Jasmine Flower Tattoos

Jasmine Flower Tattoo: 30+ Best Design Ideas (2024 Updated)

Any flower lovers out there? Even more specific, how about Jasmine flower lovers? Jasmine is a gorgeous flower that you’ll enjoy placing over your body as your next go-to idea. Are you a fan of bold and bright tattoos? How about unique colorful pieces that have petals to them? If you’re a fan of feminine and girly designs make sure that you keep on reading and make sure that you find your next go-to tattoo down below.

Jasmine Flower Tattoos: FAQ

Jasmine Flower Tattoos FAQ
Credit: Instagram

1. Who Should Get A Jasmine Flower Tattoo?

Jasmine flowers and flower tattoos are wearable by anyone who wishes to stand out and who is a fan of feminine girly ink. If you love to seek attention and you’re a fan of different-sized flowers, as well as elegant and feminine meanings you will want to get a Jasmine flower print.

2. Does The Color Of The Flower Matter?

Rocking a Jasmine flower tattoo can vary and you can embrace different meanings based on its color combo. Here are your most common color options and definitions:

Red – this color will make you look like a passionate and energetic person. If you’re someone who is always rocking powerful tattoos yet you’re as delicate as a flower this image will suit your personality.

Blue – stands for overall happiness and positivity, as well as your intuition to do rightful things.

Pink – is for romantic souls and women who are always trying to look feminine and cheerful.

Yellow – symbolizes wealth and good pure intentions that are ahead, as well as financial goods.

Green – the color of good luck and fortune that will follow you in every journey.

Purple – the best choice for those who want to look put together and mysterious people.

Black – although not really a common tattoo choice color for flowers, this design may suit guys the most. It will make you look elegant and gracious.

3. Where To Place Your Jasmine Flower Tattoo?

Placement-wise, most women prefer sticking to forearm or thigh placement ideas. Some also love the collarbone since it is such a playful and sexy idea. For men, on the other hand, a Jasmine flower tattoo may look the best over their bicep.

4. Are Jasmine Flower Tattoos Pricey?

Luckily, jasmine flowers or flower tattoos, in general, are usually quite affordable. They are small, minimalistic, as well as easy to do. You don’t have to invest a lot of time, money, or color ideas when creating your jasmine or flower tattoo. You will pay around $150 (usually) for your tattoo.

5. What Does A Jasmine Flower Tattoo Symbolize?

Did you know that this type of flower represents and stand for purity, love, as well as sensuality? It has a fascinating scent and is used to describe modesty. This tattoo represents your minimalism yet holy side, ideal for anyone who wishes to cleanse their soul & mind.

Colorful Jasmine Flower Tattoos

1. Jasmine Flower Tattoo Designs

Jasmine Flower Tattoo Designs
Image Source: @noemesystattoo

The perfect forearm tattoo for women who love art and feminine flowers. This color combo is promising yet artistic, as well as loud and funky.

This image is for anyone who is trying to represent positivity while emphasizing their origin and true emotional nature.

Did you know that Jasmine can live up to 20 years?!

2. Arabian Jasmine Flower Tattoo

Arabian Jasmine Flower Tattoo
Image Source: @a_fiszka

The collarbone placement is ideal for anyone who wants to look innocent and attractive. Are you someone who enjoys pure white or pink flowers and you’re gravitating toward cute ink? This is your must!

The branch as well as these flowers will stand for your nature-loving and caring side. You will come off looking like a very caring and loving spiritual soul while staying in tune with your earth and realistic self.

3. Calf Blue Jasmine Flower Tattoo

Calf Blue Jasmine Flower Tattoo
Image Source: @ojibwaydude

Larger calf tattoos are for those who have masculine and gorgeous-looking legs. If you’re a fan of color and you want to show off your design while braving about it, consider this!

Add an important date that has a deep meaning as well as a spiritual connection to you or others around you. Anyone who is a fan of flowers and wants the world to know that will like this larger blue tattoo. Express your appreciation for your closest ones and show just how pure your love is.

Fun fact: Jasmine flowers are around 2.5 centimeters long.

4. Yellow Jasmine Flower Tattoo

Yellow Jasmine Flower Tattoo
Image Source: @zackindertattoos

If yellow and orange are your top two colors and you love to express your style through tattoos consider giving this one a go. Women will enjoy this design a bit more than guys since it is feminine and different and girly. If you’re a fan of color you can also give it a try.

Orange is a color of positivity and fortune. If you’re gaining a lot while growing you will love this jasmine design.

5. Jasmine Flower Tattoo Small Design

Jasmine Flower Tattoo Small Design
Image Source: @ashleytysontattoo

Forearm tattoos and smaller flowers are something that younger girls and teens love to get. If you’re trying to express your feminine side with something that has a unique meaning for you – jasmine flowers are it!

This tattoo stands for your purity and pure happiness. Those who have been through thick and thin and have still managed to find themselves will love this art.

6. Blue Jasmine Flower Tattoo Over Foot

Blue Jasmine Flower Tattoo Over Foot
Image Source: @lamalafedetattoo

Foot tattoos are not that common among guys, but girls love them! If you’re someone who wants to get an unusual design and you gravitate toward artsy prints – foot placement will suit you.

This jasmine flower is quite big and painful to get. However, once successfully placed down the tattoo will symbolize your wildness and authentic personality.

Did you know that the most common color for this flower is white or yellow?

7. Jasmine Flower Tattoo Arm Purple Design

Jasmine Flower Tattoo Arm Purple Design
Image Source: @pgprincess.art

This arm tattoo and this purple print are for those who love to stand out and show their bright optimistic side. It will take you 3-5 hours to achieve this image.

Purple is a color of mystery. If you’re a positive person who loves to have fun under your own terms this idea is for you.

8. Pink Jasmine Flower Tattoo In Vase

Pink Jasmine Flower Tattoo In Vase
Image Source: @ane_aleksandra

Why not consider going for that mysterious vibe and artsy idea? You can put your flowers in a vase and enjoy that unique approach as well as the powerful vibe and message that it gives out.

Flowers in a vase stand for personal growth (as long as you have someone who will water them/you). The message is strong and it will let the world see how you can conquer any obstacle if and when you have the right people next to you.

9. White Jasmine Flower Tattoo On The Side

White Jasmine Flower Tattoo On The Side
Image Source: @carrot.tattoo

Chest or side tattoos can hurt a lot, unfortunately. If you’re someone who enjoys practicality and you’re afraid of the needle, this may not be for you. However, those who wish to stand out will love this tattoo idea.

Green and pink are colors of the spring season. If you’re a nature-loving person and you want to come off as someone who loves and feels confident in your body – this is perfect for you.

Fun fact: each flower usually has around 5-9 petals.

10. Jasmine Flower Tattoo With Name

Jasmine Flower Tattoo With Name
Image Source: @sach.ink

You can decorate your chosen tattoo with some pink flowers and write down your name to fully enjoy it. You can also go for someone else’s name and get this design in their honor.

Pink is a color of passion which means that this tattoo will represent your innocent beauty and sexy side. If you’re a low-key beauty and you prefer subtle art this is ideal!

11. Jasmine Flower Tattoo Shoulder Ink

Jasmine Flower Tattoo Shoulder Ink
Image Source: @theforcetattoo

Guys can also get jasmine flower tattoos. If you love bigger tattoos and you’re someone who enjoys attention-seeking details try to experiment and stick to this design. Color can look sexy as well!

This giant shoulder life represents your caring side and the journey that you’ve been on. If you are delicate as a flower and you still feel masculine – you can show it with this!

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12. Forearm Jasmine Flower Pink Tattoo

Forearm Jasmine Flower Pink Tattoo
Image Source: @symone.tattoo

This is a smaller forearm jasmine flower that is for anyone who is a minimalistic girl. Enjoy the colorful duo and let the world see how and where you stand when it comes to that pop of color.

You will look like a spontaneous girl who loves her identity and knows how to adapt to different and new surroundings.

13. Jasmine Flower Tattoo Minimalist Design

Jasmine Flower Tattoo Minimalist Design
Image Source: @noemesystattoo

This is a pure and feminine jasmine design. Those who love pure ink and gorgeous sexy tattoos; try out this one. It will take you less than three hours to achieve it and place over your arm.

This flower stands for your pure love and angels that are around you. If you are a positive soul who is trying to get the best out of people and each situation – this is far the best choice for you.

Did you know that its origin is in western China?

Black & White Jasmine Flower Tattoos

1. Arm Simple Ink Jasmine Flower Tattoo

Arm Simple Ink Jasmine Flower Tattoo
Image Source: @monica.tattoos

Black tattoos can look cute and sexy, only when done the right way. This Jasmine design is quick and easy to get + low-key mysterious, and who wouldn’t want that vibe?

Black is a color of elegance and purity. Your flower will symbolize you as a new reborn woman – empowering and encouraging for others around you.

2. Giant Jasmine Flower Tattoo Idea

Giant Jasmine Flower Tattoo Idea
Image Source: @inkmites

If you prefer larger designs this is your must-have. It is an amazing representation of how larger and bolder ink can look powerful. Just the flower itself and its outlines will define your grandiose appearance.

This jasmine flower is a sign of strong beliefs and your journey that’s ahead. Most charismatic souls will want this print over their bodies.

3. Butterfly Jasmine Flower Tattoo

Butterfly Jasmine Flower Tattoo
Image Source: @sisterxserpent

Decorate your jasmine flower tattoo with an important date that has a significant meaning. If you love black ink and you also want to add some fun butterflies – give this one a chance.

Butterflies and jasmine flowers represent power, modesty, as well as an experimental situation and transitional period that you might have in your life.

Fun fact: Jasmine tea is healthy for you while being quite sweet.

4. Collarbone Jasmine Flower Black Tattoo

Collarbone Jasmine Flower Black Tattoo
Image Source: @evgenia.kaplan

Do you enjoy and prefer chest or collarbone tattoos? This is a stunning go-to placement for women who have their sexy side and who want something delicate yet attention-seeking.

The flower itself represents modesty and love for others around you. You will come off as a diva and a pure soul, so who wouldn’t love that?

5. Small Trio Jasmine Flower Tattoo

Small Trio Jasmine Flower Tattoo
Image Source: @_caterpillarvibes_

If you love smaller tattoos and cute designs this jasmine print is for you. Anyone who loves to stand out with their minimalism side and doesn’t want too loud colors over their body will enjoy this simple piece.

Three flowers will represent your connection with your closest ones. If you have someone specific in mind and you want to dedicate the tattoo to someone you love; go for it!

6. Jasmine Flower Tattoo Shoulder Idea

Jasmine Flower Tattoo Shoulder Idea
Image Source: @tattoos_by_zachariah

Do you love back tattoos? If you are up for something large, bit & noticeable – this will suit you. It can take you 6-8 hours to achieve this print.

Jasmine stands for your renewal and new pure journey. If you are ready to try out something new in your life and you truly want to commit to it – go with this flower and show your determination.

Did you know that Jasmine flower is a common ingredient in perfumes?

7. Jasmine Flower Tattoo Small Over Leg

Jasmine Flower Tattoo Small Over Leg
Image Source: @small_magicsart

Foot or leg tattoos are quite popular among girls who love professional and feminine ideas. This jasmine flower is for you if you need a quick & easy design.

You can symbolize your love and consistency with this marvelous and gorgeous design. Foot placement & this flower will show your grace and pure intentions as well.

8. Jasmine Flower Tattoo On Thigh Gorgeous Ink

Jasmine Flower Tattoo On Thigh Gorgeous Ink
Image Source: @swa2000.ink__

Giant leg or thigh tattoos will work together amazingly! If you have a lot of spare space and you’re not afraid to show it or cover with black ink – bring this inspiration to your tattoo artist.

Every girl will represent her gorgeous & sexy side with this print. Jasmine flowers are a symbol of unity and courage, and what woman doesn’t want to come off looking as attractive?

9. Jasmine Flower Tattoo Minimalist Cute Art

Jasmine Flower Tattoo Minimalist Cute Art
Image Source: @maria_tartakovski

You don’t have to show off your tattoo to the entire world – it can be only known and visible to you. If you are a low-key and low-maintenance person who doesn’t love to show off way too much consider this jasmine flower.

It will represent your cute yet artsy side. You will look like a true powerful individual who knows how to get what she wants, yet in her own way.

Fun fact: the flower is a national symbol for Hawaii, Indonesia, Pakistan & the Philippines.

10. Butterfly & Jasmine Flower Tattoo Duo

Butterfly & Jasmine Flower Tattoo Duo
Image Source: @cristinaferrertattoo

Flowers & butterflies go so well together, wouldn’t you agree?! This is a mesmerizing story in its own way with loads of character, wouldn’t you agree?

Butterflies symbolize a new journey that’s ahead, while flowers show that you’re always sticking to your sensual side and gut feeling.

11. Interesting Jasmine Flowers Black Idea

Interesting Jasmine Flowers Black Idea
Image Source: @amor.sui.tattoo

Do you want your tattoo to tell a story in its own way? Black ink, although a bit plain, can look amazing once done the right way!

This story-telling design will represent your creative and bold side. You will come off as a true artsy soul who knows how to achieve your goals in your own way.

12. Jasmine Flower Tattoo Sleeve Creation

Jasmine Flower Tattoo Sleeve Creation
Image Source: @nino_brown13

This forearm sleeve with black ink and super subtle pop of pink is for girls who love to switch up the look and tattoo style from time to time. Heads up since sleeves can be uncomfortable and painful to go for.

This tattoo tells of a person who loves to follow their dreams and always succeeds in getting what they want. If you are a patient soul you can tell it all with your jasmine flower.

Did you know that Jasmine flowers contain both types of reproductive organs?

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13. Giant Black Neck Jasmine Inspired Tattoo

Giant Black Neck Jasmine Inspired Tattoo
Image Source: @lalutattoo

If you are a fan of neck tattoos and you want to stand out this is your must-have. Neck tattoos are common among men, although everyone can wear this gorgeous design!

It stands for your charisma, as well as your self-growth, as well as how you see yourself in this crazy world and your personal journey.

Flower Lovers Out There Waiting On Their New Tattoo?

How do you feel about this article, as well as our gorgeous Jasmine flowers? Every person will enjoy sticking to one of these creations, make sure that you let us know which one is your go-to or holy-grail.

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