What Tattoo Should I Get

What Kind Of a Tattoo Should I Get: Tips and Trick To Finding The Perfect Tattoo Design

Finding that one perfect design for your new tattoo can actually be pretty hard. It is a big deal when you have to put something permanent on your body, so giving it a thought or two isn’t really that weird. Some people like to be spontaneous and will get anything tattooed. But, for those who believe their tattoos are special and should have a certain meaning or align with one’s personality, we decided to create a little guide.

In this guide, we’ll provide some tips and tricks, and useful information that will make it easier for you to find the perfect tattoo design. Whether it is a cute little quote, an abstract piece of art, a family-related tattoo, or even your own mother’s face, we’ll help you find it. So, without further ado, let’s jump right in!

What Tattoo Should I Get?

Before the Actual Design

Before we jump right into some of the design recommendations, you need to do your homework. Research, consultation, determining where the ink will be placed, and all that stuff are essential to finding the perfect design. It can help you imagine a tattoo and how you want it to be. So, here are some steps you need to take in order to get closer to that final, perfect design;

This is a no-brainer! When thinking about getting a tattoo or searching for a tattoo design, it is best to first talk to a professional and potential tattoo artist. Not only do tattoo artists tattoo, but they generally also create custom tattoo designs. So, why not share your thoughts and ideas, or if you don’t have any, then simply let the tattooist come up with a few designs and both of you can work on them from there until you get the design you truly love.

Even before talking to a professional tattooist, one of the most important things to do when planning to get a tattoo is to determine where will it be placed and how big will the design be. Without this information, no tattoo artist, or online articles and quizzes, can help you come up with a perfect design. So, think about whether your tattoo should be visible or not (take into consideration your work, for example, workplace policy regarding tattoos, etc.), whether it should be big or small, etc.

Do you see yourself rocking a color or black and grey tattoo? This is also an important question to answer because it can make or break a design. Of course, you can change your mind once you have the final design all figured out, but choosing the color can also affect your budget for the tattoo.

Getting a bigger, colored tattoo will definitely cost more than getting a smaller, black, and grey design. Moreover, if the tattoo is to be placed somewhere a bit more complicated, it will also further increase the final cost. Before you commit to a design, you need to set a tattoo budget. Tattoos are expensive, and most people spend months saving up for their tattoos, especially if they’re getting a custom design. Setting a budget can help you filter through certain options.

  • Think of the things you like and make you happy!

Finding the perfect design can be much easier if you simply make a list of all the things you like. Whether it is nature, a certain book, a movie, or a song, whether it is your family, a pet, or even a quote; all of this can help you and your tattoo artist figure out which tattoo design will suit your expectations the best.

  • Look for inspiration!

Inspiration for a tattoo can come even from the most unusual places, events, moments, experiences, etc. So, keep an open mind and look for inspiration around yourself. You can also look for inspiration online, but you must always be careful not to steal another person’s design and work. A tattoo or tattoo design is in someone’s personal artistic ownership, so in order to be inspired by it, you need to either contact the author of the design or have someone change the design so it becomes a new, unique design. You still need to provide credit for the inspiration.

Ideas For the Tattoo Design

Getting an idea or inspiration for a tattoo is pretty difficult. Sometimes you feel the pressure to find the perfect design as soon as possible, but nothing seems to fit your aesthetic or artistic requirements. In your quest for the perfect tattoo design, you need to remember a few things;

  • Do not rush! – Take your time when looking for the perfect design; by rushing things you may commit to a design that isn’t really your thing, and you may even regret it later on. Unless you’re 100% sure you’re loving the design, keep on looking!
  • Keep your mind open! – Sometimes, the best times come when you least expect them, or you find inspiration in places you never thought would be possible. It is essential to keep not only your eyes open but your mind as well!

Here are some of our general tips and recommendations when it comes to tattoo ideas. These are just generalized ideas based on popular tattoo demands; they may not fit your personal requirements, but make sure to check them out. You never know; maybe they’ll spark an idea of your own!

If It’s Your First Tattoo

For the first-timers, we always recommend small, simple tattoos placed somewhere on the forearm, bicep, outer shoulder, upper back, or outer thigh area. These areas are the least painful ones for the actual tattooing procedure. Small, simple designs are easy to think of, can be pretty mean, and provide a great opportunity to get to know the overall process, experience, and everything else that comes with it (like tattoo aftercare, for example).

What we recommend: small food tattoos, pet tattoos or pet names, small flower and butterfly tattoos, heart and arrow tattoos, clean line-work designs, planets, quotes or song lyrics, etc.

If It's Your First Tattoo (1)
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If It's Your First Tattoo (3)
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If It's Your First Tattoo (2)
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If You Want a Personalized Tattoo

For a personalized tattoo we have two main recommendations; birth month flowers and zodiac signs. Now, birth month flowers are flowers that are characteristically grown and bloom in specific months. Each month or birth date has a flower to symbolize it, so why not use that as an inspiration for a personalized tattoo. On the other hand, a zodiac sign is always a good idea for a tattoo. Sure, millions of people share the same zodiac sign as you, but still feels pretty personal and meaningful.

Both tattoo options offer great design ideas and also carry loads of meaningful background information. People can tell a lot about your personality, for example, just by looking at your tattoos, which in this case is completely true.

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If You’re Looking For Cool or Feminine Designs

For men and women out there looking for feminine tattoo designs, we have a lot to recommend. First of all, with the right style of tattoo, every tattoo design can become feminine, soft, and cute. For that, you will need a professional tattoo artist who can adjust a design and make it custom for you.

Second of all, some of the best design ideas for feminine tattoos include the obvious ones like flowers, animals, nature, cute movie or cartoon characters, angels, hearts, etc. We also recommend you combine harsh- or bold-looking designs with the addition of feminine objects or effects; even the choice of color can change the vibe of a design. Play with some of these ideas and recommendations to get a unique, personalized, yet feminine or cool, bold design.

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Final Thoughts

Hopefully, our little tips and trick to finding that perfect tattoo design will help get you where you want! It is hard to recommend tattoo designs to people you have never seen or talked to. However, one can always provide a tool, or help someone out on their own journey to finding a perfect tattoo design. Keep in mind our recommendations, and of course, always consult with your tattoo artist. Good luck and we wish you happy tattooing! May you find the perfect tattoo design that you’ll love and cherish for the rest of your days!

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