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30+ Tattoo Ideas That Symbolize Family

What better way to showcase the love and support you have for your family than through art? By far, a tattoo is one of the most emotional, unique ways to show the world what family means to you. You can express so much of your feelings by simply drawing some fine lines on your skin.

The tattooing industry has taken the family symbolistic seriously, so now, family tattoos are pretty popular in this domain. These unique body art designs are emerging both the trends and beautiful illustrations.

Like many other tattoos, people who choose to have family-oriented body arts have one reason to do them: showcase their connection with loved ones and share this statement with their families.

So if you want to get an emotional, heartwarming tattoo, there is nothing better than choosing one of the body designs connected to your feelings.

Don’t worry about inspiration, as there are hundreds of family collection ideas to choose from. Although it can be a bit difficult to find the perfect one, well, don’t worry, as we have you covered.

As such, keep on reading below to find the best family tattoo ideas, as well as their soulful associations.

Meanings Of Family Tattoos. What Is There Behind?

Meanings Of Family Tattoos. What Is There Behind
Saved Tattoo

Well, not all family tattoos will symbolize love and affection for your favorite members. For some people, specific designs are reminding themselves of the difficult times they have been through, about the struggles they have gone together, as well as some memorable moments they never want to forget.

It would be unfair to say that all the family tattoos will only portray love, happiness, or simply blood relations. Tattoo enthusiasts will also look to show how hard they have been fighting for their loved ones. Besides, some beautiful designs can also portray or be a tribute to the loved one you had lost.

Of course, you can choose to tattoo yourself angel halos. These tattoos will always remind you of the loved ones that are not among us anymore, but they are still watching from above. These tattoos are even more emotional, and they remind us of the ones who are not present physically but still have a crucial role in our life paths.

Moreover, family tattoos can be related to friends too. Sometimes, these people can be more closed to us than our families. The general meaning is love and bond, but each person has their own story to tell behind their family tattoos.

Some people also have tattoos that remind them about childhood, like footballs, a particular tree, a swing, or simply lollipops.

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The Perfect Spot To Have Your Family Tattoos

family quote on arm
Saved Tattoo

Choosing the ideal placement for the lovely family tattoos is not that hard as it might seem. You should consider the body places you are comfortable with, as well as the dimensions of your tattoo and its design.

For instance, if you like more minimal designs, such as simple words, or particular date, or even a tiny symbol, you can consider your wrist, neck, elbow, fingers, or hands.

However, when talking about more prominent family tattoos, such as very detailed portraits that deserve the best spot, think about having them on the legs, stomach, chest, back, or thigh.

Now, tattoo enthusiasts might consider having more than one family tattoo, so if you are one of them, then take it logically. Think about each design and what placement would suit it. In case you want that tattoo to appear much more meaningful, then the ideal body area in this scenario would be the chest.

This place is the closest one from the heart, and it will showcase that family is the most important to you.

If you want your tattoo to be more visible and have access to it all the time, you can choose your sleeve or the inner arm area. However, these are just some ideas. It is up to you where you want to have these body parts, as well as your pain tolerance.

Family Tattoo Symbols. Designs With Special Meanings

Here we are, at the most expected part of this article. We bet you have waited a long time to find some inspiration for this kind of unique body art.

The designs we have brought together have special symbolism, so find the one that is the most meaningful to you. Go to the best tattoo artist in the area, then show the world your endless devotion to your loved ones.

Baby Steps Family Tattoo

Baby Steps Family Tattoo 1
Credit: Instagram
Baby Steps Family Tattoo 2
Credit: Instagram
Baby Steps Family Tattoo 3
Credit: Instagram

The birth of a new member of your family is such a memorable moment, right? As such, it is lovely to keep those seconds alive by tattooing some baby steps on your skin.

These tattoos are different in designs, so you can either look for some black inked footprints with names on them. You can also take the impressions of your baby, then tattoo their shapes.

Another idea is to add more footprints during different years if you have more than one child. This way, the initial idea will be even more unique so that you will have all your kids’ presence with you all the time.

No parent passionate about tattoos can miss getting a tattoo related to them, so that beautiful time in their lives.

These tiny baby footprints will express love, joy, tenderness, childhood, as well as the permanent presence of your kids.

Moreover, the baby steps would also represent your first moments as a parent to have multiple meanings. Start the fantastic journey as a parent with this beautiful tattoo design.

Creative Adams Family Tattoo

Creative Adams Family Tattoo 1
Credit: Instagram
Creative Adams Family Tattoo 2
Credit: Instagram
Creative Adams Family Tattoo 3
Credit: Instagram

Let me tell you first. I was a massive fan of the Adams family, and besides the morbid image, they have, well, this family is special and unique.

So if you are also a big fan of these cartoons and are looking for a playful way to portray loved ones, you must choose the Adams family tattoo.

This design will make you unique, and it is also a less cheesy way to show off the love for your favorite people in the world. Furthermore, this tattoo will suit you best if you were used to watching these cartoons and seeing the characters’ traits in your family.

Whether you choose to tattoo only Morticia and Gomez or the whole family, with Wednesday, Pugsley, Uncle Fester, and Grandmama, the final result will be excellent.

You can also have in the background some lovely shades that will imitate the castle and the whole theme of this cartoon.

The meanings? Well, this tattoo represents the love for this cartoon, as well as the weirdness and craziness of your family members.

Infinity Sign As a Family Tattoo

Infinity Sign As a Family Tattoo 1
Credit: Instagram
Infinity Sign As a Family Tattoo 2
Credit: Instagram
Infinity Sign As a Family Tattoo 3
Credit: Instagram

If you want to have a subtle yet meaningful family tattoo, consider the infinity sign. This small design, representing the infinite sign, showcases the eternal love and the deep feeling you will always have for your family.

You can do this type of body art in any size, and you can choose any of your body art. We would recommend a more visible spot, though, so you can never forget the dear ones.

This tattoo’s fines lines incorporate the outlined infinity sign, which can end in any symbol you want. You can ask the tattoo artist to add the “family word,” a little heart, maybe some names, or a particular flower to you.

If you want to make it even more presentable, you can fill the empty spaces with colors so that the tattoo will look fresh and joyful.

The eternity design symbolizes how the family will always stick together and forever. In both bad and good times, you will always be together. This tattoo is also a good reminder that material things might not last forever, but love and devotion will last more than life.

Photorealism Family Tattoos

Photorealism Family Tattoos 2
Credit: Instagram

Some would enjoy having a more detailed tattoo and portraits of their family members that would look exactly like reality. In this case, we recommend having a photorealism family tattoo that will convey the same feelings of compassion, love, and strength.

Your skin will be the artist’s canvas, so take the favorite photo with all of you and have a photorealism piece of art right on your skin. This type of tattoo is mostly like transferring an Instagram or a snapshot on the skin.

However, this body art requires a lot of work, precision, and skills. Look for the best artists if you want to have a fantastic result.

Minimalist Family Tattoo Portraits

Minimalist Family Tattoo Portraits
Credit: Instagram

If you are guided by the “Less is More” quotation, then this type of family tattoo is the right one for your tastes. Using the refined line technique, you can choose to have a delicate tattoo that follows only your family’s silhouettes’ contour.

This design is simply unique, and so you can wear it with you the whole time and be as discreet as possible. You simply need to bring a photo to the tattoo studio, and the artist will follow the image’s borderlines.

Family Tree Tattoo

Family Tree Tattoo 1
Credit: Instagram
Family Tree Tattoo 2
Credit: Instagram
Family Tree Tattoo 3
Credit: Instagram

This design is simply excellent and has lots of symbolism behind it. So if you are looking for a tattoo idea that can feature the whole family in its “roots,” then you should not miss any family member and get the Family Tree on your skin.

This type of design is the ideal choice for those of you who want a unique family tattoo. You can choose to have it all black or add some greys or red ink on the many branches. Each of the components will symbolize a member of the family.

The trunk of this family tree is the symbol of your grandparents, while the tiny branches are all of the parents, kids, grandparents, and so on.

Some choose to add their loved ones’ names in this tree, but you can go on the minimalistic path and leave the image without any words.

The family is friends as well, so don’t hesitate to add their names too. Maybe you want to keep your best friends’ names with you too, which is a beautiful gesture to show your love. The family tree can look even more realistic once the artist adds different shades and color additions.

Stick Family Tattoo

Stick Family Tattoo 1
Credit: Instagram
Stick Family Tattoo 2
Credit: Instagram

Tell me if there is anything cuter than this adorable stick family tattoo. With some simple, fine lines, you can express the love for your family and funnily portrait them. This type of design comprises some black inked sticks, with each member of your family’s figures.

Tip: You can also give your tattoo a more playful look, and include your pets, or some balloons, maybe some flowers as well.

The stick family tattoo is not meant only for parents, but anyone who enjoys this technique can have this kind of body art. You can also recall your beautiful childhood as well, by adding some friends next to your family. This way, the final look will be exciting, fun, joyful, and meaningful to you.

Ohana Family Tattoo

Ohana Family Tattoo 1
Credit: Instagram
Ohana Family Tattoo 2
Credit: Instagram
Ohana Family Tattoo 3
Credit: Instagram

If you are looking for something more unique that won’t resemble any other body art, choose to have the Ohana family tattoo. This is a particular word that derives from the worldwide famous Disney cartoon Lilo and Stitch.

I bet lots of you have grown watching this cartoon with their families, so you should consider having it tattooed.

This type of tattoo consists of having the Ohana work inked, and it would represent the love and bond you have for the family members and friends. Ohana means “welcome” in Hawaiian and showcases the kind spirit and the welcoming feeling the only family offers to you. This is quite a unique tattoo, not so often seen, but with such a deep meaning.

Tribute Family Tattoo

Tribute Family Tattoo 1
Credit: Instagram
Tribute Family Tattoo 2
Credit: Instagram
Tribute Family Tattoo 3
Credit: Instagram

As we have previously mentioned, family tattoos do not always mean happiness and joy. Sometimes, body art can be very emotional and give a tribute to a family member. If you miss someone you have lots and always want to remember them, a tribute family tattoo is a right option.

This type of design includes some face portraits, and you can have kids, parents, grandparents, or friends.

Moreover, for a more realistic effect, ask the tattoo artist to add some shades or some backgrounds representing heaven, your childhood garden, or any other landscape you miss.

Above the simple portraits, there can also be some banners including dates, names, and other details you want. It only depends on your wish and who you want to pay tribute to.

Family Quotes Tattoos

Family Quotes Tattoos 1
Credit: Instagram
Family Quotes Tattoos 2
Credit: Instagram

Is there any quote that reminds you of the loved ones? Then why not tattooing those words? Whether you want to write some words, your mom kept telling you, or a more famous saying, choose what is representative for you.

There are lots of other family tattoo designs to try and ask for. Just find the right one for you, and show your eternal love to your favorite people in the world.

Family Tattoos: More FAQ

Q: How much would a family tattoo cost?

A: Well, this tattoo type will not cost less or more than any other body art. It all depends on the design, the tattoo’s size, the colors, and the tattoo artist’s technique.

If you look for a more minimalist design, then expect to pay less. But if you are a more extravagant person and look for realistic portraits with unique details, this kind of tattoo will be more expensive. Our advice is to talk to the artist first and know what to expect. From the technique you are looking for to the final price, it is always better to know these details before getting tattooed.

Q: How to take care of tattoos?

A: Taking care of tattoos is mandatory, especially in the first couple of weeks. It is essential to wear SPF, avoid going to the gym, pool, or at the seaside, and keep that drawing well-hydrated.

A tattoo is like a sore, so you want to help your body heal that area. Ask the tattoo artist for more advice.

Q: Where To Go For The Best Family Tattoo Design?

A: Let’s say you have chosen the final design for your tattoo. Now it’s time to go to the best tattoo artist to make your body art come true. Look for tattoo shops that are licensed, that respect the health and safety rules, ask for recommendations from family and friends, and last but not least, have a meeting with the artist right before.

Let them know what you are expecting, what you want to share through your family tattoo.

In A Nutshell

Now that we have finally come across some of the most popular family tattoos, it’s time to choose your favorite ones. Follow their meanings, look for their message, and don’t be afraid to show the world how much you care about their loved ones.

However, keep in mind that getting tattooed is kind of addictive, so you might end having more than one single design.

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