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50+ Stunning Cat Tattoo Design Ideas 2024 (Small, Big, Black, Colorful )

Are you a true cat lover? Do you really like your furry pal? If so, you’re going to enjoy our list of some of the coolest cat tattoos! Keep on reading to find your best and new cat tattoo, perfect for any gender and age group!


1. What Does A Cat Tattoo Symbolize?

A cat tattoo will symbolize your love and closeness to your furry pal. Are you ready to rock something fun and fully customized? The thing is, cat tattoos will mean and symbolize different things for different people. Your presentation and meaning can depend on the color, size, and breed of your cat.

For some cats symbolize new chapters, while some cats symbolize your mysterious and quirky side. They can also represent your emotion and closeness to any living being. Here, we will list a ton of different options, and you will definitely find something that works for you!

2. Who Can Go For A Cat Tattoo?

Men and women will enjoy a symbolic meaning and print of a cat. Anyone can go for a cat tattoo, no matter their age, skin color, or gender. Make sure that you get a realistic image of your furry pal and the outcome will make sense no matter the tattoo that you end up getting.

3. Where To Place A Cat Tattoo?

Placements often vary when it comes to cat tattoos. Men tend to go for giant thigh or back pieces, while women enjoy something a lot more playful and calming, lightweight. Women will often place a cat tattoo over their ankles or wrists. The end result and solution are entirely up to you!

4. How Pricey Is A Cat Tattoo?

Prices will often vary depending on the size and colors used in the tattooing process. In most cases, a small black and white tattoo will go for $100. Bigger and more dominant colorful tattoos can go for $400. Go for a tattoo artist who you trust and who can satisfy your needs and your style of tattooing.

Small Cat Tattoos

1. White Fat Cat Tattoo

White Fat Cat Tattoo
Image Source:@fukuro_tatts

A smaller and more practical cat tattoo for those who are afraid of the needle and the tattooing process! This design will suit both genders. So, do you want to give it  a go and show your love for your fury pal?

2. Small Cat Tattoo

Small Cat Tattoo
Image Source:@by_vas

Do you prefer seamless ink and artwork that is petite? If you are a true minimalism lover this tattoo will suit you. It won’t take you more than one hour to do either.

3. Small Black Cat Tattoo

Small Black Cat Tattoo
Image Source:@_winkt

Not everyone likes or enjoys smaller tattoos. A lot of men and women dislike the needle and its pressure which is why they are going to settle for a quick and easy tattoo.

4. Cheshire Cat Tattoo

Cheshire Cat Tattoo
Image Source:@zmtn_tattoo

If you want to spend less than one hour at a tattoo shop we highly recommend and advise on getting this tattoo. It is seamless and magnificent.

5. Cat Tattoo Simple Design

Cat Tattoo Simple Design
Image Source:@chowderink

Do you like patterns and unique designs? How about some quirky cats as well? Men or women who can’t resist precise tattoos and those who adore their fury pals will enjoy this design.

6. Cat Tattoo Ideas On Arm

Cat Tattoo Ideas On Arm

If you can’t make up your mind we recommend going with this tattoo to spice it all up. If you’re in the mood for something new and petite, as well as easy to do, give it a go with this design. It won’t take too much of your time to do either.

7. Realistic Cat Tattoo

Realistic Cat Tattoo
Image Source:@tattooist_kimria

If your cat is your best friend and your true pal you’re going to like this tattoo, representation, and meaningful description that goes along with it. True pet lovers will see the beauty of this smaller tattoo.

8. Cat Tattoo Minimalist Design

Cat Tattoo Minimalist Design
Image Source:@maro_ink

Women or men who enjoy stunning tattoos or designs that are impressive in one way or the other will like this design. If you are interested in something new that is fully catered to and customized to you, this is it!

9. Cute Little Black Cat Tattoo

Cute Little Black Cat Tattoo
Image Source:@kirbeeys

This design and this cat print will suit you if you’re a low-key and secretive person in one way or the other. Those who enjoy cute and cool art will see the perfect blend and the best of both worlds with this print. It is common and quite popular as well when it comes to animal tattoos.

10. Small Black Cat Tattoo Ideas

Small Black Cat Tattoo Ideas
Image Source:@mehmetcelikartt

If you like detailed tattoos and artsy designs this will suit you. Try to recreate this design by picking out the best tattoo artist who will meet your criteria and who can fulfill your wishes.

11. Cat Tattoo Outline Design

Cat Tattoo Outline Design
Image Source:@onhwa_tattoo

Consider going just for a slight and thin detailed out outline of your cat. This tattoo and its simplicity yet beauty will suit those who enjoy quick and easy tattoos. It will also look pretty on both genders.

Big Cat Tattoos

1. Black & Blue Cat Tattoo

Black & Blue Cat Tattoo
Image Source:@tamarthorn

If you usually wear or prefer bigger tattoos this one will interest you. Men or women who like to stand out in their own way will enjoy this tattoo and the symbolism that it shows and stands for. Wear it proudly and show off the design knowing you’re a pet lover.

2. Thigh Cat Tattoo

Thigh Cat Tattoo
Image Source:@paws_4_pain

Gorgeous tattoos such as this one will take some time to master. It is not for everyone either, meaning that it should be your cup of tea for you to wear it. Make sure that you have patience as well when it comes to getting this design on your skin.

3. Cartoon-like Cat Tattoo

Cartoon-like Cat Tattoo
Image Source:@dpakholkiv

Do you like bigger tattoos in general and do you have a lot of “space” to work with? Those who enjoy cool artsy ideas will see the beauty of this concept. Wear the tattoo knowing that it is elegant and flashy while being so unique.

4. Samurai Cat Tattoo

Samurai Cat Tattoo
Image Source:@necromandi

Show off your love for precision and show that you know how to rock bigger and bolder tattoos. Those who dare to wear something new and innovative will enjoy this cat print. Make sure that you show off your love for color through this design and let the world see you as an animal lover.

5. Calf Cat Tattoo

Calf Cat Tattoo
Image Source:@noodlestattoodles

If you’re more so a cat lover than a dog lover this tattoo is for you! Show the world that you appreciate your furry home pet pal and that you like to show all of your love through this design. It is a time-consuming print, but well worth it.

6. Gorgeous Bright Red Cat Tattoo

Gorgeous Bright Red Cat Tattoo
Image Source:@neotradtattz

Men or women who can’t make up their minds when it comes to their tattoos will like the creation of this design. It is gorgeous and seamless, done in such a perfect way and with all the little details that are placed properly and seamlessly! Let the world see you and your crazy pet-loving side with something as fun!

7. Inspector Cat Tattoo

Inspector Cat Tattoo
Image Source:@sarah_leghjones

If your cat is really cute and unique this tattoo will represent and capture its spirit. Show that they are always interested in what’s going on around you, as well as that they have that little “detective” personality to them.

8. Orange Thigh Cat Tattoo

Orange Thigh Cat Tattoo
Image Source:@lionelmonsieurbiz

This giant thigh tattoo will look amazing on guys who work out or men who prefer bigger tattoos. If you have a lot of extra space that you want to cover in ink we highly recommend going with this tattoo. It will take you around 4 hours to complete this bright orange yet quirky masterpiece.

9. Chest Bright Blue Cat Tattoo

Chest Bright Blue Cat Tattoo
Image Source:@diabloart_aki

Chest or collarbone tattoos are often painful, so heads up before you give this one a go. It might take some time to place as well since anything that is close to your bones or chest can feel uncomfortable. The end result is yet perfect for those who wish to get all the attention.

10. Rose Print Cat Tattoo

Rose Print Cat Tattoo
Image Source:@tattoo_on_studio

If you enjoy cats/animals and flowers this tattoo will suit you. It shows your love for elegance and your love for realistic items surrounding you. Show that you know how to enjoy nature and its elements through this bright quirky design.

11. Bright & Colorful Cat Tattoo

Bright & Colorful Cat Tattoo
Image Source:@jodiebowtattoos

Go for a portrait type of tattoo if you wish to place your cat at the center of your skin and make it a focal point of your tattoo. This bright design will take you 3-4 hours to get. Once done it will make you look like a bright and optimistic guy or girl who enjoys all beautiful elements and nature.

Colorful Cat Tattoos

1. Scary Cat Tattoo

Scary Cat Tattoo
Image Source:@ziggysphynx1

Not all cats have to have that angelic vibe to them, don’t you agree? This one has that mean devil cat look, but it is still a fun concept to go for. If you want something big and colorful and truly different, this grumpy cat is for you. Stick to red and blue ink since there are such contrasting colors that can tell a fun story.

2. Funny Cartoon Cat Tattoo

Funny Cartoon Cat Tattoo
Image Source:@yuki_dark_ink

Do you like bright pastel tattoos? How about giant designs? This cute and quirky cat tattoo is for guys or girls who have a hard time making up their minds when it comes to most things. The design shows you as a carefree person who is in it to win it and have fun along the way, no matter what is put your way!

3. Scary Demon Cat Tattoo Design

Scary Demon Cat Tattoo Design
Image Source:@inkwellcolor

This type of chest tattoo is quite popular and commonly worn by guys who work out, or guys who enjoy big chest tattoos. If you want to look dominant and you’re a fan of bigger ink that is massive and different in one way or the other, this will impress you. Show that you are still searching for new truth and different paths and that there are some devilish elements to your persona (just like the case is with most cats.)

4. Dog & Cat Tattoo

Dog & Cat Tattoo
Image Source:@terioshi

You have two furry pals at home and you can’t pay tribute to just one of them? That is completely fair, which is why you should go for this cute magical duo! Men and women who love their cats and dogs will enjoy this bright and loud duo. Show that you like them equally and that they will always have a social place in your heart.

5. Egyptian Cat Tattoo

Egyptian Cat Tattoo
Image Source:@zlayasobaka__

Egyptian cats have always looked so different and have had that unique vibe to them. Do you enjoy cool tattoos and brighter prints? This design will take you 5-8 hours to achieve, but it is so worth your time! Show off your dramatic side with this cool cartoon cat and know that it is one of a kind!

6. Cartoon Artsy Cat Tattoo

Cartoon Artsy Cat Tattoo
Image Source:@hikagehori

A cat fishing is such a cool and neat concept. This tattoo just goes to show us that nothing in life is perfect or as we plan it to be. Show that you are a spontaneous creature, wanting to have fun and explore while diving deep in!

7. Spiritual Cat Tattoo

Spiritual Cat Tattoo
Image Source:@shenyuntattootaiwan

If you are a spiritual or a mystical person this cat tattoo will suit you. It is done in bright color and has those cool moon elements to it, making it fierce and different. If you are a spiritual person always searching for truth and positivity, this is perfect! It will also suit zodiac lovers and women who believe in destiny.

8. Bright Pink Cat Tattoo Design

Bright Pink Cat Tattoo Design
Image Source:@kittytattoos

Is pink your favorite color? If so, why not give it a go with this cool and bright tattoo?! It will look the best on women who enjoy cute and small tattoos. This design is decorated in some fun glitter elements, making it playful and cute, as well as “magical”, a must-have for teens!

9. Neck Cat Tattoo Design

Neck Cat Tattoo Design
Image Source:@sharonatattoos

Neck tattoos can be quite painful, so heads up before you commit to this design. If you prefer bigger tattoos and those that are hidden somewhere on your body, this is perfect! Show off this color concept and enjoy this cool cat if you’re a playful person yourself, craving a fun cartoon-inspired tattoo.

10. Foot Cat Tattoo Design

Foot Cat Tattoo Design
Image Source:@kromatique

Not a lot of people tend to go for foot or ankle tattoos. Do you want to give them a go? If you’re not afraid of this placement yet you want to do a crazy image of a cat, this is for you. Heads up since this placement is really painful and not for everyone’s preference.

11. Fist Cat Tattoo Idea

Fist Cat Tattoo Idea
Image Source:@art_evgen

This cool cat will look so trippy once done over your arm or your fist! It is such a straightforward tattoo that will let people know that you mean business and that you’re always up for something new and extraordinary in your life. Show that you’re driven by quirky stuff and that you know how to value something unique and modern in your own way.

Black Cat Tattoos

1. Black Cat Tattoo On Arm

Black Cat Tattoo On Arm
Image Source:@michal_kidacki

Some people prefer black and white tattoos and Egyptian cats. Does this sound like your preferred duo? If so, consider this mean-looking black ink cat. It will take you 2-4 hours to finish the design. It is often worn by those who enjoy detailed tattoos.

2. Black Chest Cat Tattoo

Black Chest Cat Tattoo
Image Source:@choilee_tattoo

Try out this chest tattoo if you’re a fan of secret placements yet bigger prints. This chest design will suit men and guys who have a lot more space to work with. If you enjoy masculine prints and you’re into noticeable cats that don’t require a lot of explanation, this is it.

3. Thigh Outline Cat Tattoo

Thigh Outline Cat Tattoo
Image Source:@paws_4_pain

This thigh tattoo will look amazing on women who enjoy detailed leg tattoos. If you fancy outline ink and black and white tattoos you will enjoy this artsy print. Make sure that you have a clear vision when it comes to your tattoo since these can be tricky to do for a lot of tattoo artists.

4. Black Cat Tattoo Design Print

Black Cat Tattoo Design Print
Image Source:@keitoh_

This black cat tattoo is a bit smaller and it will suit those who prefer minimalism. If you’re in the mood for a pop of gold this will suit you. The end result shows a person who is wealthy and knows his or her worth, as well as what they can bring to the table.

5. Two Cats Tattoos

Two Cats Tattoos
Image Source:@kirbeeys

Two cats done in black ink can be your sentimental tattoo and something that is personal for you. This can be a design that you dedicate to your partner or your parents, siblings! Show that you are close to the other person with this small tattoo or simply show that you have a love for two kittens that are in your home.

6. Cat Tattoo On Neck

Cat Tattoo On Neck
Image Source:@devil_art_tattoo

Neck tattoos aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Are they yours? Unfortunately, these can hurt a lot and they can be uncomfortable to go for. Show that you are a cat lover and that you enjoy flashy tattoos by sticking to this placement. They will suit men who are natural leaders the best.

7. Cat Tattoo Outline Print

Cat Tattoo Outline Print
Image Source:@jake_tattoo

This outline tattoo shows a person who is creative and is often wondering about the meaning of life. Do you enjoy smaller yet quirky tattoos? This one will show your cat-loving and adventurer side, as well as your artist-like approach to most things. Show that you are still a kid in heart with this concept.

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8. Cat Tattoo Minimalist Print

Cat Tattoo Minimalist Print
Image Source:@letattoox

Not a lot of tattoo artists know how to do this design. If you know of one and you fully trust them make sure to consider this tattoo. It is done with delicate and detailed outlines, often worn by women who like intriguing tattoos and elements of mystery to them.

9. Scary Ghost Cat Tattoo

Scary Ghost Cat Tattoo
Image Source:@charlotteannharris

Do you believe that ghosts are real? Maybe you only enjoy a bit of that comic approach to your tattoos? Show that you know how to have a good time and that you’re always having fun and making jokes with your cat through this black and white ink.

10. Mystical Black Cat Tattoo Design

Mystical Black Cat Tattoo Design

This tattoo looks so cool and trippy! Do you enjoy its concept? Show off its black and white elements and let the world see you as an explorer. If you are in your twenties you’re going to gravitate toward this design for sure.

11. Geometrical Cat Tattoo

Geometrical Cat Tattoo
Image Source:@lioneldosramos

Geometrical tattoos and geometrical patterns are so fun yet trippy to go for! If you are into cool and cute tattoos and you have an eye for detail this will intrigue you. Make sure that you find a tattoo artist who is skilled enough when it comes to cat prints and geometrical designs, this one is heavy to pull off.

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Cat Tattoos For Women

1. Lucky Cat Tattoo

Lucky Cat Tattoo
Image Source:@shiloh_tattoo

Women like feminine and ‘’soft’’ tattoo ideas. This one can represent your caring side and your connection to your pet. Show that you love them and this tattoo will make you look like a sweet honest cat-lady.

2. Cat Tattoo Ideas Pop Of Color

Cat Tattoo Ideas Pop Of Color
Image Source:@juppy_inkandtintenherz.tattoos

Some women love flowers and cats more than anything else in this world. Are you one of those women? This cute design will make you look like a fierce boss lady who knows her worth. Show your loving and caring side through this cat print as well.

3. Chest Cat Tattoo For Women

Chest Cat Tattoo For Women
Image Source:@tattoo_olive_u

Go for a collarbone placement if you enjoy cute tattoos. This combo will suit women who like retro ink and meaningful placement options. It will take you 3 hours to get this cool cat print.

4. Little Cat Tattoo Design

Little Cat Tattoo Design
Image Source:@tvoia_prichina

If you really love cats we recommend going in with this print! It is quirky and feminine at the same time. Women who enjoy a pop of pink and floral patterns to their arm tattoo will see the beauty in this drawing.

5. Bright Pink Cat Tattoo

Bright Pink Cat Tattoo
Image Source:@eerietattoos

Any true cartoon lovers out there? If you like you fury pal and you want to show your love for movies as well, this is a must-do combo! Go for a pop of pink or purple to show your lady-like side and appreciation for sweet yet silly tattoos.

6. Colorful Arm Cat Tattoo

Colorful Arm Cat Tattoo
Image Source:@doku_tattoo

This forearm tattoo is so peaceful and pretty! Do you enjoy nature elements and cats? Mix the best of both worlds and represent your closeness through this ink. It won’t take a lot of time to do but it can get pricey, so heads up.

7. Bright Yellow Cat Tattoos

Bright Yellow Cat Tattoos
Image Source:@bexheathtattooist

If you enjoy bright orange or yellow tattoos this one will interest you. In fact, it goes to show you just how much fun a tattoo can be! Let the world see your optimism and love for cats through this quirky image, they will love it!

8. Cat Tattoo Over Back For Women

Cat Tattoo Over Back For Women
Image Source:@lobanov_tattoo

Some women enjoy back tattoos more than others. Are you one of those women yourself? This design will take 6+ hours to do simply because it looks so realistic. Go with this tattoo if you love a portrait of your cat, wanting to give them a lot of loving.

9. Blue Cat Tattoo On Arm

Blue Cat Tattoo On Arm
Image Source:@joon_blackpact

Blue color and a cat print is a dream-team, don’t you think so?! This arm tattoo shows elegance and mystery at the same time. Show that you’re intrigued by color and new elements surrounding you through this fun print, everyone will love it on you!

10. Small & Cute Cat Tattoo

Small & Cute Cat Tattoo
Image Source:@kichi_ink

This cute cat tattoo looks like an interesting little sushi, don’t you think so?! It won’t take you more than 2 hours to place it over your forearm. Show your love for cats, jokes and funny prints in your own unique way, you’re going to love the concept.

11. Realistic Cat Tattoo On Arm

Realistic Cat Tattoo On Arm
Image Source:@bodyartmag

This tattoo looks so realistic, you’re going to love it! Go for a portrait of your cat and space it out in different cubes or elements, making it look magical! The end portrait is a must-have for passionate and caring cat owners.

Who Is Ready For A Gorgeous Cat Tattoo?

Which cat tattoo was your favorite out of these options? Are you ready to officially become that crazy cat lady (or mister)?! Let us know if you’re brave enough to rock these prints, but also let us know which design was your must-do out of the bunch.

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