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Top 30 Calf Tattoo Design Ideas (And The Meanings Behind Them)

Calf tattoos can be anything and everything that you imagine! How creative are you and what is your imagination like? If you’re someone who appreciates subtle art and you don’t want overpowering tattoos you will appreciate calf designs.

Here, we will list 30 different tattoos and we will talk about each meaning and different options that both men and women can go for. Keep on reading and find your perfect calf image down below.

10 Calf Tattoos For Women

1. Funny Calf Tattoo For Ladies

Funny Calf Tattoo For Ladies
Image Source: @amberhanksss

How about a funky duo that you can place over both of your legs? Girls who love color and who want their tattoo to tell a story will enjoy this bright and colorful idea.

Get yourself a drink and a funky bird image. This calf duo will represent someone who is carefree and always up for fun. You will also come off as someone who loves and lives for the summer season, as well as all of its perks.

2. Funny Lion Calf Tattoo

Funny Lion Calf Tattoo
Image Source: @ladychappelletattoos

If you love color and you’re a huge cartoon fan, this idea is for you. It will suit guys and girls who are huge on cartoons or animation. Anyone who loves to look funky and who has a specific cartoon in mind will enjoy this idea.

Get a print of your favorite cartoon and go for your favorite characters over your calf. If you’re an adventurous person or someone who loves to look catchy with your tattoo, this colorful idea will suit your cheerful and bright personality.

3. Back Calf Tattoo Cat Idea

Back Calf Tattoo Cat Idea
Image Source: @nicolemiltontattoo

If you love calligraphy and cats, you can show it to the world with this unique aesthetically pleasing tattoo. It is a must-have for anyone who loves animals and who knows that cats are better than dogs.

A detailed cat tattoo over your calf will show the world that you’re always staying aware of your surroundings and that you’re trying to look gracious at all times while staying wise.

4. Butterfly Calf Tattoo Ideas

Butterfly Calf Tattoo Ideas
Image Source: @kailiemarieartistry

Butterfly tattoos are quite common and practical among women and girls. A lot of people love to feel feminine and empowered with similar ideas, are you one of them as well?

Butterflies are a symbol of elegance and gracious moves. If you’re trying to spread your wings, fly away, as well as enjoy the journey – a butterfly will come in as an accurate representation of your mood.

5. Colorful Red Snail Calf Tattoo

Colorful Red Snail Calf Tattoo
Image Source: @sarahameliatattoos

Funky tattoos and animal-inspired ideas over your calf are quite common and popular among artsy and fierce guys or girls. This design can take you several hours to achieve and place down, which is why you need to be equipped with enough patience and money.

Snails are a sign of taking the time to do your things and letting them happen on their own and within your certain pace. If you’re not in a rush and you are someone who truly believes in karma or destiny, this is for you.

6. Funky Spider Calf Tattoo

Funky Spider Calf Tattoo
Image Source: @jaesae_tt

Are you a party person yourself? How about someone who loves to have fun and go out? Often times bright and loud colors represent someone who is caring and outgoing, does this align with your character?

A spider is a symbol of patience and taking things slowly. If you want to build a better life for yourself or your loved ones you can show your determination with the right spider symbol.

7. Back Calf Lemon Tattoo

Back Calf Lemon Tattoo
Image Source: @roxy_shetatts

Lemon lovers will understand the beauty of this image. If you’re a fruit lover in general you will naturally gravitate toward this symbol. It is so funky and different, a must for anyone who wants to stand out in the middle of a crowded space.

Lemon can symbolize your sour personality or something bitter that has happened to you in your life. If you’re an optimist just know that a lemon symbol can show that.

8. Unique Black Butterfly Calf Tattoo

Unique Black Butterfly Calf Tattoo
Image Source: @kevin_thing

Black and white butterflies can look gracious and elegant. A lot of people (especially girls) love this insect due to its long wings and mysterious vibe.

A black butterfly will show your elegance and your pride. If you’re always trying to come off as a serious persuasive woman, black color and a butterfly is your duo!

9. Lily & Stitch Calf Matching Tattoos

Lily & Stitch Calf Matching Tattoos
Image Source: @bigdogtattoos

Are you someone who’s in love or you love to get matching tattoos? If you’re up for something artsy and cute, and you have a specific someone in mind, you will enjoy this combo.

Those who loved Lilo and Stitch and who still love this cartoon to this day will enjoy this combo. You will come off as a positive character and someone who is still into cartoons, even to this day.

10. Calf Tattoo Designs Heart With Flowers

Calf Tattoo Designs Heart With Flowers
Image Source: @mitchelarto_tattoo

This calf tattoo is so gorgeous and realistic. Anyone who knows of a skilled tattoo artist will easily rock and wear this design. Make sure that you book someone talented and trustworthy before you commit to this idea.

A heart tattoo is a symbol of love and heartbreaks that we’ve all experienced once or twice in our lifetime. If you’re ready to love again and you’re a realist, this tattoo will look great on you.

10 Animal Calf Tattoo Design Ideas

1. Calf Tattoo Ideas Black Print Bird

Calf Tattoo Ideas Black Print Bird
Image Source:

Bird images are quite common among guys or girls who love to feel free and spiritual. This black image will take you 4-5 hours to place over your body. It is elegant and one of a kind, wouldn’t you agree?

Birds usually symbolize freedom and your will to travel or change your perception. If you’re a thinker and a realist who believes in the greater good, you will want a blackbird over your calf.

2. Red Parrot Calf Tattoo

Red Parrot Calf Tattoo
Image Source: @maxwelllacroix

This red parrot is a fierce and feminine tattoo, but guys can also rock this soft tattoo. If you’re someone who gravitates toward pop of color you will enjoy this medium-sized red parrot.

Parrots are a symbol of fun, novelty, and gratitude. You will look like a fun person who can dominate the scene once you show off this tattoo.

3. Wolf Calf Tattoo

Wolf Calf Tattoo
Image Source: @razo_tattoo

Any nature lovers out there? How about animal lovers? If you’re someone who appreciates the wildlife and you enjoy spiritual meanings behind similar wolf ideas, this is your gorgeous calf tattoo.

Wolfs usually symbolize someone persistent, as well as a leader. If you’re someone who knows how to enjoy your life and you are naturally loud and bold, as well as motivational for your surroundings – you can definitely resonate with a wolf.

4. Calf Tattoo Designs Snake Print

Calf Tattoo Designs Snake Print
Image Source: @minu.pp.ta

Snake tattoos are quite scary and different in their own way, wouldn’t you say so? Black ink will complement this beast in such a unique way!

Snakes symbolize immortality and rebirth. If you’re ready to enjoy a new path and you need to find meaning with your surrounding, snakes will represent all of that!

5. Cheetah Calf Tattoo

Cheetah Calf Tattoo
Image Source: @justinecrawfart

Tigers and cheetahs are divine ideas to go for. If you’re someone who loves to look scary with your presence and you’re trying to embrace that dominant look just know that you can do it with a cheetah.

Cheetahs are a symbol of speed, strength, and gracious energy. They are wild and fun to be around with, does this sound like your persona as well?

6. Scary Gorilla Calf Tattoo

Scary Gorilla Calf Tattoo
Image Source: @noblebloodtattoo

Monkeys or gorillas are a bit unusual yet eccentric to go for. If you’re someone who loves that subtle flex and you’re always trying to make a statement with your presence and you wish to look dominant – do it with a monkey or a gorilla print.

This calf tattoo symbolizes strength and intelligence. It is also a noble tattoo that represents someone’s dignity and inner powers.

7. Blue Tiger Calf Tattoo

Blue Tiger Calf Tattoo
Image Source: @rebelmusetattoo

Tigers and lions are the animals of the kingdom. If you’re someone who loves the wildlife and the safari, you will enjoy this idea. It is not too overpowering and it will suit most guys.

This tiger with a pop of blue represents your royalty and wealth. If you’re someone who knows how to show your teeth in every given situation; this image will show and connect with your beliefs.

8. Dragon Calf Tattoo Designs

Dragon Calf Tattoo Designs
Image Source: @sarahmarxxtattoos

Dragon tattoos are quite common and popular among guys and women who loved anime. A dragon is a fierce symbol that can represent your soul, and it has been around for ages, ideal for creators and spiritualists.

Dragons symbolize eternal power and the fight that is happening within you. If you’re ready to overcome any obstacle and you know that you’re tough and thick-skinned a dragon will represent you in the most accurate way.

9. Tribal Calf Tattoo Wolf Idea

Tribal Calf Tattoo Wolf Idea
Image Source: @inkredibletattoos

This wolf mosaic tattoo is such a stunning piece. Wolves have been a common tattoo concept for years, but this shattered image is cool and one of a kind.

If you’re a leader and an artist (2 in 1), this tattoo will look great over your calf. Wolves are natural leaders and persistent animals who know how to get whatever they like, are you like them?

10. Calf Tattoo Ideas Colorful Tiger

Calf Tattoo Ideas Colorful Tiger
Image Source: @nwotattoo_lorla

If you want to make a statement with your tattoo and you naturally gravitate toward larger or bolder ideas, this one is a full strike. Tiger tattoos and splash of color are quite hard to achieve, yet they are a piece of art.

This one, once done properly, will stand for your loud persona that is always outshining others. If you’re brave and a risk-taker you will adore this calf image.

10 Funky & Artsy Calf Tattoo Design Ideas

1. Moon & Aerobic Woman Calf Back Design

Moon & Aerobic Woman Calf Back Design
Image Source: @mcilvennytattooer

Are you an acrobatic person? How about someone who loves to have fun and create chaos? If this does sound like you and goes with your playful personality, get yourself an acrobatic tattoo.

This entire concept will let the world know that you’re a fun and positive spirit to be around. Anyone who has that authentic and playful aura will enjoy and want to rock this red playful tattoo.

2. Mandala Calf Tattoos

Mandala Calf Tattoos
Image Source: @lauren.ansbro.tattoos

Do you love the look of mandalas? A lot of guys and girls find them relaxing and calming. If you find them to be positive and uplifting you will enjoy this image.

Mandalas indicate inner peace, truth, as well as balance. If you’re always looking for a way out and you are someone who believes and sees the signs in your own way, a mandala is a right concept for you.

3. Black Scary Medusa Calf Tattoo

Black Scary Medusa Calf Tattoo
Image Source: @inkg.13

If you believe in mythology and you’re someone who loves a good story – this Medusa idea is for you. The woman in black has a snake image all over her head which makes her even more fierce and scary. This girl is for other girls who are interested in showing their dark side.

Medusa is a symbol of new beginnings and is a common tattoo for women. It shows the courage, as well as challenges that you get to face on a daily, yet manage them and sort them out in your own approach and way.

4. Mystical Joker Calf Tattoo

Mystical Joker Calf Tattoo
Image Source: @_tatu_for_you_

A joker tattoo is common among anime lovers. However, this joker in particular is unique and one of its kind! It is also a tricky design to recreate according to some exceptional tattoo artists.

This death-inspired character can represent your hardships and rough times that you have had before. If you were capable of overcoming them and if you’re feeling like you’re a changed guy/girl, a half-inspired black and white piece is it!

5. Buddha Inspired Back Calf Tattoo

Buddha Inspired Back Calf Tattoo
Image Source: @jadesummertattoos

Relaxed and calmed guys or girls usually enjoy and gravitate toward Buddha symbols. If you’re someone who knows and strives for clarity and personal growth you will enjoy Buddhism in itself.

This print over your calf represents renewed life and a clean personality. It also shows that you’re ready to try out new challenges while staying at peace with yourself.

6. Demon Calf Tattoo Idea

Demon Calf Tattoo Idea
Image Source: @leoparditattoo

Is there a devil in you? Let’s be honest, there is a devil in all of us. However, do you dare to show that to the world, or are you a private person?

A devil calf tattoo will determine you as a fierce and scary guy. You will look like someone who knows how to follow your own rules and you don’t obey orders.

7. Watercolor Side Calf Tattoo

Watercolor Side Calf Tattoo
Image Source: @bluepunktattoo

If you like watercolor and a pop of flashiness to your tattoo this small pot will suit you. If you know how to rock flashy prints and you’re a spiritual guy or girl this will suit you.

You will look like a genuine creative individual who always seeks and gravitates to fun. You will also look like the center of positivity and fun vibes.

8. Black Little Demon Calf Tattoo

Black Little Demon Calf Tattoo
Image Source: @yugentear

Do you want a small demonic tattoo? This unusual print is for guys who fear no one. Make sure that you have 4 hours (at least) to dedicate to this demon idea.

It will make you look like a true alpha. If you know that life is always determined by you and your actions represent this creative devil proudly.

9. Colorful Girl Flower Lover Calf Tattoo

Colorful Girl Flower Lover Calf Tattoo
Image Source: @fuckinadriantattoos

Not a lot of people enjoy similar bold tattoos. If you’re someone who loves to look outstanding and you prefer bold tattoos this portrait will make you look indestructible.

You will represent your fun and fierce vibe with this playful and colorful idea. You will also look like a flower child, as well as a true hippie with an outstanding personality.

10. Small Calf Tattoo With Pop Of Red

Small Calf Tattoo With Pop Of Red
Image Source: @electra_creatives

Lastly, try to recreate this small design and enjoy a pop of red with your calf tattoo. Anyone who is afraid of the tattooing process will appreciate this cool design. It will not take you more than three hours to place it over your skin.

Red is a color of fun and energy. Those who have a naturally optimistic side and positive approach will like this hand symbol.

Calf Tattoo: More FAQs

1. Can guys and girls rock a calf tattoo?

Both genders can go for this design since it is so universal. Naturally, guys have thicker legs & masculine calves, which is why they love to place their tattoo on the lower part of their calf.  Girls usually place it in the middle.

2. How painful are calf tattoos?

There is a lot of meat, skin, as well as muscle around this area – which makes the tattooing process manageable and painless. It is more than easy to tolerate for most individuals.

3. How pricey are calf tattoos?

You will pay around $100 for a smaller calf tattoo. However, the expertise level of your tattoo artist can be a contributing part for the final price.

4. What is the best calf tattoo?

Usually, the best calf tattoo is something that is personal & sentimental to you. It can be a picture, a date, or a symbol. There is no right and wrong, or any type of specific rules when it comes to calf tattoos – it is pretty individual for each persona.

Ready For Your New Tattoo?

In the end, you can choose between loads of different calf tattoos. Which one was your ultimate favorite? Let us know if you’re ready to commit to something specific, and let us know what your budget is.

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