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16 Top-Rated Tattoo Shops In Atlanta: Ratings, Services, and Experience

Atlanta is standing right in the middle of Georgia, meaning the midwest of the United States. The city is an excellent attraction for those looking to enhance their body art. No wonder the many great tattoo shops everywhere.

Imagine that there are around 85 tattoo studios and counting; as such, it is kind of impossible to miss getting a new piece of ink art. However, selecting the ideal tattoo shop might be too hard; luckily, I am here to help you out.

Today, we will explore the best tattoo shops in town and find some inspiration for those who visit the city and want to remain with an ink souvenir.

Where to start from? Finding the artists? Looking for a studio? Well, you can start reading this article, then make the final choice. Write down the artists’ contact information to keep in touch and check their availability, budget, and, of course, style.

The Best Atlanta Tattoo Studios: What To Look For?

When I created this list, the primary purpose was to make sure the body art enthusiasts will go to the best artists in town. As such, I took the top Atlanta Tattoo Shops and rated them across multiple categories, such as:

  • Clean and hygienic environment
  • Artists’ experience in this domain
  • Tattoo Services
  • Location

So here we go, searching for the best place to have your oh-so-wanted tattoo.

Timeless Tattoo

Timeless Tattoo 1
Credit: Instagram
Timeless Tattoo 2
Credit: Instagram

When it comes to an excellent reputation, well, Timeless Tattoo Studio in Atlanta is what you need.

This reputable shop has been here for more than ten years and has a license in both complexes, fine line, black and grey, and colorful body art.

The tattooists here are professionals. Once entering this place, you will be amazed by the tattoo samples and pictures you will find.

Moreover, the shop has such a friendly and cozy atmosphere that you will almost not feel the pain.

Timeless Tattoo uses the best sterilization techniques to reach what is meant to be the highest standards in hygiene.

Personal opinion: The best part is that the shop affords an open atmosphere and private booths to make their customers feel as comfortable as possible.

Tattoo Services:

Iron Palm Tattoos & Body Piercing

Iron Palm Tattoos & Body Piercing 1
Credit: Instagram
Iron Palm Tattoos & Body Piercing 2
Credit: Instagram

One of the highest-rated tattoo shops in Atlanta is Iron Palm Tattoos and Body Piercing. This is the place where you are going to meet a dedicated team of artists.

Whether you want to have a professional tattoo, a piercing, or just talk to an artist, come here and share your thoughts.

The staff here will help you customize the initial design precisely the way you want.

Search for Wally, one of the most experienced tattoo artists here, and ask for some advice. He is such a fantastic professional in making graffiti and cartoon tattoo designs.

Moreover, he will make everything possible to transform your tattoo into an eye-catching and long-lasting piece of body art.

Do you wish to have your very first piercing? Well, here, you can find a large selection of jewelry and piercing accessories.

The shop guarantees its services and for its sterile equipment.

Personal opinion: If you cannot find Wally, don’t worry, as his colleagues are also extremely talented.

Tattoo Services:

  • Animals
  • Unicorns
  • Mandala tattoos
  • Skull tattoos
  • Realistic body art
  • Shaded tattoos
  • Full sleeve
  • Black and grey tattoos
  • Horror body art

City of Ink Tattoos

City of Ink Tattoos 1
Credit: Instagram
City of Ink Tattoos 2
Credit: Instagram

City of Ink Tattoos is a quite central place, right in Atlanta’s Castleberry Hill Art District. The tattoo artists here offer a wide range of different tattoo designs, from outline styles to color works.

Moreover, you can ask for custom artwork to enhance the tattoo design you had in mind.

If you are looking for some clean line works, maybe some realistic shading styles, this is the place to be.

Haven’t you decided what tattoo design you wish for? Never mind, when you do, you can have a free consultation.

Personal opinion: The professional staff provides such a friendly and clean environment to get inked while listening to great music and enjoying the good vibes.

Tattoo Services:

ABT Tattoo Studio

ABT Tattoo Studio 1
Credit: Instagram
ABT Tattoo Studio 2
Credit: Instagram

ABT Tattoo studio is one of the best places to get a fantastic tattoo while you are in Atlanta. Body art enthusiasts come here from all over the nearby cities.

Todo B., the tattoo parlor founder, and the owner, does breathtaking portraits, designs, and biomechanical tattoos.

For several years, the ABT Tattoo studio has stayed as the best body art studio in the area. And there is no wonder why. Just check out their online social media pages, admire their work, and convince yourself of this fact.


  • Piercings
  • Portraits
  • Body art

All or Nothing Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio

All or Nothing Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio 1
Credit: Instagram
All or Nothing Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio 2
Credit: Instagram

How cool is this name? Imagine that the body art done here is even more remarkable. The tattoo shop is a Smyrna-based tattoo shop, one of the best and famous in Atlanta and among the nearby cities.

The studio has been open for over a decade and has artists with vast experience in body art.

Personal opinion: If you are interested in having a tattoo here, you can check their website and social media pages and admire their previous ink work.

Tattoo Services:

  • Body art tattoos
  • Body art designing
  • Cover-up tattoos
  • Floral tattoo designs

Apocalypse Tattoo Company

Apocalypse Tattoo Company 1
Credit: Instagram
Apocalypse Tattoo Company 2
Credit: Instagram

If you don’t want anything too fancy, you can come to this place and get yourself one-of-a-kind traditional tattoos.

The story of this Apocalypse Tattoo company is beautiful as well. Artist Ryan Willingham, who has been doing tattoos since 1999, gave life to the shop with his childhood friend Adam, right back in 2013.

Considering this is a custom design shop, anyone can go and ask their favorite artists for a unique piece of body art.

To ease the process, Apocalypse Tattoo company encourages body art enthusiasts to send an email first, with the assigned artists, and offer all the information about the budget, the design, and the placement of their future tattoo.

Personal opinion: The environment here is friendly, clean, and offers the best sterile equipment, so you don’t have to worry about the procedure.

Body Art Services:

  • Tattoo design
  • Traditional tattoos
  • Modern art tattoos

Empyrean Tattoo & Art

Empyrean Tattoo & Art 1
Credit: Instagram
Empyrean Tattoo & Art 2
Credit: Instagram
Empyrean Tattoo & Art 3
Credit: Instagram

This tattoo studio is famous for its team of professionals. Come to Empyrean Tattoo and Art and have a talk with some of the best tattoo artists in this area.

Located in Sandy Springs, Empyrean Tattoos and Art is popular in the Atlanta community.

Mike McMahon, Ashley Wentzlogg, Liz Stansel, and Marlon Chavarria are the artists who deserve your attention.

The cost depends on the designs, how intricate or minimal it is, and the colors and size.

Personal opinion: They have a lot of experience in this domain and can create tattoos in different sizes, colors, and styles.

Tattoo Studio Services:

  • Tattoos (traditional, minimal, Mandala, one-line tattoo, 3D tattoos)
  • Piercings
  • Permanent make-up

Ink & Dagger Tattoo

Ink & Dagger Tattoo 1
Credit: Instagram
Ink & Dagger Tattoo 2
Credit: Instagram

When it comes to innovation in the tattoo industry, it is hard to bring something new, right? Well, Ink & Dagger Tattoo is the right place to go if you wish to have artistry body art.

Ink & Dagger Tattoo’s team comprises artists who are willing to follow their clients’ wishes and make their body art dreams come true. The studio is ready to deliver a unique tattoo experience for each individual.

Ink & Dagger Tattoo offers all kinds of tattoo designs, as you will see just down below.

Personal opinion: The environment here is friendly, cozy, and, most importantly, very clean.

Tattoo Services:

  • Neo Traditional tattoos
  • Traditional tattoos
  • Geometric tattoos
  • Ornamental tattoos
  • Black and grey
  • 3D geometric
  • Chaotic blackwork
  • Illustrative tattoos
  • Japanese tattoos

Ink Paradise

Ink Paradise 1
Credit: Instagram
Ink Paradise 2
Credit: Instagram
Ink Paradise 3
Credit: Instagram

Ink Paradise has been open in Smyrna since 2015, and it is a collaboration between two excellent friends, J.C. Erik and Erik.

While Erik is the business’s principal tattoo artist, J.C. manages the team and knows exactly what, when, and how things will happen.

Tattoo Services:

  • Traditional tattoos
  • Black and grey tattoos
  • Neo-traditional designs
  • Full-color
  • Mandala tattoos
  • Body art

Inksomnia Tattoo

Inksomnia Tattoo 1
Credit: Instagram
Inksomnia Tattoo 2
Credit: Instagram

Inksomnia Tattoo is a tattoo salon in Atlanta with a versatile team of artists, each of them with a particular passion.

It doesn’t matter if the clients who enter this shop are minimalists or love complex body art pieces. Each one will get a fantastic selection of skin art.

Different specialized magazines have awarded the vision of the artists, so this is one of the most trustworthy places to go for a new tattoo.

Come to the shop and discuss your ideas and finally have a unique tattoo. More than tattoos, the Inksomnia shop also provides piercings of all kinds.

Personal opinion: One of the great things about this place is that even if you don’t have any design in mind, the artists will always be available for consultation and ready to enhance the look of your body art piece.

Tattoo Services:

  • Traditional tattoos
  • Neo Traditional tattoos
  • Body art
  • Piercings

Liberty Tattoo

Liberty Tattoo 1
Credit: Instagram
Liberty Tattoo 2
Credit: Instagram

Liberty Tattoo is one of the professional tattoo studios in Atlanta, with a team of artists who can make both classic and custom tattoos.

Founded in 2002, Liberty Tattoo Studio provides an intimate, friendly, cozy, and clean environment for its clients.

Former clients have confirmed the accommodating atmosphere and helpful staff.

Interesting facts: In 2014, the studio was awarded the Atlanta’s Best Tattoo Shop award by the Georgia Voice.


  • Traditional tattoo
  • Modern-looking body art designs

Live Free Tattoo

Live Free Tattoo 1
Credit: Instagram
Live Free Tattoo 2
Credit: Instagram

Live Free Tattoo is a place that combines classic aesthetics with modern techniques and unique designs.

Located in Atlanta, this tattoo studio was established in 2023, and at the very first point, it only served the small community.

During the years, the shop focused on evolving on the local body art market, and so it did; this is one of the most trustful tattoo studios in the area.

Personal opinion: The creative vision of the team of artists, but also the guiding principles and safety procedures, are the main reasons to choose the Live Free Tattoo Studio.

Tattoo Services:

  • Portraits
  • Traditional tattoos

Memorial Tattoo

Memorial Tattoo 1
Credit: Instagram
Memorial Tattoo 2
Credit: Instagram

When it comes to the best of the best artists, the Memorial Tattoo studio has been serving the Atlanta area since 2006.

The studio is proud to have eight award-winning artists, each specializing in a particular tattoo style. From traditional tattoos to realism designs, here is where you can make your body art wish come true.

Memorial Tattoo promises to offer a sterile workspace where the artists can provide high-quality tattoo designs for body art enthusiasts. The team uses only single-use needles, of course, as well as high-quality pigments.

Personal opinion: Phil Colvin, the founder of Memorial Tattoo, has such a great experience, and he is such a lovely and creative presence.

Tattoo Services:

  • Traditional tattoos
  • Portrait tattoos
  • Realistic tattoo designs

Only You Tattoo

Only You Tattoo 1
Credit: Instagram
Only You Tattoo 2
Credit: Instagram

Only You Tattoo is the ideal place to be for those who are looking for a new tattoo. You deserve top services, so come here to discover what creative body art means.

The atmosphere is cozy, friendly, clean, and stylish. Moreover, everything is sterile, so you can feel comfortable doing a tattoo.

The tattoo shop is open seven days a week, and the artists here accept walk-ins guests.

Good to know: It does not matter if you don’t have an appointment, so dare to come and talk to the artists.

Tattoo Services:

  • Geometric designs
  • Japanese tattoos
  • Full sleeve tattoos
  • Stylish scripts
  • Traditional American tattoos
  • Tribal styled tattoos

Mystic Owl Tattoo Shop

Mystic Owl Tattoo Shop 1
Credit: Instagram
Mystic Owl Tattoo Shop 2
Credit: Instagram

Mystic Owl Tattoo Shop has been in the business for some time now, considering the grand opening was back in 2011.

Clients from Atlanta and nearby communities are coming here to benefit from the exceptional tattoo services.

As the studios above, the atmosphere here is also welcoming, friendly, comfortable, and sterile. Plus, the artists cannot wait until they meet new body art enthusiasts.

Tattoo Services:

  • Cartoons tattoos
  • Anime tattoos
  • Realistic body art
  • Traditional tattoos
  • Microblading

Thunderbolt Tattoo & Piercing

Thunderbolt Tattoo & Piercing 1
Credit: Instagram
Thunderbolt Tattoo & Piercing 2
Credit: Instagram

Even though a new place, Thunderbolt Tattoo and Piercing has quickly become one of the top tattoo studios in Atlanta. Once you enter the physical shop, you see a variety of tattoo arts, as well as Japanese-inspired decorations.

Personal opinion: Whether you want a default tattoo design or you’re looking to create a unique tattoo that matches your personality and reasons why inking your skin, ask Joe Vegas, the owner, to fulfill your dream.


  • Japanese tattoo
  • Traditional tattoos
  • Personalized body art
  • Microblading

Tattoo Shops in Atlanta: More FAQ

Still have questions? Luckily, there are the most frequently asked questions and answers right below.

Q: What is the legislation regarding tattooing in Atlanta?

A: In order to be a tattoo artist in Atlanta, you need to be licensed by the healthy authority based on the Georgia Rules and Regulations of Body Art Studios and Tattoo/Body Piercing Artists. People giving tattoos without such a license are practicing outside the law. So make sure you check before anything else.

Q: Can minors get tattooed in Atlanta?

A: When it comes to getting a tattoo, in the state of Georgia, minors get a tattoo only if it’s done by a licensed physician under their direct supervision.

Q: How much does it cost to get a tattoo in Atlanta?

A: Usually, an Atlanta tattoo artist will charge you somewhere between $75 and $250. However, if you choose to go with a really famous artist, you can expect the price to go to $500/hour.

In conclusion

If you are visiting Atlanta or planning to stay for good and want to get a tattoo as a statement, now you know the places to keep an eye for.

Now, regardless of what parlor you’ll choose from this list, I am sure that you won’t be disappointed.

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