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60+ Amazing Infinity Tattoo Ideas 2024 (And Celebrities)

Infinity is a powerful concept, and getting a symbol of it inked on your skin sends out a strong message. Whether you just like the loop eight-esque emblem for its aesthetic, or you have a personal connection with the notion of infinity, you really can’t go wrong with a tasteful infinity tattoo — especially since it will literally be visible on your body forever.

In this post we’ll take you through some of the best infinity tattoo ideas to get your inspiration flowing, as well as go into some detail on the symbolic meaning behind the well-known token.

Infinity Symbol Tattoo Meaning

The infinity symbol is popular in jewellery, clothing and tattoos. The basic design is a figure of eight loop, but it can be embellished with other elements to make it unique.

Infinity is of course, the idea of something being unlimited, without end or bound. The symbol, ∞, was first created by the English mathematician John Wallis in 1655. In mathematics, it’s used to refer to the idea of infinity in numbers. Beyond academics, however, it has meaning related to continuity and the eternal. This can be in reference to the soul, or perhaps even the bond you share with someone.

60+ Best Infinity Tattoo Ideas

Now that we have a clear idea of the symbolism behind the emblem, let’s take a look at some inspiring infinity tattoo ideas.

Small minimalist Infinity Tattoo

Small minimalist Infinity Tattoo 1
Credit: @bora_tattooer
Small minimalist Infinity Tattoo 2
Credit: @seora_tattoo
Small minimalist Infinity Tattoo 3
Credit: @tattooist_ziixuu

Minimalist tattoos are all the rage right now, and infinity symbols work perfectly with the style. Due to the simplicity of the design, it would work well with pretty much all other kinds of body art. Plus, it can be very discreet if you need to keep your tattoos on the down low at work.

Infinity Symbol with Hearts

Infinity Symbol with Hearts 1
Infinity Symbol with Hearts 2
Credit: @alexandra.btattoo

As the infinity symbol represents ideas of continuity, adding a heart into the mix is a great way to communicate everlasting love. If you feel you’re in a relationship that will last forever, why not symbolize that in your body art? It doesn’t have to be romantic love either, it could be the love you have for your child or another family member too!

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Infinity Symbol with Feathers

Infinity Symbol with Feathers 1
Credit: @3_diamondstattoocompany
Infinity Symbol with Feathers 2
Credit: @579tattoo
Infinity Symbol with Feathers 3
Credit: @alejandraestradatatuadora

Feathers are a very popular design in the tattoo world, recalling flight, freedom and the elegance of the bird species. The fine texture of feathers makes them very intriguing and pleasant to look at too. Combined with an infinity symbol, you can build a whole new meaning in your tattoo, and create something unique and eye-catching.

Infinity Symbol with Birds

Infinity Symbol with Birds 1
Credit: @loko_lines
Infinity Symbol with Birds 2
Credit: @double_dragon_tattooz

Just like feathers, birds make excellent tattoos. This is because they are majestic creatures, and they have the romantic connotation of freedom as they can fly away at any moment. However, bear in mind that the bird you choose will slightly alter the meaning. Peacocks, for instance, represent boldness and pride, whereas a phoenix is a symbol of rebirth and renewal.

Infinity Symbol Tattoo with Birds and Feathers

Infinity Symbol Tattoo with Birds and Feathers 1
Credit: @inspiration_tattoo_ch
Infinity Symbol Tattoo with Birds and Feathers 2
Credit: @bloodyrose.artstudio
Infinity Symbol Tattoo with Birds and Feathers 3
Credit: @cass.tatts

Naturally, birds and feathers go well together. When combined with the infinity symbol they take on a whole new meaning, representing the cycle of life as well as the parts of ourselves we leave behind. Even after a bird’s death, its feather’s remain. This is a powerful message, and the birds and feather tattoos really attract the eye too.

Infinity Symbol with Words

Infinity Symbol with Words 1
Credit: @lewisparkertattoo
Infinity Symbol with Words 2
Credit: @bigh3ctattoos
Infinity Symbol with Words 3
Credit: @skingrafter

While some people favor images when it comes to their tattoos, others find more meaning in words. Why not combine the two and opt for an infinity symbol with a word or a line of text that speaks to you. If you want to stay with the theme, you could choose a word which also refers to infinity, such as “eternal” or “forever”.

Double Infinity Tattoo

Double Infinity Tattoo 1
Credit: @dubzentattoo
Double Infinity Tattoo 2
Credit: @andyarchertattooist
Double Infinity Tattoo 3
Credit: @benfranciswright

An infinity tattoo stands for eternity, but there is more strength still in a double infinity tattoo. It can also symbolize the intertwined infinity lines of separate lives. For instance, it could represent how you and someone you’re in love with will stay connected for all eternity.

Floral Infinity Tattoo

Floral Infinity Tattoo 1
Credit: @villagetat2
Floral Infinity Tattoo 2
Credit: @aladdinhanatattoo
Floral Infinity Tattoo 3
Credit: @arthousetattoo

Floral designs are often feminine and delicate. If you want to give a light, decorative touch to your infinity tattoo, why not opt for a flower design? You can add roses for a deeply romantic and slightly dramatic look, or daisies if you want something a little more laid back and cute. You can also decide whether or not you want to stand out with a pop of color, or keep it simple in black and white.

Animal Infinity Tattoos

Animal Infinity Tattoos 1
Credit: @martin_balcer_tattoo
Animal Infinity Tattoos 2
Credit: @mh_tatuajes_y_perforaciones
Animal Infinity Tattoos 3
Credit: @292.tattooz

Mixing animals in with the infinity tattoo is a great choice. Snakes work particularly well as they can be convincingly coiled round into the infinity shape. However, you might also want to depict your undying love for a pet, in which case you might get your cat and dog sketched into the design. Some also opt for dolphins or butterflies. Ultimately, it’s a case of whatever animal you like best!

Snake Infinity Tattoos

Snake Infinity Tattoos 1
Credit: @gier_art
Snake Infinity Tattoos 2
Credit: @sabrina_theartist

As mentioned above, snakes work very well with the infinity symbol, easily forming the looped shape. Many opt to get the snake’s tail in its mouth so as to show a complete loop without a gap. After all, it is supposed to represent continuity. However, there are dozens of ways you can show your snake. Some like to keep it simple with a line drawing, others like to go into a lot of detail with each scale clearly marked with shading. The choice is yours!

Infinity Cross Tattoo

Infinity Cross Tattoo 1
Credit: @dc_ph_tattoo
Infinity Cross Tattoo 2
Credit: @thegoldproject

A cross is a strong choice in a tattoo, both aesthetically and in terms of its deeper meaning. If you’re religious, you might want to show your everlasting dedication to God by incorporating the symbol of the cross into your tattoo design. You might also want to pick out a bible verse to add to help cement the Christian meaning of your body art.

Even if you’re not religious, you might also just like the overall aesthetic of the cross. You can either create a cross by interlocking separate infinity symbols, or you can add a cross somewhere in the chain of the symbol. Again, it’s your decision to make!

Infinity Arrow Tattoo

Infinity Arrow Tattoo 1
Credit: @shekhar7313
Infinity Arrow Tattoo 2
Credit: @yingyytattoo

Arrows are a staple of the tattoo world and appear in a whole host of classic designs. If you’re a fan of the look, then you’re in luck as it’s very easy to incorporate an arrow into your infinity symbol tattoo.

Infinity Tattoo with Names

Infinity Tattoo with Names 1
Infinity Tattoo with Names 2
Credit: @ideal_tattoo_quarrata
Infinity Tattoo with Names 3
Credit: @meet_ink_tattoo_studio

Once again, the infinity tattoo is the perfect way to demonstrate your love for another person — or even multiple persons. You can add their name into the line of the infinity symbol, and that person will be symbolically tied to you for all eternity. This could be a romantic partner, a parent, a sibling, or even a pet!

Compass Infinity Tattoo

Compass Infinity Tattoo 1
Compass Infinity Tattoo 2
Credit: @tattuartmargarida

A compass is another classic of the tattoo world, and it works brilliantly with the infinity symbol. Whereas a compass symbolizes the direction one is taking in life, the infinity symbol reminds us of the concept of boundlessness. So, while we might go in various directions in life, we can still continue to thrive.

Infinity Geometric Tattoo

Infinity Geometric Tattoo
Credit: @tridha_lizardsskintattoos

Geometric tattoos never go out of style, and they always give off an eye-catching aesthetic. If you’re looking for a design that is extra modern, somewhat minimalist but still has an overall look of complexity, then the geometric style is the way to go.

While a lot of people go for a simple, delicate infinity symbol tattoo, a geometric will really stand out in a crowd.

Innovative Infinity Tattoo

Innovative Infinity Tattoo 1
Credit: @ryanbrayart
Innovative Infinity Tattoo 2
Credit: @maggie.ctattoos
Innovative Infinity Tattoo 3
Credit: @jennydella

Innovative tattoos are really off the wall, original, customized ideas. This means you can go bonkers, and incorporate any element you see fit. You might want to go with a black and white palette, or bright colors. Either way, you’ll likely come up with something nobody else in the world has!

To ensure you get a high quality innovative tattoo, find a tattoo artist you really like the work of and collaborate on your design before it’s set to ink.

Anchor Infinity Tattoo

Anchor Infinity Tattoo 1
Credit: @kokeshitattoo
Anchor Infinity Tattoo 2
Credit: @kokeshitattoo
Anchor Infinity Tattoo 3
Credit: @sheathomas_tattooist

Anchors are usually seen in old school sailor style tattoos, but they still appear in a lot of modern body art designs too. If you’re a fan of this throwback look, then why not add it to your infinity symbol tattoo. It can symbolize a constancy, which conceptually works well with infinity too.

Infinity Symbol Finger Tattoos

Infinity Symbol Finger Tattoos 1
Credit: @shananaginscreations
Infinity Symbol Finger Tattoos 2
Credit: @gargiiiiiiii
Infinity Symbol Finger Tattoos 3
Credit: @inked_makeup_studio

Finger tattoos are a great option if you want something small and dainty but still highly visible. The cool thing about infinity tattoos is that when wrapped around the finger they resemble rings. This means they go great with any rings or jewelry you’re wearing in the hand region.

While finger tattoos are ultra stylish, they are one of the areas of the body where ink fades fastest. This is because your fingers and hands are always exposed to the sun, and are used for carrying out daily tasks like washing the dishes. This can mean that your tattoo wears out pretty quickly. To keep it looking fresh, you’ll need to head back to the tattoo parlor to get it topped up fairly regularly.

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Infinity Symbol Paw Print Tattoos

Infinity Symbol Paw Print Tattoos 1
Credit: @tobysicks
Infinity Symbol Paw Print Tattoos 2
Credit: @meg_macabre_tattoo

Paw prints are adorable, and when printed in black ink, they look really cool on the skin. Lots of people like to get paw prints as part of their infinity tattoo design to commemorate their pet dog or cat.

Colored Infinity Symbol Tattoos

Colored Infinity Symbol Tattoos 1
Credit: @tattooist_namoo
Colored Infinity Symbol Tattoos 2
Credit: @ivangomes06

Traditionally, infinity symbols are tattooed in black and white. However, if you want to make yours look bolder and stand out more, then you might want to get it done in color. This might involve having parts of the line done in complementary colors, or getting the accompanying design feature in a bright red or green which will contrast perfectly with the black of the looped symbol.

Watercolors look beautiful on tattoos and can make a simple tattoo really special. However, watercolour tattoos tend to fade quite quickly so bear in mind that you might need to go in for regular top-ups to keep your tattoo looking tip top.

Matching Infinity Tattoos

Matching Infinity Tattoos 1
Credit: @tattoo_maafia_8427272702
Matching Infinity Tattoos 2
Credit: @blakeinktattoos
Matching Infinity Tattoos 3
Credit: @rikamortis
Matching Infinity Tattoos 4
Credit: @hellbabytattoo

When it comes to matching friend or sibling tattoos, many opt for the infinity symbol. This is because of the meaning behind the design. It represents eternity so is related to the loyalty and unconditional love we feel for friends and family. Of course, you could also get it with a romantic partner, in which case you might want to add your first names, or even a love heart.

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Contemporary Infinity Symbol Tattoos

Contemporary Infinity Symbol Tattoos 1
Credit: @diegokirotoki
Contemporary Infinity Symbol Tattoos 2
Credit: @kwantattoostation.hdy
Contemporary Infinity Symbol Tattoos 3
Credit: @_pavithra_12

If you really want something outside of the box which is utterly unique, then you’re in the market for an contemporary infinity tattoo. This will be something entirely original. If you want something against the grain, then do your research and find a tattoo artist that matches your style. You can then come to them with your own idea and collaborate together, or you can simply tell them that you want an infinity symbol tattoo but give them absolute freedom in their creation. This way, you’ll end up with something no-one else has, which is completely unique to you.

Celebrities with Infinity Tattoos

The infinity symbol tattoo is such a popular look that numerous celebrities have jumped on the trend too. Below we’ll take you through some stars that proudly bare their infinity ink so that you can feel inspired to get your own.

Jasmine Sanders

Jasmine Sanders Infinity Tattoo
Credit: @goldenbarbie

Model and influencer Jasmine Sanders has an infinity tattoo under her right arm above the flank. Hers is a thick ink line that stands out a mile and contrasts beautifully against her olive skin tone.

Daisy Lowe

Daisy Lowe Infinity Tattoo
Credit: @daisylowe

The British supermodel has a collection of tattoos to her name, and is a big fan of her infinity symbol tattoo on her finger. You can often see her showing it off in her Instagram posts.

Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale Infinity Tattoo 1
Credit: @ashleytisdale
Ashley Tisdale Infinity Tattoo 2
Credit: @ashleytisdale

The former Disney actress who appeared in the hugely popular High School Musical franchise can also be seen sporting an infinity tattoo. Hers is on her wrist, and goes perfectly with her other minimalist tattoos.

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart Infinity Tattoo
Credit: @Pinterest

The Twilight actress is known for her alternative style, and her tattoos are no different. Among several small and discreet tattoos you can find Kristen’s infinity symbol. Located on her lower palm, you can’t miss it when she raises her hand to wave.

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The infinity symbol will always be a powerful emblem of eternity used in all kinds of art, including tattoos. Whatever the motivation for getting this simple but eye-catching ink design, it will inevitably recall ideas of infinity, bonds, commitment, interconnection and continuity. If these things strike a chord with you, then you’re the ideal person to get an infinity tattoo.

Combined with other elements, such as feathers, hearts, words, and names, you can really make the infinity look your own. After all, it’s far more than just a figure of eight loop, it’s a profound symbol which you want to show off to the world in your own unique way.

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