60+ Tattoos Which Symbolize Freedom (2024 Updated)

Freedom tattoos are important to the wearer, no matter what design symbolizes freedom to you. Freedom can be symbolized through many different tattoo designs. A freedom tattoo can be a fantastic way to show the world you have broken free from your past. It can also represent that you have overcome hardships and can finally enjoy life.

Tattoo Symbolizes Freedom

Some people will also get a freedom tattoo to symbolize what they hope to achieve in their future. Everyone will have their own version of freedom and there are many different ways of expressing it via tattoo. Here are 15 tattoos that symbolize freedom.

Writing Tattoos

Freedom Writing Tattoos 1
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Freedom Writing Tattoos 2
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Freedom Writing Tattoos 3
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Sometimes a tattooing the words freedom on you is the easiest way to get the point across. The most important thing to consider when choosing this style of tattoo is getting the right font. A good font should be legible whilst compromising on how attractive it looks.

The font can be paired with other images that symbolize freedom, creating a complete piece that represents liberation.

Hot Air Balloon Tattoos

Hot Air Balloon Tattoos 1
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Hot Air Balloon Tattoos 2
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Hot Air Balloon Tattoos 3
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Hot air balloons have long represented freedom because they can float away anyway in the world. They will slowly float away, often synonymous with around the world journeys in classic literature.

Hot air balloons can also reflect the urge we have to let go of our fears, sorrows, and worries. A balloon will cut off its ties to Earth and soar higher, to a better place.

Bald Eagle Tattoos

Bald Eagle Tattoos 1
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Bald Eagle Tattoos 2
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Bald Eagle Tattoos 3
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Americans will commonly celebrate their freedom with a bald eagle tattoo design. It’s the national bird of the United States and is widely associated with freedom and liberty.

It’s a common tattoo to have alone, replicating its stern and authorative look. It is also tattooed alongside the stars and stripes, for ultimate patriotism, or in a classic Americana style.

Statue of Liberty Tattoo

Statue of Liberty Tattoo 1
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Statue of Liberty Tattoo 2
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Statue of Liberty Tattoo 3
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The iconic Statue of Liberty represents Libertas, the Roman Goddess of Liberty. It’s one of the most internationally recognized images, representing freedom, democracy and human rights.

It’s not just a symbol for liberty in the USA, many who fled to America saw the statue as a sign of being welcomed into the new hope and represented a better future for them and their family. The Statue of Liberty tattoo design suits a range of different tattoo designs.

Broken Chain Tattoo

Broken Chain Tattoo 1
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Broken Chain Tattoo 2
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Broken Chain Tattoo 3
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Chains are linked to confinement, bondage and slavery, the image of broken chain symbolizes liberation and freedom. This imagery dates as far back as the French Revolution, where prisoners and slaves were freed by revolutionaries who physically broke their chains.

Some get chained hands freed in their tattoo design, others get a ball and chain, whilst some choose blood stained chains in their depictions of freedom.

Flying Bird Tattoo

Flying Bird Tattoo 1
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Flying Bird Tattoo 2
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Flying Bird Tattoo 3
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Birds have long symbolized freedom. They are unique animals that walk, swim and fly, which makes them a fantastic sign of freedom. They have no physical limitations to their movement, also making them an ideal tattoo.

Birds are also perceived as messengers of the heaven, symbolizing peace, salvation, freedom and spirituality. Bird tattoos, when symbolizing freedom, are usually depicted in flight. Birds are also tattooed to represent things like creativity and inspiration as they flow with the wind.

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Butterfly Tattoos

Freedom Butterfly Tattoos 1
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Freedom Butterfly Tattoos 2
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Freedom Butterfly Tattoos 3
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The butterfly is a symbol for transformation and change, thanks to its metamorphosis from caterpillar to a beautiful, vibrant butterfly. In some cultures, the butterfly represents the soul and is believed to signal a visit from the afterlife.

Metamorphosis is the ultimate sign of freedom. Butterflies represent rebirth and the freedom to transform your life. The insect also symbolizes the courage to make changes to your life and spiritual growth.

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Feathers Tattoo

Much like bird tattoos, feather tattoos symbolize freedom. Feathers symbolize freedom because birds are free to travel with nothing stopping them from going where they want. A person who wants a feathers tattoo is longing for the freedom of a bird.

Feathers hold meaning in Native American culture and in Ancient Egyptian culture. They are often tattooed in motion, floating away from your body and representing the freedom of movement.

Wings Tattoo

Freedom Wings Tattoo 1
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Freedom Wings Tattoo 2
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Freedom Wings Tattoo 3
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Any tattoo style of wings represents freedom, whether its animal wings, steampunk or angel wings. A pair of wings can help liberate you from the shackles of whatever is holding or binding you.

When choosing your wing tattoo remember that all animals hold their own meaning, bringing a new level of symbolization to your freedom-inspired tattoo.

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An Open Cage Tattoo

An Open Cage Tattoo 1
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An Open Cage Tattoo 2
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An Open Cage Tattoo 3
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To add even more symbolism to your bird tattoo, add an open cage to your inking. An open cage represents that you were once locked up, whether that be physically, mentally, or emotionally, and now you can be free and liberated.

The birdcage tattoo with an open door is a symbol of being allowed to be free. The birdcage with a bird flying out or sitting on top of it represents being freed. You can also add a birdcage hanging from a tree, using the hidden symbology behind trees.

Bubble Tattoo

Freedom Bubble Tattoo 1
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Freedom Bubble Tattoo 2
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Freedom Bubble Tattoo 3
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Bubble tattoos are a fantastic way to represent your freedom. A bubble will freely float in the air, often using their freedom to bring joy to others. It’s a less popular and more unique tattoo that symbolizes freedom.

Bubbles also symbolize endurance because unless popped, bubbles will carry on intact for a long time. They have a surprisingly sturdy external layer that can handle more popping and prodding than you sometimes imagine.

Skeleton Key Tattoo

Skeleton Key Tattoo 1
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Skeleton Key Tattoo 2
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Skeleton Key Tattoo 3
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A skeleton key tattoo symbolizes freedom because it can open any door that it wants. It can be the key to opening any door, or it can lock any key to hide anything way (your past, your feelings, a bad experience).

Skelton keys can be incorporated into larger designs, as simple line work or as ornate pieces. Some add hearts to their key tattoo, symbolizing a key to their heart and the freedom to love or be loved.

Ladybug Tattoo

Freedom Ladybug Tattoo 1
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Freedom Ladybug Tattoo 2
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Freedom Ladybug Tattoo 3
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Like many other flying creatures, a ladybug represents freedom and having a free spirit. Ladybugs also symbolize good luck and happiness. These tattoos will represent both positivity and freedom.

Ladybugs are not only cute, with bold red and black prints, they also represent happiness, luck and protection. The number of spots on a ladybug represent the years of good luck you are expected to have.

Anarchy Tattoos

Freedom Anarchy Tattoos 1
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Freedom Anarchy Tattoos 2
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Freedom Anarchy Tattoos 3
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The A within a circle is one of the most widely recognized symbols of anarchy. This political ideology is founded on the promise that all hierarchies form oppression, making it a fantastic way to symbolize your freedom.

It can often be seen as an anti-government or anti-establishment tattoo, but it is sometimes used for people who love punk music. This symbol is either tattooed alone or as part of a bigger piece, usually with skulls.

Dragon Tattoo

Freedom Dragon Tattoo 1
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Freedom Dragon Tattoo 2
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Freedom Dragon Tattoo 3
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Drags have a variety of meanings, depending on the culture and the mythology. Chinese dragons symbolize wisdom and are considered noble creatures. In Europe, dragons are thought to be dangerous.

Dragons in Japanese culture represent freedom and good luck. They are one of the most iconic images in tattooing history and can be easily adapted to both your body and your personal tastes.

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Horse Tattoo

Freedom Horse Tattoo 1
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Freedom Horse Tattoo 2
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Freedom Horse Tattoo 3
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Horses are a universal symbol of freedom. Riding a horse can make people feel free, with wild horses being the ultimate symbol of being able to move without restraint. In Native American tribes, horses also represent power.

In Roman mythology, horses were linked to the God of War and pulled the sun god. In Celtic mythology, they are seen as good luck. In folk wisdom, several horses together mean a storm is coming.

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Grapevine Tattoo

Freedom Grapevine Tattoo 1
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Freedom Grapevine Tattoo 1
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Freedom Grapevine Tattoo 1
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The grapevine is a symbol of Liber Pater, who was the Roman god of wine and freedom. He has a festival, Liberalia, which celebrates free speech.

Alternatively, some people get a grapevine tattooed on themselves to celebrate the joy of getting drunk or to celebrate their love of wine.

Torch Tattoo

Freedom Torch Tattoo 1
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Freedom Torch Tattoo 2
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Freedom Torch Tattoo 3
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The image of the torch is often associated with the Statue of Liberty, who also wields a torch. Around the world, through different cultures, a torch has been seen as a symbol of enlightenment and hope.

It is said that a torch facing upwards represents life, whilst one that that daces downwards represents death. Torches are usually inked in bold shades of orange and red but can also replicate the muted colors of statues.

Freedom Tattoos: More FAQ

Which celebrities have tattoos that symbolize freedom?

Glee actress Lea Michele has a bird tattooed on her hipbone, and Ruby Rose has a bird tattooed on the back of her neck. Dakota Johnson has a tattoo of three birds on her right shoulder.

Demi Lovato has the word Free tattooed on her finger and Kesha has Live Free tattooed across her knuckles. Kehlani has Espíritu Libre, which is Spanish for Free Spirit inked behind her ear. Supergirl actress Melissa Benoist has the word Free alongside a bird feather on her neck.

Miley Cyrus has Freedom written across her knuckle in cursive font. Shemar Moore has the word Freedom tattooed on his back in large lettering.

Zoë Kravitz has a tattoo on her left forearm which says Free At Last in honor of Martin Luther King Jr and a flying eagle on her right forearm. Hayden Panettiere has Liberta tattooed on the side of her finger, which means “Freedom” in Italian.

What colors symbolize freedom?

What colors symbolize freedom 1
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What colors symbolize freedom 2
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What colors symbolize freedom 3
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What colors symbolize freedom 4
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Colors hold a great importance. Blue often represents freedom, perseverance, justice, prosperity, and peace. Green is associated with nature, the Earth and mankind which are all concepts associated with freedom. Adding these shades to your tattoo can add symbolisms to the design.

Did you know:

Lighter colors show up brighter in lighter skins tones, dark skin tones better suit richer colors of ink. All colors will fade quicker than black tattoos.

What hurts, more outlining or shading?

What hurts more outlining or shading 1
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What hurts more outlining or shading 2
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Tattoos are usually made up of the outline and the shading. Both these techniques feel very different.

Tattoo outlining is where the artist draws your design on the skin with the needle. Most people consider this the thing that hurts the most. The bigger the tattoo is, the bigger the outline needs to be. If you are concerned your first tattoo will hurt, choose a smaller image.

Unlike outlining, not every tattoo has shading. Color and shading can make a piece appear lifelike, give it a bolder appearance or give it dimension. For most people, shading hurts less than the outlining process. Shading comes after outline, so your body will generally have gotten used to the sensation of the tattoo needle.

Did you know:

If you are nervous about the pain of your first tattoo, avoid more painful locations like the feet, knees, hand, and ribs. Areas where the skin is thin, and bones are close to the surface will hurt more.

How do I find the right artist for my tattoo that symbolizes freedom?

Visit studios, talk to artist and check out their portfolio. You should feel comfortable trust your tattooist, after all this is getting inked permanently on your skin. The studio should be clean and well presented, you should never put your health at risk when getting a tattoo.

Did you know:

If your tattooist treats you with contempt, making you feel like a burden or difficult for wanting a certain design, walk away.

The artist you choose will usually be based on the type of freedom tattoo you want. Walk-in studios are great if you want to walk in, pick a design, and get something on the spot. Research will be required by those who want a specific design and in a specific tattoo style.

How safe is tattoo ink?

Tattoo ink used by professionals has been tried and tested over generations. Ink used to tattoo people has been regulated to meet certain health and safety standards. Ink you can buy cheaply on the internet has no been regulated, this is why you should never tattoo yourself at home using internet-brought ink unless you are a professional.

Not all tattoo ink is vegan, but many studios have the option to use vegan ink. Many brands offer vegan ink, so check with your tattoo artist before going under the needle.

What should I wear when getting my tattoo?

What should I wear when getting my tattoo
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That most important thing is wearing something comfortable that also allows easy access to the area getting tattooed. We don’t recommend wearing tight fitting garments, or revealing ones that you may feel awkward to lie down in.

Did you know:

Ink or blood may get on your clothes during the process. Wear something darker in color and avoid wearing your favorite clothes.

How do I find the right font for my freedom tattoo?

How do I find the right font for my freedom tattoo 1
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How do I find the right font for my freedom tattoo 2
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How do I find the right font for my freedom tattoo 3
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The font you choose for your freedom tattoo can add even more meaning to the word. There are thousands of fonts to choose from, all of them with their own benefits. The most important thing is that it’s readable, no one wants a tattoo that is supposed to say freedom but reads as kingdom or boredom.

Speak to your tattoo artist, they may have a favorite or be able to recommend letter. Some factors to consider include:

  • The shape of the lettering.
  • The typeface, whether it’s bold or italic, for example.
  • How readable it is.
  • Do you want a simple or an exaggerated style?
  • The space between letters.
  • Do you want the lettering outline or shadowed?
  • How they fit around other tattoos.
  • The color. It doesn’t have to just be in black ink.
  • The message of your tattoo.
  • Is it spelled correctly?
  • Is the font associated with a brand or a piece of pop culture.

Did you know:

A tattoo is incredibly personal, so the style of writing you choose should also be personal.

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