Starfish Tattoos

40+ Dazzling Starfish Tattoos: Designs, Meanings, And Best Placements

Starfish are marine, exquisite creatures that belong to the fascinating, still unknown undersea world. Since they look amazing and have a substantial symbolic value, starfish tattoos have increased popularity among body art enthusiasts.

These designs are suitable for each gender, and they work excellently in black and white and as watercolor tattoos. The starfish symbols are well known as remarkable creatures that can adapt to difficult marine situations and hold a lot of importance in the maritime world ecosystem.

So if you love summer and the sea-related elements, look for the beautiful starfish tattoo made with pastel colors and choose some attractive body places to have them.

Some of the main advantages of these designs are their positivity and the holiday vibe they come with. The starfish tattoos hold a great significance in marine life. After reading the information below, you will find everything there is to know on the topic.

Check some of the best starfish tattoo designs from the next collection.

The Origins Of Starfish Tattoos

The Origins Of Starfish Tattoos
Credit: Instagram

Although it is an evident fact, let’s mention the origins of starfish tattoos’ popularity to clarify their importance. So, starfish tattoos, like most of the nautical symbols, come from sailors.

The “people of the sea” used to draw images of the creatures they met while sailing into the sea or catching on their vessels.

As such, when they came back home after many months of sailing, they would replicate those symbols and contours in ink body markings. It was somehow a method to show the world what they saw on the water and spread the beauty of marine life.

Now, among the marine species, starfish is unique and has strong roots in other cultures and societies as well, besides the sailor world. Down below, we will explain why starfish tattoos are so widespread and popular.

Meanings and Symbolism Of Starfish Tattoos

Since many people prefer starfish tattoos and consider them pretty and timeless, it is interesting to look at, to feel the meanings and the symbolic value of these designs. As such, let’s talk about the symbolism associated with starfish tattoos.

  • In Christianity, the starfish tattoos were the symbol of the Virgin Mary or Stella Maris, translated as the sea star. The starfish were believed to create that safe passage through troubled waters, as well as helping to overcome the most trying times. As such, once wearing the starfish tattoos, sailors would benefit from protection, as well as a permanent sign of infinite divine love.
  • The perfect shape of starfish tattoos symbolizes perfection, as well as the mystery of the sea. Both genders prefer the fascination for this design. Body art enthusiasts would choose star shapes for their profound and shrouded mystery—no wonder why people are so fascinated by the ocean and the creatures within it.

Moreover, other positive qualities attributed to starfish tattoos are:

  • Sense of guidance
  • Changing times
  • Regeneration
  • Salvation from troubles
  • Power
  • Love
  • Instinct

Best Possible Designs Of Starfish Tattoos

Considering there are lots of different species of starfish, the design possibilities are pretty infinite. Although most of us would think only about those famous orange starfish from “The Little Mermaid,” well, let me tell you that your horizon should be much more expansive.

As such, starfish tattoos come in lots of shades, colors, formations, and sizes.

You can either choose to have the traditional starfish tattoos in their natural habitat, meaning the ocean or the sea, or ink yourself with another marine piece.

Don’t hesitate to add shells, dolphins, mermaids, sharks, seagulls, or anchors. Creativity is the secret, so there is no “too much” for starfish tattoo designs.

Of course, most people who look for starfish tattoos would like to get them inked in isolation, while others would prefer to add an aggregation of details.

Starfish tattoos are genuinely versatile in size so that they can be placed anywhere on the body. It only depends on your preference. Once you get your mind to this tattoo design, the possibilities with the starfish tattoos are endless, so you simply need to find one that works great for you.

However, the most important thing to remember is that starfish tattoos are permanent like any other tattoo design. Undoing the decision might take you a lot of work and effort.

Moreover, getting them off can be difficult and cost you a lot of money and pain. So if you are getting a starfish tattoo, make sure you spend some time thinking, discussing it, making sure about the area of your skin so that you won’t regret a thing afterward.

Realistic Starfish Tattoos

Realistic Starfish Tattoos 1
Credit: @carlostattoord
Realistic Starfish Tattoos 2
Credit: @paulhartingtattoo
Realistic Starfish Tattoos 3
Credit: @maggiespans

What better way to show off your body art collection than with a realistic starfish tattoo design? Look for these truly-looking starfish tattoos to complete your look.

Not only do these starfish tattoos look impressive and elegant, but they are also a way to prove the love for marine life and to take it very seriously.

Personal opinion: For a more authentic look, I recommend adding some lines and dots for a more dramatic effect.

The Minimal Starfish Tattoos

The Minimal Starfish Tattoos 1
Credit: @baddecisionstattoo
The Minimal Starfish Tattoos 2
Credit: @guysvl

Some people are shyer when it comes to ink body art. They are looking for cute, tiny starfish tattoos to have on delicate spots of their skin. The minimal ink pieces are ideal for those who believe in the “less is more” saying.

One of the best parts when it comes to tiny starfish tattoos is that you can place them anywhere on your body, from the wrist to the ankle or the back of your ear.

Usually, these designs are pretty simple and basic, making them elegant, soft, and discreet. You can go for a one-line drawing, a black and white minimal tattoo, or add some splashes of color.

Personal opinion: If you have just begun your tattoo journey now, this style would suit you best and would also be a great starting point for a new passion.

The Tribal Starfish Tattoo

The Tribal Starfish Tattoo 1
Credit: @head2toetattoo
The Tribal Starfish Tattoo 2
Credit: @guido23tattoo
The Tribal Starfish Tattoo 3
Credit: @_tattoodesire

When it comes to the tribal pieces of art, the ocean symbols and creatures have long been connected to the tribal style of tattooing. As such, there’s no wonder why the tattooing catalogs are full of starfish tribal-style tattoos.

The tribal design suits best with the symbolistic of starfish. These marine elements have been a sign of protection for those living and working on the waters or islands.

So lots of these people were wearing the image of tribal starfish tattoos on their skin, believing the sign will be their shelter and their lucky charm.

Nowadays, tribal starfish tattoos are a breathtaking outline for those who want an original tattoo design.

Symbolizing a powerful oceanic element, the inside of the invention is filled with tribal elements.

Personal opinion: Try to add some more nautical themes for a stunning effect. Do the necessary research and choose that design that speaks to you.

A Bunch Of Starfish Tattoos

A Bunch Of Starfish Tattoos 1
Credit: @redfallingstar
A Bunch Of Starfish Tattoos 2
Credit: @a_ink1
A Bunch Of Starfish Tattoos 3
Credit: @hostel_ink

When you choose to get tattooed with a bunch of starfish elements, you might think about their symbolism, right? These oceanic elements stand for regeneration, so if you feel like you lost a battle, try to cheer up and fight again by tattooing yourself.

One of the most impressive “skills” of starfish is their capacity to re-grow and regenerate after harmful situations.

Now, while it is kind of impossible for humans to re-grow or change some beyond repair things in their lives, at least they can find some strength in symbols they love. Moreover, the starfish tattoos are pretty appealing, right?

If you decide to tattoo yourself with multiple starfish symbols, the representation of regenerating and changing is even more powerful. Your new body design can also mean attitude, belief, and a specific mindset.

Perhaps you have been going through bad experiences, so starfish tattoos can be ideal to leave those bad things behind and finally move forward after a valuable lesson.

Try to select a tattoo design that pictures the starfish as nicely as possible.

Personal opinion: Don’t hesitate to add more elements and details to customize each starfish. Select an area of the skin that is large enough to capture the design perfectly.

The Unique Starfish Tattoo

The Unique Starfish Tattoo 1
Credit: @ei_bodyart
The Unique Starfish Tattoo 2
Credit: @ohwildmidnight
The Unique Starfish Tattoo 3

Some of you might be more eccentric and want to have a unique starfish tattoo with a special design. These beautiful ideas are perfect for people who want more than a spartan tattoo but still wish to integrate the starfish into their body art.

As such, your design can include a leg bracelet with starfish charms, or a glowing tattoo behind the ear, with the starfish outline.

Personal opinion: Choose the colors that you like the most; however, the most often shades are blue, orange, or green, as well as their variants.

Delicate Starfish Tattoos

Delicate Starfish Tattoos 1
Credit: @oopsietattoo
Delicate Starfish Tattoos 2
Credit: @redbaytattoo
Delicate Starfish Tattoos 3
Credit: @birdytattoos

When it comes to delicate and minimal tattoos, well, there is a difference. While the minimal tattoos can have different details, the very soft starfish tattoo is even tinier and simpler.

As such, if you enjoy the most miniature starfish tattoos to suit your personality and vibe, then these examples would be truly suitable for you.

The outline is very delicate, while the inner portion of the starfish tattoo is all made up of beautiful, fine lines.

Personal opinion: You can place this tattoo anywhere, but it looks stunning over the shoulder.

3D Starfish Tattoos

 3D Starfish Tattoos 1
Credit: @_dudink_
3D Starfish Tattoos 2
Credit: @thegigilyn
3D Starfish Tattoos 3
Credit: @leftytattoo

If you are looking for a spectacular design for your starfish tattoo, you should consider the 3D effects. These tattoos are simply amazing, and they come with lots of details made embossed.

Personal opinion: Not all artists are able to create really amazing 3D designs. Thus, try to look for the top artists in town to create the 3D outcome.

Cute Starfish Tattoos

Cute Starfish Tattoos 1
Credit: @itisanotherthuy
Cute Starfish Tattoos 2
Credit: @ghost_needle
Cute Starfish Tattoos 3
Credit: @jane13tattoo

Here is another way to obtain a cute, original, and unique starfish tattoo. The beautiful starfish tattoos can look fabulous on the skin; just make sure you will use an atypical design.

You can place these body art pieces on the shoulder, on the neck area, even on the leg. Make sure you are choosing the perfect placement that makes the tattoo eye-catching.

Personal opinion: Play with the sizes and adapt them to the effect you want to obtain.

Starfish Tattoos With Wordings

Starfish Tattoos With Wordings 1
Credit: @tattoorroom
Starfish Tattoos With Wordings 2
Starfish Tattoos With Wordings 3
Credit: @miantatu

Some words mean a lot to people, and they describe some feelings, some critical people in their lives, a particular date, or the name of unique places. Moreover, the words are making the tattoos more sentimental.

By simply having a tattoo with a starfish contour means commemorating someone or a specific place. Adding some words next to starfish tattoos will offer a unique vibe to the final design.

The words will look fabulous on the hand, on the back, on the wrist, or the arm. Each of these designs can be scaled in tiny sizes and completed with other elements.

Personal opinion: If you plan to make a particular tattoo with a powerful meaning, the starfish tattoos with wordings are quite unique.

Starfish Tattoos in Marine Landscapes

Starfish Tattoos in Marine Landscapes 1
Credit: @mermaid_tattooer
Starfish Tattoos in Marine Landscapes 2
Credit: @kevinmctattoo
Starfish Tattoos in Marine Landscapes 3
Credit: @nextlevelstudio

We talked about simple starfish tattoos that come in simple, minimal designs that do not ask for too much space. Well, let’s move further and talk about some more complex ideas.

What about choosing a starfish tattoo that comes into the original and classic environment? Add splashes of color to make everything look more genuine.

Personal opinion: Marine elements, such as seaweed, little fishes, waves, or beautiful sea turtles, can be part of the complex tattoos.

Badass Starfish Tattoos

Badass Starfish Tattoos 1
Credit: @eeekitsjess
Badass Starfish Tattoos 2
Badass Starfish Tattoos 3
Credit: @victoriaparisiart

While some would choose the cutest starfish tattoos, others would go for a more exciting vibe. The badass starfish tattoos should have elements such as skulls or some dark marine cartoon characters.

Personal opinion: Choose black inks to make the tattoo look gothic-like.

Best Placements For Starfish Tattoos

Once you have decided about the design of your starfish tattoo, it’s time to move on and look for other important aspects: the size and the location of your body art.

If you want a subtle tattoo in a more hidden place, you should consider having the starfish tattoo on the arm, back, shoulder, or on the back of the ear.

On the other hand, once adding splashes of vibrant colors and other design elements, you don’t have to restrict yourself but show off your tattoo.

An essential piece of information here that might change your perspective is that there are about 2,000 species of starfish in varied colors, shapes, and sizes. Only the deep sea knows how many other types of marine elements it has.

Now, the placement of any tattoo, whether it is a heart one, an elaborate skull tattoo, or a starfish one, depends on your very personal preferences. Moreover, you should follow the meanings you wish to portray, as this aspect can affect the placement.

Minimal starfish tattoos should stand:

  • On The Wrist
Starfish Tattoos On The Wrist
Credit: @janicetattdoo
  • On The Ankle
Starfish Tattoos On The Ankle
Credit: @kitstattoo
  • On The Feet
Starfish Tattoos On The Feet
Credit: @miss.ideogram
  • Behind The Ear
Starfish Tattoos Behind The Ear
Credit: @queenie_tattoo_ist

Truth be told, medium-sized starfish tattoos can look good almost in any place. Yet, people prefer certain body parts:

  • On The Back
Starfish Tattoos On The Back
  • On The Shoulder
Starfish Tattoos On The Shoulder
Credit: @theinkparlourkelowna
  • On The Upper Arm
Starfish Tattoos On The Upper Arm
Credit: @tattoosbyjordanhelm

If you are looking for a large design for your starfish tattoo, choose more expansive skin areas, such as:

  • Sleeve
Starfish Tattoos On Sleeve
Credit: @tattoohousehu
  • Leg
Starfish Tattoos On Leg
Credit: @iwilltattoo

Nevertheless, the most critical aspect is ensuring that you get inked in a particular place that you are comfortable with and easily concealable.

Last But Not Least

Starfish tattoos are some of the most elegant designs to have as tattoos. They wear a profound symbolic meaning, which makes this design ideal for both ladies and men.

The design variations are pretty rich, so you will always find a way to work for you. And, on top of everything, you can have the piece of ink art almost anywhere on the body.

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