Tap-Out Tattoo Session

What Is a Tap-Out Tattoo Session and Are You Up For The Challenge?

At one point in our lives, we all wanted to get a tattoo. Some of us did, and are still getting inked, while the rest are struggling with the issue of tattoo pain or simply don’t want to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a tattoo. Tough times call for tough decisions, right?

But, what if we told you that there is a way for you to get tattooed for a reasonable price, even lower than what you would pay regularly? You’d jump right in, just like anybody would. However, there’s a catch. The rule is to get as many tattoos done during a regular 8-hour shift at a tattoo shop. This is called a tap-out tattoo session. The question is; would you do it?

In the following paragraphs, we’ll explain what tap-out tattoo sessions really are, how they work, and what their pros and cons are. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Tap-Out Tattoo Sessions – Explained

What Is a Tap-Out Tattoo Session?

We don’t think there is a more popular offer a tattoo shop can come up with than a tap. tattoo session. But, if you’ve never heard of it, you’re probably wondering what it is. Now, tap-out sessions are special offers provided by tattoo shops and tattoo artists. The offer includes the opportunity for someone to get as many tattoos as possible within the time frame of a full 8-hour day.

Because tattoo artists usually work at an hourly rate, for this occasion, the hourly rate is lowered. Let’s say that a tattoo artist has an hourly rate of $150. That price would drop up to $50, which means you would pay $400 less than you normally would. Plus, for a regular day-long session you would pay the price for only one tattoo. This way, you’re getting more tattoos for the price of one, or even less.

The tap-out sessions start with providing the required deposit amount (usually around $100), and a lot of preparation. You should have at least a vague idea of the tattoo designs you’d like to get during the tap-out and go through them with the tattoo artists. Most often you’ll have to ditch the idea of getting bigger tattoo designs (since they require multiple tap-out sessions) and think of smaller design options.

Why Do People Do Tap-Out Sessions?

One of the reasonable questions we all have to ask ourselves is why do people really do this; why do tattoo artists do it (they’re clearly at a disadvantage here, both financially and work-wise), and why do people subject themselves to such a painful experience? It’s not called a tap-out session for no reason, right?

Well, there is a financial or cost advantage for the clients. When you think about it, they save tons of money doing tap-out sessions. Also, it is super convenient to get everything done in one day. Going back and forth isn’t really what any one of us wants to do with our days; so, to have everything done in one sitting is just perfect.

Now, why do tattoo artists make these kinds of offers? Well, this is a great way to promote one’s business. It attracts a whole new clientele and hopefully creates an opportunity to make long-term clients as well.

It is true that many doubt the quality of tattoos that get done during tap-out sessions. Some even believe that no reputable tattoo artist would do these sessions in the first place. They’re super tiring, exhausting, and don’t make much money. But, the truth is, there are pros and cons to everything, even these sessions. We’ll go through them in the following paragraphs and hopefully paint a picture of this experience so that you can make a decision for yourself; to take on the challenge or not.

Tap-Out Sessions Pros and Cons

Just like anything in life, these tap-out tattoo sessions have their pros and cons. To make a final decision you’re satisfied with (if you’re considering partaking in a tap-out session), we need to go through all of the advantages and disadvantages;


  • Saving money – this is probably the main reason people join these tap-out sessions in the first place. Saving money is a huge motivation to endure 8-hour-long tattoo sessions. Considering that you can save up to $500 (depending on the tattoo artist’s hourly rate), no wonder people are hurrying to get their tap-out session appointments.
  • Several tattoos in one day – alongside the cost-effective nature of the tap-out sessions, there is also the convenience of getting several (smaller) tattoos done in only one day. During the 8-hour-long session, the tattoo artist will try to get as many tattoos done as possible. The tattoos are usually organized all over the body, so you have to be ready for different pain levels and unusual body tattoo placements.
  • Half tap-out sessions – in case an 8-hour long tattoo session is too much for you, you can always opt for a half tap-out session. It lasts up to 4 hours and can be priced at $500 (with a lowered hourly rate, usually up to $25). This is a slightly pricier option, but still, a cost-effective opportunity that won’t take up your entire day.


  • Pain levels – even the most experienced tattoo havers will think twice about getting several tattoos done in one day. The reason for this is the pain level you would have to endure. Sure, some tattoos don’t hurt as much, but the more your body is exposed to the constant irritation and pain, to more sensitive to the ‘future’ pain it will be. So, the pain sensation increases as hours pass by.
  • Tattoo aftercare complication – taking care of one tattoo is difficult, let alone more of them at the same time. Simultaneous tattoo aftercare can increase the risk of complications like tattoo infection, irritation, inflammation, etc. This can pose a big risk to your health, especially if this is your first time getting tattooed.

Needless to say that you’ll feel exhausted and limited in your daily life because you’re taking care of several tattoos at once. Regular stuff, like taking showers, or simply going outside will be difficult until all of the tattoos heal, which can take up to two months.

  • Lower tattoo quality – when talking about tap-out tattoo sessions, it is important to understand that more can sometimes be less. With the pressure to do as many tattoos as possible, tattoo artists opt for simple, lower-quality designs.

There is also the notion of making mistakes that can cause design issues or even tattoo blowouts. If you’re looking for quality over quantity, then skip the tap-out sessions and opt for a regular tattooing session. Sure, it costs more, but at least you’ll get a tattoo that you’ll wear proudly, not hide whenever possible.

Should I Try The Tap-Out Tattoo Session?

Now that you know a little bit about these tap-out tattoo sessions, it may be easier for you to make a final decision. Considering the pros and cons, we can understand if you’re feeling a bit torn between going for it and giving up this idea.

Here’s the deal; if this is your first time getting a tattoo, then a tap-out session won’t be a good experience. This isn’t the proper way to be introduced to tattoos, since the risk of you not liking the end products and dealing with the tattoo aftercare can be too high. However, if you’re experienced when it comes to tattoos, and you understand your own pain levels and discomfort tolerance, then go for it. Why not?

Nevertheless, when it comes to tattoos, something that is permanently placed on your body, you should really give it a deeper thought than this. Tattoos are there for a lifetime, so they should at least be meaningful and definitely a better experience than an 8-hour-long tattoo party on your body. Saving money is the biggest temptation of this offer, but it shouldn’t be the main reason you’re considering tap-out tattoos.

The best way to approach this is to think about what you want, talk to your tattoo artist and go through all of the options that will be good for you.  If in the end you still feel like a tap-out session is the best solution for your situation, then all we can say is good luck, and may you enjoy it!

Final Thoughts

The idea of getting as many tattoos done as possible within one day’s worth of studio hours is truly tempting. It is a great opportunity to get this tattooing idea out of the way in one day. The money-saving opportunity and the convenience of the experience simply make it hard to say no.

Hopefully, we’ve provided you with all the information you need, especially if this is your first time thinking about getting tattooed. Keep in mind that this experience has specific pros and cons, so make sure to go through all of the info and do your research about tap-out sessions. Talk to your local tattoo artists or reach out to people who have already done this. Either way, we wish you good luck and happy tattooing!

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