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40+ Creative Virgo Tattoo Design Ideas (Best Placement, Meanings, and Inspiration)

Are you proudly representing your star sign and want to show it off to the world? Then you should know that nothing can compete with the Virgo tattoo design. This sign of astrology showcases down-to-earth humbleness, along with a genuinely unique sex appeal.

Virgo tattoos are, by nature, the strongest indications for grounded spirits. Usually, people living under the Virgo sign are very pragmatic, are genuinely attached to their loved ones, and often appreciate the natural glory of this world.

Their swift little logo is also connected to healing and medicine, and their dual meaning will boost the well-being of spirits.

Considering the Virgos are earth signs, you will find lots of lush green shades and elements appearing in these body art pieces. Although Virgo tattoos are mostly very simplistic elements, you can beautifully accentuate them in different manners.

Today I will display a lot of Virgo designs that deserve to be tattooed into the skin. Ready? Let’s find out more.

The Meanings Of Virgo Tattoos

The Meanings Of Virgo Tattoos
Credit: Instagram

In the planetary world, Virgo is overseen by Mercury, also popular as the agent of expression.

If you knew little about the Virgo symbolism, today is the perfect time to move over the Leos and familiarize yourself with the top attributes of this zodiac sign.

Virgo representatives are quite conservative personalities. The people living under the Virgo zodiac sign have a well-regulated approach to life, and they give a chance to different opportunities.

Virgo is a powerful Earth sign and corresponds somewhere around Taurus and Capricorn.

Due to this attribute, Virgos are solid characters, but those kinds are very well-organized and love to respect traditional favors. They are practical people that have an adapted lifestyle and are trying to eliminate the chaos from everything.

Of course, let’s remember that Virgo represents innocence, mainly because it is related to the virgin. No wonder so many tattoo designers will choose to enhance this element by adding a nude female contour.

Virgo tattoos are a sign of a beautiful aesthetic; if you want to express your femininity or the feminine side, consider this body art design.

Best Placement And Perfect Maintenance

When it comes to placing your favorite Virgo tattoo, well, there is no exact best skin area to ink yourself. This Virgo sign offers a strong connotation of your personality and says a lot about your fearless and pure soul.

Whether it is about men and women, body art enthusiasts will choose their hands, thighs, spine, or shoulder to get tattooed, while the more courageous ones will get a full back tattoo with the Virgo sign.

Although a good Virgo tattoo will look amazingly cool anywhere on the skin, well, some people are more cautious when it comes to placing their tattoos. Some would go for those areas they feel most comfortable with, even if they are very painful, such as the ribs, while others don’t mind showing off their body art signs.

Speaking of the tattoo placements, if you go for an area that is very close to the bone, the pain will be harder to manage. On the other hand, the more tender the skin areas are, the less pain you will encounter.

However, body art enthusiasts will take all the risks and tattoo areas that hurt. There is this saying “Old lady is taking everything for her beauty.

By extrapolating this quote, people will suffer for taking the Virgo tattoo on an area that hurts but is more likable in terms of aesthetic terms. The pain might not take so much during the process, while the tattoo will cure immediately and look fine during healing.

So, the placement of your Virgo tattoo is strongly connected to your preferences and the way of living. However, when it comes to maintenance, things need more care and attention. Most of the tattoo artists will provide lots and tips and tricks regarding best maintenance.

They will tell their clients about the top aftercare products that best suit the type of skin and needs. The products we just mentioned are easy to purchase from online stores or beauty shops.

Nonetheless, today is about helping you get the next tattoo, so make sure you check the following Virgo tattoo designs we have brought together for you.

40+ Best Virgo Tattoos Design Ideas

This article will be a blast if you have been thinking about the next Virgo tattoo but have little knowledge about the top designs. Make sure you are preparing your best skin area before deciding on the best option for you.

Thus, if you are looking for those types of tattoos that illustrate the best artwork and a genuinely optical pleasure, this is the best place to be. If you want your body art to have a deep significance behind it, then you should find a design that meets your disposition.

So whether you are looking for a pattern or an entire image with a Virgo, downside you will find the top designs. This being said, it doesn’t matter if you prefer a tribal print, a floral, or a more geometric vibe. Because down below, you will find creative patterns to try.

If you are one of those people who want to choose some tattoos with holy figures, maybe some inspirational quotes, don’t hesitate to enhance the Virgo tattoos with the patterns you wish. You will find some tattoos with unique highlights, such as dragons, tigers, or combatants.

Virgo Signs With Symbols

Virgo Signs With Symbols 1
Credit: @unbroken.crue
Virgo Signs With Symbols 2
Credit: @privateinkstudio
Virgo Signs With Symbols 3
Credit: @laurencofie

Girls will usually prefer a simple yet meaningful Virgo tattoo on truly exposed areas, such as the wrist. The Virgo symbol itself is very artsy-like. Moreover, once lettering the emblem, the experience will be even more personal.

The nature of the design already has the letter M within. However, there are lots of stylized versions of the Virgo tattoo.

Personal opinion: This makes the Virgo sign ideal to place anywhere on the body and personalize it with blades, fish symbols, or any other powerful elements for you. This tattoo is truly versatile in combinations, so do not hesitate to add floral or geometric elements.

Virgo Tattoo With Ancestral Symbols

Virgo Tattoo With Ancestral Symbols 1
Credit: @ihavenoname_tattoostudio
Virgo Tattoo With Ancestral Symbols 2
Credit: @inked_era
Virgo Tattoo With Ancestral Symbols 3
Credit: @loekattatt

What about including outer space into your Virgo tattoo design? Place the sun, the moon, the constellation Virgo and get a magnificent structure.

Personal opinion: According to the examples above, the outlined design is quite simple but has lots of deep meanings.

The Faceless Woman

The Faceless Woman 1
Credit: @gaia.tat
The Faceless Woman 2
Credit: @mzinaz

Virgo is the symbol of purity, innocence, even a feminine vibe. No wonder a woman will beautifully fit this design of the Virgo tattoo. You can add some glowing stars behind, even the previous Outerspace symbols.

Personal opinion: The faceless woman is more interesting, adds a sensitive vibe, and has a unique design.

Tip: The tattoo artist can add a rose or a heart right on this woman’s chest, making the Virgo symbol genuinely significant.

Virgo Tattoo With Plant Elements

Virgo Tattoo With Plant Elements 1
Credit: @amandahowtattoo
Virgo Tattoo With Plant Elements 2
Credit: @elh_tattoos
Virgo Tattoo With Plant Elements 3
Credit: @surya_jentot

You might not know about Virgo because this element is highly associated with wheat grain.

Personal opinion: There is nothing new and peculiar about adding plants or flowers next to the Virgo sign.

Naked Woman Virgo Tattoo

Naked Woman Virgo Tattoo 1
Credit: @holy_unk
Naked Woman Virgo Tattoo 2
Credit: @pamelaannederson
Naked Woman Virgo Tattoo 3
Credit: @_bellatattoo

When it comes to the Virgo woman, we refer to purity, fearlessness, and innocence.

Personal opinion: The Virgo tattoo is unique and visually pleasant once holding the planet in her hand or a wheat grain in the hair.

Wheat Tattoo

Wheat Tattoo 1
Wheat Tattoo 2
Credit: @btn_tattoos
Wheat Tattoo 3
Credit: @nafas_tattoo_

The wheat plant is also the symbol for Virgo.

Personal opinion: If you are looking for a more simplistic tattoo without too many details, you can look for a wheat tattoo.

Virgo Symbol With Poppies

Virgo Symbol With Poppies 1
Credit: @canutat
Virgo Symbol With Poppies 2
Credit: @sabyminaart

What about matching the symbol of purity and innocence with poppies mysteriously? The final result will be extraordinary and genuinely artistic.

Personal opinion: This is another excellent idea for a Virgo tattoo.

Virgo Tattoo Behind Neck

Virgo Tattoo Behind Neck
Credit: @tattoo.piercing.boomerang

I find the neck one of the sexist body areas to have an excellent tattoo. Virgo designs can be tattooed wherever you want, in any style. Virgo tattoos can be stained for the wearer, and it will look so neat.

When you choose the neck side, you will nicely expose the tattoo. Girls mostly prefer the neck Virgo tattoo.

Personal opinion: As such, the Virgo tattoo behind the neck is a feminine approach to this design.

Glyph Astro Virgo Tattoos

Glyph Astro Virgo Tattoos 1
Glyph Astro Virgo Tattoos 2
Credit: @aurora.tattooo

Glyph Astro tattoo is one of the most inspiring design styles of Virgo. When it comes to this design, the Virgo symbol is beautified by the stars around. It means that when looking at this tattoo; you will see galaxies and a fantastic world.

Personal opinion: This design can be stained anywhere on the body and still look truly elegant and appealing.

Virgo Constellation

Virgo Constellation 1
Credit: @eleazar__reyoca
Virgo Constellation 2
Credit: @royalbitch.tattoos

Let’s talk about the Virgo roots. According to the zodiac, each sign is actually a scheme of some of the stars. Although the Virgo design can be tattooed in various styles, the constellation is only one.

This tattoo is usually inked in a manner that only the Virgo stars are arranged. So you will view the tattoo you choose in a Virgo way.

Personal opinion: This type of design is most suited for women.

Virgo Tattoo With Lady Contour

Virgo Tattoo With Lady Contour 1
Virgo Tattoo With Lady Contour 2
Virgo Tattoo With Lady Contour 3
Credit: @inkbox35_tattoo

This is one of the most popular tattoos with a Virgo as a central subject. Virgo tattoos are designed with letter symbols, lady contours, and combinational bows.

This tattoo design is beautiful and will turn all the sights on you.

Tip: I recommend ensuring there is enough skin space, so the details are nicely displayed.

Virgo In A Tribal Design

Virgo In A Tribal Design
Credit: @pokeandpierce

If you don’t want to make the classic Virgo tattoo, consider the tribal Virgo design. One of the main advantages of this tattoo subject is the versatility and the multiple styles you can enjoy.

Tattoos can have a unique twist once you choose to ink yourself in a more tribal vibe. The tribal Virgo tattoo has beautiful elements and round lines, making the final result look unique for the observers.

Personal opinion: The tribal Virgo tattoos are best suited to men, but women can enjoy this body art piece.

Virgo Tattoos With Flowers

Virgo Tattoos With Flowers 1
Credit: @el3na_s
Virgo Tattoos With Flowers 2
Credit: @kanvasedofficial
Virgo Tattoos With Flowers 3
Credit: @nicole_borg897

Virgo tattoos are truly versatile, so that you can have them in lots of combinations. Flowers are beautiful elements that go with lots of tattoo ideas.

Tip: Add some flowers next to the Virgo pattern, along with a letter, maybe a quote, and create your very own design.

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Virgo Tattoo With Fishes

Virgo Tattoo With Fishes 1
Credit: @Pinterest

Virgo Tattoo With Fishes 2

You can mix Virgo tattoos with aquatic elements. Moreover, add some fish along with your Virgo design and obtain a stylish tattoo vibe.

Tip: Add that oceanic vibe to the Virgo tattoo, even some quotes or some actual numbers to you.

3D Virgo Tattoo

3D Virgo Tattoo 1
Credit: @mitchelarto_tattoo
3D Virgo Tattoo 2
Credit: @applefield_
3D Virgo Tattoo 3
Credit: @buttah_davinci

What about showing off your star sign and also making it look more dynamic? If the classic designs are not enough for you, then you can consider the 3D Virgo tattoo. Let me tell you; nothing can beat this 3D Virgo tattoo.

Personal opinion: The realm of astrology showcases real-life humility, as well as a classy look.

Tiny Virgo Tattoos

Tiny Virgo Tattoos 1
Credit: @katielunny_tattoos
Tiny Virgo Tattoos 2

If you are looking for some matchy-match tattoos, these minimalist Virgo tattoos will be truly significant for you and a particular person in your life. The Virgo tattoos are a genuine representation of innocence.

Tip: Go with some fine lines to keep the minimalist vibe of your tattoo. Check out the examples above and find some inspiration for your future inked mastery.

Personal opinion: The minimalist Virgo tattoos are plentiful and will suit any part of their body.

Virgo Butterfly Tattoos

Virgo Butterfly Tattoos 1
Credit: @gibran_tattoos
Virgo Butterfly Tattoos 2
Credit: @november_rain19

Virgo butterfly tattoos are some of the most beautiful and artistic approaches for classic Virgo tattoos.

This sign is usually representing a feminine contour with a powerful and elegant look. This design is a fresh and feminine one, ideal for those who have a sensitive soul.

Tip: Play with shapes and sizes, and enjoy the magical result.

Virgo Finger Tattoo

Virgo Finger Tattoo 1
Credit: @tatt2foo
Virgo Finger Tattoo 2
Credit: @karen_k14

Finger tattoos are minimalist, elegant ideas to consider if you choose a body art piece according to your style. This tattoo goes perfectly with some defined lines.

Personal opinion: Nobody can tell you have a tattoo only until they get closer.

Virgo Angel Tattoo

Virgo Angel Tattoo 1
Credit: @jaspi_astu
Virgo Angel Tattoo 2
Virgo Angel Tattoo 3
Credit: @different_kind_of_vveird

Some might prefer having a more elaborate tattoo with lots of details and inside meanings.

The mysterious Virgo angel tattoo combines different parts, lines, and dots, so the final result is simply excellent.

Personal opinion: The whole picture of a Virgo angel tattoo is beautiful and divine.

Virgo Constellations With Numerals Or Letters

Virgo Constellations With Numerals Or Letters 1
Credit: @flamineighttattoo
Virgo Constellations With Numerals Or Letters 2
Credit: @namastetattoo_

The Virgo constellation is already a robust design, but once adding other elements, such as suggestive numbers or letters, everything becomes more representative and personal.

Geometric Dot Work

Geometric Dot Work 1
Credit: @natassjaflorido
Geometric Dot Work 2
Credit: @celeste_diaz_tattoo

Geometric designs are ideal if you want to obtain an ink constellation. This excellent dot work can contain color shades, flowers, letters, and it would look fabulous on large skin areas.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a tattoo is a lifetime decision. As such, you need to think about it carefully and not rush yourself. The Virgo tattoos today are some of the most popular and cool designs to choose from in 2023.

However, you can bring your own contribution and personalize the Virgo tattoo design as you wish.

Play with the lines, fonts, styles, and designs, and turn your future body art into the best choice. Ensure you are happy with the method you chose and that you don’t settle for anything less.

So, take your time, do not rush in making this decision, and choose the best ink art piece for yourself.

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