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50+ Cheerful Sagittarius Tattoo Design Ideas (2024 Updated)

Celebrate your zodiac sign with a tattoo. Sagittarius is a fire sign, and those born under it are fun, cheerful, and creative. This makes the perfect energy for a bright and bold tattoo. We know, as a Sagittarius, you won’t choose a boring design.

50+ Sagittarius Tattoo Design Ideas

Guide to Sagittarius Tattoos
Credit: @bagiatattoo

You don’t even have to be a Sagittarius to get a tattooed inspired by the star sign. Get a Sagittarius tattoo in tribute to a loved one. Whether you want something big and bold, or something small or low-key, we will have a design that speaks to your needs.

Centaur Tattoos

Centaur Tattoos 1
Credit: @slanecustomart
Centaur Tattoos 2
Credit: @officine_doni

The centaur, who is half-man and half-horse, represents that Sagittarius’s need to break free. Archer tattoos represent adventurous spirits, intelligence, and the aim to reach one’s higher self. In Greek mythology, centaurs are wide and untamed, although the wise king of the centaurs was a teacher.

Bow and Arrow

Bow and Arrow 1
Credit: @kitana.bre
Bow and Arrow 2
Credit: @tattoosbystrangers

Another version of The Archer tattoo is the bow and arrow. This is a more minimalist version of the archer. It can be hidden in smaller areas or placed in locations like behind the ear, on the wrist or on the ankle.

Did you know:

Rita Ora has a small Sagittarius bow and arrow tattoo behind her ear. Lili Reinhart, Lea Michele, Miranda Lambert, January Jones and Hilary Duff are just some of the celebrities with arrow tattoos.

Woman Shooting Bow and Arrow

Woman Shooting Bow and Arrow 1
Credit: @tattoo.xi.zhen
Woman Shooting Bow and Arrow 2

Bow and arrow and centaur tattoos are some of the most popular Sagittarius tattoos. Incorporating a beautiful woman is another version of The Archer tattoo. Add pin up, gothic or anime imagery to your archer tattoo. This design works better on larger tattoos, where you can incorporate lots of detail.

Sagittarius Glyph

Sagittarius Glyph 1
Credit: @oldsketch84
Sagittarius Glyph 2
Credit: @sonnhydesignstudio

Every zodiac symbol has its own glyph. The Sagittarius glyph looks like an archer’s arrow. Ideal for people who are known for their bluntness and honesty. This little tattoo is commonly placed in little locations like ankle, fingers and ears.

Jupiter Tattoo

Jupiter Tattoo 1
Credit: @aniramchi
Jupiter Tattoo 2
Credit: @gracietattoos

The glyph of Jupiter, Sagittarius’ planetary ruler, incarnates the crescent of receptivity rising above the cross of matter. One for real astrology fans, Jupiter plays a role in raising the awareness of humanity beyond the physical world. Jupiter symbolizes zeal, generosity, and fortune.

Fire Tattoos

Fire Tattoos 1
Credit: @claudia.kelevra
Fire Tattoos 2
Credit: @tattooerd

Sagittarius is a fire sign, which means energetic, independent, often fearless, and extremely passionate. The Sagittarius star sign is also mutable, which means adaptable, flexible and changeable, yet also inconsistent. As the mutable fire sign, someone born as a Sagittarius could be compared to a forest fire that spreads quickly and can’t be contained. Forest fires could also be incorporated into your new ink.

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Travel Tattoos

Travel Tattoos 1
Credit: @juandescotattoo
Travel Tattoos 2
Credit: @lucasveigatattoo

Sagittarius are eager to learn and are naturally curious. This, alongside a need to be free, means people born under this star sign love to travel. They travel to learn and expand their knowledge, what better way to celebrate it than with a travel related tattoo. Travel has a unique meaning to everyone, so your tattoo can represent this. Get everything from compass points to maps and airplanes to present your freedom.

Colorful Sagittarius Tattoos

Colourful Sagittarius Tattoos 1
Credit: @herner.create
Colourful Sagittarius Tattoos 2
Credit: @polly_x32

Sagittarius tattoos don’t just have to be boring and in black and gray. You can inject bright hues into any design listed in this article. The Archer is commonly inked in color, making it an eye-catching piece no matter where it goes on the body.

Did you know:

Color is better used on larger pieces, it can look muddy on smaller designs.

Black and Gray Sagittarius Tattoos

Black and Gray Sagittarius Tattoos 1
Credit: @ammar_wakil
Black and Gray Sagittarius Tattoos 2
Credit: @eddy.dantes

Black and gray tattoos can easily create a bold, stark contrast by using just one color. Realism, tribal and fine line designs are all created using just black and gray. Shades and dimension are created when black ink is mixed to create light and dark tones. Small, detailed inking work better and black ink allows artists to be more precise.

Constellation Tattoo

Constellation Tattoo 1
Credit: @kilo_alpha_tattoos
Constellation Tattoo 2
Credit: @rachel.tattoos

The constellation of Sagittarius is located in the deepest part of the Milky Way. It is placed between the constellations of Scorpio and Capricorn. Ancient people believed it to be a centaur with its arrow aimed at Scorpius, hence why much Sagittarius symbology is centered around archers. Constellation tattoos are ideal if you want something small and delicate.

Tribal Sagittarius Tattoos

Tribal Sagittarius Tattoos 1
Credit: @az_tattoo_studio
Tribal Sagittarius Tattoos 2
Credit: @bestmaori

Tribal tattoos are created using thick black lines to form abstract shapes. Most tribal tattoos are solid black, but you don’t have to be pigeonholed. These thick jagged lines come together to create Sagittarius themed tattoos.

Did you know:

Tribal tattoos change depending on the country and culture. Always do your research to avoid causing any offence.

Sagittarius Writing Tattoo

Sagittarius Writing Tattoo 1
Credit: @tatman365
Sagittarius Writing Tattoo 2
Credit: @asj.tattoos

Sometimes we overthink our tattoo designs. To represent how proud you are of your zodiac sign, get it tattooed on you. There is almost an infinite amount of fonts to choose from, including little italics and big bold lettering. Get the word Sagittarius inked alone or incorporated into a bigger design.

Sagittarius Flower Tattoos

Sagittarius Flower Tattoos 1
Sagittarius Flower Tattoos 2
Credit: @sofytattoos

Flowers are a fantastic addition to any tattoo. It can embellish a design, give it a feminine aspect, and make the design feel like a whole piece. You can get any flower inked on you, but the official flower is the carnation.

Topaz Tattoo

Topaz Tattoo 1
Topaz Tattoo 2
Credit: @kaptainkutthroat

The birthstone connected to Sagittarius is topaz. This gemstone is a stunning browny-gold shade, although it can come in other colors. Topaz stones can be tattooed alone or incorporated into a larger design.

Owl Tattoo

Owl Tattoo 1
Credit: @donkunto
Owl Tattoo 2

Sagittarius’ spirit animal is the owl. They have the freedom to fly, which is envied by many Sagittarius’. They can venture virtually anywhere and are known for being incredibly wise. Owls are popular tattoos, whether you’re a fan of American traditional or realism.

Did you know:

The owl is also associated with wisdom and intelligence. They are also linked to the afterlife, as well as being attractive.


Sagittarius Skull Tattoo

Sagittarius Skull Tattoo 1
Credit: @mothmanderstattoo
Sagittarius Skull Tattoo 2
Credit: @suvnkr_screamink

Skull tattoos look amazing on everyone. They are a cool and edgy way to make your Sagittarius tattoo unique and fun. Skulls are often incorporated into archer and bow tattoos. From big illustrative lines to minimalist, skulls can be added to lots of different tattoo designs.

Date of Birth Tattoo

Date of Birth Tattoo
Credit: @quetheartist

What a better way to celebrate your zodiac sign than by incorporating your birth date into. From big and bold font to small and hidden in the design, a date of birth tattoo is a personal and versatile design.

Did you know:

Zoe Kravitz, Charisma Carpenter and Gigi Gorgeous all have date of birth tattoos.

Minimalist Sagittarius Tattoos

Minimalist Sagittarius Tattoos 1
Credit: @there.ttt
Minimalist Sagittarius Tattoos 2

If you want something more minimalist, there are plenty of Sagittarius themed tattoos that work well with this style. Fine line tattoos are one of the coolest tattoo trends at the moment, allowing you to represent your star sign without making too much of a statement.

Best Sagittarius Tattoo Placements


Wrist Sagittarius Tattoo 1
Credit: @tattooist_woodi
Wrist Sagittarius Tattoo 2
Credit: @mynameishellish

The inside of the wrist is a popular area for those who want small, delicate designs, or a few small words. The good thing about wrist tattoos, they can easily be covered in work situations by clothing of jewelry. This is a painful and sensitive area, as the wrist has lots of nerve endings and is close to the bone.

Did you know:

Be careful with the colors you choose as tattoos can fade quicker on highly exposed areas. We recommend sticking to darker shades in this area.


Arm Sagittarius Tattoo 1
Credit: @joaop9barbosa
Arm Sagittarius Tattoo 2
Credit: @sesen_tattoo

Arm tattoos are probably the most common tattoos for both men and women. It’s a versatile and relatively painless area to get inked. From inner arm designs to large bicep tattoos, there is no part of the arm that doesn’t look fantastic tattooed. Inner arm tattoos last longer as they are rarely exposed to sunlight.


Back Sagittarius Tattoo 1
Back Sagittarius Tattoo 2
Credit: @c.f_tattoo

Back and shoulder tattoos are popular because the flat, large space can ideally host big, bold ink. It’s ideal if you want to cover it up for work yet show it off by the pool. You can choose something small on the top of the back or a large piece that scans the whole body. The downside of back tattoos is that the wearer can’t see the design and that maintaining it can be hard if you live alone.

Did you know:

Another drawback is if you sleep on your back. Avoid sleeping on your back until your tattoo is fully healed.


Chest Sagittarius Tattoo 1
Credit: @jhonaldo
Chest Sagittarius Tattoo 2
Credit: @salman.tattoart

The chest is another expansive and flat plane that can handle bold, colorful designs. It’s one of the lesser painful places and can be covered up at work. If you have lots of thick body hair, take this into account when choosing a chest tattoo.


Stomach Sagittarius Tattoo
Credit: @lottie_tattoo

The stomach is a popular spot for men as it’s a flat, large area that suits lots of different designs and can easily be covered. The ribcage is more popular with women as it gets less affected by pregnancy and stretchmarks. Make sure the tattoo works to the unique curves and shapes of your body. Some tattoo designs suit the side of the stomach or the ribcage. You could get a tattoo on the lower part of the stomach, around the hip, or the upper part near the ribcage. No matter where on your stomach you get inked, it will look amazing.


Sternum Sagittarius Tattoo 1
Credit: @metrallainktatto
Sternum Sagittarius Tattoo 2
Credit: @smalltattoo_ideas

Sternum tattoos are usually worn by women and are sometimes called underboob tattoos. They are a nice way to accentuate the body on both men and women. Sternum tattoos work best when it comes between the breasts or a longer design that curl around the whole underboob area. On men, designs that define your chest are the most flattering.

Did you know:

After women get a sternum tattoo, they are advised to avoid wearing bras until it heals. Consider this before choosing this tattoo.


Leg Sagittarius Tattoo 1
Credit: @rosculenystrojcek
Leg Sagittarius Tattoo 2
Credit: @jpumatatts

Leg tattoos are another popular spot as it’s one of the least painful areas and can easily be hidden. Virtually any area of the leg can be tattooed with a Sagittarius themed design, even the knee! Full leg pieces are also popular, incorporating lots of different designs or have one larger one that runs from thigh to ankle. Calf tattoos are also popular because the expansive area can take a big, colorful design. Upper thigh tattoos are popular for women because they can easily be hidden until short skirts are worn.


Feet Sagittarius Tattoo 1
Credit: @mialabycsztuka
Feet Sagittarius Tattoo 2
Credit: @lisa_elsom

Feet tattoos are popular with women because they are elegant and socially acceptable. Foot tattoos can be small and delicate, around the ankle or on the toes, or large colorful pieces on the top. Feet tattoos can be painful depending on the area, avoid anywhere too close to the bone.

Sagittarius in Mythology

The constellation of Sagittarius is in the Southern Hemisphere, placed between the constellations of Scorpio and Capricorn. The bow of the Archer is made up out of a group of three visibly larger stars. In Greek mythology, the leading Centaur was called Chiron. He was the son of Saturn and was famous for his medicinal skills, as well as general scientific knowledge.

Whilst other centaurs were thought to be reckless and aggressive, Chiron was wise and highly regarded. He was a great physician and musician, who taught the children of the Gods. Chiron instructed Achilles on how to defeat the Hydra. He was accidentally poisoned by the Hydra’s blood and, as an immortal being, was transported to the sky to represent the constellation as an archer.

Sagittarius Tattoos: FAQ

How Do I Find the Best Tattoo Artist For Me?

How Do I Find the Best Tattoo Artist For Me
Credit: @c5tattoo
  • What is the good about an artist to one person may be a negative to another. Getting a tattoo is a big decision and a permanent one, so it’s important to choose the right artist for you and your designs. Here are some tips on how to get the best artist for your Sagittarius tattoo.
  • Ask around. If you have friends, colleagues, or relatives with cool tattoos, ask them who did it. I am sure they will be happy to give advice on who their favorite artists are. Ask on online forums and social media forums for pointers towards the best local artists.
  • Read reviews. If you’re looking at local artists, do some research and check out their reviews and examples of their work. Most artists will promote themselves online, posting lots of images of their work.
  • Ask questions. Don’t be afraid to ask questions once you find an artist you like. A good tattoo artist will be happy to answer any queries you have, whether it’s by email or direct message. Ask about price but don’t do that first as that may put a bad taste in the mouth of an artist. They may ask you to come in and talk about the designs in person.
  • Do they have similar ethics to you, for example, use vegan ink. You may also have a gender or age preference, which is okay because getting a tattoo is a very personal thing.
  • Look at their portfolio. An artist’s portfolio is the key to successfully picking out the right tattooist for you. Some are very general, yet some artists specialize in one key style of tattooing. Always look at their portfolio to see if they work with a style you like. If they specialize in Japanese art, they probably aren’t the right person for your photorealism piece.

What Are the Personality Traits of a Sagittarius?

Sagittarius’ love to travel and are known to be free spirits. They are a fear of being attached and having a long-term relationship as they struggle to stay committed to obligations. Sagittarius’ are big flirts yet love their independence. The centaur perfectly symbolizes the contradictions of this star sign.

If you’re not a fan of any of the above styles, choose anything that represents the independence and freedom of your star sign. For example, butterflies and birds are popular tattoos because they represent freedom.

Should I Tip my Tattoo Artist?

There is no hard and fast rule about tipping your tattoo artist, but many people like to do it out of courtesy. If you plan to tip your tattoo artists, you should always tip them at least 20% of the price they charged. Ultimately, it is up to you how much you tip your artist, if you do so at all.

Can I Bring Someone to my Tattoo Appointment?

Yes, should the tattoo studio allow it. Although, if you do bring someone, make sure they don’t distract the artist. Some do not want someone getting in their way and talking loudly, this could affect how good your end product looks. If they are supportive and quiet, there is no issue! They should never try to give advice to the artist or offer input, they may just be kicked out the studio!

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