Biomechanical Tattoo

40 Most Creative And Beautiful Biomechanical Tattoo Meanings & Designs

Tattoo inking is considered art too. It’s been around for thousands of years, with new trends and design styles emerging faster as the popularity and widespread of the tattooing trend is growing. One of such trends is the biomechanical tattooing that emerged during the second half of the 20th century. But, what is a biomechanical tattoo in the first place?

Biomechanical tattoo style is a contemporary style that brings together the ancient practices of body inking to meet contemporary and modern designs of pop culture, technology, and even science. Many people think that the best tattoos are those that have the deepest and most heartfelt symbolism. However, saying that biomechanical tattoos don’t have any symbolism is far from true.

That being said, we wrote this compelling and detailed article to help you learn more about the tattoo meanings, history, and symbolism of biomechanical tattoos.

Further on through this article, as you learn more and uncover new information about the Biomech tattoos, we’ll also feature our favorite tattoo designs that show biomechanical features.

Continue reading with us, and get to know more about this futuristic and cutting-edge tattoo architecture, while enjoying the breath-taking and state-of-art tattoo designs we dug out from respectable and talented artists just for you.

If we had to choose one most creative and beautiful contemporary tattoo styles and designs, it’d be the biomechanical tattoo design. It is also known as Biomech tattoos for shorts, which helps describe a blend of the human body, organs, bones, and skin and either mechanical machine parts or horror-inspired, monster, alien, or visceral touches.

What you’ll combine the blend between your skin and the “biomechanical” part is solely up to you, but with the emerging power of technology and science fiction films, the technical, mechanical blend is more popular. These tattoos mark the combination of the era of humans and nature with the emerging tech that we continue seeing every day.

As biomechanical tattoos grew in popularity, many tattoo artists started designing their biomechanical designs which inspire people who want to get this type of tattoo and are quick to make an appointment as soon as possible.

Biomechanical tattoos have many different features compared to traditional tattoos, which is why they are more attractive to tattoo enthusiasts. Not everyone, as the view of skin that is torn apart and potential organs or bones being exposed, can feel disturbing for some. Still, it’s a popular trend that continues to grow.

History & Meanings Of Biomechanical Tattoos

Biomechanical tattoos are a popular choice for people that like surrealistic styles, as well as dystopian movies and books. The style initially emerged in the second half of the 1970s. The style is featured so that the organs, bones, mechanical wheels and wires would be depicted precisely and accurately and show an astonishing amount of details.

History & Meanings Of Biomechanical Tattoos
Credit: @andres_juarez_xxx

Thanks to the advancements of technology and tools that tattoo artists use today, these tattoos became even more accurate and show bold and strong colors to give a stronger and more confident transition from natural into technological.

As mentioned above, these tattoos were initially featured in the 1970s. However, it was Ridley Scott’s movie Alien that enjoyed huge popularity that encouraged the widespread application of these tools. It came out in 1979, influencing the trend to spread around the world and remain popular today.

However, the original design of these tattoos was attributed to multiple people. It was the original idea of Swiss artist H. R. Giger, who is today attributed to these powerful tattoo designs. However, the continued use of this contemporary style was popularized by two popular tattoo artists – Aaron Cain and Guy Aitchison.

Because Giger wasn’t particularly a tattoo artist, but an artist that closely focused on airbrush technique, his original designs of biomechanical style was dark with no bold colors, which let the observers and other artists admire the art for its texture and brush.

However, both Cain and Aitchison injected life into this contemporary art in body ink, using vibrant and bold colors that could highlight the transition from human nature into mechanical architecture with more accuracy and more soul.

This style became even more popular with the era of science fiction, fantasy, and horror movies, and as people watched those popular titles, and even played games shortly, the popularity grew even more, to the point that everyone wanted to get such a tattoo. Steampunk also influenced the popularity of these styles.

Now, in 2023, every year there are dozens of science fiction, horror, and tech-inspired blockbuster movies that inspire various tattoo designs. Our consistent contact with technology and machinery also shows how the human connection to machines grew, influencing even greater popularity for biomechanical tattoos.

But, what about the meanings behind these tattoos? Is there a deep symbolism? Tattoos were used for thousands of years. They were used to help identify people, their achievements, and they were a clear indication of social status and power. Each tattoo has its symbolism and meaning as well as a mantra.

But, what about the mechanical tattoos? They’re new so their meanings and symbolism may be lacking compared to tattoo symbols that were worn with pride for centuries. Don’t worry, while the symbolism may be lacking, we’ll show you what these tattoos can represent.

Alternatively, you can talk to your tattoo artist about how you’d like your tattoo to be styled, and give it a symbolism of your own. The ultimate beauty of these tattoos being so popular is that they’re complex and unique, so each tattoo is a representation of something from within.


As you may have already seen (or you’ll see below) these tattoos are incredibly big and feature large-scale details. The complexity, beauty, and various symbols are intertwined to show the synergy of nature and technology, or something visceral.

Creativity Biomechanical Tattoo
Credit: @alexandr_kosach

That being said, the symbolism behind these tattoos can be left up to your creativity and style, and how you’d like your tattoos to look. Talk to your tattoo artist and unite both of your creativities and artistic spirits to create something unique you’ll be proud to wear.


Biomechanical tattoos can symbolize a change. Humanity went a long way to today. We went from living in the caves and building objects out of stone, to building our first empires and to the contemporary times we’re now.

200 years ago, no one could imagine that we’d be having computers, or travel to space today. But it’s possible. That’s why the intertwining elements of the human body and robotic parts can symbolize change and acceptance of that change. We’re living with tech and it’s become a huge part of our lives.


Innovation Biomechanical Tattoo
Credit: @darkart_collective

Needless to say, one of the simplest words to describe technology is innovation. Innovation is behind all the great things we have now. If you feel like you’re innovative and you know your way with tech, then getting a tattoo like this will manifest your innovative skills and creativity together, while also allowing you to wear a powerful symbol that makes you both vulnerable and strong at the same time.


Although innovation and creativity are responsible for different technological achievements we enjoy today, nothing would be possible without curiosity. Can you say for yourself that you’re curious? If yes, this tattoo will help you highlight your curiosity and guide you on the right way to discover and explore more.

Common Biomechanical Tattoo Ideas

Below are some general ideas for biomechanical tattoos that are interesting to people and often asked for in tattoo studios. Here are some ideas that you can talk about with your tattoo artist.

Small biomechanical tattoo – If you want to make a powerful point and convey a message related to tech and mechanics, but you don’t like large tattoos, this is a good idea for you and won’t take a long time to make.

3D Tattoo art – With a 3D biomechanical tattoo, your robotic parts will be brought to life. Just make sure to talk to your tattoo artist about it before you get started.

Organic Biomechanical tattoo – Organic biomechanical tat has the properties of regular biomechanical art but focuses on revealing the natural aspect of the tattoo, meaning your bones, blood vessels, and even organs, instead of focusing on the mechanical part. Some artists even kick that part out of the tattoo.

Biomechanical skull – Sometimes people don’t want to mimic their body as being incorporated with tech, but ink symbols that share mechanical and natural properties. One of such tattoos is the popular biomechanical skull tattoo.

Biomechanical back tattoo – If you’re eager on getting a back tattoo, a biomechanical tattoo is great because it lets you ink a large tattoo and show more details.

Biomechanical dragon tattooDragons are some of the most popular mythological creatures. Give it some wires and gear, and it’ll become the most powerful contemporary mythological creature.

Biomechanical dragon tattoo
Credit: @blackbubble_art

40+ Biomechanical Tattoo Design Ideas

Let’s take a look at all the most popular and daring biomechanical designs for a tattoo. Stay with us and continue reading!

Biomechanical Tattoo Sleeve

Biomechanical Tattoo Sleeve 1
Credit: @dltattoos
Biomechanical Tattoo Sleeve 2
Credit: @tattoostudioangel
Biomechanical Tattoo Sleeve 3
Credit: @martyn_wheal_tattoo_studio

If we had to choose one of the best combinations of tattoos and symbols for biomechanical tattoos, that’s the arm or leg-sleeve tattoo, for many reasons. One of those reasons is because you can easily show it off and it shows the perfect transition from human flesh and bones into those of a machine or aliens.

Whether you want to combine flesh with mechanical parts or something of alien origin is up to you. Both options look good and are equally popular, as you can see in the images above. We loved the transition in the images and commend the tattoo artists for their hard work.

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Biomechanical Tattoo Leg

Biomechanical Tattoo Leg 1
Credit: @spedmonster1
Biomechanical Tattoo Leg 2
Credit: @boss.ink_88
Biomechanical Tattoo Leg 3
Credit: @tattootwentyfive

Although arms seem like the perfect option to get a biomechanical tattoo sleeve, one of the alternatives is legs. It’s a spacious area so tattoo enthusiasts can decide how they want to style their tattoo. They can either begin with some basic shapes or something that may not feel as intense or gore at the start and then move towards more complex shapes.

It’s worth noting that getting a tattoo as large as a Biomech tattoo is usually not something that can be done in the first attempt and requires multiple visits to the tattoo artist and a rough healing process. That being said, understand that a large tattoo like that of a leg sleeve can take a long time and a lot of dedication.

Alternatively, you can go for a smaller area, such as your calves or knees, or your thighs which is also a good option for this type of tattoo and is suitable for people who want a large tattoo but don’t want to show it off all the time unless you wear shorts or a skirt.

Biomechanical Tattoo Shoulder

Biomechanical Tattoo Shoulder 1
Credit: @redroostertattooz
Biomechanical Tattoo Shoulder 2
Credit: @stefanmarcuart
Biomechanical Tattoo Shoulder 3
Credit: @area51buzz

Whenever we watched some movies with humanoids or androids we could see genetically altered body parts which often began in the shoulders. That’s why this is also a good idea for a new Biomech tattoo. Another reason why it’s good to start it here is that if you change your mind, you can extend the tattoo towards your chest, or even cover your arm in a sleeve.

But, be vary. These tattoos can hurt a lot because of close contact of the needle with the inner layers of skin and even bones if your skin is thin. It’s also worth mentioning that given that this area is not as approachable, your tattoo artist will need more time to complete the tattoo to the end.

The good side is that shoulders are spacious and allow for experimenting with complex and deep shapes that add dimension to your robotic parts.

Biomechanical Arm Tattoo

Biomechanical Arm Tattoo 1
Credit: @jelenahtattoo
Biomechanical Arm Tattoo 2
Credit: @gordontshepherd
Biomechanical Arm Tattoo 3
Credit: @eddiexbird

We wanted to leave space for one general arm tattoo appreciation area because not everyone wants to turn their entire arm into a robotic prodigy. Some people don’t want to exactly mimic the mechanical parts that replace their natural ones. Some of them just want to ink symbols and people that give that Steampunk and other industrial vibes.

It’s okay to want some smaller symbol on your arm, that will either just cover your bicep or forearm. If you ever change your mind and want to get an entire arm sleeve, you can easily book a consultation with your tattoo artist and turn your dream into reality.

Biomechanical Hand Tattoo

Biomechanical Hand Tattoo 1
Biomechanical Hand Tattoo 2
Credit: @gaya_tattoo
Biomechanical Hand Tattoo 3
Credit: @inc.spiration

Alternatively, if you don’t want to experiment with your whole arm, you can give your hands an industrial, modern, and even dystopian look that will easily grab attention and drop a lot of jaws. We fell in love with these designs because they are modern, stylish, and deep.

Some people will want their entire hands inked and shaded while some only want to give an industrial touch to their wrist or fingers, like in one of the pictures above.

That’s completely fine, as long as you can communicate with your tattoo artist and come up with the design that will look perfect on you.

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Biomechanical Chest Tattoo

Biomechanical Chest Tattoo 1
Credit: @slymac91
Biomechanical Chest Tattoo 2
Credit: @jleifeste_art
Biomechanical Chest Tattoo 3
Credit: @studioevolvetattoo

We talked about shoulder tattoos and how easily you can extend them to your chest if you want to or feel like your tattoo needs to be larger to convey deeper dimensions and look more futuristic. But, what if you already feel bold and confident enough and want to add those extra dimensions from the start?

We included some dark, bold, and breath-taking tattoos that you can include in the chest biomechanical tattoo. Make sure to talk to your tattoo artist and see how long it’d take to get an as deep tattoo as these in the chest. Also, talk about measurements you can take to reduce the pain, as a lengthy tattooing process can feel irritating for the skin.

Biomechanical Tattoo On Neck

Biomechanical Tattoo On Neck 1
Biomechanical Tattoo On Neck 2
Credit: @kyleyoungtattoos
Biomechanical Tattoo On Neck 3
Credit: @olimpia.ttt

Not everyone will get the idea to get a tattoo on their neck, especially the biomechanical tattoos. However, you’ll agree with us that they look powerful, confident, bold, and even dark. Our neck connects our head to the rest of the body, which is why adding mechanical elements with ink could enhance your look and make you look more powerful.

Still, getting a biomechanical tattoo, or any tattoo for that matter on the neck can feel painful, which is why you should talk to your tattoo artist about what can you do to reduce the pain during the tattooing process and later on during the after-care.

Full Body Biomechanical Tattoo

Full Body Biomechanical Tattoo 1
Credit: @tattooesday
Full Body Biomechanical Tattoo 2
Credit: @inkcollabs
Full Body Biomechanical Tattoo 3
Credit: @jeremiahbarba

The ideas behind biomechanical tattoos either get better and better or crazier and crazier. Some people want to mark small liking to the biomechanical concepts by making a smaller or moderate tattoo that combines human flesh with mechanical gears and wires.

Then again, some people and tattoo lovers, in particular, take the game to the next level by inking their entire bodies. Of course, this process can take a long time and be quite demanding and painful, for both you and your tattoo artist. Also, choosing what symbols you want to include can be time-consuming.

Biomechanical Back Tattoo

Biomechanical Back Tattoo 1
Credit: @frankdufftattoo
Biomechanical Back Tattoo 2
Credit: @jeremiahbarba
Biomechanical Back Tattoo 3
Credit: @_suneater

If you don’t feel like inking your entire body with biomechanical parts and symbols, you can always make a super-large and lively tattoo on your back. The back is the perfect area for making large tattoos.

With that in mind, you can turn your back into the biomechanical prodigy or ink a powerful symbol that ties with the concepts of dystopian symbols, pop culture, or steampunk concepts. The choice is yours. For women, biomechanical tattoo concepts may not feel as painful to do on the back, as it’s one of the least painful areas for women.

However, although the back area does appear more painful for men in general, that didn’t stop them from enduring tattooing deep and mesmerizing symbols that you can see above.

Biomechanical Tattoo For Women

Biomechanical Tattoo For Women 1
Credit: @persyash
Biomechanical Tattoo For Women 2
Credit: @xxenomorphgrll
Biomechanical Tattoo For Women 3
Credit: @ronearhart

Biomechanical tattoos may at first glance look like they are intended mostly for men, but there are many ways for women to get creative and make powerful and bold tattoos that easily break into future trends.

We included some of these designs above to help you get inspired to make tattoos on your own that will help enhance your looks and help you put a highlight on your body curves. There are many creative ways to design your biomechanical tattoo and we hope these designs helped you.

Biomechanical Alien Tattoo

Biomechanical Alien Tattoo 1
Credit: @claudioscialabbatattoos
Biomechanical Alien Tattoo 2
Credit: @darkart_collective
Biomechanical Alien Tattoo 3
Credit: @_suneater

As mentioned above, at the beginning of the article, biomechanical tattooing style was heavily influenced by Alien that came out in 1979. Now, other dystopian and dark fantasy concepts inspire the biomechanical tattoos, but it wouldn’t be bad to remind ourselves from where did the original design come from. Additionally, if you’re a fan of different Alien implementations throughout the last years and decades, these tattoos are for you.

Biomechanical Skull Tattoo

Biomechanical Skull Tattoo 1
Credit: @andres_juarez_xxx
Biomechanical Skull Tattoo 2
Credit: @bobatattoo
Biomechanical Skull Tattoo 3
Credit: @reb3lstudios

Finally, the skull is one of the most popular tattoo concepts when it comes to biomechanical style. Skulls add the darkness and dark fantasy vibe to mechanical parts of the tattoo, especially if combined with torn flesh and other visceral symbols within the tattoo. They look great no matter how you ink them. The smaller tattoo may grab some attention and look like a small compliment to your body, while the larger tattoo will take your breath away.

Frequently Asked Questions About Biomechanical Tattoos

We compiled a list of answers to the most commonly asked questions about biomechanical tattoos and getting them.

Q: How Long does it Take to Get a Large Biomech Tattoo?

A: This question may vary from tattoo artist to tattoo artist and how many hours you’re willing to sit through to get your tattoo done. Biomechanical tattoos are designed so that they add multiple dimensions and look dark and mesmerizing. They’re designed so that they’d perfectly blend into the skin, so it can take multiple sessions and healing until one serious tattoo is complete.

Q: Where Can I Get a Biomechanical Tattoo?

A: You can always research tattoo studios that work on sleeves and other large tattoos. Also, most studios host free consultations with tattoo artists where you can learn whether tattoo artists you want to work with have experience designing some of these tattoos. Even better, you should consider artists who have already worked on biomechanical tattoos in the past.

Q: What is the Price of Biomechanical Tattoos?

A: Unfortunately for people who want to get a tattoo on a budget, biomechanical tattoos are pricey. Small designs may be good to go for a couple of hundreds of dollars. However, any more serious tattoo like an arm or leg-sleeve could cost from $1000 to $5000.

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