How to Get Tattoo Ink Out of Clothes

How to Get Tattoo Ink Out of Clothes: Trusty Tips and Tricks

It is so exciting to get a new tattoo; you come to your appointment ready to get tattooed, but you didn’t count on maybe not wearing your favorite T-shirt or your favorite pants. Why? Well, getting ink stains is a common occurrence during the tattooing process. Sometimes a pen explodes, or the fresh ink is still oozing excess ink; either way, considering the permanent quality of the ink, you would want to wear your least favorite clothes to the appointment.

Sure, the permanence of the ink is a good thing! After all, you want your tattoo to last a lifetime, which it does thanks to the permanent tattoo ink. But, getting it on your clothes usually means one thing; throwing the stained clothes and buying new ones. But, whether it is a T-shirt or PJs, it is never easy to say goodbye to your favorite items.

That is why we’ve decided to share with you a few of our trust tips and tricks you can utilize to remove ink stains off your clothes. So, even if it comes down to this worst-case scenario, you’ll be good to go with a trusty solution. Therefore, without further ado, let’s get started!

So, How Can You Get Tattoo Ink Out of Clothes?

Before we even get into our trusty tips and tricks, we have to emphasize that the quicker you take action, the higher the chance you’ll get the ink out effectively. It is important not to let the ink dry because then, nothing in the world will help you clean the stain.

So, for starters, here’s what you’ll need to do;

  • Pick up any excess stain with a paper towel
  • Use any kind of stain remover and make sure to soak the stain for a while

These two steps are the most important in effective ink stain removal. You can use any kind of stain removal product; the brand doesn’t matter. What matters though is letting the stain soak in the product. You should notice the ink lifting up to the surface as the stain removal product does its magic.

If you don’t have a product particularly dedicated to stain removal, we recommend you use rubbing alcohol. This is a common household item that can act as an emergency stain removal. This is because the high alcohol content of rubbing alcohol can help dissolve the ink, and it can be easily washed out the clothes during the following stain removal steps.

What’s Next?

The next thing you should do is prepare the garment for proper washing in a washing machine. Make sure to read the washing instructions and pay attention to the temperature at which the garment should be washed. Adjust the recommended washing cycle settings and it is time for the garment to be washed. It is recommended to also use oxygen bleach to give your garment the best chance of getting fully and thoroughly cleaned.

Once the washing cycle is done, make sure to check whether the stain has been removed. If the stain removal was successful, then that’s it! Your favorite T-shirt or PJs are saved, luckily. And, of course, you can put your garment into the air dryer for a proper drying cycle.

But, if the stain is still there, it’s high time to consider your other options. First of all, do NOT put the garment in the air dryer if the stain is still there. The drying will simply set the stain even more, which will make it almost impossible to remove it after.

At this point, you should seriously consider taking your garment to a professional dry cleaner. You’ve done everything right so far; you’ve reacter quickly and you’ve already started treating the stain, which would make it pretty easy for the dry cleaner to finish the stain removal process and get it out once and for all.

Can I Use Household Items For Stain Removal?

Yes! If going for a dry cleaner seems tedious or expensive, we do recommend you use some of the common household items to try to remove the ink completely. However, we do have to point out that there is a possibility the ink be persistent and stay in the clothes, depending on the material of the garment as well as the success of your previous ink stain removal attempts.

So, what do we recommend you use? Here are some of the best options and household items you sure have in your beauty cabinet or pantry;

  • Hair spray – this seems to be the most effective household item you can use for effective ink stain removal. Hair spray has a high alcohol content, which can promote the ink to dissolve and get easily washed out the clothes with stain removal products of washing detergent. However, make sure to apply the hairspray AFTER the garment has been washed. Do not apply it on a fresh stain, or while the garment is still damp. If your clothes allow, use bleach during the washing cycle, and later apply the hairspray for maximum effectiveness.
  • Nail polish remover – also, because of the high alcohol content, nail polish remover is an excellent contender in stain-removing household products we all have. Nail polish remover is a highly potent solvent that can effectively dissolve and break out the ink stain. However, because it is pretty strong, nail polish remover might also damage or destroy your clothes furthermore, so make to be careful with the amount you use as well as the application. Do not soak the stain in the nail polish remover; rather apply a smaller amount for starters.
  • Vinegar and cornstarch – if nothing works, we recommend you try combining vinegar and cornstarch to remove the stubborn ink stain. Make sure to combine the ingredients at the 2:3 ratio; mix them up well and create a spreadable paste. Use to paste to cover the whole stain area. Do not touch it until the paste is completely dry. Then, remove the paste, rinse the garment and proceed to wash the garment in the washing machine following the regular cycle settings.
  • Soap and hot water – many tattoo artists will recommend you gather the excess ink off a fresh stain using a paper towel and then rub it using hot water and soap. This might be an effective attempt to remove the ink while it still hasn’t set. However, the stain might be visible, but after a few washing cycles, the ink should fade away and be less visible, especially on darker garments.

How To Prevent Ink Staining?

One of the first and most obvious things you can do is wear older clothes to your tattoo appointment. Choose clothes that you wouldn’t mind staining as well. This is the best way to avoid dealing with all the fuss of removing the ink stain. Plus, you won’t feel bad about having to throw the garment away if the stain doesn’t go away.

The same goes for the bedsheets. For the first few nights after getting tattooed, it is recommended to use old sheets you wouldn’t mind staining. Chances are that for the first few days/nights, your tattoo will ooze excess ink and blood, which is most likely to end up on your sheets and PJs. So, unless you want to ruin your lovely PJs and sheets, make sure to go for some old bedding and sleeping garments you were going to get rid of anyway.

We also recommend you choose carefully where you get tattooed. Highly professional tattoo artists will do everything to prevent ink staining during the appointment. They use special wipes and soaps to clean the tattooed area, especially if they need to deal with excess ink. They are also trained in providing excellent advice in case the tattoo does stain your favorite clothes or sheets. Professional tattoo artists should be the only option if you’re planning to get tattooed.

Final Thoughts

So, if you’re getting tattooed, make sure to dig out some older T-shirts, PJs, and an old set of sheets. Use things that you wouldn’t get upset about if they got stained by the ink. That is probably the best way to deal with ink staining. But, if you do end up staining a garment you cherish and love, make sure to act quickly and use our tips and trick for the best outcome. If nothing works, then pay a visit to a local dry cleaner for one last attempt at getting the ink out of clothes.

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