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7 Best Tattoo Shops In Memphis 2024 (Detailed and Compelling List)

Memphis, Tennessee is the birthplace of many celebrities that marked the 20th century. More importantly, it’s the cradle of many popular music genres that we still listen to today and that contributed to the development of the most listened to music genres today. If you’ve ever wanted to get a tattoo in this popular city of music, you’ve come to the right article that will help you achieve it!

It’s no secret that Memphis is known to host various music events in honor of all the music genres that were birthed in this city, such as rock’n’roll, blues, rap, and others. With that in mind, you’ll easily be able to find live music parties or various events. In addition to that, sightseeing around Memphis is worth it.

But, that’s not the only thing that the capital of Tennessee state is known for. If you’ve been visiting this city to enjoy the music-related sights and you fancy some clean tattoos, taking a tattoo from a Memphis tattoo shop will be a memorable souvenir.

With that in mind, we wrote a detailed and compelling list of the best tattoo shops in Memphis. We chose these tattoos based on the beautiful art that the shops shared on their Instagram account, their website, and other social media channels, while also informing ourselves about the equipment they used and much more.

With that being said, without further ado, let’s analyze all the tattoo shops sitting at the heart of Memphis and which ones are the best to visit regardless of whether you already live in Memphis or you’ve come to visit. Many tattoo shops offer walk-in sessions so it should be easy to visit when you’re on the go.

Alternatively, if you live in Memphis and can’t get your head around the right tattoo studio for you to visit and book an appointment, this list will help you make better decisions.

7 Best Tattoo Shops in Memphis

Note: Even though we made sure to only pick tattoo shops that still operate and under the full time, make sure to contact them beforehand to make sure they are not closed on a certain day or don’t allow walk-ins. Let’s check them out!

Trilogy Tattoos

Trilogy Tattoos 1
Credit: @trilogytattoos
Trilogy Tattoos 2
Credit: @trilogytattoos
Trilogy Tattoos 3
Credit: @trilogytattoos

Although Memphis is exploding with tattoo artists and stores with different styles and designs, not all of them are so worth checking out and visiting, at least not as much as Trilogy Tattoo which is our favorite option. It’s a popular place with a great Instagram community and a descriptive gallery that showcases the portfolio of the tattoo artists that work there.

The tattoo shop hosts designs of its own that you can request, or you can go for an option of your own and see what works for you the most. Whatever you decide, you can show it to the tattoo artist and see what you can do about a particular design.

The high hygiene standards and responsible, yet friendly staff are exactly what attracted us to this tattoo store. It’s also worth noting that you’ll have to make an appointment through the website or phone, and not on the Instagram account.

Inked Memphis

Inked Memphis 1
Credit: @inked_memphis
Inked Memphis 2
Credit: @inked_memphis
Inked Memphis 3
Credit: @inked_memphis

Although it has a smaller Instagram community, Inked Memphis is a hot spot in Tennessee, when it comes to working with the most professional tattoo artists that there are. The friendly and supportive personnel will help you choose the right tattoo design that will work the best for you and cheer for you and support you through your tatting journey.

What’s also important to say is that this place offers walk-ins, as long as you book a free consultation appointment with one of the tattoo artists who will help you decide what will work the best for you. It’s of utmost importance to wear a mask and adhere to all the hygiene and safety standards, as does the staff of Inked Memphis.

Their tattoo designs are carefully fine-lined pieces of art that will look great on any location and skin tone. Browse through our favorite designs below or visit the website or Instagram page to see more of their portfolio.

Devil’s Playground

Devil’s Playground 1
Credit: @devilsplaygroundtattoo
Devil’s Playground 2
Credit: @devilsplaygroundtattoo
Devil’s Playground 3
Credit: @devilsplaygroundtattoo

If you’re a fan of abstract and dark fantasy, Devil’s Playground is the Memphis-based tattoo studio for all rock’n’roll and gothic fans who want to bring life to their tattoo designs. Alternatively, you can talk with one of the tattoo artists who work there about the alternatives that are offered by the studio.

All in all, there is a lot to choose from. Moreover, don’t let the dark and dreadful designs scare you, the staff is super-friendly and super-helpful in helping you choose what will suit you the best. The tattoo studio has both an Instagram account with various designs and a website.

The website is not designed so well and may give you a warning that it doesn’t have the SSL certificate, which is a huge security minus, which is why it’s best to either call to make an appointment or try to get in touch through the Instagram account.

We’re not sure whether the walk-in sessions are accepted, so make sure to contact the shop and see what options they offer in that regard.

Underground Art Tattoo

Underground Art Tattoo 1
Credit: @makingmommaproud
Underground Art Tattoo 2
Credit: @makingmommaproud
Underground Art Tattoo 3
Credit: @makingmommaproud

Underground Art tattoo studio, like its name, suggests is a state-of-the-art studio with expert tattoo artists and masters that make custom tattoos and bring life to different art through ink. If you want to be one of the people who will get inked with their skilled tattoo artists, make sure to contact them through the website or phone.

Given its large Instagram community or at least larger compared to the rest of the tattoo shops we reviewed, it’s hard to get an appointment. It’s good to know, however, that all the tattoo artists are professional and skilled, as well as patient and understanding, especially towards people who are getting their first tattoo.

It’s important to note that the tattoo studio adheres to all the safety and health standards proposed by WHO, especially regarding the pandemic, so you’ll have to take a few extra steps when making the appointment to ensure that nothing ails you and that you can visit without a problem.

The Tattoo Spot

The Tattoo Spot 1
Credit: @thetattoospotmemphis
The Tattoo Spot 2
Credit: @thetattoospotmemphis
The Tattoo Spot 3
Credit: @thetattoospotmemphis

Whether you’re looking for a piercing or a detailed, deep, and professionally inked tattoo, The Tattoo Spot is a small and cozy place where you can easily make your dream come true. Located at the heart of Memphis, this tattoo shop welcomes all tattoo enthusiasts, as long as they make an appointment through calls or DMs on Instagram.

There is no website, but that didn’t stop this amazing tattoo studio from making amazing tattoos, as well as piercings. The tattoo styles span from casual to professional, compelling, and detailed masterpieces of tattoos that will take your breath away.

They’re all worth checking out. What we like are gentle tattoos such as animal prints, flowers, butterflies, and female figures. Alternatively, there are some amazing pop art tattoos, as well as anime art.

Royal Flush Tattoos

Royal Flush Tattoos 1
Credit: @royalflushtattoos
Royal Flush Tattoos 2
Credit: @royalflushtattoos
Royal Flush Tattoos 3
Credit: @royalflushtattoos

Royal Flush tattoos may not be located at the center and heart of Memphis, but it’s relatively nearby so that you can easily visit with a car or public transport. It’s also one of the best spots, considerably, for people of color who may not be comfortable visiting all-white tattoo studios.

Getting a tattoo on darker skin may sometimes be harder depending on the quality of ink and experience of tattoo artists. That being said, this tattoo studio understands all the struggles of POCs, while also hosting POCs as tattoo artists to help your dream tattoo appear on your skin.

The website is well made to allow anyone to easily make an appointment online and easily contact the tattoo artist they want to work with. There is a form that is more than easy to fill. Potential customers can also reach out through email or Instagram DMs, but the message may get lost due to the size of the Instagram account.

What we like the most is that this tattoo shop works with all types of shapes and sizes for a tattoo. While it may not have a lot of work published, all its portfolio is well-made.

Rook x Raven Tattoo Creative

Rook x Raven Tattoo Creative 1
Credit: @rookxraventattoo
Rook x Raven Tattoo Creative 2
Credit: @rookxraventattoo
Rook x Raven Tattoo Creative 3
Credit: @rookxraventattoo

This is a tattoo studio that may be a bit away from the center of Memphis, but it’s one of the most professionally equipped tattoo studios we researched. The professional and bright staff will make your stay super-comfortable, while new and hygiene-maintained equipment will make the whole process of getting a tattoo more convenient, especially if you’re a first-timer.

The website is a bit slow, but you can easily use it to make an appointment for yourself or book a consultation with one of the tattoo studio workers who will guide and advise you on the tattoo that you want to get. Also, walk-ins are welcome, but you will need to make sure to book a consultation due to the pandemic and to make sure you and the tattoo artists working there are on the same page.

We like all the work from an Instagram portfolio of the tattoo studio. You can easily visit the profiles of tattoo artists working there and see more of their work. The tattoos are fine-lined, powerful, deep, and enchanting. What do you think?

How We Chose Best Tattoo Shops in Memphis

Choosing good-quality tattoo studios doesn’t only depend on their popularity, or how big their Instagram accounts are. Of course, if there were no people who liked the work a certain tattoo studio provides, it’d be hard to build a reputation.

However, it’s not only 100K Instagram accounts of tattoo studios that make for the best tattoo studios that you need to visit. A good tattoo studio that cares about the comfort and safety of its visitors also cares about how well-maintained their whole area is. That’s why different tattoo studios need to adhere to regulations to ensure that everything is in the right order and no one will get injured or sick while getting a tattoo, especially at these times.

We focused on choosing both bigger and smaller tattoo studios, which is difficult. We used to find tattoo studios that were popular and well-known around Memphis and whole Tennessee, but due to the financial and epidemiological situation, they had to stop working. We also know of tattoo studios that have been struggling to stay open and were opening and closing doors to their shops.

We also put into consideration how easy or difficult it is to make an appointment. Most tattoo studios won’t allow you to visit in a walk and will require you to fill up a form to book an appointment.

The good thing is that some tattoo studios allow the walk-ins, but will need you to book a consultation to ensure you’re on the same page. Most sites have easy-to-fill forms and are intuitive, but some websites are also slower so it might be irritating to some people to wait.

We also considered how easy to find it is and how much into the center the whole tattoo studio is. Additionally, we considered the reviews on Google Reviews and whether the tattoo artists in the shop work up to their name and provide reasonable and righteous service.

With that being said, we ensured that all tattoo shops are equipped with cutting-edge equipment, high safety standards but also skilled, friendly, and patient tattoo artists that will help you at all times.

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