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60+ Bicep Tattoo Ideas and Meanings Behind Them (2024 Updated)

While you can get a tattoo on any part of the body you want, biceps are among the most popular choices among men and women alike. Bicep muscles naturally accentuate your physique and a tattoo on this area draws attention to your toned and well-defined arms.

Yet another plus for bicep tattoos is that you can cover them up easily when necessary e.g. at work (if tattoos are frowned upon at your workplace). If you want to get a bicep tattoo, but aren’t sure what image to go for we’ve got you covered. This guide shows amazing ideas that men and women alike will fall in love with.

Do Bicep Tattoos Hurt?

Generally speaking, you’re bound to experience a certain level of pain regardless of the tattoo placement. Tattoos in some areas hurt more than others.

Biceps are among those lesser-painful areas because it’s all muscle and the area is a lot tighter. Most people experience a low to moderate amount of pain when getting a tattoo on the bicep. We’re talking about an outer bicep here.

On the other hand, inner bicep tattoos may hurt more because the skin is soft there.

When it comes to this subject, a lot comes down to your pain tolerance. If you have a high tolerance to pain, you will only feel somewhat of a discomfort. Persons with low tolerance to pain may have a different experience, especially with the inner bicep.

60+ Bicep Tattoo Ideas and Meanings Behind Them

While biceps are not large areas like the chest or back, they still allow for amazing tattoo designs. Small and delicate or bigger and more elaborate tattoos – the choice is yours. Scroll down to see some of the best tattoo designs for the bicep area.

Tattoos on biceps are not reserved for men only. Women can rock them too and look awesome. Whether you’re looking for an edgy or more demure tattoo, the ideas below are bound to inspire you. Check them out.

1. Bicep Armband Tattoo

Bicep Armband Tattoo 1
Credit: @gil.division
Bicep Armband Tattoo 2
Bicep Armband Tattoo 3
Credit: @seoulinktattoo
Bicep Armband Tattoo 4
Credit: @saigon.tattoos
Bicep Armband Tattoo 5
Credit: @celebrityinkmelbournecentral

Armband tattoo is exactly as the name suggests – a type of tattoo that goes around your arm like an armband. In most cases, people get armband tattoos on the biceps, but some may opt for an elbow area or wrist instead.

Generally speaking, armbands are meant to pay tribute to someone, a loss of one or more people, tragedy, you get the point. That’s what a bicep armband tattoo represents as well.

Men and women opt for solid black armband tattoos to mourn the loss of someone and pay tribute to a person dear to their heart. However, some may also go for this tattoo to symbolize strength and luck.

What we like about these tattoos is that they can act as proper works of art. Your armband tattoo doesn’t have to be a plain black image. You can incorporate a lot of details ranging from geometrical shapes to flowers, among other things.

2. Bicep Sleeve Tattoo

Bicep Sleeve Tattoo 1
Credit: @dustoftw
Bicep Sleeve Tattoo 2
Credit: @_twistedangelsartstudio_
Bicep Sleeve Tattoo 3
Credit: @drawing_with_dots_tattoo
Bicep Sleeve Tattoo 4
Credit: @leejones_art
Bicep Sleeve Tattoo 5
Credit: @oliviasuzannetattoos

Sleeve tattoos don’t have to cover the entire arm necessarily. You can limit the tattoo to the bicep area only. This way, your tattoo will look like you’re wearing half a sleeve with elaborate and colorful designs. Of course, your bicep sleeve can be in black ink if you prefer so.

Edgy and adventurous men and women simply adore sleeve tattoos, whether it’s half-sleeve on bicep area or full sleeve tattoo.


The reason is simple, you can choose different images and combine them into one elaborate tattoo. Or you can opt for a specific motif and expand it into greater detail. The result is an incredibly artsy and realistic tattoo that you’re going to love. And everyone else will, too.

Yet another advantage of bicep sleeve tattoos is that you can rock truly outrageous and edgy designs, but still conceal them whenever you want. Some people often start with this kind of sleeve and then decide whether they should expand it to the entire arm. It’s a great way to test the waters.

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3. Inner Bicep Tattoo

Inner Bicep Tattoo 1
Credit: @mollypaigetattoos
Inner Bicep Tattoo 2
Credit: @k_inx
Inner Bicep Tattoo 3
Credit: @irejinxxnue
Inner Bicep Tattoo 4
Credit: @spectre_tattoos
Inner Bicep Tattoo 5
Credit: @spellcrafttattoo

Most men and women choose the outer bicep area for their tattoos. After all, it’s way easier to tolerate pain and you can show off your tattoo effortlessly.

The inner bicep area is a wonderful idea for persons who want to do something different. These tattoos aren’t on display, but everyone can still see them unless you cover them up of course. Keep in mind inner bicep tattoos tend to be painful. Take your time to decide whether you really want it or not.

If you choose to go for it, tons of options are at your disposal. You can go for subtle designs or sport edgier images, depending on your preferences. Since this part of your body is quite soft and gentle, you need to focus on choosing a great tattoo artist who knows how to handle tattooing in this area.

4. Back of Bicep Tattoo

Back of Bicep Tattoo 1
Credit: @elizabethftattoos
Back of Bicep Tattoo 2
Credit: @becca_tattoo
Back of Bicep Tattoo 3
Credit: @hollywilcoxtattoo
Back of Bicep Tattoo 4
Credit: @bearded_beast_79
Back of Bicep Tattoo 5

The back of the bicep is such a cool tattoo placement. First of all, these tattoos are kind of unique as not many people will decide to get something tattooed on the back of their arm.

Also, this area is quite generous in terms of sizes and designs of tattoos you can get. The exact tattoo will depend on you and your preferences, but small, medium, and larger pieces of ink are suitable for this area. Mandala art, flowers, animals, names, and numbers are some of the many motifs you can choose for a back of bicep tattoo.

The back of the bicep tattoo usually doesn’t fade at the same rate as inner bicep ink. The reason is simple – there is no friction or rubbing against your body and clothes.

These tattoos are perfect for the “business in the front, party in the back” look, as nobody suspects you have a tattoo until you turn around. All in all, this is a great place for elegant, edgy, and unique tattoos that everyone will love as well.

5. Fine Line Bicep Tattoo

Fine Line Bicep Tattoo 1
Credit: @fabbr.art_tattoo
Fine Line Bicep Tattoo 2
Credit: @danmetcalfetattoo
Fine Line Bicep Tattoo 3
Credit: @tatuartevalencia
Fine Line Bicep Tattoo 4
Credit: @tattoosbypatrizia
Fine Line Bicep Tattoo 5
Credit: @vidal.cami

Fine line tattooing is a major trend today and when you take a look at these tattoos it’s easy to understand why. These tattoos are characterized by straight or curved lines. The lines are thin and the shapes are “clean”.

Unlike other tattoo styles, this type of ink doesn’t use gradations in shades and colors. The tattoos look gentle and elegant meaning they’re ideal for persons who prefer a minimalistic design. But, in the hands of a talented tattoo artist, your fine line tattoo can also depict strength and emphasize your prowess.

After all, everything comes down to the design you choose and the way you rock it. Images you can use for fine line tattoos range from flowers to butterflies, silhouettes, and more.

6. Animal Bicep Tattoo

Animal Bicep Tattoo 1
Credit: @freakyamandine
Animal Bicep Tattoo 2
Credit: @munkymandee
Animal Bicep Tattoo 3
Credit: @kristattookristato
Animal Bicep Tattoo 4
Credit: @tattoometooparis
Animal Bicep Tattoo 5
Credit: @ljc_arts

When in doubt, you can never go wrong with an animal tattoo. Animals serve as a wonderful inspiration thanks to their incredible instincts, agility, power, and other attributes. Each animal has something that makes it unique. And that’s exactly what you want from a tattoo – to be unique even if you opt for a popular design.

Your bicep tattoo can include any animal you want, like, or relate to. Tigers and lions are popular choices for men and women alike. Tiger tattoo symbolizes power and strength, but also free spirit and independence. Lions convey the bravery and courage of the tattoo wearer.

If you want to try something different than tigers, lions, or snakes even, you may opt for a frog, deer, scorpion, or a fish. These are just some examples, of course. Frog tattoos often symbolize good luck while deer represent purity, gentleness, and beauty. Deer is also a symbol of rebirth and growth.

The tattoo of a scorpion stands for intimidation and fear. Although scorpions tend to be small, they can be quite scary and dangerous. So a tattoo of this feisty arachnid can also represent the ability to control and protect yourself.

Fish tattoos have tons of meanings depending on the species you choose. In most cases, fish represent preservance, patience, power, luck, and prosperity. Most people go for whales and koi fish, but if you want a unique and cute design pufferfish is an excellent choice. A pufferfish tattoo symbolizes the untapped sources of courage and strength.

7. Tribal Bicep Tattoo

Tribal Bicep Tattoo 1
Credit: @spiritualjourneytattoo
Tribal Bicep Tattoo 2
Credit: @ambacht_ink
Tribal Bicep Tattoo 3
Credit: @agaaink
Tribal Bicep Tattoo 4
Credit: @mateuskielingtattoo
Tribal Bicep Tattoo 5
Credit: @goldengoosetattoostudio

Tribal tattoos are among the most recognizable styles in the world. You can easily recognize these tattoos by geometric patterns and black lines. Tribal designs are associated with different cultures. They give wearers a sense of belonging to a much bigger community.

Not all tribal tattoos are the same. The actual design depends on the specific culture so you may want to consult a knowledgeable tattoo artist with experience in tribals.

Tribal bicep tattoos are a great idea for men and women who want to pay tribute to their heritage. Today, many people decide to rock these tattoos because they have deep respect for a certain culture.

One thing is for sure – you shouldn’t get a tribal tattoo because it’s “fun” or “looks nice”. These tattoos bear a bigger meaning and are associated with the culture of different people, after all.

Besides “standard” tribal designs, you can opt for a specific image with tribal motifs e.g. eagle or snake.

8. Multicolor Bicep Tattoo

Multicolor Bicep Tattoo 1
Credit: @pixie_charm_
Multicolor Bicep Tattoo 2
Credit: @charles_rouse_tattooer
Multicolor Bicep Tattoo 3
Credit: @mctravish
Multicolor Bicep Tattoo 4
Credit: @bellerosedtattoo
Multicolor Bicep Tattoo 5
Credit: @maddierobertstattoo

Black and gray tattoos are the most popular among men and women alike. But multicolor tattoos have been gaining momentum for quite some time. Nothing beats a pop of color on your bicep.

Not all multicolor tattoos are in the same style. You still have plenty of options to choose from. Your bicep tattoo can be in American traditional style, Japanese irezumi, watercolor tattoo, you name it.

Multicolor tattoos are ideal for men and women who want a tattoo that is bubbly or as bright as their personality. Sometimes color is the best way to depict how we truly feel.

9. Grayscale Bicep Tattoo

Grayscale Bicep Tattoo 1
Credit: @kalakaar_amandeep
Grayscale Bicep Tattoo 2
Credit: @james_severson
Grayscale Bicep Tattoo 3
Credit: @edenbodyartstudios
Grayscale Bicep Tattoo 4
Credit: @buzzstop28
Grayscale Bicep Tattoo 5
Credit: @carebeartattoo

As you can conclude based on its name, the grayscale tattoo is a style that relies on different shades of gray in a single tattoo image. These tattoos include a lot of shading to make the object appear realistic using only gray shades from the darkest to the lightest hues.

What we love about grayscale tattoos is their simplicity. A simple glance at one such tattoo is enough to realize that although the images appear simple, they have depth and carry deep meaning. Most of these tattoos are unique and customized to tell the wearer’s story or reflect their emotions.

Any image you can think of is a good choice for a grayscale tattoo. All you need is a great tattoo artist who will tailor that specific image to represent a piece of you, your thoughts, emotions, hopes, dreams, among other things.

10. Clock Bicep Tattoo

Clock Bicep Tattoo 1
Credit: @ellipoison_tattoo
Clock Bicep Tattoo 2
Credit: @gusttavo_arttiaga
Clock Bicep Tattoo 3
Credit: @19black_ink_tattoo96
Clock Bicep Tattoo 4
Credit: @angela_cartwright.tatt
Clock Bicep Tattoo 5
Credit: @inkmore13

A clock tattoo can be a real masterpiece. These tattoos are often detailed and intricate. Clock design is visually interesting, but the true significance of these tattoos goes beyond the esthetics and extends to the deep symbolism they hold.

People who contemplate their mortality usually opt for clock tattoos. Just like in real life, the clock represents life and reminds us to live each day to the fullest. Additionally, clock tattoos often honor a special time or date. For example, you want to honor your wedding day, the birth of a child, or any other special event in your life, and one of the best tattoo options is a clock theme.

Clock tattoos often include other motifs and elements including flowers, portraits, animals, glass, you name it. Some may even opt for an extra edgy variant and go for a combination of skull and clock.

Your clock tattoo can represent both life and death. It depicts the passing of time but also shows you need to embrace every moment in your life. The true meaning of this tattoo has a lot to do with your perspective of life.

11. Eye Bicep Tattoo

Eye Bicep Tattoo 1
Credit: @prekie_encrebotanique
Eye Bicep Tattoo 2
Eye Bicep Tattoo 3
Credit: @emavarelaa
Eye Bicep Tattoo 4
Credit: @shiphigh.everyday
Eye Bicep Tattoo 5
Credit: @fermartintattoo

Eye tattoos seem to be everywhere lately. Some of them are realistic while others are on the more artistic side and incorporate other images to tell a certain story.

For some people, an eye tattoo represents spirituality. That said, it’s not uncommon for people to get an eye tattoo to pay tribute to the loved one who passed away. The eye represents the person they lost watching over them.

It’s also useful to mention eye tattoo is often a symbol of truth and clarity as well as clairvoyance and protection.

Now you may wonder why people get a tattoo of the human eye. Well, eyes help you see what’s going on around you, give you the sense of sight, and allow you to interpret your surroundings. A person may choose to rock an eye bicep tattoo to depict their unique perspective of the world.

Eyes are windows to the soul, so in a way, your eye tattoo gives a glimpse of your personality and your true self.

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12. Quote/Inspirational Bicep Tattoo

Quote/Inspirational Bicep Tattoo 1
Credit: @gera_mora_tattoos
Quote/Inspirational Bicep Tattoo 2
Credit: @s.kroll_art
Quote/Inspirational Bicep Tattoo 3
Credit: @inkylemontattoos
Quote/Inspirational Bicep Tattoo 4
Credit: @uhhhhtaco
Quote/Inspirational Bicep Tattoo 5
Credit: @clara.tattoos

If you’re looking for a great and deeply personal bicep tattoo, then quotes and inspirational words and phrases are also an option. It’s in human nature to look for inspiration and rely on certain Bible verses or inspirational statements to generate optimism in life.

Life is tough. Sometimes a simple phrase can do a lot in giving us the motivation we need to keep going. That’s why people get tattoos featuring their favorite quotes and phrases. These tattoos are incredibly personal. Just go for something you find truly relatable.

It doesn’t even have to be a Bible verse or a famous quote. It can be something you frequently tell yourself when difficult movements occur.

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13. Floral Bicep Tattoo

Floral Bicep Tattoo 1
Credit: @sweetpeatattoos
Floral Bicep Tattoo 2
Credit: @jennpduckytattoos
Floral Bicep Tattoo 3
Credit: @jodelltattoos
Floral Bicep Tattoo 4
Credit: @savannahleslieartworks
Floral Bicep Tattoo 5
Credit: @lauren_tattoos

Floral motifs are incredibly versatile. You can get a tattoo of a flower on any part of your body and it will look amazing, especially on your biceps. Biceps are tight and tattoos look neat and clean.

The biggest advantage of a floral tattoo is that it suits men and women alike. Flowers emphasize your femininity or masculinity. They also symbolize love, happiness, purity, and other positive emotions. That said, each flower comes with more specific meanings. The exact choice depends on you, values you cherish, and flowers with symbolism that you find relatable.

Roses, cherry blossoms, sunflowers, peonies, chrysanthemums, daisies, and other flowers prove to be beautiful tattoo choices. To add to their positivity and beauty, you can get a multicolor flower tattoo on your bicep. But if you want a more serious and demure vibe, then a black or grey flower tattoo is a good fit.

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