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30+ Diamond Tattoo Designs: Top Luxurious Body Art Ideas

People say, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” while others consider that “Diamonds are forever.”

In either case, these two sayings may explain why people worldwide are crazy about these brilliant stones and even decide to tattoo their contours on the skin.

Diamonds are rare luxurious stones, truly precious and associated with luxury. While wearing genuine diamonds will certainly make any person shine, these lovely accessories may not fit anyone’s pocket.

Don’t worry; there is a permanent solution to this issue: diamond tattoos.

Diamond tattoo ideas have been creating a trend in the fashion industry. Considering more and more people are demanding these precious contours on their skin, tattoo artists came with creative interpretations that will produce that flow.

Therefore, in this article, you will find some of the most inspirational diamond tattoo ideas to try this season. Ready?

Diamond Tattoo Meaning and Significance

Diamond Tattoo Meaning and Significance
Saved Tattoo

Before inking yourself with a permanent tattoo design, it is essential to know the diamond tattoo meanings, right?

Well, first of all, diamonds are by far some indestructible stones. As such, we can deduce that the very first symbol refers to their invincibility. Diamond tattoos are also an indicator of everlasting love and strong relationships.

Furthermore, these precious stones indicate supreme power and royalty, as well as luxury, welfare, and prosperity.

On the other hand, diamonds are associated with relationships and love too. Moreover, you can tell the artist to combine other elements with the diamond ones and, finally, to communicate much more through a single tattoo.

In a nutshell, a diamond tattoo is popular for symbolizing power, wealth, beauty, elegance, and luxury. Ironically, Egyptians were using diamond tattoos to represent their gems, power, and birthstones.

Also, if you want a tattoo to symbolize everlasting love, as well as a promise to people you love, the diamond design would be perfect.

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Top Diamond Tattoo Designs With Placement Ideas

Diamond tattoos are putting smiles on anyone’s face. As such, it is a pity not considering this type of body art design.

Down below, you will find some of the top diamond tattoo designs you can choose from. These diamond ideas are suited to both men and women and have similar meanings.

Simple, Small Diamond Tattoo Design

Simple Small Diamond Tattoo Design 1
Credit: Instagram
Simple Small Diamond Tattoo Design 2
Credit: Instagram
Simple Small Diamond Tattoo Design 3
Credit: Instagram

One of the most common types of diamond tattoo designs is the small diamond tattoo outline. You can make it using minimalist techniques so that the tattoo would look discreet inside the wrist.

This simple diamond tattoo design symbolizes power and wealth, and it is also a discrete body art accessory. Whether you choose to have it as a diamond tattoo on your finger, on the wrist, or the back of the head, this petite diamond tattoo will always be cute and trendy.

The small diamond tattoo design is ideal for both men and women who want to keep their body art pieces as minimalistic as possible.

Personal opinion: I like the black ink idea and the delicate line design. Whether you have fair skin or a darker skin tone, the small diamond tattoo would look nice anyway.

Melting Diamond Ink Tattoo

Melting Diamond Ink Tattoo 1
Credit: Instagram
Melting Diamond Ink Tattoo 2
Credit: Instagram
Melting Diamond Ink Tattoo 3
Credit: Instagram

Once choosing to have a melting diamond tattoo, let me tell you that you are about to have a unique, different design on your skin. Although this type of diamond tattoo idea is relatively uncommon, the final result will be excellent.

Whether you choose to have a colorful melting diamond ink tattoo or go for an all-black one, this type of tattoo design would attract all people’s attention.

The placement idea is up to you, so you decide how to make this tattoo bolder and best visible.

For instance, if you decide to go for the rose color, you will attract people’s attention, as the visual impact is powerful.

If you choose to make this tattoo on the shoulder, on the wrist, or the back, this design will be a bold attempt to enhance your body appearance.

The melting diamond ink tattoo is suitable for men who want to attract sights, but it is also a significant body art piece for women who do not hesitate to take risks.

Personal opinion: I recommend tattoo enthusiasts make it all black on the border and then highlight the tattoo’s interior with blue or red.

Red Diamond Tattoo Design

Red Diamond Tattoo Design 1
Credit: Instagram
Red Diamond Tattoo Design 2
Credit: Instagram
Red Diamond Tattoo Design 3
Credit: Instagram

Diamond tattoos don’t always need to be colorless. You can make this beautiful stone pop out by adding some color.

Although you can make the diamond in any shade, the best choice for a more luxurious effect is red.

Red diamonds would look otherworldly and eerie. Furthermore, these designs will better portray prosperity and wealth.

The red diamond tattoo designs are best for women, as they are a jewelry replacement. However, men who are looking for a luxurious tattoo design can choose the red diamond ones.

As you might already expect, the preferable ink, in this case, is the pink and red tint. Artist will add some black shade for a 3D effect.

Personal opinion: Place the red diamond tattoo on the arm, neck, or shoulder or wherever you feel like having it more visible or comfortable for you.

A Diamond With Wings Tattoo

A Diamond With Wings Tattoo 1
Credit: Instagram
A Diamond With Wings Tattoo 2
Credit: Instagram
A Diamond With Wings Tattoo 3
Credit: Instagram

If you don’t want a tiny diamond tattoo, looking for a more complex design, look for the diamond with wings body art pieces. When it comes to diamond tattoos, you can add as many elements as you wish and feel. One of the most impressive ideas is adding wings on the diamond’s sides.

This is a particular design that will impress any sight and offer the concept of wealth an angelic vibe. Does it sound amazing? Yes, it does.

This realistic-looking diamond is mainly preferred by women, as it is also an excellent replacement for body jewelry. You can have this kind of tattoo with colors, like pink, red, or with a pinch of black for a 3D effect.

You can place the diamond with wings tattooed on the shoulders, arms, or neck.

Personal opinion: Do not hesitate to choose a medium-sized tattoo, even a large one.

White Diamond Ink Tattoo Designs

White Diamond Ink Tattoo Designs 1
Credit: Instagram
White Diamond Ink Tattoo Designs 2
Credit: Instagram
White Diamond Ink Tattoo Designs 3
Credit: Instagram

If you wish to have a diamond tattoo on your finger, this design will be elegant and discreet. If you can’t get enough of one single diamond tattoo, consider having more of them.

White diamonds on fingers will look feminine, discreet, elegant, and subtle. Furthermore, this simple body art piece will quickly tell your message to the people and look excellent.

This is one of the most popular small diamond tattoo designs to suit your finger so that women can go for this type of body art.

Personal opinion: Add some style to your body appearance without telling you loudly to have a tattoo. Go for a minimal design considering you will have a diamond finger tattoo.

Diamond Tattoos With Words

Diamond Tattoos With Words 1
Credit: Instagram
Diamond Tattoos With Words 2
Credit: Instagram
Diamond Tattoos With Words 3
Credit: Instagram

One of the traditional diamond tattoos on hand, arm, sleeves, or neck is the diamond body art pieces with words above, below, or inside. This is an excellent yet customizable diamond tattoo idea.

Those words will never forget you of a particular person, moment, or experience while also looking amazing on the skin.

These words should have a particular meaning and add a special effect to the diamond tattoo you are going for. Moreover, the letters you will tattoo on your skin will prevent the onlookers from misinterpreting your design.

The diamond tattoo with names is also excellent for couples who want to share their love, care, and devotion by body art pieces.

The diamond tattoo with words is perfect for both women and men who want to show their creativity. The ideal ink color is black, but you can also alternate it with other shades.

Personal opinion: My favorite body area to have this tattoo is on the sleeves or the back. It is up to you.

Blue Diamond Tattoo

Blue Diamond Tattoo 1
Credit: Instagram
Blue Diamond Tattoo 2
Credit: Instagram
Blue Diamond Tattoo 3
Credit: Instagram

Blue diamonds are the rarest type of all diamonds. However, you can buy a blue diamond tattoo and have it on your skin forever.

Blue diamond tattoos are for those people who consider themselves unique, rare, even peculiar. Furthermore, blue diamond tattoos indicate purity, royalty, and power.

Blue diamond body art is best suited for women and men looking for an exclusive yet supreme ink design.

As you might already expect, the preferable ink is blue, but the artist can also add some black to obtain some shading.

The ideal body parts for blue diamond tattoos are the arms, hands, fingers, or shoulder.

Personal opinion: Go for a medium or a small design when choosing this diamond design.

Diamond Tattoo Outline on Chest

Diamond Tattoo Outline on Chest 1
Credit: Instagram
Diamond Tattoo Outline on Chest 2
Credit: Instagram
Diamond Tattoo Outline on Chest 3
Credit: Instagram

One of the best parts of diamond chest tattoo outlines is that you can add lots of other elements around this design.

Whether you add pearls, floral patterns, birds, or other such adornments, the final design will look attractive, colorful, unique, and complex.

The chest body part is wide and plain enough to offer the artist enough skin “canvas” to do their magic.

Some people would also enjoy adding some ink sparkle to the final diamond tattoo design, especially if they place this body art on the heart side.

The diamond tattoo outline on the chest is ideal for both men and women, but men usually choose to tattoo themselves on this body part.

The perfect ink color for this tattoo design is black, with hints of red.

Personal opinion: The best interest when it comes to the chest is the large surface you can ink yourself.

Black Diamond Tattoo

Black Diamond Tattoo 1
Credit: Instagram
Black Diamond Tattoo 2
Credit: Instagram
Black Diamond Tattoo 3
Credit: Instagram

If you enjoy simpler diamond tattoo designs and don’t want to add too much color to your body art pieces, black diamond tattoos are ideal.

The simple, black diamond ink tattoo represents exclusivity, darkness, luxury, and uniqueness.

Furthermore, the blackness of these diamonds is a sign of rarity and preciousness.

As such, if you find yourself priceless as this type of stunning black diamond, then make your appointment as soon as possible.

As you might already guess, the black diamond pattern is made with black color inks exclusively, but you can add some white sparkles, too, if you feel so.

The best suitable for this black diamond tattoo are both men and women, looking for a way to stand apart from the crowd and be memorable.

Personal opinion: Consider your shoulder, chest, or wrist to have a black diamond tattoo design.

Diamond Eye Tattoo

Diamond Eye Tattoo
Credit: Instagram

One of the most meaningful diamond tattoo ideas is the one with an eye within the precious stone.

As previously mentioned, you can add other elements to the original diamond design to make it unique and with potent symbolism.

Once you opt for a diamond tattoo that features an all-seeing eye right in the middle of it, you create one of the most potent symbols.

The diamond eye tattoo represents ancient wisdom, defense, care, protection, and many more.

This tattoo design idea is also celebrating the pursuit of knowledge, as well as love.

Personal opinion: I love this tattoo model on both men and women.

Diamond State Tattoos With Crowns

Diamond State Tattoos With Crowns 1
Credit: Instagram
Diamond State Tattoos With Crowns 2
Credit: Instagram
Diamond State Tattoos With Crowns 3
Credit: Instagram

When choosing the next diamond tattoo idea, consider some designs that offer you a particular state of mind, which means you have more than some ink on the skin, which is thoughtful.

Diamonds are by far the most precious gemstones of all times, and when you add some crowns to them, these body art pieces will represent even more royalty.

These diamonds are not that shiny as others. However, the final design will be excellent when adding some crowns, whether tiny or complex, large body art.

Personal opinion: I think that this model looks great as part of a bigger design.

3D Diamond Tattoos

3D Diamond Tattoos 1
Credit: Instagram
3D Diamond Tattoos 2
Credit: Instagram
3D Diamond Tattoos 03
Credit: Instagram

Considering natural diamonds are expensive and highly precious to have as your jewelry, you should better consider having a real-looking tattoo instead.

A 3D diamond idea is an equally precious stone for yourself that will stay on your skin forever.

These kinds of 3D visual effects will make your tattoo look so authentic. The perfectly cut diamond will sit perfectly on your wrist, on the backside of your neck. The same applies to your shoulder. Furthermore, it will look amazing with all those shadow effects.

If you choose to have that big chunk of the 3D diamond tattoo, you will not only have a pretty expensive-looking tattoo, but you will also enjoy a realistic body art piece.

This natural diamond design is suitable for both men and women who would love to have a tattoo that is closer to reality than a simple inkstone design.

The preferable ink color for this tattoo design is black and brown, considering this design needs a lot of shading.

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Personal opinion: You can do this 3D diamond tattoo in a large size so that the artist can add all those lovely details.

Multi-Colored Diamond Tattoos

Multi-Colored Diamond Tattoos 01
Credit: Instagram
Multi-Colored Diamond Tattoos 02
Credit: Instagram
Multi-Colored Diamond Tattoos 03
Credit: Instagram

Can you visualize all those beautiful colors of precious stones once spinning them? So why not have these two diamond tattoos with lots of colorful sparkles?

The bright shading has this tendency of adding more luxury to the diamond’s image.

However, if you prefer a particular color, it is fine too. For instance, if you want the tattoo to connect with your affective part, choose to have a red tattoo design.

Personal opinion: If you want your body art to express fertility, harmony, and fertility, make your diamond all green.

Diamond Tattoo Tips

Now that I have mentioned some of the best diamond tattoo designs, here are some additional tips to follow when getting this design:

  • Keep the diamond as the star of your tattoo, whatever other elements you will add;
  • Too many details might affect the diamond design, so keep it as simple as possible;
  • What makes a diamond special is its cuts. As such, if you want your tattoo to sparkle as a genuine one, try to respect the number of cut lines. This way, the final effect will be the one of a well-cut diamond;
  • Diamond tattoos should not be too tinny. Otherwise, the final look might be a bit blurry in the long run. As such, it is better to choose a medium-sized tattoo design.
  • Before getting inked, make sure you know why you have that diamond tattoo, so you help the artist do justice to it.

Diamond Tattoo: More FAQ

Q: Can I get a diamond-shaped tattoo plus another one on the same day?

A: If the two tattoos interfere, then you won’t be able to get them on the same day.

Q: Should I contact a special artist for a diamond tattoo?

A: It really depends on the style and size of the tattoo. I suggest you look at more than one artist’s portfolio and decide.

Q: Can I get a tattoo blowout when getting a diamond tattoo?

A: Tattoo blowouts happen if the artist applies too much pressure when administering the ink. Thus, this can happen regardless of the design you choose. So, I suggest you pick the tattoo artist carefully.

Last But Not Least

Feel no inhibitions when getting a diamond tattoo. There are many designs to choose from, so they suit your personality, body, and love for luxury. If you want to have a fantastic tattoo result, go to a reputed tattoo parlor and chat with a top-rated artist. And finally, shine bright like a diamond, every day of your life.

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