Tattoo Shops in Phoenix Arizona

9 Best Tattoo Shops in Phoenix Arizona (2024 Updated)

Arizona is the modernization of the Wild West and it’s also known for many things. Various attractions attract many tourists annually, but the locals also enjoy sightseeing in this city. One of the popular attractions in Arizona is also tattoo shops and studios and we wanted to take a look at them and give our two cents about them.

In this article, we are going to talk about all the best tattoo shops in Phoenix Arizona, and which ones are worth visiting. Whether you’re coming here for the first time or you’ve been here for a while, just can’t choose among all the tattoo studios you’ve come to the right place as this article will look at all the bits and pieces of a good tattoo studio.

We know that sometimes, finding the right tattoo shop can feel tiring and confusing. More importantly, we’re not all comfortable with getting a tattoo which is why it’s important to ensure that you’ve arrived at the place with strict hygiene and health standards that won’t leave you exposed to potentially infectious diseases or irritations.

We considered all of these things in this article, and below, you’ll be able to take a look at the works of the best tattoo shops in Phoenix, Arizona.

9 Best Tattoo Shops in Phoenix

Without further ado, let’s unveil our top 8 tattoo shops in Phoenix. Make sure to check them all out and see whether they meet the style you’re looking for, but also the regulations and standards.

High Noon Tattoo

High Noon Tattoo 1
Credit: @highnoontattoo
High Noon Tattoo 2
Credit: @highnoontattoo
High Noon Tattoo 3
Credit: @highnoontattoo

If you ever had special cowboy wishes out of your newest tattoo, the High Noon Tattoo shop and studio is the first place that you should visit. Usually, the first association to the name of High Noon is the 1952 movie, or the famous Ultimate line of Overwatch character, Jesse Mccree, but there is also a great tattoo studio that is worth visiting.

The staff is friendly and courteous and will guide you with all the necessary measurements that you need to take to make your tattoo look marvelous and stylish. They’ll also give you the tips necessary for after-care so that your tattoo can heal as soon as possible.

We also like the creative and innovative style for making tattoos. That being said, you’ll see that you can come with any type of tattoo and they’ll do their best to make it true. Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that you should book a consultation before your first tattoo appointment to make sure that your tattoo artists and you are on the same page.

Golden Rule Tattoo

Golden Rule Tattoo 1
Credit: @goldenruletattoo
Golden Rule Tattoo 2
Credit: @goldenruletattoo
Golden Rule Tattoo 3
Credit: @goldenruletattoo

Golden Rule Tattoo is one of the most popular tattoo shops in Phoenix, Arizona, and for many reasons. It has a large Instagram community and it opened space across the whole of Phoenix. It is known for high safety and health standards while also providing top-end equipment that will leave your heart at ease.

The tattoo artists working in the tattoo shops are more than happy to help you choose the right design for your new tattoo, and will be super-supportive in the process, especially if you’re new to the tattooing hobby and didn’t get to ink your first tattoo yet.

The tattoos are creative, innovative, and both large and small. Your tattoo artist will also suggest you the best spot for a certain tattoo and will gladly be open to feedback. The community is large and both tattoo studios experience visits on daily basis, so it’d be best to book an appointment before you just walk in.

27 Tattoo Studio

27 Tattoo Studio 1
Credit: @27tattoostudio_phx
27 Tattoo Studio 2
Credit: @27tattoostudio_phx
27 Tattoo Studio 3
Credit: @27tattoostudio_phx

The 27 Tattoo Studio is another popular shop in Phoenix, Arizona. It also spans multiple locations, which is why the staff serves a great number of people daily. Whether you live in Phoenix, or you plan to visit it to get an innovative and even extravagant tattoo, the 27 Tattoo Studio is the right place for you.

Its staff is open to making both black and white and colorful, well-shaded tattoos. All the symbols are designed and executed with utmost detail and with the top-end profession. The tattoo studio prides itself in its custom designs, while also providing top-notch and cutting-edge equipment to make all your tattoos more stunning while watching over the regulations to make the tattooing process safe.

Make sure to check the tattoo designs out and make an appointment for visit. Remember, the place is pretty crowded so it might be difficult to get an appointment any time soon.

GreyWash Tattoo Shop

GreyWash Tattoo Shop 1
Credit: @greywashtattooshop
GreyWash Tattoo Shop 2
Credit: @greywashtattooshop
GreyWash Tattoo Shop 3
Credit: @greywashtattooshop

GreyWash tattoo shop has some of the most beautiful tattoo portfolios we’ve seen out there. The whole tattoo studio prides itself in a beautiful tattoo studio with separate rooms that allow you to easily relax while getting your tattoo work done as much as possible.

What we also like about the studio is the friendly, and helpful staff that will help you choose the right tattoo to match your style and personality. There is a plethora of different offers that the tattoo shop holds available. Additionally, there’s the possibility of discussing custom-made tattoo designs that you can get.

These tattoos offer diversity in original and authentic designs so you can get anything from a subtle and minimalistic tattoo to a large design with depth and mesmerizing details that will take your breath away. Make sure to check them all out below!

Solace Tattoo Phoenix

Solace Tattoo Phoenix 1
Credit: @solacetattoophx
Solace Tattoo Phoenix 2
Credit: @solacetattoophx
Solace Tattoo Phoenix 3
Credit: @solacetattoophx

Solace Tattoo shop and studio will offer you the comfort of enjoying creative and deep tattoo designs at times of the biggest stress. If you ever decide to venture around this tattoo studio, surrounded by other tattoo studios, a museum, and other artistic sights, you’ll be surprised by the hospitality and kindness of the tattoo artists that work there.

Their simple website is easy to navigate through, so you can easily make an appointment. Keep in mind that this tattoo studio is allowing only for booking and you’ll likely have to make an appointment several weeks, and sometimes even months before you can get a spot for your next great tattoo.

It’s also mostly run by women, which feels comforting for female tattoo enthusiasts who want to feel safe and cozy while making their next favorite tattoo design a reality.

Electrik Needle Tattoo

Electrik Needle Tattoo 1
Credit: @electrikneedletattoo
Electrik Needle Tattoo 2
Credit: @electrikneedletattoo
Electrik Needle Tattoo 3
Credit: @electrikneedletattoo

Sometimes, communicating with your chosen tattoo artist before your idea becomes reality is of utmost importance for a better quality of the design. It’s no secret that Electrik Needle Tattoo studio is offering exactly that and will go above and beyond for its customers.

Before you book an appointment, you can easily have a consultation with numerous talented tattoo artists free of charge. The tattoo shop has various designs in its offering that you can easily see and decide whether they fit the idea you imagined. Alternatively, you can go to the website and fill up the contact form describing your idea.

What we also like is the diversity and versatility of different design styles and ideas. You can find anything, from easy and minimalistic flower patterns to complex characters and portraits. There’s something for everyone to find and like.

Goliath Tattoo

Goliath Tattoo 1
Credit: @goliathtattoo
Goliath Tattoo 2
Credit: @goliathtattoo
Goliath Tattoo 3
Credit: @goliathtattoo

If you’re looking for a tattoo studio that has staff that is not afraid to step out of their comfort zone and experiment with different styles, shapes, and designs, look no further than Goliath Tattoo. Their website is designed in a more dark fantasy style, where you’ll find various examples of the portfolio as well as a comfortable dark background for the eyes.

Making an appointment in this tattoo studio will be a bit difficult for people who are in hurry, as the studio is closed on Sundays and Monday. Nevertheless, there are many tattoo artists that you can consult on getting the right shape, size, and shading for your tattoo.

They offer in-store shopping where you can choose among different tattoo designs. Alternatively, you can have a consultation to choose some other design that you will like. Custom designs are also allowed, but it may require you some longer time to consult with the artists before it’s ready for you.

The studio adheres to all safety and health standards to ensure a seamless experience. There are various offers in the portfolio, from simple and tiny tattoos to larger options that will complement you no matter where you are.

Limitless Tattoo

Limitless Tattoo 1
Credit: @limitlessinktattoo
Limitless Tattoo 2
Credit: @limitlessinktattoo
Limitless Tattoo 3
Credit: @limitlessinktattoo

When it comes to Limitless tattoo studios, there’s little that you won’t find on their Instagram profile. Unfortunately, there’s no website where you can fill-up the form with ease, neither are the walk-ins accepted. However, the studio has a nice Instagram policy and organization, so they’re swift and prompt with replies to all the customers and those who are interested.

As mentioned above, you’d be surprised to see how many different designs there are. From simple Portraits of dogs, cats, and other pets, to complex patterns and textures that highlight different cultures on arm and leg sleeves. Something that we also noticed is that the tattoo studio allows the design of custom tattoos, including those with the watercolor pattern and design.

So far, we fell in love with all the tattoo work from the portfolio, and we’re sure you’ll fall in love too. If you live in Phoenix and are considered a tattoo that will be different than anything else you’ve seen before, a Limitless tattoo is worth your time. The tattoo artists are quite courteous and will answer all the confusion and questions that you may have.

Love And Hate Tattoo And Piercing

Love And Hate Tattoo And Piercing 1
Credit: @loveandhatetattoo
Love And Hate Tattoo And Piercing 2
Credit: @loveandhatetattoo
Love And Hate Tattoo And Piercing 3
Credit: @loveandhatetattoo

Located at the heart of Phoenix, Arizona, this small, but warm and cozy tattoo studio will help you turn your favorite tattoo idea into reality. Additionally, this tattoo shops offers custom tattoos and piercing services. There are two tattoo artists who are patient, understanding and incredibly skilled.

In their portfolio, you’ll find everything from small and minimalistic tattoos, to larger and more complex works that will compliment your body no matter where you place the tattoo. It’s worth noting that it’s one of the oldest tattoo studios in Phoenix.

How We Chose Best Tattoo Shops in Phoenix

Choosing the best tattoo shop in Phoenix was nowhere near easy. After all, there are so many tattoo stores that suffered the ruthless wave of business closing that it may appear like it’s too difficult to find a tattoo store that works. Nevertheless, the shops we found are still holding strong and are welcoming new visitors and customers on daily basis.

But, what criteria did we use when choosing the best tattoo studio and shop in Phoenix. As the heart of Arizona, Phoenix likely has the biggest number of professional and certified tattoo studios that can answer your demands.

These tattoo studios enjoy visits from people all across Arizona, but even more widespread as customers are coming from the surrounding states.

That being said, we had to use the strictest criteria and make sure that all the tattoo artists holding the inking gun and needle were professional and certified at what they’re doing. Not just that, the tattoo artists from these shops are courteous, understanding, patient and gentle, especially towards people who are scared as they’re getting their first tattoo.

They comply with the strictest community, health, and security standards to ensure that all customers are protected and that their privacy is guaranteed in private rooms within the studio. All the hygiene standards are high, while tattoo artists will take breaks as frequently as possible to allow you to relax and rest if you’re feeling pain.

What we also considered are their beautiful and carefully designed portfolios that show the souls of their best work that looks as beautiful and detailed even after the healing period has passed. We also considered the ranking on Google reviews to make sure that everyone who visits them is satisfied with the service, while also keeping an objective view of their work and dedication.

Although it’s impossible to pick all the tattoo studios from the list, we hope that you’ll consider at least one of the options we listed and book a consultation. We promise you won’t regret it!

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