest

When you choose to have a palm tree on your back, the final result will look insanely elegant and artistic while also increasing the style quotient.

I like to say that only the brave-hearted ones would dare to have an increasingly large palm tree on their back, spreading their leaves in shades of black and grey.

The final result will be an excellent visual pleasure, a beautiful body art you will be wearing with you for good.

Palm trees on the back look simple, but once done right; they bring grace, style, and sophistication to the one who is wearing them. Get it done by a professional artist, and start counting the appreciations.

Palm Tree Tattoo On Ankle

Palm Tree Tattoo On Ankle 1
Image Source: Instagram
Palm Tree Tattoo On Ankle 2
Image Source: Instagram
Palm Tree Tattoo On Ankle 3
Image Source: Instagram

Do you love traveling and would like to have a body art piece that suits your style and nature?

You should then put on your top of the list the palm tree tattoo on the ankle. This body area is tailor-made for this type of mini palm tree tattoo.

Also known as the “tree of life,” palm trees symbolize traveling and their ideal beach vacations for some people. Moreover, the palm tree tattoo on the ankle will look amazing while walking on the beach.

Adding a setting sun behind the palm tree tattoo will complete the traveling goals, reminding you about all those traveling sprees and beach vacays. Consider having the palm tree tattoo on the ankle right before going on your next beach vacation.

Palm Tree Foot Tattoo

Palm Tree Foot Tattoo 1
Image Source: Pinterest
Palm Tree Foot Tattoo 2
Image Source: Pinterest

If you look at the Biblical symbolism of the palm trees, well, this symbolizes triumph against death.

When it comes to nature and the natural state of palm trees, these great and powerful plants have deep-rooted links to beach life.

People who love adventures and the summer breeze love to have this tattoo design in visible areas, so they can never forget why they love traveling.

A palm tree foot tattoo refers to the traveling nature of the person who is wearing it. You can either have it all only in black and grey or add some colors to refresh the look and make the tattoo have that holiday vibe.

Palm Tree Tattoo Sleeve

Palm Tree Tattoo Sleeve 1
Image Source: Instagram
Palm Tree Tattoo Sleeve 2
Image Source: Instagram
Palm Tree Tattoo Sleeve 3
Image Source: Instagram

Palm tree tattoos usually come in aesthetical and straightforward shapes but still have deep meanings and representations.

However, if you are a creative person, you can turn their designs and placements into authentic pieces of skin art.

Why not take advantage of some large skin canvas, such as the arm, and have some palm tree tattoo on the sleeve?

Sleeve tattoos have become truly popular these days, as you can add lots of elements that relate to your life, hobbies, or your world.

You can either ink only some palm leaves, use blacks and greens, draw the palm tree sleeve tattoo in a positive vibe, or share your deep feelings through the ink lines.

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Wrist Palm Tree Tattoo

Wrist Palm Tree Tattoo 1
Image Source: Instagram
Wrist Palm Tree Tattoo 2
Image Source: Pinterest

If you want to have a little palm tree tattoo, then you should consider the wrist area. This skin part is kind of visible; however, once choosing a tiny palm tree tattoo, it shouldn’t be too obvious.

If you want to get a palm tree tattoo on the wrist, this won’t require too much space to express confidence, positivity, and holiday vibes.

Palm Tree Tattoo On The Shoulder

Palm Tree Tattoo On The Shoulder 1
Image Source: Instagram
Palm Tree Tattoo On The Shoulder 2
Image Source: Instagram
Palm Tree Tattoo On The Shoulder 2
Image Source: Instagram

Palm Tree Tattoos on the shoulder look amazing, especially if they contain lots of details. Moreover, you can add dates, names, and lots of colors.

Tell the artist to place the tattoo on the front part of the shoulder to make the body piece art look even more positive.

If you are not afraid about showing your true personality, place the tattoo in the front part of the shoulder to show the daring nature of your life.

Forearm Palm Tree Tattoo

Forearm Palm Tree Tattoo 1
Image Source: Instagram
Forearm Palm Tree Tattoo 2
Image Source: Instagram
Forearm Palm Tree Tattoo 3
Image Source: Instagram

This is one of the best body parts that millennials usually would choose is the forearm. Although some think this body area might bring them some trouble while applying to different jobs well, others consider this the perfect place to show off their tattoos.

Forearms are flexible areas to flaunt a tattoo. Either you want a mini palm tree tattoo or a more complex design, this area will offer the perfect canvas for ink pieces of art. Tip and trick: if you want to keep your tattoo secret, there is no better place to have it than the forearm.

In Short

Ok, so that brings us to the final thoughts about the palm tree tattoo designs. As we have discussed above, palm tree tattoos symbolize positivity, but most simply and minimally.

As such, once you choose to have your very first palm tree tattoo, you will share only a positive vibe, as well as your love for summer, beach, and sea breeze.

By this time, you might have already chosen your very favorite palm tree tattoo design, and this is awesome. Remember to get it done in your favorite style, and on a body area, you feel comfortable with.

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