Is A&D Ointment Good For Tattoo Aftercare

Is A&D Ointment Good For Tattoo Aftercare? – Let’s Find Out!

It is not unusual to come across different reviews of the same product; in the online environment, people from all over the world share their experiences, which can vary depending on various factors. However, for a product to be deemed good, the majority needs to have a genuinely good experience with the product. But, what happens when almost every single review contradicts the previous one, and you’re left thinking; okay, is it good or is it bad?

This is especially tricky when discussing skin care products; especially when the skin you’re trying to take care of is freshly tattooed. Recently, one of our writers concluded that A&D ointment reviews are pretty contradictory when compared to customer reviews and official reviews done by online magazine agencies and writers. So, we’ve decided to see for ourselves and once and for all answer the age-old question for our readers; is A&D good for tattoo aftercare or not? Without further ado, let’s get right into it!

A&D Ointment and Tattoo Aftercare

What Is A&D Ointment?

A&D is a topical ointment produced by the pharmaceutical company Bayer. It is used as a skin protectant in cases of diaper rash, dry or chafed skin, as well as minor cuts and burns. As of recently, the ointment is officially recommended as a part of the A&D tattoo aftercare recommendations. It is believed that the A&D name of the ointment stands for the vitamins A and D, which are supposedly the main ingredients of the ointment (and other products).

Speaking of ingredients, potential users can visit the A&D website and download a PDF file in which they can see a list of the ointment ingredients. You don’t have to do that because we have the list right here; water, lanolin, mineral oil, petrolatum, panthenol, sweet almond oil, beeswax, cetyl alcohol, lanolin alcohol, glyceryl oleate, etc.

As you can see, there are no vitamins A and D in the ingredients list, so the assumptions about the origin of the product name must be wrong. Even at the bottom of the PDF file, you can read that the product does NOT contain vitamins A or D.

Nevertheless, the ingredient list looks promising; the emollient ingredients, like the mineral oils, should definitely provide hydration and soothe the skin, as promised by A&D. Surely enough, the ingredient list also indicates that this product does NOT have antibacterial properties, which is a shame because it is meant to be used to help heal minor cuts and burns, or wounded skin.

In the case of a healing tattoo, antibacterial properties are super important, because the healing skin can be the perfect ground for bacteria growth. However, by cleaning the skin regularly, and by taking good care of it, bacterial growth can be easily prevented and avoided.

Is A&D Safe For (Tattooed) Skin Use?

What we mean by ‘safe’ here is safety regarding using on the skin and experiencing irritation and allergic reaction. The product does contain emollient ingredients which rarely cause irritation and allergic reactions, but it can be possible. Moreover, lanolin is a natural oil that comes from sheep’s wool.

As such, the product can pose a risk to those who are generally allergic to wool. We do have to point out that this product contains beeswax. Now, whether it is purified or not, we don’t know; but, if you know that you’re generally allergic to beeswax (unpurified beeswax often causes irritations), then you should stay away from this product.

When it comes to using A&D ointment on a tattoo, the aforementioned information applies either way. However, what you need to keep in mind is that the A&D company itself has put out a warning in its own PDF product information label that the ointment should only be applied on post-healed tattooed skin.

So, what does this mean?

Well, this means that you should not use this product on a currently healing tattoo. You can only apply it on a fully healed tattoo. So, if you’re looking for a product to use for hydration and moisturizing for the aftercare routine, then you should definitely look for something else; A&D ointment is more of post-healing skin care only.

So, Is A&D Ointment Good For Tattoo Aftercare?

According to our research and gathered information, we would definitely conclude that you should NOT use A&D ointment on a tattoo that is in the process of healing. It is not meant to be used for that purpose, which is even stated by the product producer. You should never use A&D ointment if any of the ingredients may cause irritation or allergic reaction on your skin. If you’re allergic to wool, steer away from this product as well.

You should only use this product to take care of your healed tattooed skin. It will provide the necessary moisture to the skin, because, even if it’s fully healed, the skin still requires some help in further recovery. Tattooed skin, even after healing, remains a bit sensitive and requires some extra care, in which case A&D ointment would be perfect.

Now, we don’t want to leave our readers without any alternative. So, here are some of our favorite products you can use for the actual tattoo aftercare routine. They’re safe, inexpensive, hydrating, and natural in ingredients.

  • Lubriderm – is fairly inexpensive, and accessible and you’ll get a lot of products with this one. Lubriderm contains emollient ingredients to provide hydration to a healing tattoo, but won’t smother it or clog pores. Enriched with vitamin B%, this lotion will also nourish your skin and promote fast sealing and healing.
  • Aveeno – a fragrance-free hydration option even for the most sensitive skin. The product is light, non-comedogenic (won’t close pores), nourishing, and hydrating; all of this is essential for a healing tattoo. It is clinically tested and proven, as well as recommended by dermatologists.
  • Hustle Butter – if you want to be 100% sure a product will be good for your healing tattoo, then you should go with a tattoo-specific product, like the Hustle Butter tattoo care and maintenance cream. The product is enriched with vitamin E, shea, mango, and aloe butters, as well as coconut complex. It promotes prompt recovery and skin sealing, which is ideal for a tattoo.

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Final Thoughts

It is important to fact-check everything you read online, even when it’s something as minuscule as an ointment review. But, in certain cases, even the smallest things can turn out to be rather important. Imagine if you put a bad product on a healing tattoo; you will end up enduring a lot of adverse effects, even a tattoo infection in the worst-case scenario. So, when looking for a good tattoo aftercare product, do your research and read between the lines. Some websites are paid to promote products, while others simply push out articles without conducting proper research. Hopefully, our recommendations will work for your tattoo and we wish you the best of luck!

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