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9 Best Tattoo Shops in Louisville Kentucky (2024 Updated)

Getting a tattoo is a big decision, and one of the most important parts of that decision is choosing the right tattoo shop and the tattoo artist. For a tattoo, everybody should want the best service; after all, you’re getting a permanent piece of art on your body, so getting it done badly isn’t an option, and should never be.

Exploring the local tattoo community is the first step towards the final decision. So, if you live in Louisville, or you’re visiting, and you’re looking to get tattooed, you’re at the right place. Here are some of the best local experts and tattoo shops in Louisville, hand-picked just for you. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

How We Selected The Following Tattoo Shops? – The following tattoo shops were selected based on the following criteria;

  • Qualifications and experience – award-winning tattoo studios, studios with licensing, and accreditations to prove education, experience, safety, and health-protective measures, as well as other qualifications.
  • Reputation – most-visited tattoo studios in Louisville, with exceptional public and online presence; ratings and comments proving excellent customer service and experience.
  • Professionalism – tattoo studios providing a reliable service, judgment-free environment, accepting of everybody (different body types, wheelchairs, etc.).
  • Responsiveness and availability – tattoo studios with the best approach to the customers; responsive, approachable, and available staff.
  • Service variety – tattoo studios with different service options, from custom tattoos, cover-ups and touch-ups, to permanent makeup, piercing, and body art or body jewelry options.

Local Louisville Tattoo Shops To Check Out

Bluebird Ink Beautique

Bluebird Ink Beautique 1
Credit: @bluebirdinked

This charming tattoo studio and boutique is one of the most reliable and loving studios in the city. It offers a range of services, from fantastic tattooing to permanent makeup and scar-covering tattoos. The owner of the Bluebird Ink is Louisa Kleinert, a professional tattoo artist whose mother had breast cancer. This motivated Louisa to help out the community by providing permanent makeup, mastectomy, and scar-covering tattoos.

The studio has exceptional service, and the clients leave Bluebird Ink satisfied. The staff is experienced, educated and super helpful, and kind. You can book an appointment for a specific service at the studio’s website, or even reach the staff via emergency text (phone number provided at the website). The studio is welcoming of all genders, colors, faith, ethnicities, shapes, and sizes, so you’ll feel accepted here.

Bluebird Ink Beautique 2
Credit: @bluebirdinked
Bluebird Ink Beautique 3
Credit: @bluebirdinked

Infinite Electric Tattoo

Infinite Electric Tattoo 1
Credit: @infiniteelectrictattoo

Another exceptional Louisville tattoo studio is the Infinite Electric Tattoo. This is an award-winning studio, with high-end professionals in custom tattooing and permanent makeup. This tattoo has a lot to take pride in; it is one of the cleanest, safest, and most reliable tattoo shops in Kentucky, and offers some of the best tattoo services as well.

The tattoo artists can offer a variety of different tattoo styles; from traditional Americana tattoos to pin-up, portraiture, Japanese, and lettering tattoos. You can also come here if you have a tattoo you’d like to cover up or a tattoo that needs a touch-up. The staff here is super friendly and easy-going, but also highly professional and reliable. The studio overall is a judgment-free zone, so everyone is welcome to get tattooed at the Infinite Electric Tattoo.

For specific tattoo artists, the studio recommends booking an appointment and coming for a consultation. However, there is always room for walk-in tattoos as well.

Infinite Electric Tattoo 2
Credit: @infiniteelectrictattoo
Infinite Electric Tattoo 3
Credit: @infiniteelectrictattoo

Mama Tried Tattoo Parlour

Mama Tried Tattoo Parlour 1
Credit: @mamatriedtattoos

Mama Tried is a custom tattoo shop that specializes in creating one-of-a-kind tattoos and designs for every single individual. The tattoo artists here excel in this because they also grow as visual artists with each new tattoo. That is why you can get here any kind of tattoo style you want; from textural black work to watercolor, linework, iconography, and Japanese-inspired tattoos.

The staff and tattoo artists at Mama Tried are all high-end professionals, striving to meet every client’s needs and wishes, as well as taste and tattoo preferences. The studio is super welcoming of everyone; the staff is friendly and easy-going, but also highly professional and reliable. This is also a judgment-free zone, so you will feel accepted, respected, and above all, comfortable.

It is recommended to book an appointment for a tattoo as well as a consultation; you can contact the tattoo shop via the contact form on the website, or send an email to an artist directly.

Mama Tried Tattoo Parlour 2
Credit: @mamatriedtattoos
Mama Tried Tattoo Parlour 3
Credit: @mamatriedtattoos

Imperial Tattoos

Imperial Tattoos 1
Credit: @imperialtattoosky

Imperial Tattoos is a charming tattoo studio filled with incredibly experienced tattoo artists. The owner alone has decades of experience in tattooing, so you know you’re in good hands at Imperial Tattoos.

The in-house artists are excellent in providing an exceptional tattooing experience and are certain to meet every client’s demands and preferences. Because of such skilled and experienced artists, you can go for any kind and style of tattoo you want; from portraiture, black and grey tattoos, to neo-traditional style and realism. These highly professional masters of tattooing will give you the tattoo of a lifetime.

This studio is also a judgment-free environment, welcoming of everyone and providing equal service regardless of who you are and where you come from. It is truly an accepting studio that makes everyone feel comfortable and safe.

The studio accepts appointments, but you can also pay a visit for a walk-in tattoo.

Imperial Tattoos 2
Credit: @imperialtattoosky
Imperial Tattoos 3
Credit: @imperialtattoosky

Prophecy Ink Tattoo Studio

Prophecy Ink Tattoo Studio 1
Credit: @prophecyink

Have you ever been to a tattoo studio that is also a fine art gallery? Well, if you come to Prophecy Ink, you’ll have an opportunity to experience just that. As such, this studio has exceptional award-winning tattoo artists who excel in creative, incredibly realistic, fine art-inspired tattoos. The staff at the studio is also super friendly and kind; everyone strives to make the client comfortable and safe, making sure to meet their needs entirely.

The studio offers incredibly creative tattoo solutions and ideas. The artists generally work on custom designs but are also open to improve and work on the ideas provided by the clients. This is also a judgment-free environment, welcoming of everyone, regardless of gender, size, race, ethnicity, etc.

It is recommended to make an appointment when visiting Prohepcy Ink. Clients can send an email, but also call to schedule a consultation with a tattoo artist.

Prophecy Ink Tattoo Studio 2
Credit: @prophecyink
Prophecy Ink Tattoo Studio 3
Credit: @prophecyink

The Hornet’s Nest Elite Art Studio

The Hornet's Nest Elite Art Studio 1
Credit: @thehornetsnesttattoo

The Hornet’s Nest is one of the best tattoo studios in Louisville. It is an elite studio, which means the emphasis is always on professionalism, high-end, high-quality work, and superior service. The studio takes pride in exceptionally talented tattoo artists, who are reliable and professional. It also works hard to battle the negative image and assumptions that follow tattoos and tattooed people.

From the moment you contact the studio to the moment you’re leaving with a completed tattoo, the staff will be at your service, aiming to meet your demands and wishes to the fullest. Even after you’re done with the tattoo, the staff will always be there to provide help during the aftercare, in person, or over the phone.

The many talented tattoo artists at this studio are experts in numerous tattoo styles, varying from Japanese, traditional Americana, realism, black and grey tattoos, as well as tribal and old school styles.

The Hornet's Nest Elite Art Studio 2
Credit: @thehornetsnesttattoo
The Hornet's Nest Elite Art Studio 3
Credit: @thehornetsnesttattoo

Other Tattoo Shops in Louisville To Check Out

  • Triumph Tattoos – If you’re looking to get a high-quality tattoo cover-up or touch-up, then you should check out Triumph Tattoos. Of course, their main services are custom tattoos and tattoo designs, but the artists strive to meet a variety of clients’ requirements and needs. Moreover, if you’re getting your first tattoo, and you’re afraid of the potential pain, you should know that these tattoo artists strive to provide pain-free tattoo sessions as well.
Triumph Tattoos
Credit: @triumphtattoos
  • Twisted Images Tattoo & Piercing Shop – If you’re looking to get a tattoo or a piercing/body jewelry, then you should check out the Twisted Images tattoo and piercing shop. Operating since 2001, this shop has developed into a multi-service, high-end tattoo studio. Alongside the in-house tattoo artists, the shop collaborates with incredible tattoo artists from all over the country. The staff of the shop is super friendly, striving to make each client comfortable, from the first consultation to the very end of the process.
Twisted Images Tattoo & Piercing Shop
Credit: @twistedimagesky
  • Bananafish Tattoo Parlour – At this tattoo parlor you can expect to get not only a unique tattoo but also a unique, superb service. The Bananafish tattoo parlor is in the game since 2007, and so far, has offered nothing short of exceptional, high-quality service to every client. The tattoo artists in here are super talented, with years of experience. Everyone has their own style, so you can choose your tattoo artists based on what kind of tattoo you want. The shop takes pride in its focus on safety, cleanliness, and reliable services.
Bananafish Tattoo Parlour
Credit: @amberbananafish

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, our selection of the best tattoo studios in Louisville was helpful. For more information about each individual studio, make sure to check out their websites, or even visit them if you’re in the area. You can contact each studio via email, contact form on the website, or via phone.

We made sure to include a variety of studios, so everyone can find the perfect match, depending on the style of tattoo you’d like to get done. Before you book a consultation, make sure to check out the studios’ Instagram profiles and portfolios, as well as online client reviews to get a clearer picture. Some studios even provide tattoo artists’ individual profiles and portfolios, so make sure to check those out as well.

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