Geometry Tattoo Artists

20 Best Geometry Tattoo Artists Around the World

Geometric tattoo artists can make attractive designs using geometric shapes. It can be an abstract design or an interpretation of an image. No matter the design of geometric tattoo, a talented geometry tattoo artist will ensure your new ink looks good over time.

The 20 Best Geometry Tattoo Artists

Geometry tattoos use several lines or geometric shapes to form a bigger shape. This could be lines, stars, circles or even leaves. This style is popular because you can do anything with geometric shapes and lines.

Although they look beautiful and sample, they can be difficult to execute. They require a steady hand and precise eye. It takes a highly skilled tattoo artist to create geometry tattoos. Here are some of the best geometry tattoo artists working in the industry today.


Nissaco 3
Credit: @nissaco
Nissaco 2
Credit: @nissaco
Nissaco 1
Credit: @nissaco

Japanese tattoo artist Nissaco, bases his tattoos on Kimono designs. He uses geometric shapes and blackouts to create unique and beautiful tattoos. The Osaka based artist is renowned for the optical illusions he can create on the skin.

Often influenced by tribal tattoos, his design style uses trippy geometric patterns, swirls and delicate line work to create big pieces. He forgoes stencils to replicate the flow and brushstrokes of traditional Japanese paintings. Her style often incorporates clouds, rocks, waves and flowers.


Credit: @desthex_tattoos
Credit: @desthex_tattoos
Credit: @desthex_tattoos

Desthex is an expert in fractal tattoos. All the designs are inspired by the physical laws of the universe. Their designs include Fibonacci spirals that contour the body, hexagon shapes that resemble honeycombs or pine cones that create a vortex.

Their artwork is hypnotic and mind bending, creating the illusion of movements with just a few black and gray lines. If you love their work, their website features house hold items that mimic their geometric tattoo style.

Marco Manzo(@marcomanzotattoo)

Marco Manzo 1
Credit: @marcomanzotattoo
Marco Manzo 2
Credit: @marcomanzotattoo
Marco Manzo 3
Credit: @marcomanzotattoo

Italian born Marco Manzo is a versatile tattoo artist who is most famous for his geometry designs. He can ornate designs that look like lace and jewelry on the skin. His artwork can be found on Asia Argento, with many of her tattoos being done by the Rome-based tattooist.

His fine lines and graphic designs can create the look of fine lace, waterfalls of chandeliers and Victorian jewelry. He is the precursor of the ornamental style of tattoo, blending geometric and 3D designs.

Thais Valente(@thaisvalentetattoo)

Thais Valente 1
Credit: @thaisvalentetattoo
Thais Valente 2
Credit: @thaisvalentetattoo
Thais Valente 3
Credit: @thaisvalentetattoo

Thais Valente is an expert in tribal, blackwork and geometric tattoo designs. She uses the unique and technically advanced pointillism technique to create beautiful shapes and patterns.

The Brazilian artist works around the world, tattooing in a range of countries and is the owner of Arte Viva Atelier. Her versatile geometric tattoo style can create anything from lions to planets and Buddhas.

Kandace Layne(@kandacelayne)

Kandace Layne 1
Credit: @kandacelayne
Kandace Layne 2
Credit: @kandacelayne

Kandace Layne is known for her henna and mehndi inspired tattoos. The Atlanta based artist has an eye for sharp and precise lines. Growing up in a Muslin household, she is inspired by traditional Henna designs.

She currently works at Queen Bee Tattoo Parlour in Marietta, GA. She specializes in ornate mandalas and geometric designs, with heavy blackwork, bold outlines and beautiful dot work.

Tamara Lee(@tamaraleedot)

Tamara Lee 1
Credit: @tamaraleedot
Tamara Lee 2
Credit: @tamaraleedot
Tamara Lee 3
Credit: @tamaraleedot

Tamara Lee’s flawlessly symmetric designs make you feel like you are peeking through a kaleidoscope. The specializes in stippling, which is a technique where the ink is applied in small dots to give a gradient effect.

Working from Sacred Gold Tattoo in Central London, you can also by prints of her style on her website. She loves to edit classic pieces of art with her unique kaleidoscope and mandala influenced designs.


Mowgli 1
Credit: @mowgli_artist
Mowgli 2
Credit: @mowgli_artist
Mowgli 3
Credit: @mowgli_artist

Mowgli Bundonis at Through My Third Eye in London combines his fine art tattoo style with bold geometric prints. Mowgli has an eye for creating art with fine line and blending them with more abstract shapes, creating a unique tattoo design.

The tattoo artist’s ethos is to be authentic and treat every client like a personal muse. His tattoos may look abstract from a distance, but they are intricate and layered when seen up close.

Paul Davies(@paulokink)

Paul Davies 1
Credit: @paulokink
Paul Davies 2
Credit: @paulokink
Paul Davies 3
Credit: @paulokink

This Devon inspired artist is well versed in many tattoo styles, but it’s through his pattern work he gained fame. He designs big full sleeve or leg pieces that create classic images using detail geometric shapes.

He loves Norse mythology, superhumans and anything else superhuman, adding his unique contemporary twist to it. He currently works at Ragnarok Tattoos in Devon, in the UK.

Dillon Forte(@dillonforte)

Dillon Forte 1
Credit: @dillonforte
Dillon Forte 2
Credit: @dillonforte
Dillon Forte 3
Credit: @dillonforte

Dillon Forte is one of the most respected sacred geometry tattoo artists in the industry. He pays tribute to art, religion, and architecture in his tattoo designs. He counts Chris Hemsworth as one of his biggest, and most famous, fans.

Working out his studio, Forte Tattoos, he has a fantastic knowledge of the religious and traditional sources of his tattoos. He uses a variety of styles from dot work to painterly elements, creating a beautiful geometric tattoo.

Jack Peppiette(@jackpeppiette)

Jack Peppiette 1
Credit: @jackpeppiette
Jack Peppiette 2
Credit: @jackpeppiette
Jack Peppiette 3
Credit: @jackpeppiette

Jack Peppiete strips away modern tattoo techniques, instead preferring to use intricate yet simple and precise tattooing. His is influenced by Polynesian and Indian tattooing styles.

You can find him at Insider Tattoo in Edinburgh, Scotland, where he uses precise lines and dark black shading to create beautiful designs and geometric patterns.

Orge Kalodimas(@kalodimas_tattoo)

Orge Kalodimas 1
Credit: @kalodimas_tattoo
Orge Kalodimas 2
Credit: @kalodimas_tattoo
Orge Kalodimas 3
Credit: @kalodimas_tattoo

Orge Kalodimas is a tattoo artist, based in Athens-Greece and NY, USA. He is so respected for his mandala tattoos; he has published a sketchbook of his work. His designs blend skulls, patterns and religious imagery.

He is greatly inspired by Christian and Tibetan art and culture. He believes it is important for his tattoos to complement the anatomy of his customers and incorporates the natural contours of the body into his pieces.

 Kirk Nilsen(@kirknilsentattoos)

 Kirk Nilsen 1
Credit: @kirknilsentattoos
 Kirk Nilsen 2
Credit: @kirknilsentattoos
 Kirk Nilsen 3
Credit: @kirknilsentattoos

Kirk Nilsen’s work is heavily influenced by Buddhist and Hindi sacred geometry and patterns. He uses dot work and the cross-hatching tattoo style to create tattoos with interesting gradients and textures.

His beautiful tattoos are created using lines of different thickness alongside dot work. He frequently tattoos mandalas, overlapping them to create a full sleeve tattoo. He works from his private studio in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ.

Corey Divine(@coreydivine)

Corey Divine 1
Credit: @coreydivine
Corey Divine 2
Credit: @coreydivine
Corey Divine 3
Credit: @coreydivine

Corey Divine is a LA based artist whose art focuses on sacred geometry designs. His main focuses in black ink with dot work to give a 3D effect. He travels around the world, gathering inspiration for his unique brand of tattoo.

He is self-taught and uses geometry to raise awareness of the planet. He generally only works on large leg and torso pieces, preferring to use the whole body as his canvas.

Chaim Machlev(@dotstolines)

Chaim Machlev 1
Credit: @dotstolines
Chaim Machlev 2
Credit: @dotstolines
Chaim Machlev 3
Credit: @dotstolines

Born in Tel Aviv, the now German-based artist is an expert in designing geometric tattoos and tattooing them free hand. With fans like Machine Gun Kelly, he understands how to design flattering geometric designs that suit the body.

He mainly designs in black because he believes it makes the tattoo timeless, but he does sometimes incorporate red ink. His art is rooted in spiritual symbolism, frequently designing sacred mandalas.

Oliver Kenton(@oliver_kenton)

Oliver Kenton 1
Credit: @oliver_kenton
Oliver Kenton 2
Credit: @oliver_kenton
Oliver Kenton 3
Credit: @oliver_kenton

Oliver Kenton is one of the best geometric tattooists in San Francisco. Kenton is renowned for his detailed Tibetan-inspired tattoos, featuring bold geometric designs and natural imagery. He is well versed in the symbolism behind geometry tattoos, often tattooing sacred symbols like mandalas.

Kenton can tattoo ornamental designs, incorporating great detail into large sleeve tattoos. Many tattoo fans admire his unique solar plexus tattoos. He can create greatly intricate work, using little dots to form larger motifs.

Victor J Webster(@victorjwebstertattoo)

Victor J Webster 1
Credit: @victorjwebstertattoo
Victor J Webster 2
Credit: @victorjwebstertattoo
Victor J Webster 3
Credit: @victorjwebstertattoo

Webster’s geometry tattoos are inspired by his travels. Although a versatile artist, he is a fan of line work and decorative patterns, usually in black.

The New Zealand-based artist had been working in Brooklyn, inking his unique tattoos on New Yorkers. He also sells geometry inspired prints, paintings, and garments on his website.

Tomas Tomas(@tomastomas108)

Tomas Tomas 1
Credit: @tomastomas108
Tomas Tomas 2
Credit: @tomastomas108
Tomas Tomas 3
Credit: @tomastomas108

Tomas has made a name for himself in the industry for his large-scale blackwork tattoos. His spiritual based tattoos that have their basis in tribal traditions. He works in London and in Japan.

His geometry influenced designs are created using optical illusions, distorting, and refracting the shape of the ink on the skin. He often tattoos full bodysuits, transforming the whole body into a canvas for his geometric inking.


xnazax 1
Credit: @xnazax
xnazax 2
Credit: @xnazax
xnazax 3
Credit: @xnazax

Tattooing since 1994, the Barcelona based artist is no stranger to bold geometry inspired tattoos. Many of his works use large areas of black ink and the contrasting empty skin to form geometric shapes.

The talented artist can free hand precise and linework, his unique designs mix black and red ink together.

Thomas Hooper(@thomas__hooper)

Thomas Hooper 1
Credit: @thomas__hooper
Thomas Hooper 2
Credit: @thomas__hooper
Thomas Hooper 3
Credit: @thomas__hooper

The Texas and soon to be UK based tattooist is influenced by nature and the forms found in natural. His geometric pattern tattoos are based on cosmology, mathematics, and eastern religious images. He is well versed in iconic folk symbolisms, creating authentic designs.

His bold style is created using repetition, complex pointillism and detailed line work. He believes that tattooing is another form of meditation as well as expressionism.

Alvaro Flores(@alvaroflorestattooer)

Alvaro Flores 1
Credit: @alvaroflorestattooer
Alvaro Flores 2
Credit: @alvaroflorestattooer
Alvaro Flores 3
Credit: @alvaroflorestattooer

Alvaro Flores works out of the private La Flor Sagrada Tattoo studio in Melbourne, Australia. He has a distinctive line and pattern work, usually done in black and gray. He loves to play with proportions and dimension, making it look like it is cascading down the body.

One of his most common tattoo designs is out of proportion mandalas that represent the spiritual connections humans have found with geometric shapes. He loves to design tattoos that have a specific meaning, symbolizing underlying themes of presence and eternity.

Geometry Tattoo Artists: More FAQ

What geometric shapes can I get tattooed on me?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing the right geometric shape for your tattoo. Here are some of the popular ones and what they mean.

  • Circle which symbolizes the endless circle of life. It also represents harmony and balance, reminding the wearer to be more mindful.
  • Triangles symbolize strength. The three sides of a triangle are evenly supported and can survive being put pressure on. Triangle tattoos are a fantastic way to represent your harmony and creativity. The triangular shape also has religious and mystical values. It represents the Holy Trinity and is the foundation of the Star of David.
  • Squares symbolize balance and stability, relating to truthfulness and reminding the wearer to stay grounded.

Which celebrities have geometric tattoos?

Celebrities love geometric tattoos, some have little subtle designs hidden, whilst other have big, bold pieces. Many have hidden meanings whilst still looking beautiful.

Singer Zhavia Ward has a geometric design tattoo on her right bicep. Delphine Noiztoy created a geometric blackwork design for Grimes’ middle finger in 2016. Dr Woo tattooed Ellie Goulding in 2016 with a geometric design based on a galaxy on her ribcage.

Singer Julia Michaels has a design on her right wrist, which consists of three V shapes and three circles to symbolize perception. She also has a geometric anatomical heart with a crying eye on the middle, inked on her right arm to symbolize vulnerability. She also has a geometric rose, and a woman whose face has been replaced with a geometric print on her arm.

Where should I get my geometry tattoo?

Geometric tattoos can be adapted to lots of different parts of the body. Be mindful that your skin stretches and contours. Geometric tattoos look best when they are straight and precise, so it works best in places without skin folds.

There is no single best placement for a geometric design, it depends on your own preferences, the size, and the design. Common areas to get a geometry tattoo includes:

Shoulder and arms, where you can easily show off your design but cover it up when necessary. Geometry tattoos make fantastic sleeve tattoos or can look great as a small design.

Where should I get my geometry tattoo 1
Credit: Instagram

The back is ideal for those who want a big piece, or something with lots of detail. The back is a flat area, ideal for geometry tattoos that require precise linework. The downside of back tattoos is that they are harder to show off. Many geometry tattoo artists do full bodysuits, creating tattoos that go from the shoulders to the upper thighs.

Where should I get my geometry tattoo 2
Credit: Instagram

Chest tattoos are versatile and can be easy to display and cover up. The flat, smooth area is ideal for both big, bold tattoos or smaller, more delicate designs that require precise linework. A good geometry tattoo artist can make the bold linework fit to the contours of your body.

Where should I get my geometry tattoo 3
Credit: Instagram

Leg tattoos are easy to cover up for men and make a big statement on women. The contours of the leg can work alongside your geometric tattoos. A good artist can make any style of geometry tattoo fit naturally onto the leg. Full leg tattoos are as common as thigh pieces when it comes to geometry tattoos.

Where should I get my geometry tattoo 4
Credit: Instagram

Although neck tattoos aren’t for everyone as they are very difficult to hide and one of the more painful areas to tattoo, they are a popular spot for geometry tattoos.

Where should I get my geometry tattoo 5
Credit: Instagram

Do geometric tattoos hold a sacred meaning?

Yes, some geometric shapes will have a specific meaning. It’s always worth looking into the specific symbolism behind your geometric tattoo.

The flower of life tattoo originated in Egypt and is found in the Temple of Osiris. This design is commonly found in tattoos and contains interlocking geometric circles that form other circle shapes. It represents the idea of unity, with the interlocking circles replicating the cell division, and the idea of oneness.

Did you know:

Flowers of life appear on the artwork for Coldplay and Bring Me the Horizon albums.

Flowers of life 1
Credit: Instagram
Flowers of life 2
Credit: Instagram

A mandala is a popular tattoo, but this design takes on many different forms. Often use in meditation, the mandala is an important symbol within Hinduism and Buddhism. This design is always made from circle which create a symmetrical pattern, but the contents of the circle can differ.

Every mandala is unique, representing one’s own role within the universe and the oneness of life. Colors are usually based on the chakras. There are many tattoo artists who specialized in mandala tattoos.

Did you know:

Zayn Malik had a mandala tattooed on the side of his head in 2018.

mandala tattooed on the side of his head 1
Credit: Instagram
mandala tattooed on the side of his head 2
Credit: Instagram

Metatron’s Cube tattoos are usually worn by Kabbala tattoos. Named after the archangel Metatron, this geometric design is said to represent his soul manifested. The design contains every geometric shape which comes together to create one image. The cube represents the building blocks of every living thing and symbolize transforming negative or unwanted energy into positivity.

Metatron’s Cube tattoos 1
Credit: Instagram
Metatron’s Cube tattoos 2
Credit: Instagram

How should you prepare for a geometry tattoo?

You should eat 2-3 hours before getting your tattoo, maintaining a healthy blood sugar level. Avoid alcohol before visiting your geometry tattoo artist. Many artists advise that you bring clothes, meals, books or music, especially if you are sitting for a long time.

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Did you know:

Never underestimate the power of getting a good night’s sleep before getting tattooed.

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