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Top 36 Amazing Ghost Tattoo Design Ideas (And Meanings Behind Them)

Ghost tattoos are not for everyone. They are for those who believe in the afterlife, men or women who like to joke around about this concept, as well as those who like to watch scary movies.

Do you fall in any of these categories? If so, you’re going to like this article since you are the perfect candidate for a ghost tattoo. Keep on reading as we talk about different ghost ideas that will suit both genders down below.

Ghost Tattoo: FAQs

Ghost Tattoo FAQs
Credit: Instagram

1. What Does A Ghost Tattoo Symbolize?

A ghost tattoo can have different meanings and representations depending on its size and color. Is it a scary ghost, or a funny cartoon-inspired one? Ghost tattoos may symbolize a guide or a teacher, as well as a spiritual healer that was sent from another dimension to protect you.

You can also show and talk about rebirth with your ghost tattoo and represent how it has made an impact on your life, lifestyle, or your surrounding. Let others know that you believe in the afterlife, and also show that you’re someone who can overcome and adapt to new situations and that you still have faith that everything will come out looking splendid!

2. Who Can Get A Ghost Tattoo?

You can get a ghost tattoo if you’re looking for something unusual and a bit different to place on your body. Ghosts are scary and frightening to some people, which is why not a lot of them dare to wear this design. If you wish to stand out from the rest, you can give it a go with this concept (despite your gender).

3. What Is The Best Placement For This Tattoo?

The best placement for a ghost tattoo would be around your calf, arm, or chest. However, those who want to take it up a notch and give it that funny and funky approach will enjoy placing the tattoo over your finger, buttocks, or your stomach. Your placement will vary, in the end, per your preference, liking, as well as the size and the “story” that you have behind this ghost tattoo.

4. How Much Are Ghost Tattoos?

The prices vary from one tattoo artist to the other, as well as from one place and placement to the other. In most cases, small, delicate, and black ink tattoos will cost you around $60.

Bigger, scarier, as well as colorful tattoos could be up to $200. Find a tattoo artist that can work per your pace, preference and give you the outcome that you have been craving!

12 Black & White Ghost Tattoo Design Ideas

1. Small Ghost Tattoo

Small Ghost Tattoo
Image Source:@signornessuno

Those who enjoy quirky and practical low-key black and white ink are going to enjoy this ghost tattoo. It is simple and quite affordable to get and go for, ideal for those who want something seamless.

Did you know that most horror movies are ghost-based and that this is a recurring theme?

2. Black Ink Ghost Tattoo

Black Ink Ghost Tattoo
Image Source:@furora.t

This small and black ghost symbol is for anyone who likes creative art and funky tattoos. This black ghost tattoo is also funny and represents how you see the fun and bright side of death.

3. Simple Ghost Tattoo

Simple Ghost Tattoo
Image Source:@tatyouco

Cape-like ghost with this cover will suit men and women who like Halloween. If you wish to show your true love for this holiday through one black tattoo, give it a go with this small tattoo.

4. Small Black Ink Ghost Tattoo

Small Black Ink Ghost Tattoo
Image Source:@pompberry

Another spooky ghost tattoo that will look on amazing on true TV fans and lovers of retro tattoos. This one will also symbolize your persuasive side and your will to stay in the game.

Fun fact: Ghosts are often seen and thought of as actual mystical creatures by different cultures and differently named as dark spirits, demons, etc.

5. Ghostface Tattoo

Ghostface Tattoo
Image Source:@mulleettt

Women who like smaller and cute tattoos are going to like this ghost ink. Show off the black and white concept and know that this tattoo will take you 3 hours to achieve and place on your skin.

6. Ghost Tattoo Designs With Flowers

Ghost Tattoo Designs With Flowers
Image Source:@catkingstontattoo

If you like ghost tattoos and you’re also a flower-lover you’re going to like this feminine design. It can symbolize your new intuitive side and your will to overcome evil or any type of challenge. Show that you also prefer and know how to find girly feminine beauty in every situation.

7. Large Shoulder Ghost Tattoo

Large Shoulder Ghost Tattoo
Image Source:@scatto_tattoo

Those who like shoulder tattoos and dramatic tattoos are going to like this print. It is a showy tattoo that will let everyone see your spirit (literally) while also letting the world see how you like to explore any given situation and adapt to given hardships that are around you.

Did you know that ghosts can be good and bad, based on the history & story that comes with them?

8. Retro Ghost Tattoo

Retro Ghost Tattoo
Image Source:@clarawelshtattoos

Do you like to watch a lot of movies? Are you a fan of spooky and retro ghosts? This one will symbolize the way you see new situations and scenarios that are in front of you. Do you find them to be scary and challenging, or do you think that everything can be seen through a pair of pink sunglasses?

9. Ghost Tattoo Ideas Thigh Ink

Ghost Tattoo Ideas Thigh Ink
Image Source:@goldeniron_tattoos_toronto

This spooky leg tattoo and this retro piece will look amazing on thicker women and those who have a lot of “material” to work with. If you’re someone who likes to read and you’re quirky in your own way, show it all with this ghost design.

10. Ghost Tattoo With A Butterfly

Ghost Tattoo With A Butterfly
Image Source:@amanda_black_heart

Any nature lovers out there? If you’re in tune with your spiritual side and you also like nature, why not show it through this tattoo? Let others see that you enjoy the wildlife, while also believing that there is an afterlife down the road.

11. Cowboy Ghost Tattoo

Cowboy Ghost Tattoo
Image Source:@avalonvalore

How you doing cowboy? This funky cute ghost tattoo stands for your new page that’s in front of you and that you’ve been trying to explore and dig into. It is so cute and perfect for both genders.

Fun fact: ghost hunters often use electronic equipment to investigate places supposedly haunted by ghosts.

12. Forearm Ghost Tattoos

Forearm Ghost Tattoos
Image Source:@tattootongenou

Get a set of different-looking ghosts and show that you’re always changing and evolving with time and as time goes on. Everyone who has had a rough or tooth journey and doesn’t mind facing new obstacles is going to enjoy this tattoo.

12 Colorful Ghost Tattoo Design Ideas

1. Ghost Tattoo Drawing Ink

Ghost Tattoo Drawing Ink
Image Source:@beekachuu

Do you like a bit of color with your tattoos? If so, try out this design. This bright purple ghost with funky socks will show that you’re always ready to laugh it out and have fun in your own way. If you like to joke around in different ways and you know how to be goofy – show it with this print.

2. Colorful Ghost Tattoo Power

Colorful Ghost Tattoo Power
Image Source:@txttoo

This colorful and retro leg tattoo will show how you like to shine through different situations. If you’re always optimistic and open to new propositions or fun challenges that fulfill your soul, show it all with this ghost ink.

Did you know that some people believe that there are a lot more ghosts surrounding us at night? This is because we are using a lot less and fewer electronic devices, which makes us more likely to detect ghostly spirits in our homes.

3. Blue Story-Telling Ghost Tattoo

Blue Story-Telling Ghost Tattoo
Image Source:@oofastclothing

Make your tattoo colorful and bright. Done in this way, it will be capable of telling a unique story. This one, for instance, shows that you’re always looking forward to the night and what it brings. Customize the story per your preference and liking.

4. Funny Ghost Tattoos

Funny Ghost Tattoos
Image Source:@justinelucyy

Small cowboy tattoos will look and work well on explorers and people who love to show off their persona and their bright character. Let everyone see that you’re a funny and positive little character who is always ready to make a situation relaxed and simpler.

5. Red Ghost Town Tattoo

Red Ghost Town Tattoo
Image Source:@tweight.tattooz

Red ghost tattoo and red ghosts, in general, will say that you’re a fan of common tattoos and ideas that have been popular in the movies. This red ghost will express your inner child and the funny moments that you like to have.

6. Captain America Ghost Tattoo

Captain America Ghost Tattoo
Image Source:@gonzales_ink

This ghost tattoo done in this Captain America way will look good on those who have seen the movie already. Customize it per your preference and let it show your true love for captivating characters and funny tattoos.

7. Ghost Tattoo Ideas Flower Concept

Ghost Tattoo Ideas Flower Concept
Image Source:@swanson_tattoos

Add a bit of color to your ghost tattoo and let it look artsy and retro. This design will look the best on women who are looking for a ghost tattoo that is cute and simple. Flowers will also symbolize your new feminine spirit and bright journey.

Fun fact: you can spot/sense a ghost if the temperature in the room suddenly gets chilly.

8. Funny Red Cover Ghost Tattoo

Funny Red Cover Ghost Tattoo
Image Source:@moises.torresdelgado

If fall season is your favorite you’re going to like this tattoo. Add a pop of red and some stylish leaves to make this design intriguing and different. The end result is perfect for both genders that are wanting a funky ghost.

9. Small & Simple Ghost Tattoo

Small & Simple Ghost Tattoo
Image Source:@ghoul_wolves

Are you someone who likes cute and artsy tattoos? Maybe you have a passion and a big heart for some delicious meals? If so, give it a go with this tattoo. It combines all the different elements and has a “soul”, ideal for anyone who likes different tattoos.

10. Cowboy Colorful Ghost Tattoo

Cowboy Colorful Ghost Tattoo
Image Source:@tattoosnob

This cowboy tattoo holding a flower is for men or women who like to look noticed. A ghost holding a flowery will represent your peaceful or peace-offering side. Show your new delicate way of getting tattoos and rock it will itch confidence in a smaller format.

Did you know that the movie Ghostbusters is the most famous ghost-related movie that has earned millions and is still popular & playing to this day?

11. Trick Or Treat Ghost Tattoo

Trick Or Treat Ghost Tattoo
Image Source:@tats_by_tonii

Is it Halloween yet? Are you a fan of spooky tattoos? This one will look amazing on younger generations who like to show off their artsy ideas. This forearm tattoo will show everyone your joy around this season.

12. Halloween Ghost Tattoos

Halloween Ghost Tattoos
Image Source:@inkedbyanny

Another Halloween ghost and spirit that you’re going to love! Do you prefer tricks or treats? Show where you stand with this little ghost symbol and wear it in this funny gentle way. It is ideal for anyone who wants a painless tattoo.

12 Small Ghost Tattoo Design Ideas

1. Forearm Girl Ghost Tattoo

Forearm Girl Ghost Tattoo
Image Source:@nikiperemeshalich

This hybrid of a ghost/witch will suit anyone who likes retro tattoos and multi-purposeful tattoos. Place it over your forearm if you’re into visible tattoos and funny ideas that make up for their own unique story.

Fun fact: people like to dress up as ghosts on Halloween since the costume is super easy to recreate or make.

2. Holy Ghost Tattoo

Holy Ghost Tattoo
Image Source:@fund0neja

Stick to this cute little ghost tattoo if you’re a fan of simplicity and minimalism. Show everyone that you are a creative person who can appreciate new and funny symbols. The end result also shows someone who is appreciative and always trying a new approach and moves in his or her life.

3. Boo Ghost Tattoos

Boo Ghost Tattoos
Image Source:@kwekuatsu_rp24

If you only have around two hours to spare and you’re looking for a quick and easy tattoo, try this one. It is going to look the best on fans of minimalism and those who enjoy black and white simple ink that most tattoo artists can easily achieve or recreate.

Did you know that ”A Christmas Carol” and ”The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” are some of the most famous horror stories?

4. Sad Ghost Tattoo

Sad Ghost Tattoo
Image Source:@xartbyashleyx

Funny tattoos and funky ghosts such as this one will look great on younger guys or girls who dislike the feeling of a needle against their skin. Wear this beauty proudly and let it represent your stubborn little persona.

5. Matching Ghost Tattoo

Matching Ghost Tattoo
Image Source:@goldeniron_tattoos_toronto

Matching ghosts and this matching tattoo will suit anyone who wishes to dedicate their chosen design to someone they love. This ghost duo can symbolize your journey and the struggles that the two of you have had. Show that you’re optimistic and still holding together to this day.

6. Ghost With A Crown Tattoo

Ghost With A Crown Tattoo
Image Source:@jvckbarrow

Place a small and simple crown detail on top of your ghost. This tattoo will show that you’re royalty, someone big and bold, as well as oftentimes spooked off by the journey of life itself.

7. Playing Ghosts Tattoo

Playing Ghosts Tattoo
Image Source:@sapiryahell

Do you have a brother or a sister? Do you two oftentimes fight, yet make up? If that is the case you’re going to like this cute ghost duo. It shows how two individuals can overcome anything together and stay bonded and stronger than ever!

Fun fact: the writer (master genius himself) Stephen King has loads of different novels that cover the ghost-related theme.

8. Pixel Ghost Tattoo

Pixel Ghost Tattoo
Image Source:@kenex_tattoo

These three ghosts done in pixel form will suit those who like cute and funny ideas. If you are a natural gamer and someone who likes old-school games or online virtual fun you’re going to enjoy this approach of a ghost tattoo.

9. Killer Ghost Tattoo

Killer Ghost Tattoo
Image Source:@angelojeda_

Ghost as a killer will work and look the best on those who like to watch scary horror movies. If you’re a fan of spooky movies and you’re a fan of unique “bloody” movies you’re going to like this as your new ghost scary tattoo.

Did you know that around 20% of Americans say and believe that they have seen a ghost?

10. Ghost With A Plant Tattoo

Ghost With A Plant Tattoo
Image Source:@amanda_black_heart

Add a plant to your ghost to make it more intriguing and unique. You will also show that you’re a flower lover and a nature lover with this bright green ghost idea. It is ideal for anyone who likes to connect deep on the inside with his or her emotions.

11. Black & Red Ghost Tattoo

Black & Red Ghost Tattoo
Image Source:@xartbyashleyx

This black ink with red lines will look the best on true horror fanatics. If you’re a movie lover and you want to represent your love in one form or another, give it a go with this spooky ghost tattoo over your arm or your leg.

12. Cute Mini Ghost Tattoo

Cute Mini Ghost Tattoo
Image Source:@robinbbtattoo

Fun fact: The Flying Dutchman is one of the most famous ghost ships, seen by generations of sailors, and is thought of as a bad omen.

Place this small cute ghost over your knee. If you like to explore the world and you’re an open-minded person who is naturally attracted to mystery, you’re going to enjoy this small black ink ghost design.

Ready To Start Rocking A New Tattoo?

Which tattoo design was your favorite and an absolute must-have or must-try from this list? A lot of different looks, sizes, and colors were talked about. Which design is your favorite? Let us know what you plan on wearing in the near future when it comes to these spooky tattoos, we would love to know!

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