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40+ Best Aquarius Tattoo Designs and The Symbolism Behind Them

If you are born somewhere between January 21 and February 19, that makes you an Aquarius. That means that you are a visionary person who is original, intelligent, and not afraid to take risks when making decisions.

However, when it comes to getting a tattoo, giving yourself one that symbolizes the Aquarius sign is a natural move to make. But with so many models from which to choose, how can you pick the one that will represent you completely?

Luckily for you, this article will teach you everything there is to know about Aquarius tattoos. You will learn about the most trendy ones. Furthermore, you will understand their meanings. So, let’s start!

The Message Behind an Aquarius Tattoo

The Message Behind an Aquarius Tattoo
Credit: @rocio_todisco

So if you take a look at native Aquarius people, you will see many very common traits. For example, a person who was born under this sign will show progressive thinking, compassion, and a very good sense of justice.

More so, they are very intelligent, and that gives them a sense of originality. An Aquarius native person will not be afraid to think for themselves.

Last but not least, they have a very strong artistic sense, and they love expressing themselves throughout many forms but especially through painting.

All these traits can be very easily seen in the tattoo models an Aquarius native will choose. Thus, whenever you see a beautiful Aquarius tattoo on a person, remember that you are talking to a strong will person who can also be very cold and condescending if found in a bad mood.

Body Areas Suited for Getting an Aquarius Tattoo

You can basically get an Aquarius sign tattooed on almost any part of your body. However, where you decide to place it will tell a story about you. So, let’s take each body part at a time and understand the meaning of getting an inked design there.

Your Arms

Aquarius Tattoo on arms 1
Credit: Instagram

Arms are probably the most frequently used body part to getting a tattoo on. So, choosing this body part as the canvas for your Aquarius tattoo is only natural.

Your arm allows you to go wild with the imagination and gives you the possibility to choose the future tattoo size any way you want.

However, the bigger the tattoo, the more likely the person wearing it doesn’t care about society’s rules or what people think about them.

On the other hand, if the arm tattoo is small and can very easily be hidden by a T-shirt, then most probably the inked design owner wishes to work in a typical work environment where they might be the subject of misinterpretations.

Your Forearms

Aquarius Tattoo on Forearms 1
Credit: Instagram

Moving a little lower down, tattooing an Aquarius sign on the forearm lets people know that you are strong and not made out of ice. If the tattoo is colorful or cartoonish, it could mean you have a tough carcass but an emotional inside.

Your wrists

Aquarius Tattoo on wrists 1
Credit: Instagram

People who get a small tattoo on their wrists are usually people who are afraid of what the world would say about their choices. They want to stand out and be different but are too scared of taking big risks.

A small Aquarius tattoo on the wrist is just that.

Your Neck

Aquarius Tattoo on neck 1
Credit: Instagram

The neck is a very visible area of your body. Getting a tattoo there, especially in the font size, means that you are not afraid to show people your true self. You will signalize that you like drawing attention to yourself.

On the other hand, the neck’s nape is a very trendy place picked mostly by girls and young women who wish to control who they see their true face and who doesn’t.

Furthermore, the neck is a painful area to get a tattoo. This is another aspect that will let people know that you are not afraid.

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Your Feet or Ankle

Aquarius Tattoo on feet or Ankle 1
Credit: Instagram

A foot or an ankle tattoo is a very contradictory place to choose for your tattoo. It can either mean that you love your feet and want to share their beauty with the world, or it can represent a sign of mystery since that area of the body is not always an exposed one.

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Your Chest

Aquarius Tattoo on Chest 1
Credit: Instagram

Drawing a tattoo on your chest is a very intimate gesture. It symbolizes love and caring, especially when it comes to women. A woman will always choose a symbol very close to her heart to be tattooed, well, so close to her heart.

However, men might be more shallow and could use the tattoo as a reason for showing off their pecs.

Your Ribs

Aquarius Tattoo Rib
Credit: Instagram

Getting a tattoo on your ribcage is kind of painful. However, young women with killer bodies tend not to be afraid of getting one there.

Having an Aquarius sign on your ribcage will let people know that you love your body and you are confident of how you look.

Your Hand and Fingers

Aquarius Tattoo Hand and Fingers 1
Credit: Instagram

Getting a tattoo on your hand and fingers is not a very common practice. The person tattooing his finger is a rebel who is not afraid of how the tattoo might look when going to an interview or in his everyday life.

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Your Back

Aquarius Tattoo Back 1
Credit: Instagram

There are very few things more sensual than a girl with a tattoo on her lower back. A small Aquarius sign inked there shows that the owner is not afraid to show her sensual and feminine side.

On the other hand, getting a tattoo on their back is a sign of strength for men. A man with a tattoo on his back loves his body, and he knows that the only way he can show his acquisition is by getting rid of his shirt.

Most Frequently Used Designs and Their Meanings

Let’s take a minute to understand the significance of some of the most famous Aquarius tattoos artists are designing.

Aquarius Tattoo Frequently Used Designs and Their Meanings 1
Credit: Instagram

Aquarius Constellation and/or Symbol Tattoo

Getting a tattoo with either an Aquarius constellation or an Aquarius symbol is a discrete and beautiful way to honor the delicate Aquarius. It can very well be turned into a small design that can fit on any body part you might wish to use as a canvas.

Furthermore, it can be combined with other elements such as flowers or snowflakes to create beautiful and unique tattoo models.

If you choose this kind of tattoo, you are probably a normal and caring person who doesn’t like to stand out for how they look but who they are, all the while embracing their inner side.

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Aquarius Goddess

Aquarius is known to be the water beaver, and it is very often presented as a beautiful Greek goddess. That’s no wonder since people born under this star are represented by the mighty goddess, Athena. [1]

Getting a tattoo with an interpretation of this goddess is a sign of beautiful divinization.

Aquarius keeps moving on, carrying other’s emotions. By offering her a majestic picture using your skin as a canvas, you let people know how much you respect the Aquarius sign and that you are a worthy person to be born under this particular astrological sign.

Aquarius and Another Zodiac Sign Tattoos

Mixing two zodiac signs in a tattoo sends a very powerful message. It can mean that you have inked your primary zodiac sign and your ascendant one. Or, it can mean that you have a person so important to you that combining your two signs is the most natural thing you can make.

Yet, you should consider very carefully who you offer this honor to as you might regret it in the future.

Poseidon Tattoos

Even though most people think of Aquarius as being a beautiful goddess, there are also interpretations of more manly approaches.

Poseidon was a fearful God who loved to express his rough masculinity around females. Therefore, it is no wonder why so many men choose him as the interpretation of their version of Aquarius. [2]

Geometric, Cosmic or Mysterious Tattoos

Geometry is a sign of intelligence even though some people might think that behind geometry tattoos is nothing else than pure randomness.

However, that is totally false. Ever since ancient times, geometry forms were used for spiritual and religious purposes. [3] This statement is a fact regardless of the ancient people we are referring to.

Mermaid-Aquarius Tattoos

The mermaid is the perfect interpretation of the connection between humans and the sea world. It symbolizes everything from the concept of nature to the symbol of seduction.

Since Aquarius is a sign so close to the water and is also considered a beauty, there is no wonder that so many people like to mix the two concepts.

Now, as for the meaning behind these decisions, we can highlight the possibility of the owner of such a tattoo being a mix of deadly beauty and emphatic features. [4]

Colorful Designed Tattoos

In general, getting a colorful tattoo enhances your inner child traits. It shows the world that you are not afraid to make the child in you happy with each opportunity.

Aquarius Tattoo Ideas and Who Should Wear Them

I am sure that if you are a native Aquarius, you probably already have a very original idea of how you wish your tattoo to be. However, I have selected some of the most trendy models so you can have an even broader source of inspiration.

Furthermore, I will talk about the meaning behind each one. This way, you make sure that you don’t send the wrong message.

1. Aquarius Goddess Tattoos

Aquarius Goddess Tattoos 1
Credit: Instagram
Aquarius Goddess Tattoos 2
Credit: Instagram
Aquarius Goddess Tattoos 3
Credit: Instagram

Personal opinion: I think that this tattoo model is the most beautiful when it comes with bright colors. Furthermore, I do love to see a tattoo with the Aquarius Goddess as a sleeve model.

2. Aquarius and Another Zodiac Sign Tattoos

Aquarius and Another Zodiac Sign Tattoos 1
Credit: Instagram
Aquarius and Another Zodiac Sign Tattoos 2
Credit: Instagram

Personal opinion: I do think that this tattoo model is perfect for parents who wish to combine their personal signs with the ones of their children.

3. Aquarius Constellation Tattoos

Aquarius Constellation Tattoos 1
Credit: Instagram
Aquarius Constellation Tattoos 2
Credit: Instagram
Aquarius Constellation Tattoos 3
Credit: Instagram

Personal opinion: Getting an Aquarius constellation tattoo fits any kind of person as it can be made in both a discrete and a more flashy way.

4. Aquarius Symbol Tattoos

Aquarius Symbol Tattoos 1
Credit: Instagram
Aquarius Symbol Tattoos 2
Credit: Instagram
Aquarius Symbol Tattoos 3
Credit: Instagram

Personal opinion: Here are some nice models of Aquarius symbol tattoos. Personally, I like them as a stand-alone model, but you can combine it with other water-related themes.

5. Manly Aquarius Interpretations Tattoos

Manly Aquarius Interpretations Tattoos 1
Credit: Instagram
Manly Aquarius Interpretations Tattoos 2
Credit: Instagram
Manly Aquarius Interpretations Tattoos 3
Credit: Instagram

Personal opinion: I believe that this manly approach suits men with a strong character and will.

6. Geometric Aquarius Interpretations Tattoos

Geometric Aquarius Interpretations Tattoos 1
Credit: Instagram
Geometric Aquarius Interpretations Tattoos 2
Credit: Instagram

Personal opinion: I think that these tattoos are perfect for a spiritual person who also has scientific inclinations of all sorts.

7. Mermaid Aquarius Tattoos

Mermaid Aquarius Tattoos 1
Credit: Instagram
Mermaid Aquarius Tattoos 2
Credit: Instagram

Personal opinion: I do believe that a mermaid is most suited to be worn by a female representative. However, if a man wants to get a mermaid tattoo, I suggest getting one with lots of personality.

8. Mysterious Aquarius Tattoos

Mysterious Aquarius Tattoos 1
Credit: Instagram
Mysterious Aquarius Tattoos 2
Credit: Instagram
Mysterious Aquarius Tattoos 3
Credit: Instagram

Personal opinion: This kind of design works best on a person who believes in karma and in destiny, and who doesn’t want to upset it as you believe it will return back to you.

9. Colorful Aquarius Tattoos

Colorful Aquarius Tattoos 2
Credit: Instagram
Colorful Aquarius Tattoos 3
Credit: Instagram

Personal opinion: Even though these kinds of tattoos are most frequent in women’s cases, there are also many men who don’t have a problem adding some colors to their designs. Because in the end, being too serious is in no one’s interest

10. Aquarius Connected with the Solar System Tattoos

Aquarius Connected with the Solar System Tattoos 1
Credit: Instagram
Aquarius Connected with the Solar System Tattoos 2
Credit: Instagram
Aquarius Connected with the Solar System Tattoos 3
Credit: Instagram

Personal opinion: I think that these tattoos are perfect for people who believe that all things are interconnected in this world and therefore there is nothing more normal than combining the notion of water with aspects such as the sun and moon.

Aquarius Tattoo: More FAQ

Do you still have questions before choosing an Aquarius tattoo for you? Below, I have selected and answered the most frequently asked questions. Why not give them a look and see if maybe you can find the answers you are searching for.

Q: Is there a lucky tattoo for Aquarius that I should get?

A: Aquarius is the representation of love and kindness. If you are born under this sign, you are most likely a humanitarian who wishes to leave this world a better place. Native designs with the Aquarius sign and the universe will most certainly keep you on the lucky side.

You let people know that you embrace the notion of the mandala, and you attract good vibes.

Q: Aquarius is considered to be the water bearer. Why is that?

A: To answer this question, you first need to understand that, in this case, the water is metaphoric. It symbolizes the emotions of other people. So, Aquarius natives are known to be able to carry emotions without being influenced by them.

Therefore, in order to reach a great amount of understanding, Aquarius has to carry the emotions all the way to the end, making her the bearer. And since, in this case, emotions are the equivalent of water, Aquarius is the water bearer.

Q: Do the shapes around the Aquarius tattoos mean anything?

A: It very much depends on the shapes. However, if they are geometric ones, they are more likely to be tied to ancient times. More precisely, to the religious and spiritual parts of ancient times.

Geometric shapes usually symbolize intelligence and balance, but they can also mean mystery and spirituality.

Q: Are there some body parts that are more attractive than others when it comes to tattoos?

A: This is a matter of personal preference. However, it is a fact that women find that tattoos are more appealing on a man’s arm than his back. On the other hand, men tend to appreciate women who have tattoos on their shoulders, upper back, or hips.

Q: Is Aquarius connected to a specific part of the body?

A: Yes. Aquarius has deep connections with your circulatory system but also with your ankles and your calves.

In conclusion

As you can see, being born under the sign of Aquarius is a powerful thing. Getting a tattoo in the sign’s honor means a lot and can symbolize different things depending on the model you choose or the part of your body you decide to get tattooed on.

Therefore, you should think long and hard about all the discussed aspects before making an appointment with your tattoo artist. The last thing you want is to make a bad decision which you’ll regret later.

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