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30+ Best Arrow Tattoo Design Ideas For Both Women And Men (2024 Updated)

Arrow tattoos are not too common of a choice at tattoo shops, wouldn’t you agree? A lot of men and women stay away from them since they are so unusual and not as straightforward when it comes to their symbolism.

However, if you are someone who wants to stand out and you prefer different and funky choices, you will enjoy this article. Here, we will tell you about the best 30 arrow tattoo designs for you to consider and to fully understand their meaning and deep symbolism. Keep on reading and find your perfect print down below.

What Does An Arrow Tattoo Symbolize?

Arrow Tattoo Different Designs
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Arrow tattoos and arrow symbolism is perfect for men and women who are either hunters or those who need a bit of guidance. An arrow tattoo will signify and enhance the power that is within you while pointing you and placing you in the right direction. Find your way easily and let the world understand your direction and where you’re headed at.

Top 30 Arrow Tattoo Design Ideas

1. Simple Arrow Tattoo Designs Over Arm

Simple Arrow Tattoo Designs Over Arm
Image Source: @meatshoptattoo

If you like medium-sized tattoos and you want an arm tattoo go for this print. It is the best go-to choice for those who are well-aware of their flaws as well as the journey that’s behind them, or ahead.

This tattoo is a symbol of new challenges and change that you’re willing to go through in order to come out of it as a stronger and skilled individual.

2. Small Arrow Tattoo

Small Arrow Tattoo
Image Source: @tattooist_basil

If you’re afraid of the needle or the tattooing process stick to this smaller concept. It is a gorgeous wrist tattoo idea that you’ll like if you’re someone who loves and wants a smaller concept.

This arrow with a moon symbol will represent your spiritual side and your closeness to astrology itself.

3. Minimalism Arrow Feather Tattoo

Minimalism Arrow Feather Tattoo
Image Source:

Feathers and arrows go so well with one another. If you’re a fan of simpler and cool ideas give this concept a go.

Feathers with an arrow will symbolize your path and will to adapt to new challenges, and to embrace change that’s within and around you.

Fun fact: the first known use of bows and arrows in combat was in 2340BC.

4. Arrow Tattoo On Arm

Arrow Tattoo On Arm
Image Source:

This shoulder tattoo is quite cute and precise. Those who enjoy visible arm or body ink will enjoy this concept. It will take you less than two and a half hours to place this image.

It will show everyone that you know how to maintain a healthy and balanced life and that you’re always headed in the right direction.

5. 3 Arrow Tattoo Designs

3 Arrow Tattoo Designs
Image Source:

Three arrows all pointing in the same direction are a good sign and a well-loved concept among most guys and girls. This tattoo will take you less than a couple of hours to achieve.

The end result is a symbol of growth that’s headed in the right direction. Show everyone that you’re well aware of your path and that you’re always headed in the right direction.

6. Black 3 Arrow Tattoo Ideas

Black 3 Arrow Tattoo Ideas
Image Source:

This is a medium-sized arrow tattoo that you’ll like if you’re someone who knows how to rock delicate ideas. Wear this arrow concept and show off its black side, show the world that black ink can look outstanding and different.

These three black arrows puncturing the skin will make you look like a fierce guy or girl who knows how to attract trouble, yet combat it your own way.

Did you know that archery is considered to be one of the oldest sports in the world?

7. Bow And Arrow Tattoo

Bow And Arrow Tattoo
Image Source: @studiobysol

Women who enjoy feminine ideas and cute concepts will enjoy this bow and arrow concept. If you’re someone who loves to look sensual you will adore this design. It is ideal for girls who know how to look delicate and determine.

This bow and arrow concept will show that you’re always hitting the middle and making the right set of decisions. Precision and formality is your second name? Get this concept!

8. Arrow Tattoo On Hand With Compass

Arrow Tattoo On Hand With Compass
Image Source: @novytattoo_handmade_studio

You can combine your arrow tattoo along with a compass. If you’re someone who enjoys precision this concept will suit you.

This design will let the work show that you’re capable of managing your own time and your own pace. You will look like you’re handling the situation, and that it doesn’t have the power over you.

9. Arrow Inspirational Tattoo

Arrow Inspirational Tattoo
Image Source: @smd_tattoos

How about a spicy fierce tattoo and something unusual? This design is perfect since it shows three different kinds of arrows. It shows the right way that you have to take.

Add the words follow your arrow and point it in the right direction. This way, you will show everyone that you’re a natural leader.

Fun fact: in the 1904 Olympics, archery was the only women’s sport.

10. Arrow Feather Spiritual Design

Arrow Feather Spiritual Design
Image Source: @philgotattoo

This forearm tattoo is great for anyone who is sentimental and naturally driven. It will look the best on women. Make sure that you have at least three hours to spare to achieve this tattoo.

Add coordinates that will point you in the right direction and toward your true love. Let the world see you for who you are and show much you value someone or something major in your life.

11. Arrow Tattoo With Name Initial

Arrow Tattoo With Name Initial
Image Source: @vinc_infamousink

This arrow tattoo works so well work these subtle feathers. Add initials of someone important in your life and stick to its black and simple ink.

The final result snows a person who is full of love and care. It also stands for your personal beliefs and your emotions toward someone who starts with the letter E.

12. Arrow Tattoo Meaning For Guys

Arrow Tattoo Meaning For Guys
Image Source: @yenliu_tattoo

If you want a funky tattoo and you’re someone who wants a black and white piece go work this concept.

It is a tribal design meaning that it will suit guys a lot better than girls. If you have someone important in your life and you’re always trying to express your faith you can do it with this tribal arrow.

13. Three Arrow Tattoos Idea

Three Arrow Tattoos Idea
Image Source: @nala_tattoo_studio

Guys can also go for these three arrows if they love black ink. This one will look amazing over your arm or your forearm.

Its final result will show the world that you’re always on the right path. Show how you can stay persistent with these three arrows that are always pointing in the right direction.

Did you know that in most archer competitions, competitors must engrave their initials on their arrows?!

14. Arrow And Bow Tattoo With Moon Symbol

Arrow And Bow Tattoo With Moon Symbol
Image Source:

If you’re an optimist or someone who doesn’t love too flashy designs this one will suit you. Not every tattoo artist is comfortable with giving and doing similar ideas, which is why you’ll enjoy this concept if you’re a playful person.

The final result will look showy and spiritual. If you are guided by the moon show the world that you know how to value your own spare time and spiritual journey.

15. Arrow Geometric Tattoo

Arrow Geometric Tattoo
Image Source: @luzanne_ink

If you’re someone who loves the zodiac and you naturally gravitate toward fierce ideas this combination will suit you.

The final result will show the world that you’re someone who believes in the power of the stars and that you’re always trying to find and give meaning to what is important in your life. You might be doing it through zodiac and arrow tattoos, and there is nothing wrong with that.

16. Colorful Arrows Tattoo

Colorful Arrows Tattoo
Image Source: @joey.bag.o.donuts85

For fans of color and people who enjoy brighter ideas, this is ideal! Show the world that you’re always hopeful and that you’re not afraid of some color with your loud arrows.

These funky ideas will show your company and your surrounding that you’re cheerful and up for a good party, but in your own maintained way!

17. Unique Compass Arrow Tattoo

Unique Compass Arrow Tattoo
Image Source: @dailyinknskin

This creative tattoo is for anyone who is trying to make a change in their life. For fans of precision and geometrical shapes, this cute idea is the way to do it!

The final results will show a person who is persuasive and comfortable with any minor shifts. If you know how to enjoy life and overcome big or small obstacles you will love this concept.

18. Small Arrow Tattoo Over Arm

Small Arrow Tattoo Over Arm
Image Source: @l.angeltattoo

You can dedicate your tattoo of different arrows to your entire family. If you’re close with them and you want them to know it stick to this concept.

Get the initials of all of your favorite family members and show them just how much you love them. Arrows pointing in different directions will show that you’re close and that you value each one of them equally.

Fun fact: there is Kyudo – a traditional and ceremonial form of Japanese archery.

19. Black Arrow Tattoo Concept

Black Arrow Tattoo Concept
Image Source: @ink_art_and_design_by_james

This medium-sized tattoo looks great over your arm. If you’re someone who knows how to enjoy and rock a larger concept give it a go with this arrow.

A larger arrow can show that you’re always trying and pushing your boundaries. If you’re surpassing your limits and you’re sure that you know how to come out of every situation as a winner this arrow is the one for you!

20. Arrows Tattoo Watercolor Design

Arrows Tattoo Watercolor Design
Image Source: @tattosbylonnie

How about a feathery arrow tattoo design? This one is unique, fluffy, as well as colorful! If you’re into larger concepts and you enjoy a splash of color with your ink you will enjoy this design.

The final outcome shows a bright and colorful future that’s ahead of you. If you’re someone who knows true values in life and you never give up you can show your determination and true path with this arrow.

21. Three Black Arrows Small Idea

Three Black Arrows Small Idea
Image Source: @natattoostudio

Get yourself three different tattoos and enjoy this arrow concept for the minimalism approach. If you’re afraid of the needle this idea is for you.

Three different arrows symbolize your will and that there’s a way. Show that you know where you’re headed and that you believe in the power of the universe that’s before you.

22. Feather Arrow Tattoo Over Chest

Feather Arrow Tattoo Over Chest
Image Source: @lmoolah_tattoo

You can opt for a chest or a shoulder tattoo and enjoy this beauty no matter your gender. If you’re someone who enjoys sentimental concepts and you’re a fan of oriental pieces you will enjoy this design.

Add a saying never again and remind yourself that you’ll never make mistakes like before in your life. Don’t fall for dishonesty and only believe yourself.

23. Arrow Foot Tattoo Idea

Arrow Foot Tattoo Idea
Image Source: @designs_by_vicky2004

Foot tattoos are quite painful and not as common for those who can’t stand the feeling. This idea is perfect for women who are trying to express their creative side.

This foot idea will symbolize your inner ideas and self-worth. If you’re someone who always tries out to show where you come from and you’re keeping your options clear and open this concept is for you.

Did you know that the very first compound bow was made 500 years ago?

24. Large & Precise Black Arrow Tattoo

Large & Precise Black Arrow Tattoo
Image Source: @issyp_tattoos

This feather design is for anyone who is trying to combine their fearless side and their romantic personality as well. Get yourself this tattoo if you have 3 hours to spare.

The meaning is within its power and its ability to fully adapt to you as a persona. If you’re someone who knows how to win at every moment this pure arrow will suit you.

25. Giant Back Arrow Tattoo With Flower Idea

Giant Back Arrow Tattoo With Flower Idea
Image Source:

Back designs are usually worn by those who work out as well as guys who are proud of their physique. If you’re quite masculine and ready for a change consider this idea.

This middle portion tattoo across your back will show that you’re well aware of your good days and bad flaws. If you are someone who is always precise and punctual you can show it off with this image.

26. Geometric & Unique Arrow Tattoo Concept

Geometric & Unique Arrow Tattoo Concept
Image Source: @yan_tattooist

Geometric symbols of any kind will always look fierce and different. This idea is for guys or girls who are up for an upbeat concept over their forearms.

This fizzy image will make you look like you know what’s up and what’s ahead of your time. You will look like someone who is not to be messed with since you’re well aware of your true identity.

27. Bunch Of Arrows Tattoos

Bunch Of Arrows Tattoos
Image Source: @tattoos_bywyn

Multiple arrows can show different things. If you’re someone who is unique in your own way you will love this concept. Perfect for true go-getters!

This idea shows that you know how to overcome and face all of your issues and that you have a perplexing personality. If you’re often facing challenges just show that you can overcome them your own way.

Fun fact: the first country with organized archery competitions was England in the 1500s.

28. Delicate & Small Arrow Tattoo For Women

Delicate & Small Arrow Tattoo For Women
Image Source: @mini_tattooer

Delicate women or those who prefer smaller ink will see the true beauty of this one. It is a quick and easy concept as well as something mysterious and mystical.

Your arrow tattoo with those flowers will make you look like a pure soul. If you’re constantly chasing your own self-identity and the truth show it in a romantic way such as this one.

29. Arrow Tattoo Believe

Arrow Tattoo Believe
Image Source: @777tattoostudio

You can get a little bit creative and artsy with your tattoo by getting an important word to go along with it. Place this design over your arm if you enjoy medium-sized ides.

Get the word believe and point an arrow in your preferred direction. Show that you’re a believer and let the world see where you stand with your choices and the power of believing.

30. Tribal Arrow Tattoo

Tribal Arrow Tattoo
Image Source: @serenaferraris

This black forearm arrow tattoo is for fans of precision and those who love larger ideas. If you are someone who knows how to commit to dramatic and show designs this arrow is for you.

The end result will show someone who is a natural conquer. If you’re driven, passionate, as well as stubborn you can show all of your emotions with this design.

Did you know that in the 1900 Summer Olympics live pigeons were used as the target in archery competition?

Arrow Tattoo: More FAQs

1. Who Can Get An Arrow Tattoo?

Arrow tattoos are for both genders. As long as you know how to stick to your favorite color combo and if you know how to pick out a unique design that speaks to you on an emotional level, you will enjoy arrow tattoos.

2. What Is The Best Placement For Your Arrow Tattoo?

Since it is constantly pointing and guiding you in a right direction it would naturally only make sense to place your arrow tattoo somewhere visible. Hand, palm, wrist, or even around your chest & your heart is a good idea.

3. Which Size To Go For When It Comes To Your Arrow Tattoo?

Stick to a mini tattoo and let the world see that you’re a minimalism lover. Mini tattoos will compliment arrow symbols in their own unique way. Mini tattoos are also quite straightforward and cohesive in their own way, which makes them a must-have without overdoing it.

4. Are Arrow Tattoos Pricey?

Luckily, no! Arrow tattoos are super affordable and everyone can afford them. Expect to pay around $150 for your smaller arrow tattoo that is done in black & white ink.

5. Which Celebrities Have An Arrow Tattoo?

A lot of celebrities have arrow tattoos. Some of them wear them in their own way & differently. This is why you may want to copy the style of Miranda Lambert, Hillary Duff, Zoe Kravitz, Ellie Goulding, Rita Ora & Pink! Who’s style do you like the most?!

Want An Arrow Tattoo?

So, which tattoo, in particular, is your favorite and a must-have from the list? Did you enjoy just one tattoo in itself, or did you enjoy the overall vibe of this article? Let us know your thoughts and where you stand when it comes to these funky yet deep symbolism arrow prints. We would love to know which one is your must-have.

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