Tattoos That Symbolize Peace

30+ Tattoos That Symbolize Peace (2024 Updated)

Are you someone who loves to show off your peaceful side? Do you feel like you’ve been struggling lately to come at peace with yourself? A lot of people love to show their sentimental side through different & unique tattoo ideas. If you stand for peace & uniqueness, as well as deep bliss and pure happiness, keep on reading! Here, we will talk about different tattoos that symbolize peace.

What Are Tattoos That Symbolize Peace?

What Are Tattoos That Symbolize Peace
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There are loads of different tattoos that can symbolize peace & your inner zen-mode. The most common ideas are:

However, the choice is entirely up to you! Some people may find their own portraits or images of their families to be calming & peaceful. Others enjoy a picture of their dog. Make the choice however suits you and your preference!

What Tattoos Symbolize Peace For Men?

Men will usually go for some straightforward & practical tattoo ideas that speak for themselves, and which are obvious and easy to understand.  Those can be:

What Tattoos Symbolize Peace For Women?

Women are always interested in staying mysterious, as well as in expressing their deeper side & unique emotions. Peace can mean a lot of different things to them. However & in most cases, they represent this state with:

Which Tattoo Is A Must-Have?

So, in your opinion, which one tattoo is a must-have from the list? Are you someone who needs bright & loud, or small and minimalistic tattoo ideas? Let everyone know where you stand when it comes to your inner beliefs, findings, as well as overall peace.

10 Colorful Peace Symbol Tattoos

1. Bright Blue & Colorful Peace Symbol Tattoo Idea

Bright Blue & Colorful Peace Symbol Tattoo Idea
Image Source: Tattoodo

Use a unique color combination and print when getting your new tattoo. This idea is different and playful, ideal for girls who love pastel colors.

This peace sign stands for your inner peace and love for the sea. If you’re someone who is an adventurous person, you will enjoy this tattoo.

2. Blue & Yellow Tattoo For Peace

Blue & Yellow Tattoo For Peace
Image Source: Instagram

Are blue and yellow your favorite colors? Are you someone who enjoys this combo? If so, this peace symbol will look amazing once placed on top of your skin.

Blue is a color of power and loyalty, while yellow stands for wealth and riches. If this suits your character embrace this duo.

3. Large Thigh Tattoo For Peace

Large Thigh Tattoo For Peace
Image Source: Instagram

Larger leg or thigh tattoos are beautiful. Do you already have one tattooed on your skin? Are you a fan of something new & dominant? This print is for you!

If you’re a nature lover you can show it off with your tattoo. Get some mountains and flowers tattooed into your peace sign and rock the bold color combo!

Did you know: Iceland has been the most peaceful country in the world since 2008.

4. Blue Forearm Peace Symbol

Blue Forearm Peace Symbol
Image Source: @gokceozaslan

Black and blue is a beautiful color combo and this pattern will suit you if you’re someone who loves mystical colors. It is also a chic choice that pops!

This forearm placement is beautiful and you will enjoy it if you’re into visible placements. You are someone who is seeking quietness, as well as peace in this world? If so, you can say that with your tattoo.

5. Shoulder Floral Peace Symbol Tattoo

Shoulder Floral Peace Symbol Tattoo
Image Source: @rickysdentattoo

Are you a fan of flowers, or floral tattoo ideas? If you are a feminine lady who loves sentimental ideas and ladylike flowers you should consider this print.

This peace symbol when combined with different flowers will stand for your optimistic and positive side. It also says that you’re a delicate flower who tries to make peace with others. Is that the case?

6. Bright Red & Orange Tattoo For Peace

Bright Red & Orange Tattoo For Peace
Image Source: @riccardodalportotattoo

Dark red, orange, as well as black color combos usually look the best on determined guys and dominant individuals. This arm or forearm piece is will take you 3-4 hours to place over your skin, so heads up before you book your appointment.

There is a fire in all of us, how about you? You can show your arrogant, vibrant, as well as outstanding personality, as well as your love for peace and inner calmness with something like this.

Fun fact: Syria has been the least peaceful for the past five years.

7. Thigh Colorful Peace Symbol Ink

Thigh Colorful Peace Symbol Ink
Image Source: @mrberusadankatattoo

How about these matching and gorgeous leg/thigh tattoos? Not everyone can rock something like this. Do you prefer bigger and easily noticeable tattoos? This color pattern will look dramatic and feminine, so why not rock it?

Mint green symbolizes freedom and adventure. Show that you’re up for a good time and freedom with your peace tattoo symbol.

8. Bright Forearm Tattoo Peace Inspired

Bright Forearm Tattoo Peace Inspired
Image Source: @satyrcillo

Do you enjoy the Rasta color symbols and this movement? If you’re someone who is into loud ideas and playful symbols you will need this peace inspo! Go for a tattoo artist that knows how to do geometrical ideas.

You will come off as a loud and playful peace-driven person. You will never run out of power or ambition, does this describe you?!

9. Funny & Vivid Alien Peace Symbol

Funny & Vivid Alien Peace Symbol
Image Source: @gidubtattoo

How about a cool and cute hippie tattoo? Not everyone can pull off this powerful and bright print. If your soul is filled with different emotions, quotes, images, as well as characters – go with it and embrace your funky personality!

You can come off as a quirky individual with this tattoo. Let others know that you have your playful moments and show how brave, original, peaceful, yet fun you’re to be around!

Did you know: the only film with the word Peace in its title to win an Oscar was a Russian film of War And Peace.

10. Feminine & Floral Tattoo That Symbolizes Peace

Feminine & Floral Tattoo That Symbolizes Peace
Image Source: @mantaraetattoo

Looking for an arm tattoo? Do you want to place it somewhere visible and let everyone know that you don’t mind a bit of attention? This print is perfect for ladies!

Flowers can represent your flirty personality, while the peace symbol stands for inner calmness and meditation. Everyone will think of you as a well-put girl.

10 Buddha Inspired Peace Tattoo

1. Large Shoulder Black Buddha Peace Idea

Large Shoulder Black Buddha Peace Idea
Image Source: @1mmdeeptattoo

Buddha tattoos are super popular worldwide. If you’re someone who is a fan of large art and dramatic tattoos just know that this shoulder idea is a good go-to.

Buddha stands for your pure peace and connection to the world. If you’re lost at times yet you know how to overcome problems let him be your spiritual guide.

2. Symmetric Buddha Peace Tattoo

Symmetric Buddha Peace Tattoo
Image Source: @moses_valerius

This is a phenomenal and large tattoo idea that you will enjoy only if you’re not afraid of the needle or the tattooing process. Also, make sure that you have 6-8 hours to spare when getting this image.

You can connect with others with ease? You are loyal and passionate? If you find peace within yourself and your company you can show that with this idea.

3. Forearm Buddha Peace Inspired

Forearm Buddha Peace Inspired
Image Source: @seckinktattoo

This forearm tattoo idea is great for guys and girls. If you’re someone who opens up easily and you have that peaceful side to yourself you should consider this tattoo.

It can easily blend in with the rest of your tattoos. You can show off your powerful and calm side with similar Buddha symbols. Once decorated with flowers this image will let others know that you’re as delicate as a flower and that you don’t have an issue opening up to others.

Fun fact: The Greek goddess of Peace was Eirene.

4. Giant Shoulder Buddha Tattoo

Giant Shoulder Buddha Tattoo
Image Source: @blackpearl_tattoo_kasaragod

Do you want to rock a larger shoulder tattoo? If you’re someone who is a regular at the gym you will enjoy this piece. Perfect for anyone who is into artsy tattoos that can have a deeper meaning.

This Buddha stands for peace and your romantic side due to all the floral patterns and prints. If you love showing off your spirit and your deep emotions as well as connections know that this is the way to do it.

5. Black Buddha Ink Over Forearm

Black Buddha Ink Over Forearm
Image Source: @sureshmachutattoos

If you are afraid of the needle and you’re trying to express your peaceful side you can do it with this tattoo. This small Buddha is minimalistic and it is not a time-consuming print. Embrace it since it won’t take you more than two hours to achieve it.

Show others that you can become one with nature and that your personality is mild and gentle. This is the perfect artsy way to express your peace and gentle character.

6. Unique Buddha Peace Ink Tattoo

Unique Buddha Peace Ink Tattoo
Image Source: @blackpearl_tattoo_kasaragod

How about you show off your Buddha in this artsy and floral print? It is also decorated with a couple of mandala designs that can embrace your artsy and minimalistic side.

Others will think of you as a person who is capable of finding and seeing the best in others. If you’re an optimist and a peaceful guy or girl you will enjoy this tattoo.

Did you know: We spend much more on war than we do on peace.

7. Small Peace Showing Tattoo Buddha

Small Peace Showing Tattoo Buddha
Image Source: @bharathtattooist

Do you want fat and a silly Buddha tattoo? Not everything has to be strict, so serious, or formal. You can go for a silly tattoo that represents your personality and your inner peace.

This Buddha is for those who love their appearance, and who are proud of their inner and outer beauty. Are you one of those people?

8. Colorful Leg & Thigh Buddha Tattoo For Peace

Colorful Leg & Thigh Buddha Tattoo For Peace
Image Source: @danicunhatattoo

Women who work out or those who have feminine curves will appreciate this tattoo. It is extravagant and extraordinary, as well as a gorgeous and dramatic piece. It is decorated with mandalas and a red & blue color combo, perfect for spiritualists.

This tattoo represents your different personalities and your layers. A lot of us struggle to come off as independent and happy individuals, but just remind yourself that there is inner peace and balance in all of us.

9. Round & Symmetrical Buddha Peace Tattoo

Round & Symmetrical Buddha Peace Tattoo
Image Source: @tijanatattoo7

Geometrical symbols and prints can look powerful and different when done the right way. This Buddha peace-inspired tattoo with loads of different shapes is a unique geometrical tattoo that shows your ambitious side.

Can you connect with nature and your surroundings? Are you someone who is always focused on your mind and your future goals? This peaceful and powerful Buddha is for your ever-changing personality, which is why everyone can rock it!

Did you know: 21 September marks the International Day of Peace.

10. Giant Buddha Peace Over Back

Giant Buddha Peace Over Back
Image Source: Tattoodo

Larger back tattoos are common among guys. Do you have broad shoulders, and you’re also proud of your physique? If you’re someone who is capable of rocking outstanding and giant tattoos, why not cover your back in this print?

You are calm, cool, and collected. You are also probably someone who is trying to find peace and your inner calling. Stay determined and believe the process!

10 Black & White Tattoos That Symbolize Peace

1. Black Peace Symbol Skeleton Idea

Black Peace Symbol Skeleton Idea
Image Source: @chac.chan

This skeleton arm tattoo idea is a cool and showy print. It is funny and one of a kind, perfect for anyone who wishes a creepy and funny design.

You can tell a lot about yourself with this tattoo. Are you funny and peace-driven? Let everyone see your true colors with something cool like this!

2. Peace Showing Tattoo Finger Idea

Peace Showing Tattoo Finger Idea
Image Source: @kaylalowmanart

Women who want a black and white tattoo idea can give this one a go. If you’re someone who knows how to express your love through different situations and you wish to showcase it to the world in your own way, you can do it like so!

This peace finger tattoo with flowers represents growth and inner feelings, as well as your feminine side. If you’re trying to come off as a sweetheart that is calm and collected, this is your perfect go-to!

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3. Alien Tattoo That Stands For Peace

Alien Tattoo That Stands For Peace
Image Source: @tattoo_me_ngli

Do you believe in aliens? How about in ethereal peace? Guys and girls who are indecisive when it comes to their choice and who need something fun and different will love slaying this print!

A little alien can show others that you’re fun and easy to get on with, as well as peaceful. If you’re someone who is always laughing and finding good in others, why not broadcast it to the world with this ink?

Did you know: you will feel a lot more at peace after a warm bath?

4. Feminine Peace Floral Tattoo

Feminine Peace Floral Tattoo
Image Source: @mariacapsuna

Arm tattoos are quite popular. Do you want yours to fit you? This artwork is a universal and gorgeous tattoo idea, perfectly made for powerful women.

Flowers symbolize your sexy aspect, as well as your romantic side. If you wish to come off as a spiritual person try to book a tattoo artist, and ask for this design.

5. Neck Peace Tattoo Font Ideas

Neck Peace Tattoo Font Ideas
Image Source: @rafa96_tattoos

How about an actual “peace” word tattoo? This little inspo can look gorgeous behind your ear. Go for a gorgeous font that suits your personality and let others know how you love to be seen.

Peace is something that every individual can feel and describe how they want. Are you a fan of expressing emotions through some words and straight-up fonts?

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6. Side Stomach Peace Symbol Tattoo

Side Stomach Peace Symbol Tattoo
Image Source: Tattoodo

This side stomach tattoo can be painful and uncomfortable to go for. If you’re a fan of delicate placements and you’re someone who can rock side tattoos, give it a try with this one.

A fingerprint or a hand in itself can come off as calming and peaceful elements. They are also rare and not that common as your go-to tattoo choice.

Fun fact: you will feel better about yourself after drinking a cup of tea and lighting a candle!

7. Buddha Black & Lotus Peace Tattoo Inspo

Buddha Black & Lotus Peace Tattoo Inspo
Image Source: @yash_yashas

Combine these two elements and show off your peaceful side with it. Buddha & lotus flowers usually go hand-in-hand together. If you are an honest individual looking for inner peace you will prefer this symbolic ink.

It stands for your happy and determined side. Flowers represent sleek & soft moments, while the Buddha stands for your inner balance and peace.

8. Black Peace Tattoo Symbol

Black Peace Tattoo Symbol
Image Source: @mbtattoo_arts

Fingers crossed and just hope for the best, right? If this does apply to you and you’re someone who prefers black lines and peaceful images, try out this idea!

Peace and calmness are what you can see and express with this idea. It will take you 3-4 hours to achieve this tattoo. Perfect for men who have a real vibe, and a realistic approach to life.

9. Small Heart Peace Symbol Over Ankle

Small Heart Peace Symbol Over Ankle
Image Source: @howdy_tattoo

Ankle tattoos are usually popular with women and those who love to look elegant. Do you need a feminine tattoo idea? This is the perfect small heart-shaped and inspired peace symbol that you will rock with ease!

It will represent your love for minimalism and chic symbols, as well as the peace sign itself. Perfect for those who are afraid of the needle.

Did you know: Human rights are standards that allow everyone to live with dignity, freedom, equality, justice and peace.

10. Giant Black Buddha Symbol Back Print

Giant Black Buddha Symbol Back Print
Image Source: Tattoodo

Lastly, how about this gorgeous, large, as well as outstanding back tattoo? It is perfect and magnificent in its own way, beautiful and playful for women who know how to rock mesmerizing tattoos.

This one is a powerful & feminine lady-like ink. It shows your true power, bold intentions, as well a peace that is within all of us.

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