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The Best Tattoo Chairs For Tattoo Artists and Clients (2024 Updated)

Getting tattooed is exciting, for sure. However, it can also be rather exhausting for both the client and the tattoo artist. For a tattoo to be complete, it can take up to several hours of constant tattooing, which means the furniture at the tattoo shops needs to be high-quality and comfortable.

If you’re an owner of a tattoo shop, you know what we’re talking about. Cheap furniture can tire you out much faster and it can cause serious back, arm, and leg pain. Good furniture is comfortable, conforms to the body, and is easily adjustable.

So, if you’re looking to upgrade the chairs and furniture in your tattoo shop, look no further. We’ve got you covered! In the following paragraphs, we’ll take a look at our top recommendations for client and tattoo artist chairs. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

4 Best Tattoo Chairs For Clients

1. InkBed Tattoo Bed Package (Chair, Bed, Work Tray, and Arm Bar) – Best Overall

InkBed Tattoo Bed Package (Chair, Bed, Work Tray, and Arm Bar)
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Product Highlights

  • The package includes a bed for the client and a chair for the tattooist
  • Furniture had steel base construction
  • The arms are removable and adjustable
  • The pillow is removable
  • The headrest is extendable for taller clients (extends up to 6”)
  • The furniture is made from high-density comfort foam (4” thick foam)

The tattoo community is always excited by the InkBed products. Tattoo artists using this furniture set are amazed by the quality and how easily adjustable every single part of the set is.

The comfort of the chair and the bed are outstanding; it allows the artist to work for hours, and the client can spend hours in a particular position without causing pain and discomfort. The pillow and the arms are removable and adjustable, and the set comes with a mobile work tray and armbar as well.

For the amount of furniture one receives, we have to mention that the price of the InkBed set is exceptional. With InkBed, you’re getting the quality and the value.

2. InkBed Patented Adjustable Ergonomic Chair – Best Ergonomic

InkBed Patented Adjustable Ergonomic Chair
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Product Highlights

  • The chair is ergonomic and adjustable
  • The chair can be adjusted to 15 different angles
  • The armrest can be raised or lower up to 3”
  • The chair features an extra-wide sear
  • The construction of the chair is heavy duty
  • The chair can support up to 300lbs
  • The backrest is extendable and removable
  • The back and chest rest can be locked at any desired angle

As a tattoo artist, you want your client to have the best possible experience at your shop. That can be easily achieved with this ultimate tattoo chair, again from InkBed. This chair allows you to adjust it at any angle you want. It features a back and chest rest, which ensures the clients can lie or lean forwards for hours without being uncomfortable or in pain.

The chair is adjustable and ergonomic. It is super supportive and provides support up to 300lbs. There are also removable headrest and armrests. The whole chair is padded with thick, comfortable foam as well.

The whole chair is also water-resistant which makes it perfect for messy tattooing sessions. Everything can be easily cleaned with a simple wipe.

3. SKINACT Malibu Electric Medical Table Chair – Best High End

SKINACT Malibu Electric Medical Table Chair 
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Product Highlights

  • The chair is high-end
  • The chair has four-motor electric adjustments
  • Every part of the chair is adjustable; the backrest, legs, arms
  • The legs and the headrest is adjustable and extendable
  • The armrest is removable as well
  • Hand remote control is included with the chair
  • The chair is made from super-fiber PU upholstery

If you’re looking to provide your clients with the best possible tattoo experience, then you should check out this SKINACT Malibu electric table chair. This is a high-end product, which means that the price is also high-end. However, with this chair, you’ll get your money’s worth guaranteed.

The chair is completely adjustable and extendable to fit every single client and the required tattooing position. It can rotate and adjust to numerous angles. The footrest and the headrest can both extend between 3” and 5” as well.

This chair is the perfect blend of the traditional tattooing furniture and a modern twist of the cosmetic-intended furniture. The chair has a medical appearance and is visibly high-end and high-quality.

4. Artist Hand Massage Adjustable Table – Best Budget Friendly

Artist Hand Massage Adjustable Table
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Product Highlights

  • The chair is incredibly strong and durable
  • The table can support up to 375lbs
  • Everything on the chair is adjustable
  • The chair/table can be reclined from 90°to 180°
  • The footrest can be reclined from 45°to 180°
  • The armrest can be raised or lowered
  • The headrest pillow can be pulled out
  • The product features a free rolling stool as well

If you’re not keen on spending thousands of dollars on high-end tattoo chairs, beds, and tables, we’ve got you covered.

The Artist Hand adjustable table can be installed and adjusted into a table/bed or a chair in a split of a second. The item features extendable parts and provides solid support up to 375 lbs. It is made from high-quality PVC leather and features a high-density sponge for the utmost comfortable tattooing experience.

And, you get all of this for an incredibly affordable price. Did we mention that you get a free rolling stool with the table as well? Well, yes, you get two products for the price of one. This is a great, budget-friendly table/chair that will ensure every one of your clients has an exceptional tattooing experience.

3 Best Chairs for Tattoo Artists

1. Antlu Ergonomic Saddle Stool Chair – Amazon Best Seller

Antlu Ergonomic Saddle Stool Chair
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Product Highlights

  • The chair has a unique, ergonomic design
  • It is a non-tilting chair that has a fixed positioning
  • The saddle is extra comfortable and reduces spine and back pressure
  • The chair has a rotating concept and wheels
  • The height is adjustable and it is taller than regular stools
  • The chair can be assembled in 5 minutes

The Antlu chair is made for every single workplace where one has to sit down and move a lot while on the chair. It has a perfect design that is focused on ensuring comfort and support for hours. So, tattoo artists can sit and work while having their back, spine, and leg supported and pain-free, even during the most labour- and time-intense sessions.

The chair is non-tilting, which means that the backrest remains in one position. This ensures a proper posture and sitting position. It also means you’ll get to relax during the tattooing session, without an extra strain or instability.

The Antlu chair is currently the Amazon best seller and has the best customer reviews. It is also fairly affordable while providing high-quality and value at the same time. It is recommended by professional tattooists, so you know this chair is golden.

2. Duhome Adjustable Medical Tattoo Stool

Duhome Adjustable Medical Tattoo Stool
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Product Highlights

  • The chair has a simplistic design
  • The seat is comfortable and padded
  • The chair has a full 360-degree rotation
  • The height of the chair is adjustable
  • The construction is durable and supports up to 245lbs
  • The price is very affordable

The Duhome chair seems to a pretty standard one at first. However, this chair is not only built to look good but also to last you for years to come. It has a super solid construction and provides support up to 245lbs. It can fully rotate and has 5 wheels, which allows you to move around without actually standing up. This is essential during every tattooing process.

Truth be told, the chair does have a rather simplistic design. However, it is also very sleek and clean in appearance, which can be suitable for the majority of tattoo shops. It will also very easily fit in with the other tattoo furniture.

The chair has an excellent price as well, which is perfect for those looking for quality items but have a tighter budget.

3. InkBed ErgoStrad Ergonomic Technician Stool

InkBed ErgoStrad Ergonomic Technician Stool
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Product Highlights

  • The chair was designed with the input of tattoo artists
  • The height is adjustable
  • The stool is extra comfortable and broad
  • The overall construction is super stable and supports up to 300lbs
  • The backrest is curved for better lumbar support
  • The seat and backrest are padded with 3” memory foam
  • The backrest has a sliding range of 5”

Another exceptional product from InkBed is their InkStool; a chair intended for professional tattoo artists. This chair was designed using the consultation and insight of professional tattoo artists. These people provided insight into what they require from a good chair, and how the chair should behave during their work.

As a result, we have this exceptional chair; it is completely ergonomic and adjustable. The chair is so stable that it easily supports up to 300lbs. The whole backrest area is curved and adjusted to provide proper lumbar support and backrest when needed.

Overall, this might be the best chair for tattoo artists; it is completely designed to fit every tattooist’s needs and ensure they are comfortable and stable during hours of work.

How To Choose the Best Tattoo Chair/Table/Bed?

How To Choose the Best Tattoo Chair
Credit: Saved Tattoo

Well, in order to choose the best furniture for your tattoo shop, there are a few things you need to take into consideration. For example;

  • The space in the tattoo shop – tattoo chairs/tables requires a lot of space. The majority of client-intended chairs feature larger head- and footrest, as well as extendable parts. The standard tattoo chair/bed dimensions include 74x34x31, more or less.

And, you also need to include your chair and additional trays and tables required for the equipment. So, depending on how much space you have in the shop, you will choose either a smaller or a bigger chair.

  • The available budget – tattooing chairs are generally pretty expensive, especially the ones that are client-intended. The rolling stools for the tattooists tend to be cheaper. Nevertheless, you need to take into consideration the available budget for the furniture. For a high-end tattooing chair you can spend thousands of dollars, so bear that in mind.
  • The required comfort – you might want to think about your own and the comfort of your client during hours-long tattooing sessions. The chairs need to have a proper backrest, adjustable head- and footrest, and adjustable height and tilt. Without these features, the chairs will be incredibly uncomfortable, both for you and your customers.
  • The upholstery of the furniture – because you’re working with ink, you will need upholstered, leather, and water-proof furniture. Make sure to check whether the furniture is upholstered with adequate materials (that are easy to clean and to sanitize). The furniture should also be padded for proper comfort during sitting or lying.

What Type Of Tattooing Chair Should You Go For?

work in the tattoo studio
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Now, let’s say that all of the aforementioned criteria are met; you’ve got the budget, the space, and a general idea of the type of chair you’ll buy. But, one thing is missing; what type of tattooing chair should you buy? Let’s take a look at the best options, as recommended by the best tattooists;

  • Electric tattooing chair – this type of tattooing chair is for those with a higher budget. Such chairs are significantly more expensive, and they’re generally high-end items.

However, they’re perfect if you have a diverse clientele, or you do body art on disabled clients as well. Electric chairs will make everyone comfortable, even if the tattooing sessions last for hours. They’re adjustable, extendable and no one has to experience a hard time climbing onto the chair.

  • Massage tables or beds – it is no secret that many tattooists purchase tables or beds intended for massaging. These tables are pretty useful; they’re easily adjustable and can be extremely comfortable for both, the tattooist and the client. Massage tables are excellent for those who are just starting out in the tattooing world.
  • Hydraulic/manual chairs – these chairs are made for those with a lower budget, but still want a high-quality chair for themselves and the clients. These chairs are similar to the electric ones, apart from the fact that they don’t require power to work. However, these chairs need to be either manually adjusted or by using the hydraulic system. This can take some time and might not be for those who are easily distracted and don’t want extra chair work to interfere during tattooing.

Final Thoughts

We hope that our selection of chairs was helpful! We made sure to look into and review the best products that will fit everybody’s budget and meet the needs and requirements of a professional tattoo shop. However, it is not only enough to have good furniture; a good and professional tattoo shop is always clean, sterilized, and has the proper equipment, alongside good tattoo artists of course.

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