40+ Unique Hammer Tattoo Design Ideas 2024 (Black & White And Colorful)

Looking for some new tattoo ideas and creations? Maybe you’re interested in placing a hammer tattoo somewhere over your body? If that is the case, you’re going to like this article and our recommended options.

Here, we are going to talk about 30+ unique ideas of hammer symbols both big and small which are going to suit men and women. Find your perfect design down below.

Hammer Tattoo: FAQ

Hammer Tattoo FAQ
Credit: Instagram

1. What Does A Hammer Tattoo Symbolize?

A tattoo of a hammer can symbolize loads of different things, depending on its size and color. Different shapes will also play a significant role. However and with most hammer tattoos, this little symbol or tool represents the power, energy, and strength that you have. It can also show how sturdy, resistant, and well-built you are. It is definitely a sign of impeccable energy.

2. Who Can Go For This Tattoo?

Anyone can go for this tattoo and enjoy its meaning, along with its concept. Men and women should only get the right and appropriate print that suits their character and personal preference.

3. Where Should You Place This Design?

Any and every placement is recommended and preferable, as long as it makes sense to your end if it goes well with your character and body type. Most people usually stick to arm, thigh, or back placement, depending on the size of your chosen print.

4. What Is A Common Price For This Tattoo?

There are no specific rules or common price tags when it comes to your hammer tattoo. The final price and the result will depend a lot on your tattoo artist and his or her level of experience. Also, the bigger the tattoo you go for, the higher the price. Avoid flashy colors or watercolor designs if you wish to save a bit of money on your next design.

5. Does The Tattooing Process Hurt?

The pain factor will truly vary depending on your preferred place. If you end up placing this tattoo super close to your bones you can expect it to hurt. Go for thick-skinned and “meaty” areas if your pain tolerance is low.

20 Black & White Hammer Tattoo Design Ideas

1. Black & White Hammers Tattoo

Black & White Hammers Tattoo
Image Source:@shadow_tattooer

If you want a forearm or a bicep tattoo you’re going to like this design. This is a creative piece that shows your strong side through different elements, such as with a knife, hammer, and a pen – all can be used for destruction and protection.

2. Detailed Hammers Tattoo

Detailed Hammers Tattoo
Image Source:@l.s.d.tattooer

This black hammer tattoo will suit and look good on anyone who prefers simpler ideas. Black and white ink doesn’t cost a lot either.

3. Working Class Hammers Tattoo

Working Class Hammers Tattoo
Image Source:@crimclay

Are you someone who likes “risky” placements? Looking for your new and innovative stomach tattoo? If you’re a fan of creative and unique designs that are quite quirky, give this one a go! This print shows that you’re true working class, as well as someone who lives for risky tattoos that represent your true bold and dominant character, as well as your path.

4. Dirty Hands Clean Money Hammers Tattoo

Dirty Hands Clean Money Hammers Tattoo
Image Source:@staygoodtom

A hammer tattoo can have a deeper meaning and it can be a customized tattoo per your preference. For instance, place this saying “dirty hands clean money” to show that you’ve built everything this far in your own yet fairway. You are proud of your accomplishments, as you should be!

5. Black Ink Hammers Tattoo

Black Ink Hammers Tattoo
Image Source:@jinjinblxck

This small black and white hammer represents your minimalist approach and your will to build. But as they say it, where there’s a will, there’s a way!

6. Hammer Tattoo Ideas

Hammer Tattoo Ideas
Image Source:@black_is_black_tattoo

Go for this hammer tattoo if you want yours to show that you’re not afraid to destroy and conquer along your way and within your journey. No one if you or as powerful as you are, and that is what is your true and ultimate power.

7. Hammer Dedicated & Inspired Tattoo

Hammer Dedicated & Inspired Tattoo
Image Source:@mikeburnside665

You can place your name and your surname on top of your hammer tattoo. By doing that, you’re letting everyone see you for who you are. You are not afraid to assert dominance, and you wish to be remembered and legendary.

8. Chest Hammers Tattoo

Chest Hammers Tattoo
Image Source:@barrie.bones

How about this retro hammer tattoo across your chest? If you’re someone who works out or if you’re someone who is confident with your physical appearance, you’re going to like this tattoo. It shows how much you’ve changed within years, and it also shows your inner balance and power.

9. Small & Simple Hammers Tattoo

Small & Simple Hammers Tattoo
Image Source:@guysvl

If you’re afraid of the tattooing process and the needle itself you’re going to like this tattoo and its concept. If you dislike large and flashy tattoos and you sent something low-key you’re going to enjoy this as your next small and simple hammer tattoo.

10. Two Hammers Tattoo Ideas

Two Hammers Tattoo Ideas
Image Source:@lisahafermehl

Men who work out are going to enjoy this tattoo and its size, as well as its grandiose looks. You can show that you’re a true warrior and someone who likes to show off among his friends. You know no boundaries, and you’re always willing to take what is yours.

11. Forearm Hammer Tattoo

Forearm Hammer Tattoo
Image Source:@guesspre

This giant forearm tattoo represents a person who is always building and trying new innovative paths. Are you someone who can carve your future and have everything you wish for? This hammer will show your true persistent side!

12. Armie Hammer Tattoo

Armie Hammer Tattoo
Image Source:@simonycorotattoo

Small and rusty hammer can also be a creative tattoo design. Not everything in life has to be pearly, shiny, or brand new! If you do get this hammer it will symbolize your ups and downs, as well as all the rough paths that you have had, but which have helped with your shaping and blending into this modern world.

13. Hammer And Nail Tattoo

Hammer And Nail Tattoo
Image Source:@parkydoodles

You can get yourself a matching tattoo design that will emphasize your need to be cautious and extremely detail-oriented in life. If you’re someone who likes to show off and you are driven by all the little details, you’re going to like this print. It shows a true perfectionist, so who wouldn’t want that?

14. Dramatic Hammer Tattoo

Dramatic Hammer Tattoo
Image Source:@maridagli.tattoo

This black hammer tattoo with fire symbols and a fire sign is for anyone who wants to look scary or wishes to assert dominance. Go for this tattoo if you’re someone who likes flashy and scary symbols, and you also like to show off your power.

15. Dedicated Hammer Tattoo Ink

Dedicated Hammer Tattoo Ink
Image Source:@tattoodemonco

Do you think that you’re as tough as nails? Do you believe that you’re always asserting dominance everywhere you go? Show the rest of the world that you’re always learning as you go, yet that every journey has been thoughtful for you thus far.

16. Viking Hammer Tattoo Idea

Viking Hammer Tattoo Idea
Image Source:@gracygetz

This black hammer with a subtle piece of color will show you’re ready to try out and relive any experience. You’re not worried about your journey since you fully believe in yourself.

17. Small & Realistic Hammer Tattoo

Small & Realistic Hammer Tattoo
Image Source:@tattoosbyjamo

Black tattoos can show your dominant side. Are you someone who likes straightforward ink? Let this design show your creativity without overpowering your body. The whole world will know that you’re fully ready to rock this power-embracing image.

18. Hammer & Nail Tattoo

Hammer & Nail Tattoo
Image Source:@yubeen___

Go for a hammer and one nail design also. It will show your spirit and just as how well you can blend right into every situation. You are a feisty fellow, aren’t you?

19. Giant Dramatic Hammers Tattoo

Giant Dramatic Hammers Tattoo
Image Source:@coelho.ink_

Guys who work out or those who have masculine chests are going to enjoy this tattoo. If you prefer larger and more noticeable pieces you’re going to like this black hammer across your chest ink. Show that you love to fight for what is right with this concept.

20. Warrior Viking Hammer Tattoo

Warrior Viking Hammer Tattoo
Image Source:@_jade.ink

This smaller stomach tattoo of a hammer symbol will suit those who like little artsy ideas. Black is a color of mystery and power? So show just how powerful you are with this scary hammer idea!

20 Colorful Hammer Tattoo Design Ideas

1. Hammers Tattoo Dad Inspired

Hammers Tattoo Dad Inspired
Image Source:@terrygrow

Have you ever thought about dedicating your tattoo to someone special or important in your life? Your dad perhaps? If that is the case, give it a go with this truly masculine yet sentimental hammer tattoo that he would appreciate.

2. Small & Colorful Hammer Tattoo

Small & Colorful Hammer Tattoo
Image Source:@_charmingtattoos

Women who wish to add just a bit of color to their tattoos are going to like this small design. Its placement is risky, but the design is sensual and sexy, ideal for risk-takers.

3. Blue Thor Hammer Tattoo

Blue Thor Hammer Tattoo
Image Source:@duck_diamond

You don’t have to stick to small or simpler tattoos when you can give it a go with this bright blue hammer. It also has that Thor vibe to it, so who wouldn’t love it?

4. Red Blood Hammer Tattoo

Red Blood Hammer Tattoo
Image Source:@ghostattoo_kas

Fans of pops of red and those who wish to show that their hammers can be hurtful as well, despite their side, are going to like this final design. Show that you’re always ready for that fight mode, despite your opponent!

5. Hammer Tattoo Ideas With Flowers

Hammer Tattoo Ideas With Flowers
Image Source:@leo_tattoo_studio_indore

This colorful and flower-inspired hammer will suit women who like intriguing designs. If you’re looking for a cute and artsy hammer design, give it a go with this one. It will suit girls who wish to create, as well as those who are into colorful tattoos.

6. Red Spot Hammers Tattoo

Red Spot Hammers Tattoo
Image Source:@joshc.art

Place your hammer tattoo in a bright red circle to make it more flashy and artsy. If you’re a fan of noticeable tattoos and those that truly show and represent your inner power, you’re going to like this design over your arm or leg.

7. Dramatic & Colorful Golden Hammer Tattoo

Dramatic & Colorful Golden Hammer Tattoo
Image Source:@tattoo__concept

Not a lot of tattoo artists will give you this design with ease, which is why it is crucial for you to book someone who is skilled and has a lot of experience. If you’re someone who enjoys delicate designs and you’re looking for a pop of yellow to your tattoo, give it a go with this hammer ink idea.

8. Dad Dedicated Hammer Tattoo

Dad Dedicated Hammer Tattoo
Image Source:@geraldschifone

You can dedicate your hammer tattoo to your father, or someone else who is important in your life. By choosing a hammer and placing their initials, and date of birth or death, you’re showing true love and respect that you have or that you have had for them in this lifetime.

9. Artsy Hammer Tattoo

Artsy Hammer Tattoo
Image Source:@hakimxstuch

Combine your hammer tattoo with a flower design or some earthy prints. If you’re into flashy tattoos and you’re someone who likes to show your power to others throughout one specific tattoo, give this one a go.

10. Nails & Hammers Tattoo

Nails & Hammers Tattoo
Image Source:@good_work666

Go for hammers and nails if you want your tattoo to look cohesive. This print can tell a true story of power and your growth. Show that no one can go through life without experiencing some sort of change, as well as a battle.

11. Unique Artsy Hammers Tattoo

Unique Artsy Hammers Tattoo
Image Source:@reececoletattoo_

If you prefer artsy and intriguing tattoos you’re going to like this concept. It shows that you’re someone who enjoys abstract art and quirky tattoos. This one will show that you’re as tough as a hammer itself since you will adapt to any new change that’s ahead of you.

12. Colorful & Floral Hammer Tattoo

Colorful & Floral Hammer Tattoo
Image Source:@csilva_tatuajes

Flowers and hammers can go hand in hand! If you’re someone who likes flashy and artsy designs, give it a go with this one. It is showy and retro without being too dramatic or too big. It will take you around 5 hours to end up with this or a similar concept on top of your body.

13. Bird Nature Hammer Tattoo

Bird Nature Hammer Tattoo
Image Source:@flowerhouse.tattoo

Get a hammer print and a bird tattoo! This way, you will show your determined side and your peace-loving side as well. No one can beat you in your path and your journey, plus you can adapt and be friendly with anyone, just like a tough and free-willed birdie.

14. Crashing Hammer Tattoo

Crashing Hammer Tattoo
Image Source:@elpablo.santamaria_tattoo

This bright red hammer tattoo truly shows your power. Are you someone who enjoys looking dominant at any given moment? Maybe you’re a fan of drama and a fierce violent approach? If you hold some sort of grudge or anger and you’re not too sure how to let go of it, give it a go with this hammer concept.

15. Shoulder Small Hammer Tattoo

Shoulder Small Hammer Tattoo
Image Source:@janinetattoos

This small hammer can look good over your shoulder. If you’re not too sure where to place it just know that this is a safe and bulletproof solution! Even girls can go for this tattoo since it is so universal and practical.

16. Artsy & Big Hammer Tattoo

Artsy & Big Hammer Tattoo
Image Source:@valiantinscriptions

This abstract tattoo of a hammer is for artsy men or women. If you wish to look like someone who is always calm yet prepared to create, you’re going to like this tattoo. It will take you around 5 hours to achieve this print.

17. Chest Hammers Tattoo Brown Ink

Chest Hammers Tattoo Brown Ink
Image Source:@franco_luis_tattoo

This short and small hammer will look determined. It will also symbolize your tough side. If you’re a fan of noticeable flashy ink and you want your hammer to represent your sturdy character, give it a go with this defined tattoo.

18. Large & Colorful Hammer Tattoo

Large & Colorful Hammer Tattoo
Image Source:@lucky.tattoo

A giant tattoo that will suit those who like flashy and colorful art. Place it over your shoulder if you’re a fan of noticeable ink. This ink will show your graduate side, as well as your will and passion to build in life as time goes on!

19. Hammers Tattoo With Flowers

Hammers Tattoo With Flowers
Image Source:@mattbrowntvt

An artsy hammer that can look well on those who like to look dominant. The end result shows a person who is always ready to slay and try out new fields and things in his or her life. You are a destroyer, as well as someone who knows no limits.

20. Side Chest Sensual Hammer Tattoo

Side Chest Sensual Hammer Tattoo
Image Source:@claire.testore

If you’re a fan of risky tattoos and you like feminine ideas, give it a go with this concept. It will look amazing on women who like sensual art. Place this tattoo to show that you’re feminine, giving, yet tough, and bulletproof!

Get Tattooing!

Let us know which tattoo was your favorite and a top pick from the list. We can’t wait to see what you end up wearing sometime in the near future from our recommended ideas and tattoo options.

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