White Ink Tattoos - Pros And Cons

White Ink Tattoos: 6 Pros And 4 Cons

White ink tattoos are less popular than black ones, but they are unique and they certainly have an elegant touch to them. However, they also have their fair share of inconveniences.

For this reason, we’ll guide you through the most significant pros and cons of white ink tattoos. If you love white tattoos and are planning to have one inked on your body, you must know about these.

We will provide you with all the details you need to know about white inked tattoos. Are they better than black ones? What are the advantages of having white inked tattoos? And the inconveniences? Let’s dig into it.

What Are White Ink Tattoos?

What Are White Ink Tattoos
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White ink tattoos are totally done in white ink. They are delicate and subtle and challenging to be identified. The tattoos are not very much identifiable because the white ink under your skin is not prominent. Though, it is important to note that it is difficult to make a white ink tattoo design for the tattoo artist.

White Tattoos VS Black Tattoos

Both the white and black tattoos have their benefits and inconveniences, and people have a liking for both of them, let’s see how both are different.

If you compare white ink tattoos with black ink ones, there is obviously a lot to discuss. First of all, white ink tattoos are entirely made of white ink for their designs. On the other hand, black ink tattoos are shaded, and also multiple colors are used in black ink tattoo designs.

Getting a white ink tattoo is beneficial if you do not want everyone to see your tattoo. In comparison, black tattoos are challenging to hide unless you cover them with clothes or accessories. For instance, on the arms, neck, hands, face, etc.

In fact, a white inked tattoo is not easily detectable, while black ink tattoos are notable whether you have brown, white skin, or black skin.

Black tattoos remain fresh for a more extended period; they never fade away completely from your skin. On the other hand, the white inked tattoo art is delicate; they lose their strength after a few years and maybe vanish from your skin, leaving behind the scars.

white tattoo before the scar
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Do White Ink Tattoos Raise Our Skin?

White ink tattoos do not raise skin more than black ones. In fact, it is just the fact that the raised skin is more evident due to the color being white. The white inked tattoos start to fade with passing time and leave scar tissue on the skin. But in some cases, when the tattoo artist wants your tattoo to be more prominent compared to others, they would place the tattoo ink near the skin surface; this may result in extra raising your skin.

Furthermore, some of us have skin more sensitive than others. These people observe more skin problems comparatively. Having tattoos on this skin type may cause swelling on the skin since the tattoo ink is composed of harmful chemicals.

It’s essential to be aware that white ink for tattoos is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

White Ink Tattoos: 6 Pros

Of course, there are advantages to having white ink tattoos. They’re unique, they tend to be more elegant, and they’re easy to hide. However, let’s go through all the possible advantages.

1. They Are Easy To Hide

white tattoos Are Easy To Hide
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Sometimes, there are situations where you do not want people to know about your tattoos. May it be at the office, family gatherings, or any other scenario.

In these cases, their white tattoos are very useful and they can easily be hidden due to being so subtle.

Some people don’t like getting black tattoos inked on their skin, but they do like tattoo art, and this is why those are lucky to have white ink tattoo artists.

2. White Ink Tattoos Are Beautifully Unique

Needless to say, white tattoos are unique and they’re pretty uncommon, while black tattoos are too common these days. In addition, white inked tattoos look classier.

Furthermore, they have the property to glow and shine at night if the ink is mixed with UV ink. White tattoos are still not very common, and very few people know about these tattoos., black tattoos have a wide range of designs and color alternatives.

To sum up, the art of white tattooing is unique as there are a handful of people who have these awesome white inked tattoos.

3. White Ink Tattoos Fade Away With Time

As everyone knows, getting a tattoo inked on your body means having a permanent mark on the body forever. However, somehow, this is not true for white ink tattoos. These tattoos fade away and lose their integrity with time.

Sure, this can be seen as a disadvantage when you like the design, but it is good news when you either get fed up with your tattoo or want to change the design. White ink tattoos will naturally get removed from your skin.

4. White Tattoos Are More Elegant And Subtle

White Tattoos Are More Elegant And Subtle
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White tattoos look more decent, soft, and elegant. White tattoos, due to their light color, give a soothing impact to the eyes. Moreover, if you come from a more conservative family, it will

be easier for you to hide your tattoo from your relatives.

White tattoos suit those people who do not want to show it off at all times. For this reason, some people will get a white ink tattoo because they want to have it and want to keep it more personal rather than showing their tattoo to everyone.

5. You Won’t Get Discriminated When Looking For A Job

As we all know, reputable and international companies prefer keeping a high discipline and professional look in their organization. For this reason, they may consider a tattoo not being right for their team.

The advantage, in this case, is, having a white tattoo may not be so bad and it will certainly not disqualify you for the job. Black inked tattoos are more apparent and may cause a hindrance when seeking a job, while you would probably not get discriminated against for having a white ink tattoo when having an interview.

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6. Your White Ink Tattoo Will Look Awesome At Night

Your brand new white ink tattoo will glow in the night if Ultra Violet ink is mixed with the white ink. Let’s be honest, glowing tattoos look awesome at night. Though people with sensitive skin should be careful because the UV ink can react badly to the skin. The UV ink idea is most suited to white inked tattoos.

White Ink Tattoos: 4 Cons

White tattoo art is difficult because of the white ink that is not as visible as black or other colors. In fact, it is quite tricky to design a neat and fine tattoo with white ink.

Also, the demand for white tattoos is low and, for this reason, most tattoo artists prefer black tattoo designing. One of the white ink tattoo’s disadvantages is that you may not find a white ink tattoo artist. Now, let’s see all the inconveniences of white ink tattoos that you probably never thought about before.

1. Not All The Tattoo Artists Will Ink It

As mentioned previously, you might find it difficult to find tattoo artists that will ink a white design. First of all, tattoo artists need to focus a lot to ink the white tattoo on your skin. The skill required for inking white tattoo is more complicated than the black ones.

Inking a tattoo requires a keen eye and it needs to be perfect. So if you want to have a white tattoo, you would have to make an effort to find an artist who is capable of doing the job nicely and come up with a nice design and lots of details.

2. They Might Be Mistaken For Scars

Might Be Mistaken For Scars
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White ink tattoos are very light in color, but they raise the skin to some extent and can sometimes be mistaken for scars. It’s important to note that white ink tattoos look like scars especially when they start getting old and, hence, fade away. After a long time fading, your white inked tattoo will remain recognizable, though the design might get totally disrupted.

3. White Tattoos Fade Away

White tattoos fading away are an advantage but can also be an inconvenience, and for valid reasons. In fact, they are quite elegant when they are inked, but, with time, they start to fade away and look less nice.

Sunlight plays a significant role in fading the tattoos, so hiding your tattoo from direct sunlight will delay the process and keep it nice looking.

We recommend taking precautionary measures to delay the process and enjoy your fresh tattoo for as long as possible. Remember that it is undoubtedly possible that white inked permanent tattoo may fade to such an extent that its color is the same as your skin color or even grey.

4. Your Tattoo Will Tan Just Like Your Skin

Yes, the tattoo will tan just like your skin. Are you wondering how you can stop it? Here is the solution you should cover your tattoo while being in direct sunlight. If it is compulsory to go out, remember to use sunblock on your tattoos. Sun rays are responsible for fading and tanning the white inked tattoo so both can get stopped by applying sunblock, covering the tattoo, or avoiding excessive sunlight.

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Why Do People Like Getting Inked With White Ink?

White ink tattoos suit darker skin more as it presents a contrast with the white ink; this makes them more beautiful and more unique. On the other hand, it might not match so well with pale skin since the white ink is already lighter in color.

In addition, it will be challenging to create a design on white skin. It is also important to acknowledge that skin with more freckles is not suitable for white inked tattoos. It simply does not suit freckled skin; instead, it is appealing if the skin color is uniform and even.


Now that you know everything about white ink tattoos, you can decide whether they are better or not than black ones. Although there are some cons to getting a white ink tattoo, they are still unique and elegant.

They have the subtle and the most elegant appearance. They are cool for the ones who love tattoos but don’t like to make show them to everyone around, and this is why we like them.

Keep in mind that these types of tattoos might become dull within a few years. And, while this is useful if you don’t like your tattoo anymore, it might be sad for you if it represents an important event.

If you have a friend that is thinking about getting his first tattoo inked or is unsure of what future design to get inked, make sure to share this article with them.

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