Crescent Moon Tattoo Meaning

Crescent Moon Tattoo Meaning: Tattoo Ideas and Symbolism Explained

For hundreds, even thousands of years, the moon has been and still is one of the main mysteries of human beings. With the wide symbolic range, we’ve assigned to this astronomical object, it is not a big surprise that to this day we’re inspired by the moon, whether spiritually, artistically, or in any other way imaginable. Its sole appearance in the night sky is enough to spark something in our minds and bodies, making us transcend the earthly and become aware of our universe and its endless mystery.

As such, the moon stands as the perfect tattoo inspiration as well. Different phases of the moon, even different colors carry symbolism and meaning. This allows us to identify with the meaning no matter who we are, allowing us to have a personal and unique take on something we all share and see; the moon.

In the following paragraphs, we’ll explore the crescent moon in particular, show you some tattoo ideas and provide you with their meanings and symbolism. If you’re thinking about getting a new tattoo, then you’re in the right place. Scroll on for some cool and inspirational tattoo ideas!

Crescent Moon – General Meaning and Interpretation

As you may or may not know, the crescent moon in general represents motherhood and fertility. The Crescent moon is also known as Luna, half moon, or sickle of the moon, and as such is often interpreted as a sign of fertility, but also life and death. Because of this deep and spiritual meaning, the crescent moon is often the main symbol in many religions and cultures.

The Crescent moon is also primarily used to represent the moon as a celestial object. It is generally used as a symbol in astrology as well. This stems from the ancient Greek use of the crescent moon in ‘documents’ containing the first horoscopes.

Nevertheless, throughout the history of humankind, the crescent moon was almost always used in regard to female fertility, motherhood, female energy, or the so-called female principle (or femininity). For example, Selene, the moon goddess, was always depicted with a crescent moon on top of her head. In ancient Greek mythology, Artemis, or the goddess of the hunt, was always associated with the moon.

The influence of the moon symbolism was so strong throughout history that numerous cities and countries adopted the crescent moon on their flags. Some countries, mostly in the Middle East, still use the same crescent moon imagery to showcase their nation, religion, and belief.

Tattoo Ideas and Symbolism

Finger Crescent Moon Tattoo

Finger Crescent Moon Tattoo
Saved Tattoo @heath.tattoos

If you’re looking for a subtle, small tattoo, we recommend a finger crescent moon tattoo. Finger placement might not be the best option for all of our readers, but we find it to be a perfect match with a small moon tattoo. It looks very aesthetically pleasing, and it won’t be ‘in your face’ as many would imagine. The mystical and mysterious symbolism of the crescent moon is still there, despite the small size of the tattoo. It is a rather appealing idea worth checking out.

Crescent Moon and Feather Tattoo

Crescent Moon and Feather Tattoo
Saved Tattoo @tattooist_giho_

The mystery of a crescent moon is even more emphasized when you add a feather to the tattoo design. Both symbols align so well, both aesthetically and in symbolism/meaning. The feather itself symbolizes transcendence, liberty, and spirituality, so you can see why it works so well with the moon’s symbolism. Both moon and the feather represent a gentle force of light, effortless existence, love, spirituality, and everything else that makes us transcend the world realm.

Jewelry Adorned Crescent Moon Tattoo

Jewelry Adorned Crescent Moon Tattoo
Saved Tattoo

This is one of the most common crescent moon tattoo designs and for a reason. Remember how the crescent moon symbolizes fertility, motherhood, femininity, and female power? Well, jewelry stands for the same symbolism; it contributes to the idea of female empowerment, love, and fertility. Throughout history, and even nowadays, brides would wear crescent moon jewelry to symbolize their ‘new life’, new beginnings, and growth.

Crescent Moon With An Eye Tattoo

Crescent Moon With An Eye Tattoo
Saved Tattoo @chanelkirk

The Crescent moon and the so-called evil eye symbolize complimentarily, but opposing powers. They stand for femininity and masculinity, peace and conflict, good and evil; something like yin and yang. In general, this tattoo design is aligned with the idea of life and duality, as well as the complexity of the human spirit. It is a thought-provoking design with a plethora of symbolism and interpretation opportunities. It is also a striking design, recommended for those who are looking for a bold, yet meaningful tattoo.

Crescent Moon and a Black Cat Tattoo

Crescent Moon and a Black Cat Tattoo
Saved Tattoo @inkbymik

Another common moon tattoo design features a black cat. Now, this is a rather special tattoo design, mostly because it has a whole community of people who like it and share similar interests that revolve around the imagery and symbolism of black cats, the moon, withes, the occult, etc.

This is probably the best possible way to express your own interest in this topic, and it also looks super cool and endearing. So, if this is up to your alley, think about getting a crescent moon and a black cat tattoo. To make it spicier or more unique, you can play with other symbolism like bats, spiders, skulls, roses, and other flowers, etc.

Crescent Moon and Mushrooms Tattoo

Crescent Moon and Mushrooms Tattoo
Saved Tattoo @Southampton

Now, this is an interesting tattoo design, specifically created to honor one’s incredible experience using the so-called magic mushrooms. Oftentimes when people experiment with psychedelics, they experience a spiritual awakening.

Some people find a connection between the lunar cycle and their psychedelic trip, or they find a connection between the meaning and symbolism of the two that is completely unique to them and their experience. Either way, it is a tattoo design worth considering, especially if you share the same experience as the owners of these kinds of tattoos.

Constellation Crescent Moon Tattoo

Constellation Crescent Moon Tattoo
Saved Tattoo @tattooist_dal

If you’re looking for a tattoo that is more astrology oriented, then look no further. The constellation crescent moon tattoo is perfect for those interested in the astrological theme and style of tattoos. The tattoo often features a crescent moon with the corresponding constellation, mostly related to your own special date in life or astrological sign. The tattoo is often done in precise line work, and shading, in a minimalistic style; perfect for those looking for delicate, dainty tattoo ideas.

Crescent Moon and a Woman Tattoo

Crescent Moon and a Woman Tattoo
Saved Tattoo @nofacetattoo

Another simple, yet effective tattoo idea would be a woman on a crescent moon, to really emphasize the female symbolism. This tattoo design isn’t intricate; it is rather straightforward, and some would say even bold (featuring a naked lady, of course). However, with the symbolism of femininity and motherhood, any vulgarity people would ascribe to this tattoo is gone. It is simply an ode to the moon and the feminine energy it represents. So, if this speaks to you, definitely consider getting a similar tattoo.

Blue Crescent Moon Tattoo

Blue Crescent Moon Tattoo
Saved Tattoo @guseul_tattoo

The tattoo design embodies the ‘once in a blue moon’ expression with the symbolism of female power, femininity, and female mystery. Blue moon is so rare that we even have an expression for it, but when it does appear blue, it is usually a full moon.

However, a crescent blue moon further implies the female mystery, the female ability to make the impossible possible, even when the moon isn’t really full. Blue moon can also imply sadness or feelings of loneliness, so this tattoo can be personal and have an even deeper story to it than the surface interpretation allows us to see.

Final Thoughts

Getting a crescent moon tattoo is to honor female power and femininity, even if you personally aren’t female. Both girls and boys, men and women, have this feminine energy to them, but only to strongest, most self-aware among us allow it to grow and foster its existence to the fullest.

If you want to acknowledge your feminine side, regardless of who you are, a crescent moon tattoo will surely lead the way. We hope you like our tattoo ideas and we surely hope the meanings and symbolisms of the aforementioned tattoos speak to you. We wish you good luck regardless of which tattoo idea you go for, and happy tattooing!

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