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Mother of Two Tattoos: 30+ Best Design Ideas

The relationship between a mother and her children is always unique, strong, and unbreakable. The bond between a mother and the children lasts a lifetime and acts as the ground and safe haven for both the parent and the children, even after everybody grows up or grows old. So, what better way to honor that relationship than by getting a meaningful tattoo.

Mother of Two Tattoos
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The ‘mother of two’ tattoos aren’t exactly what you would have in mind. They don’t have to necessarily depict the exact people in question; they can just be unique symbols, words, or anything else that could signify the bond and relationship between the mother and her two kids.

In the following paragraphs, we’ll take a look at some of the best tattoo designs you could be possibly inspired by. Please make sure to not use the same designs for your tattoo, because you’ll be committing plagiarism by stealing someone else’s work. If you like something, talk to your tattoo artists and see whether they can create a similar design.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

The Best Mother Of Two Design Ideas

Mother and Children – Forever Together

Mother and Children 1
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A simple tattoo illustrating a mother and her children sitting next to each other, surrounded by love and their mother’s gentle arms is the perfect starting point for this topic. This tattoo design doesn’t have to be specific to translate the massage; so, you don’t have to worry about getting the people in the illustration to look realistic. The imagery is there, and so is the message.

The tattoo design is not too big or too flashy. Just like a mother’s love, it is there and close to the heart, which is the most important thing. The tattoo can be done in color or in black with some shading.

Mother and Children 2
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Names In One Bond – A Simple Family Honoring

Names In One Bond 1
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If you don’t want to get a detailed and highly specific tattoo, you can always go for the simple, yet effective ‘name’ tattoo. Such a tattoo is simple because it only has the names of the mother and the children written; the names can be incorporated into a design or written on their own.

The design is not pretentious or over the top, as tattoos can get, so if you’re a fan of simplicity, this will be your favorite choice.

Some people tend to experiment with the design, adding certain symbols, like the symbol of infinity, roses, hearts, and similar items. But, even without any additions, the names alone translate a strong message of bond and connection between the mother and her children.

Names In One Bond 2
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Lioness and Her Cubs – Motherhood Imagery From the Animal Kingdom

Lioness and Her Cubs 1
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Another effective way of showing the connection between a mother and her children can be perfectly done in an illustration of a lioness and her cubs. We all know how protective and loving animals are of their cubs. A lioness may be the best example of motherly love and the ability to survive and raise her cubs to be strong, independent lions and lionesses.

A tattoo of a lioness and her cubs translated a message of strength, everlasting love, protection, and an unbreakable bond. Not even the father, the lion, can get in between the lioness and her dear cubs.

Lioness and Her Cubs 2
Credit: Instagram

Sun and Moon, Hand in Hand – The Nature’s Bond in Mother’s Hand

Sun and Moon, Hand in Hand 1
Credit: Instagram

The connection between the mother and her children can be seen everywhere we look around. How one cannot be without the other is perfectly depicted in the relationship between the Sun and the Moon. They create our days and night, light and darkness, and without them, even we as people would not exist.

So, if you’re looking to show how omnipresent the love of a mother and her children is, you cannot go wrong with this design. It is not over the top, and we think it perfectly depicts the motherly love and bond to her kids without evoking extreme emotions or being too sappy.

Sun and Moon, Hand in Hand 2
Credit: Instagram

Matching Flower Tattoos – The Petals Of Mother’s Love

Matching Flower Tattoos 1
Credit: Instagram

For a mother and her children to get matching tattoos is a great idea. On their own, the tattoos are cute and interesting, but their true power comes to life when everybody reconnects. This design shows the power of unity and how we all stay connected with our parents of children despite the physical distance.

Flowers themselves symbolize growth, improvement, and the ability to stay rooted in the process. And, mothers are known to help their children stand firmly on the ground and to know what their roots are. So, the flower tattoo design is simply perfect in both the message it translates and the appearance as well.

Matching Flower Tattoos 2
Credit: Instagram

In Mother’s Arms – The Best Place In The World

In Mother's Arms 1
Credit: Instagram

Is there a better and more comforting feeling than getting tightly hugged by one’s mother? In the mother’s arms, every problem disappears and all you can feel is the love and its warmth. So, what better way to to a ‘mother of two’ tattoo than by getting a simple illustration of a mother and her children hugging.

This tattoo can be pretty simple and feature just the outline or achieve the effects by shading. However, if you want to go all-in, this tattoo can be rather intricate, so make sure to get it done by a tattoo professional.

In Mother's Arms 2
Credit: Instagram

Elephants and Their Calves – A Beautiful Motherly Love of Gentle Giants

Elephants are known to be incredibly connected to their family and calves, so much so that people think they’re even more emotional and connected than humans. Elephants fall into depression when they lose a family member, a parent, or a child. We couldn’t think of a better way to honor the motherly love towards her children than through these wonderful elephant tattoos.

These elephant tattoos might not be for everybody, truth to be told. Sometimes the meaning gets lost when people get animal tattoos of this kind. However, you can get a smaller, simplified version of this design that is not over the top but still meaningful and close to you.

Elephants and Their Calves
Credit: Instagram

Other Tattoo Design Inspiration

Other Tattoo Design Inspiration 1
Credit: Instagram
Other Tattoo Design Inspiration 2
Credit: Instagram
Other Tattoo Design Inspiration 3
Credit: Instagram
Other Tattoo Design Inspiration 4
Credit: Instagram
Other Tattoo Design Inspiration 5
Credit: Instagram
Other Tattoo Design Inspiration 6
Credit: Instagram
Other Tattoo Design Inspiration 7
Credit: Instagram
Other Tattoo Design Inspiration 8
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Other Tattoo Design Inspiration 9
Credit: Instagram
Other Tattoo Design Inspiration 10
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Final Thoughts

We hope you got inspired to get a tattoo that honors the love and bond between a mother and her children. The aforementioned images are just examples of how these tattoos can be done; they should not be copied, because they’re original designs and done by a specific tattoo artist. Feel free to draw inspiration, but do not use someone else’s tattoo design as your own.

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