Best Tattoo Shops In NYC

Best Tattoo Shops In NYC: Enjoy The Best Body Art In The Restless City

There are so many attractions to visit while you are traveling to New York. This might include having a trip to the Empire State Building and watch the city from above, having a picnic in Central Park, or taking a shot in the middle of Times Square.

There are many other emblematic places to go to, so don’t get me wrong, it is self-evident to visit them.

However, why not consider taking a permanent souvenir with you? What’s better than an NYC t-shirt or a keychain? Well, what about having a tattoo in the “City that never sleeps”?

Why Choosing NYC For Getting A Tattoo?

New Yorkers usually love body art. And there’s a good reason for that. When they have one, only walking down the streets makes them a moving piece of art.

As such, tattoos will usually contribute to the aesthetic part of this city. No wonder why you see so many graffitis in vibrantly cool colors.

Although tattoos are already quite popular among the American culture, well, when it comes to New York City, ink is part of the city’s DNA.

Furthermore, NYC is thought to be the birthplace of modern tattoo studios, so there is no better place to get inked than this one.

The best part? You will find any type of tattoo studio, from hidden shops on Canal Street to millennial studios in downtown Brooklin. So don’t worry about searching for the right option to suit your needs.

The studios I am going to mention today have the top artists in the country. They are best-equipped and have the latest tattoo skills to offer you the best inking experience.

Unfortunately, deciding what studio is best for you can be more challenging than choosing where to get a manicure or a new haircut.

Luckily, I have made some suggestions for you, so make sure you check out the most fantastic spot in New York City to get the first tattoo or to continue your inked designs collection.

Best Tattoo Studios To Get Inked In NYC

Let’s start our journey through the best tattoo shops in New York. I have highlighted the top advantages of each of them, their location, and best artists.

Bang Bang(@bangbangnyc)

Bang Bang Tattoo Shop 1
Credit: @bangbangnyc
Bang Bang Tattoo Shop 2
Credit: @bangbangnyc

If you are looking for a tattoo shop famous for celebrities who have crossed their threshold, consider the Bang Bang studio’s locations.

Thanks to the tattoo artist Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy, who has tattooed Adele, Rihanna, Gigi Hadid, and other celebrities, lots of people are looking to get here.

The team of massive artists can be intimidating when thinking about this studio, but let me tell you that you will find the friendliest people here. Fine line tattoos are their thing, as well as the illustrative realism and ornamental designs.

Once coming here, you will also enjoy a chill atmosphere and that artistic vibe you are looking for when getting body art into the skin.

Note: We also feature Bang Bang in 30 Best Tattoo Artists You Should Follow In 2021

Sacred Tattoo(@sacredtattoonyc)

Sacred Tattoo Shop in NYC 1
Credit: @sacredtattoonyc
Sacred Tattoo Shop in NYC 2
Credit: @sacredtattoonyc

Sacred Tattoo Studio is the place where you will find some tattoo veterans of New York City. Furthermore, if you are lucky enough, some featured guest artists have a revolving door, so check this out.

The tattoo designs here are varied, from neo-traditional tattoo ideas to photorealism or traditional tattoos.

You can’t miss Sacred Tattoo if you want a one-of-a-kind body art piece. Sacred Tattoo is nestled in Soho, but it is somehow hidden between a storefront and the subway entrance when it comes to location.

Sacred Tattoo is the ideal place to get the tattoo work done. The bonus here is the friendly people, as well as the welcoming atmosphere.

Nice Tattoo(@nicetattooparlor)

Nice Tattoo Shop In NYC 1
Credit: @nicetattooparlor
Nice Tattoo Shop In NYC 2
Credit: @nicetattooparlor

The Nice Tattoo Studio is a female-led tattoo shop located in Brooklyn. The work of the artists here is impeccable, and the atmosphere all flawless and clean.

Enjoy the gentle work of the staff from the Nice Tattoo studio and the kind, safe space ladies that are always eager to help you. Check their website to get some inspiration.

Fun City Tattoo(@funcitytattoo)

Fun City Tattoo 1
Credit: @funcitytattoo
Fun City Tattoo 2
Credit: @funcitytattoo

Although it was only a basement tattoo studio, Fun City Tattoo Parlor is one of the top tattoo shops in New York City. As such, the artists’ work here is one-of-a-kind art. The reality comes out of the red brick walls.

If you are looking for the ideal place to have some modern, even innovative tattoo styles, Fun City Studio is a mix of old punk rock roots with contemporary designs.

Check the website and make your appointment.

Welcome Home Studio(

Welcome Home Studio 1
Welcome Home Studio 2

Are you looking for a modern tattoo studio that is both POC-friendly and aesthetically pleasing?

Well, the community from Welcome Home Studio is exactly what the name suggests: some like-minded artists, who are specialized in machine-style techniques, modern tattoo styles, and who are kind and friendly.

The staff from Welcome Home Studio will always do their best to offer you a body art piece you will always cherish and love.

And, most importantly, they will ink you with a design no one else will ever have. However, keep in mind that booking an appointment can be a bit more complex, meaning you have to plan your visit here a lot in advance.

Tip: follow the Instagram page of your favorite artist and check when they are available. In other words, walk-ins are also allowed. Enter the shop any time you want and talk to the friendly staff.

  • Website:
  • Google Location: Welcome Home Studio is located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. You will find the exact address once you make your appointment.

Studio 28 Tattoos(@studio28tattoos)

Studio 28 Tattoos 1
Credit: @studio28tattoos
Studio 28 Tattoos 2
Credit: @studio28tattoos

Studio 28 Tattoos is a tattoo parlor and piercing studio located in New York City. Artists are specialized in old-school designs, repair work, sleeve tattoos, and another range of body art.

I simply love Studio 28 Tattoos because of their talented artist but also because of the safe, clean and positive atmosphere. The last aspect is mandatory, considering hundreds of needles will go through your skin.

But don’t worry, the staff is extra careful and will make everything for you to be comfortable.

If you want more than a tattoo, you can also choose a piercing as well.

Daredevil Tattoo(@daredeviltattoo)

Daredevil Tattoo 1
Credit: @daredeviltattoo
Daredevil Tattoo 2
Credit: @daredeviltattoo

If you are looking for the best place for tattoos and piercings in Chinatown, consider going to Daredevil Tattoo Studio. Best for history buffs and American Traditional tattoo designs, I love this place due to its considerable experience (20 years) in this domain.

Daredevil Tattoo is mainly a tattoo-history museum that first opened when tattooing was finally legalized inNew York City20 years ago.

You will be pleased by the walls all-covered with artwork by famous tattoo innovating artists, such as Sailor Jerry and Samuel O’Reilly.

Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to see some antique tattoo machines, as well as some old-time sideshow banners. The best part? This museum tattoo studio is all accessible to the public.

First Class Tattoo(@firstclassnyc)

First Class Tattoo 1
Credit: @firstclassnyc
First Class Tattoo 2
Credit: @firstclassnyc

First Class Tattoo Studio is the ideal place for having some bold, artsy body design pieces. Here, you will find a wide range of talented artists to choose from.

Some of them have actually been invited from all around the globe. This means their expertise in the art world is quite rich, focusing on different tattoo styles.

People willing to have a tattoo can choose from black and grey styles, realism tattoo designs, neo-traditional tattoos, or color realism body art. Tell the artist what you are willing for and let them do their magic.

Other than ink, you can go to the First Class Tattoo Studio to have your first piercing or some cosmetic tattooing to enhance the way your lips or eyebrows look. Check their website and the Instagram page to see what the artists’ work looks like.

White Rabbit Tattoo(@whiterabbittattoostudio)

White Rabbit Tattoo 1
Credit: @whiterabbittattoostudio
White Rabbit Tattoo 2
Credit: @whiterabbittattoostudio

White Rabbit Tattoo Studio is all about one of the most fantastic tattoo techniques: the Japanese geometric work and watercolor designs.

The tattoo shop itself is advertising a calm environment and pleasant decor for tattoo parlors.

The studio is located in the Lower East Side of the city, and its atmosphere is calm, comfortable, and a great alternative to the crowded tattoo studios.

The ink these artists are using is 100% vegan, meaning that they take care of the environment and choose to use the best products for their clients.

JonBoy Tattoo(@jonboytattoo)

JonBoy Tattoo 1
Credit: @jonboytattoo
JonBoy Tattoo 2
Credit: @jonboytattoo

When it comes to body art, let’s face it: not everyone enjoys those complex, very detailed tattoos. As such, if you are a minimalist enthusiasm, then JonBoy Tattoo Studio is the right place to be.

The artists’ specialty here are small, dainty tattoos, which, let me tell, are not that easy to obtain. Only a unique talent can make those fine lines so perfect.

Why do we love this tattoo shop? Well, because sometimes you need only something minor as a form of self-expression.

Whether you choose to have a small elephant tattoo on your wrist, or you would like to get inked with a few critical words in your life, the artists here will make your dream come true.

JonBoy is an actual value in the tattoo industry, and he can deliver the most beautifully simple, classic, and minimalist tattoos ever. He has experience of 18 years in this domain.

He eventually took over his career in NYC, where he met the peak of his career. The best part of getting a tattoo from JonBoy is that it would look unique, although it is just a minimalist design.

Furthermore, you will get tattooed in the studio where many celebrities have come for amazing body art.

East Side Ink(@eastsideinktattoo)

East Side Ink 1
Credit: @eastsideinktattoo
East Side Ink 3
Credit: @eastsideinktattoo

When talking about the top shopping tattoos and piercing studios in East Village, I need to mention the East Side Ink. Let’s say you have an old tattoo and you need a cover-up service.

Look for East Side Ink Tattoo Studio, whose primary service is to rebuild some old designs and make the art and craftsmanship come together.

Once you enter the tattoo shop, you will feel like in a high-end street studio. You will also meet Josh Lord, who has been creating many of the tattoos for the main characters in True Detective, HBO’s TV series.

The East Side Ink tattoo studio brings together lots of talented artists who do not have too many pretentious, friendly, and kind.

If you wish for anything but ink, you can also choose to have other services, such as lasering off the ink design you have.

Furthermore, the studio has a brand new service, which is a permanent cosmetic procedure named microblading.

Sena Tattoo(@senatattoonyc)

Sena Tattoo 1
Credit: @senatattoonyc
Sena Tattoo 2
Credit: @senatattoonyc

Sena Tattoo shop is also called Little Italy, and the artists here have a unique specialization in traditional Japanese body art. I love this place due to the relatively extraordinary tattoo techniques.

Although Sena Tattoo is almost 7,000 miles away from Tokyo, you will feel like you are on another mainland once you step in.

Most of the tattoo styles are designed around iconic designs, such as dragons, fu dogs, koi fish, wind, and waves.

The same techniques are still modern today, and you can either choose to have a fine body art or to get a full-body tattoo.

The artists’ work here is simply fantastic, and once you check their Instagram account, you will appreciate their skills more.

You can go to Senaspace Art Gallery and Tattoo to get light fixtures to the old body art pieces other than ink.

Three Kings Tattoo(@threekingsnyc)

Three Kings Tattoo 1
Credit: @threekingsnyc
Three Kings Tattoo 2
Credit: @threekingsnyc

Are you looking to get a new tattoo or a cool piercing somewhere in Greenpoint? Then you should look for Three Kings Tattoo, where you can have a professional piece of body art made by the best artists in the country.

The process is easy, while the atmosphere is friendly, calm, and relaxing.

You will also love Three Kings Tattoo because, although the name does not suggest, there are 15 permanent artists here.

Having this staff-rich infrastructure allows the owner, Matt Marcus, to allow the walk-ins every day of the week, though the most famous artists are already booked for the whole year.

Furthermore, if you are lucky enough to meet some of the guest artists, you might get a different tattoo design in a particular technique.

The shop features a pair of iPads where the artists can play with the method you chose and show you different tattoo styles.

Three Kings is also offering some consulting for the tattoo enthusiasts and explains to you, in friendly terms, why some tattoo designs might not be the best idea.

Grit N Glory(@gritnglory)

Grit N Glory 1
Credit: @gritnglory
Grit N Glory 2
Credit: @gritnglory

What about having a new tattoo and also doing some outfit shopping? Well, it is possible, once you go to Grit N Glory. The artists’ specialty here is colorful art, and you can see this from the first glance.

This is one of the hundreds of fashionable places on the Lower East Side. Once you step in, you will move through all this rock & roll boutique and fall in love with the tattoo designs all over the place.

People marvel, especially when hearing the noise of Megan Massacre’s tattoo machine.

As you might already know, Massacre became a popular name among the NY Ink World, and her style is simply unique, while her tattoo is unbelievably bright and illustrative.

Furthermore, if you just want to pass by and not have a tattoo, you can look for a sweet puppy.

Massacre is also famous as an avid animal-lover, so there is nothing new that you can get a pet-themed tattoo here or even adopt a furry friend.

Tattoo Shops In NYC: More FAQ

I have selected the most frequently asked questions about tattoo shops in NYC. You should give them a look to see if you find something of interest.

Q: If I am in NYC, can I just walk into a tattoo shop and get a tattoo?

A: This depends on the shop. Some of them are extremely busy and function only with appointments, but you might be lucky and find a free spot. However, since tattoos are forever, you might consider some research before going to get one.

Q: How much does a small tattoo in NYC cost?

A: The price is given by the complexity of the design. Even so, don’t expect to pay less than $100.

Q: Are tattoos illegal in New York?

A: They are legal. However, it is illegal for an artist to tattoo a minor.

Last Thoughts

NYC is one of the most creative places in the world. Not only do you see colorful, genuine people all over the place, but you will also notice their particular style.

And tattoos are part of their body art. The above tattoo shops are some of the best places to enhance your body flair, so don’t hesitate to get your first ink designs.

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