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Top 32 Aggressive Bull Tattoo Design Ideas (2024 Updated)

Bull tattoos are for those who truly like animals, masculine power, as well as larger tattoos that will leave you feeling scared and like a dominant guy or girl within every given situation. Show that you’re a force in its own way and that you’re always ready to try new tattoos. Here’s what we have to offer you!

Bull Tattoo: FAQ

Bull Tattoo FAQ
Credit: Instagram

1. What Does A Bull Tattoo Symbolize?

Did you know that bulls represent the true fighting spirit of every being? This is why they are widely used in many Sports logos. If you get a bull tattoo it will represent your wild spirit and your will to fight through everything. Show that you’re always coming out of everything as a winner and a strong-willed and minded person.

2. Who Can Get A Bull Tattoo?

Bulls are quite gorgeous when you think about it. They are large and dominant animals that will suit the same type of people. Men and women can get this animal tattoo as long as they’re ready for it to symbolize their strength and stubbornness.

3. Where To Place A Bull Tattoo?

Since the print itself is large and dominant it would only make sense for you to get a large and noticeable tattoo. This is why most people stick to and choose back or leg tattoos. Smaller bull tattoos can also work, just make sure that you’re comfortable with rocking a miniature tattoo somewhere where it is not as common, such as your forearm or chest.

4. How Much Are Bull Tattoos?

Your new bull tattoo will take some time and patience for your tattoo artist to get it completely done right. If you’re a fan of animals and you trust your tattoo artist, give it a go! Expect to pay anywhere from $100-$300 for this new design.

Black & White Bull Tattoo Design Ideas

1. Bulls Tattoo Black Ink Idea

Bulls Tattoo Black Ink Idea
Image Source:@allday_dakum

This black bull ink will look lovely over your back or your shoulder. Make sure that you have 2-3 hours to spare when getting this design. It symbolizes your calm state before the storm.

Did you know that female bulls are named cows?

2. Small Bull Tattoo

Small Bull Tattoo
Image Source:@charlieking2000

Women who like playful and cute tattoos are going to enjoy this design. Do you prefer funny and cute ideas? If you have that humorous side to yourself and you also like animals, give it a go with this print.

3. Black Tribal Bull Tattoo

Black Tribal Bull Tattoo
Image Source:@twiggzy_tattoos

Chest tattoos will look lovely and attention-seeking on guys who work out and guys who have broad shoulders. Show everyone that you’re masculine, dominant, and built from true powerful and even space-driven energy.

4. Bull Skull Tattoo

Bull Skull Tattoo
Image Source:@leilanitattoos

Get yourself these bull horns and represent this skeleton with its true beauty. Let the world see you as a creative person who is skilled when it comes to overcoming big and small obstacles that are your way.

Fun fact: bulls have one stomach with 4 chambers.

5. Funny Bull Tattoo

Funny Bull Tattoo
Image Source:@marcoiacca

How about you add a bit of humor to your tattoo? A lot of guys and girls enjoy quirky tattoos and funny bull-inspired images. Show that you are into comedy and comic situations with this retro black and white ink bull tattoo.

6. Bulls Tattoo Black Idea

Bulls Tattoo Black Idea
Image Source:@__cchayy__

Make sure that you have 3-4 hours to spare when getting this tattoo. The end result and this product will represent your wild and creative side. If there’s an artist within you – you can show your expressive emotions with this bull ink.

7. Realistic Bull Tattoo

Realistic Bull Tattoo
Image Source:@tattoo_goodtimes

If you’re into black ink and monochrome tattoos you are going to enjoy this bull print. It is a small and delicate tattoo that will suit those who are afraid of the tattooing process the best.

8. Taurus Bull Tattoo

Taurus Bull Tattoo
Image Source:@mehmetateslitattooart

This shoulder tattoo can look feminine when done the right way. If you’re a fan of black tattoos and proper outline work – give it a go with this tattoo. It will represent your forward side and your creative will.

Did you know that bullfighting is considered a sport?

9. Arm Bull Tattoo

Arm Bull Tattoo
Image Source:@_dudink_

This bicep tattoo will look the best on creative individuals and artistic people. Represent your gorgeous persona and your new way of testing out different ways and paths on how to achieve the best and most in life.

10. Red Bull Tattoo

Red Bull Tattoo
Image Source:@the_ink_cherub

How about this retro bull tattoo? If you like the energy drink Red Bull, give it a go with this tattoo. It will show your powerful side, as well your love for these energy drinks and quirky ads or shows.

11. Arm Bull Head Tattoo

Arm Bull Head Tattoo
Image Source:@_line_ink

Forearm tattoo done in such a way that is mystical will suit retro personas, as well as those who believe in the power of the zodiac. If you’re an astrological person and someone who likes out of this world power, you’re going to like this tattoo.

12. Large Black Bull Tattoo

Large Black Bull Tattoo
Image Source:@dantotattoo

This giant back tattoo will suit guys who like dramatic ideas and larger designs. If you work out and have a masculine back you’re going to like this tattoo. Show off your dominance and masculine persona with this bull print.

Fun fact: bulls weigh between 1.700 -1.800 pounds.

13. Arm Bull Tattoo

Arm Bull Tattoo 2
Image Source:@pralinaink

This arm or fist style will suit you if you can wear dramatic and showy designs. This arm tattoo will symbolize your wish to be noticed and spotted at all times and within every given situation. If your job allows you to wear showy tattoos give it a go with this bull.

14. Neck Bull Tattoo

Neck Bull Tattoo
Image Source:@oby_________oby

Neck tattoos are quite brave and flashy to wear. If you’re a brave individual who dares to wear something this exotic and bold, give it a go with this bull neck tattoo print. Show that you’re always easy to spot with this print.

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Colorful Bull Tattoo Design Ideas

1. Colorful Bull Arm Tattoo

Colorful Bull Arm Tattoo
Image Source:@abigailrosetattoo

Those who like bright and colorful tattoos are going to enjoy this design. It is covered in all the little details that will attract looks and the right level of attention. Show that you’re always attracting dominance and showing your bold bright persona.

Did you know that they live approximately 20-25 years?

2. Arm Bull Tattoo Colorful Design

Arm Bull Tattoo Colorful Design
Image Source:@tat_you_

Add a bit of color to your bull tattoo to assert the right level of dominance in any given situation. This loud print will show the world that you know how to have fun and win at every given scenario that’s in front of you.

3. Chest Bull Tattoo

Chest Bull Tattoo
Image Source:@don_bro_639

Show your brave bull proudly and rock it with full dominance over your chest. This design will take you 5 hours to achieve (approximately), which makes it ideal for dominant and energetic personas.

4. Thigh Fighting Bull Tattoos

Thigh Fighting Bull Tattoos
Image Source:@pointofviewtattooschool

Two bulls can represent and stand for your dramatic persona. If you’re a natural fighter who can overcome any given moment and you wish to show your dominance through your personality or tattoo, this is ideal!

Fun fact: bulls are widely found across the world. They live in all continents barring Antarctica.

5. Realistic Traditional Bull Tattoo

Realistic Traditional Bull Tattoo
Image Source:@marinka_zotova

Not a lot of tattoo artists can give you this type of tattoo. If you fully trust yours and you know that they’re skilled when it comes to flashy art and realistic designs, give it a go with this half-sleeve bull design.

6. Red Bull Tattoo Ideas

Red Bull Tattoo Ideas
Image Source: @saydda_tattoo

The red color is great for passionate guys who wish to assert dominance at any given moment. If you’re intrigued by showing your power and energetic ideas that show your true personality, you’re going to love this bull red print.

7. Scary Red Bull Tattoo

Scary Red Bull Tattoo
Image Source:@monhardy_tatt

Scary red tattoos such as this one will suit men who enjoy glamour. Do you believe that you’re meant and destined for greatness? If so, give this tattoo a go!

Did you know that bulls live in places where there is enough vegetation?

8. Watercolor Bull Tattoo

Watercolor Bull Tattoo
Image Source:@denzi_tattoo

Watercolor tattoos will suit artsy people and men who like to stand out with their chosen tattoo. Show that you’re always ready for action and that no one can mess with you through this bull tattoo. It will suit those who like fiery and dominant tattoos.

9. Blue Tribal Bull Tattoo

Blue Tribal Bull Tattoo
Image Source:@moondal__tattooist

You can color your bull in a bright blue color if you’re interested in showing a retro design. Not all bulls have to be black or red, give it a go with this masterpiece and show that you’re always ahead of your time or your peers.

Fun fact: bulls can be fertile at about seven months of age.

10. Bulls Tattoo Over Back

Bulls Tattoo Over Back
Image Source:@danny_tattoo32

This loud bright blue back tattoo will suit men the best. If you work out and you’re proud of your physique or your back size, try out this bull tattoo. The end result represents someone who is always creating, exploring, and learning!

11. Colorful Bull Tattoo Idea

Colorful Bull Tattoo Idea
Image Source:@kldn.91

Are you a champion when it comes to boxing? Maybe you’re better at this skill than the rest of your peers? If so, show how good you are with this dramatic bull tattoo. The end result will look the best with the right use of colors, ideal for anyone who is naturally creative or motivated to show off.

12. Leg Bull Tattoo Design

Leg Bull Tattoo Design
Image Source:@nikthetattooer

Do you easily get mad or frustrated? If so, show it with this bull tattoo. The end result will suit guys who like to be straightforward with others. It will take you around 4 hours to achieve this bull tattoo.

Did you know that nulls are pretty sizeable animals that can be around 6 ft (1.8 m) tall?

13. Black & Red Bull Tattoo

Black & Red Bull Tattoo
Image Source:@moondal__tattooist

Red and black are ideal colors to go for and to mix together when it comes to your bull tattoo. This dominant flashy bull will show the world that you’re always ready to take over the world and asset dominance among your surrounding.

14. Leg & Thigh Bull Tattoo

Leg & Thigh Bull Tattoo
Image Source:@philipp_pfeil

This thigh or leg tattoo will suit anyone who enjoys realistic ideas. Heads up since this tattoo will be quite pricey and it is not ideal for those who are afraid of the needle or the tattooing process.

15. Scary Bull Tattoo Design

Scary Bull Tattoo Design
Image Source:@hiebundstichfest_tattoo

Combine red and black and rock this unique bull tattoo with pure confidence. The end result is ideal for anyone who is trying to rock something new and different. This tattoo will take you around five hours to place over your calf.

Fun fact: the average speed of a bull is about 15-20 mph (24-32 kph).

16. Shoulder Bull Tattoo Red Ink

Shoulder Bull Tattoo Red Ink
Image Source:@gamja__tattooer

Shoulder tattoos can look so good on guys who work out. Show your brilliant side and your dominance with this colorful bull tattoo. The end product is perfect for those who work out and wish to show the size of their biceps.

17. Bull Head Tattoo Idea

Bull Head Tattoo Idea
Image Source:@screamuhell

This bull tattoo is perfect for true creators and guys who like artsy ideas. It symbolizes your inner fears yet your will to overcome any obstacles that are in front of you.

18. Forearm Bull Tattoo

Forearm Bull Tattoo
Image Source:@olivia_artattoo

Lastly, why not combine some flowers with your bull tattoo? This idea will suit men and women who like playful and colorful bull designs. This print stands for your inner struggles and your glorious way of attracting positivity at any given moment.

Try A New Bull Tattoo

Let us know if you’re ready to try out and get any of these tattoos done. Bulls are big, dominant, and scary designs, often worn by guys who like to come off massive and aggressive. Let us know which one tattoo from our list is going to be your top pick in the near future.

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