Jobs That Allow Tattoos

Jobs That Allow Tattoos: Where Can You Work and Show Off Your Ink?

Even though tattoos have become pretty acceptable and mainstream in today’s society, there are places and environments where they’re considered unacceptable. Tattoos can create so many problems for regular people if they want to work in certain industries or branches. Why?

Well, many people associate tattoos with criminal activities and problematic behavior, so they need to be hidden in the workspace.

However, some jobs and careers do not mind people with tattoos. In some jobs, tattoos are even more than welcome as a form of self-expression. So, if you’re job hunting, and you have some fabulous ink that you don’t want to hide, then you’re at the right place.

In the following paragraphs, we’ll go through some of the best jobs for people with tattoos. These jobs don’t require your tattoos to be hidden, nor are they associated with something negative. So, let’s get started with the list!

Careers and Industries That Welcome Tattoos

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1. Sport Jobs

In case you’re into sport, you may consider taking advantage of such a career since many sports activities do not mind tattoos. Athletes or sports enthusiasts take care of their bodies to the fullest, so there is no need to consider the tattoos as a sign of lack of care and self respects, as some people would describe.

So, sports jobs that allow tattoos include football player or manager, basketball player or manager, sports events organizer, club or team manager, sports analyst or commentator, or any other sport-related jobs.

We do have to mention that some forms of sport do not tolerate visible tattoos, like Olympic sports in case you’re an athlete. It’s not that tattoos are forbidden, but it is more preferred that athletes do not have visible tattoos during major events and competitions.

2. Physical Jobs

When we say physical jobs, we mean a job that requires physical work away from direct clients. Such jobs require physical strength and responsibility, so tattoos aren’t really considered a negative thing. They’re more of proof of one’s ability to self-express, handle pain and endure challenges.

Such jobs include firefighters, bouncers, plumbers, lumberjacks, machinists, military-related jobs, forest rangers, gardeners, lifeguards, warehouse workers, construction workers, crane operators; you get the gist.

3. Artistic or Art-Related Jobs

Art-related jobs are probably the most welcoming of tattoos and body art of any kind. The open-mindedness of the art community is exceptional. Even if you’re not artistic by nature, you can still get a job where your creativity of any kind will be appreciated and respected.

Needless to say, your tattoos and how you show them won’t be a problem at all; most probably, they will simply add more to your creativity and self-expression.

Art-related jobs that you could go for include photography, writing or poetry, makeup art, game developer or designer, fashion designing, music playing, singing, writing), dancing or dance-teaching, artistry (painting, drawing, etc.), architecture, acting, and voice acting, or any other similar and related job.

4. Medicine-Related Jobs

Now, getting a job as a doctor or nurse with tattoos can be pretty difficult. For years, tattoos in the medical community have been a major controversy , but it seems that many are becoming more accepting of doctors or nurses with visible tattoos.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can now go on and show off your tattoos at work. But, some medicine-related jobs do not mind tattoos as much as we would expect.

Such jobs include general medical practitioner, professor of medicine, military medicine, dentistry, radiology, veterinarian, animal medicine (breeding, grooming, training, treating), nurse (in some cases), anaesthesiologist, substance abuse counselor, paramedic, etc.

However, this doesn’t apply to every medical community or facility, so before you apply for a job, make sure to check a hospital’s body art-related policy.

5. Customer Service Jobs

Now, customer service jobs aren’t exactly the most welcoming of tattoos, right? You have to provide certain services to people where the first impression really matters. However, certain customer service jobs don’t require direct contact with people or are more laid back and accepting of body art.

Such jobs include customer service in specialty stores, call center operator/customer support, hairstyling, restaurant work, cafe barrister, remote employment, virtual tutor, waiter, seamstress, etc.

6. IT Jobs

The IT industry is one of the most self-sustaining ones in the world. In the majority of countries, the pandemic of 2020 didn’t affect the IT sector even for a day. On top of that, the IT industry is also one of the most welcoming of different people, including those with tattoos. No one cares about body art in IT; all they care about is you doing great computer and tech work. Sounds good?

Then, some of the jobs you might want to consider include computer programming, web developing, network engineering, system analysis, IT support, and even if you’re not familiar with the IT industry, you can still work as a quality assurance tester (you’ll be testing software and hardware of certain products or apps for customer experience so you don’t have to be knowledgeable in IT).

7. Other Jobs

For those non-specific jobs, we can say that opinions about tattoos at the workplace differ from employer to employer. If you’re struggling to find a job in your niche because of your tattoos, and the aforementioned jobs aren’t an option, make sure to check the following job opportunities;

Private investigator, masseuse, nutritionist, housecleaner, plumbing, laboratory technician, mining, personal training, engineering, taxi or bus driving (driving of any kind), dishwashing in a restaurant, business owning, fishing, carpentering, cooking, beekeeping, and so much more.

Jobs and Tattoos: 4 Things You Need to Know

1. Why Do Tattoos Matter In Employment?

As you may, job opportunities for people with visible tattoos can be pretty scarce. The reason for that lies in assumptions regarding a person being of a criminal background or problematic just because of their body art. Now, that is pretty discriminatory but mostly acceptable in the majority of jobs and industries. Even though mainstream, tattoos are still problematic and questionable for so many job opportunities.

We believe that tattoos in employment matter for the following reasons;

  • They might create a negative first impression
  • They might drive clients away based on the first impression
  • They might make you less trustworthy
  • People might assume your background is problematic and criminal
  • People may find your tattoos offensive or violent

We do have to emphasize that in many cases, customers and clients do show a greater preference for non-tattooed employees and staff, for the aforementioned reasons. However there are cases where clients or customers don’t even notice the tattoos, or sometimes prefer a tattooed service provider. It seems that the perception of tattoos in the workplace varies from person to person.

2. Can Someone Really Not Hire You Because of Your Tattoos?

Yes, unfortunately, employers are completely allowed to not hire you because of your visible tattoos, especially if you refuse to cover them (or if it’s hard to cover them). 

By Consitution, no one should be discriminated against and not employed because of their appearance, gender, age, nationality, and other factors. But, federally, and according to the US employent law, your rights in that sense are not protected. It is completely up to the employer to decide whether to hire you or not.

So, if an employer concludes your tattoos might drive customers/clients away, make them uncomfortable or insult them, they have the right to let not hire you or even fire you. Employers are allowed to do that based on their work policy, dress code, and rules of conduct or behavior at work.

3. Which Tattoos Are Not Acceptable In The Working Environment?

Well, even if you do find a job where body art is acceptable, there are still some limits to the kind of tattoos you can show off in front of clients and customers. For example, offensive or culturally appropriative tattoos are a definitive no-no, not only at work but anywhere else as well.

If your tattoos can insult people or make them truly uncomfortable, that is a sign you should keep them hidden.

So, tattoos of sexual nature, obscene and gruesome tattoos, tattoos that show or promote violence of any kind, tattoos that depict, blood, death, racist imagery, gang affiliations, offensive language or curse words are not acceptable even in the most accepting working environments.

4. Which High-Paying Jobs Accept Tattoos?

It is generally believed that high-paying jobs are the most restrictive when it comes to body art and tattoos. However, there are high-paying jobs where your appearance doesn’t matter; it is rather your knowledge and expertise the counts.

Such jobs include;

  • Scientist
  • Researcher
  • Fashion stylist and expert
  • Football player
  • Website designer
  • Computer developer
  • Actor
  • Model
  • Interior designer
  • Film editor
  • Dentist
  • Laboratory technician, etc.

So long the tattoos are acceptable and not offensive or insulting in any way, shape, or form, you shouldn’t have any issues getting a job in the aforementioned work environments.

Note: You can also consider a temporary tattoo instead

Final Thoughts

Even though many people find tattoos unacceptable at work, a greater number of people are shifting their opinion and becoming more accepting of body art. So, if you have visible tattoos, don’t worry! You’ll be able to find a good job, that fits you and your skills, one way or another.

Of course, it will be much easier if you go for professions that are accepting of tattoos in the first place. But, don’t be discouraged to do what you love just because someone doesn’t like your tattoos. Do your thing, try to be the best, and soon people won’t be noticing your ink for the wrong reasons, only for the good ones.

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