Can I Use Dial Soap to Clean My Tattoo

Can I Use Dial Soap to Clean My Tattoo?

Keeping your new tattoo nice and clean is probably one of the most important things you have to do during tattoo aftercare. Until the tattoo is fully healed, you’re required to wash it and moisturize it up to two times per day. It is recommended to wash the tattoo once in the morning and once in the evening using antibacterial soap and lukewarm water.

And here we are. You’re looking for that antibacterial soap to buy but don’t know which one to choose. People seem to be recommending Dial soap everywhere we look, so we might as well explore this option and present you with alternatives if this one doesn’t work out for you. Therefore, without further ado, let’s check out whether Dial soap is up to our standards, so you can get your tattoo cleaned as soon as possible!

Dial Soap On a New Tattoo – Yay or Nay?

Dial Soap – What Is It?

Dial is an American soap and body wash brand, established and marketed in 1948. It is manufactured by Henkel North America. The Dial antibacterial soap was the first one to ever be introduced to the market, and to this day it is one of the most popular antibacterial soap brands in the North America region.

The soap was developed by a chemist a meat-packing company, Armour and Company. It was named Dial because the company producing it proposed ’round-the-clock’ protection against odor caused by perspiration (because the soap was initially introduced as a deodorant soap).

Dial used to contain ingredients like hexachlorophene and tallow (rendered form of beef fat), but because the FDA deems the former active ingredient harmful to infants, they ordered Armour-Dial to replace it. The company did so, replacing hexachlorophene with triclocarban, which was supposed to be a safe, synthetic antibacterial compound/ingredient.

However, in 2016, the FDA ruled that soaps containing triclocarban can no longer be marketed and sold. Finally, the company once again changed ingredients, now replacing triclocarban with benzalkonium chloride (for bar soaps), and benzethonium chloride (for liquid hand soap). These ingredients are actually organic/ammonium salts which are odorless and have antiseptic antibacterial, and anti-infective properties, perfect for creating antibacterial soaps.

So, Can I Use Dial Soap on My New Tattoo?

Deciding which product to use to clean your new tattoo can be rather frustrating. All of the soap and body wash companies claim their products to be high-quality, gentle on the skin but highly efficient. Is that the case with Dial?

So far, no one has complained about Dial soaps, including tattoo artists, who are super experienced when it comes to everything tattoo, including soaps and body washes for tattoos. Even for them, Dial soap is a bathroom staple, something everybody has or should have in their home. As such, Dial soap is believed to be super effective, especially when it comes to keeping your skin free of infections, which is of utmost importance for a new tattoo.

Therefore, our definitive answer to the age-long question is; yes, you can use Dial soap to clean your tattoo. But, you need to be rather careful when you choose to use soap to wash the tattoo.

Fresh tattoos should be washed super gently, with minimum soap. They should not be put directly under a stream of water and should be thoroughly dried down so the tattoo can continue to dry down, close, and heal. A fresh tattoo should be washed in case of excess blood and ink. Regular tattoo cleaning can only commence once the tattoo has dried down and closed; 24 to 48 hours after getting the tattoo.

Then, use your Dial antibacterial soap and lukewarm water to gently wash the tattoo, once in the morning and once in the evening; no more than two times per day. Once the tattoo is washed, use gentle lotion/ointment to moisturize the tattoo, using the thinnest layer possible of the product.

Which Dial Product is The Best For Tattoo Aftercare?

Here are our top recommendations for Dial soaps; these are the best choices for keeping your tattoo nice and clean;

Dial Liquid Hand Soap

There is no tattoo artist that won’t recommend Dail soap for tattoo aftercare. It is not only a staple for every single American household, but it is a staple when it comes to tattoo aftercare and cleaning.

The soap is super inexpensive and it does the job. It will clean your tattoo gently, without causing irritation or inflammation. Moreover, it will keep it free of infection (so long you take good care of the tattoo as well), and it will not dry it out.

Now, we need to point out that this soap is not fragrance-free. So, if you’re dealing with super sensitive skin (on top of the skin being sensitive from the tattoo as well), you might experience slight irritation. In that case, we do not recommend you use this particular product. Instead, keep on reading for an unscented product recommendation.

Dial Complete Clean Foaming Hand Wash

If you’re dealing with highly sensitive skin, using the regular Dial Liquid Soap might not be a good idea, because of the fragrances and such. However, Dial has come up with an unscented hand wash you can use to clean up your tattoo.

The soap is super gentle, and it is completely free from fragrance, paraben, silicones, dyes, and phthalates; basically, it doesn’t contain ingredients that might cause irritation to even the most sensitive skin out there. It is hypoallergenic as well, and of course, dermatologically tested. The soap is made from naturally-derived ingredients, under the global ISO standard.

And, of course, the soap is guaranteed to get rid of 99.99% of bacteria, so you know your tattoo is not only clean but also safe when washed with this soap. Make sure to check it out, especially if your skin is sensitive.

Dial White Antibacterial Soap

Now, this is a classic Dial antibacterial bar soap we all know and love. It is an excellent, inexpensive tattoo aftercare option we highly recommend. The soap is creamy and thick, providing a smooth lather without drying out the skin or causing irritation. Despite the soap being moisturizing, we still recommend lotion/ointment use after soap use just to ensure the tattoo is getting enough hydration.

The Dial bar soap is not fragrance-free, so if you’re someone with highly sensitive skin, we recommend you go with the Dial Complete hand wash instead. However, if you’re someone who doesn’t mind the fragrance, you will simply love the gentle, pleasant smell of the soap; it simply smells clean and comforting.

Note: Dial products are regularly sold out on Amazon and similar platforms, so make sure to purchase them as soon as they’re available or back in stock!

Final Thoughts

And, that’s it! Now you know all about Dial soap and its usefulness in regard to tattoo aftercare. It can be hard to find the right products sometimes, especially when it comes to such a tricky and sensitive purpose, like taking care of a brand new tattoo. We all need to be super careful about the products we apply to our skin, especially when dealing with, what is basically an open wound. Hopefully, the accessibility and inexpensiveness of Dial soap will make the aftercare journey easier for you, so make sure to order your soaps as soon as possible; they’re often sold out so grab them while you can!

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