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Top 30 Amazing Horse Tattoo Design Ideas (2024 Updated)

Horse tattoos are for animal lovers, definitely! Are you an animal lover yourself? If you’re someone who loves to look cute with your chosen design and if you naturally gravitate toward artsy ideas you will also enjoy this article. Here you can find and look into these top 30 playful and unique horse designs, ideal for anyone who wants to get a pretty and motivating design over their body.

What Does A Horse Tattoo Symbolize?

Did you know that horses are noble animals and they stand for freedom, inner ability to enjoy life & change?! They also represent confidence, triumph, heroism, and courage. This tattoo can have a different meaning for each person and it can vary depending on the color you end up choosing to pair & match along with it.

10 Colorful Horse Tattoo Ideas

1. Black Horse Tattoo

Black Horse Tattoo
Image Source: @marnictattoo

This horse tattoo will take quite a lot of time and patience, as well as a master tattoo artist that knows how to give out detailed ideas. Book someone skilled and precise while not being too pricey.

This bright horse represents your bright future and the road ahead of you. You will also look like a divine and ambitious guy or girl with this print.

2. Realistic Horse Tattoo Ideas

Realistic Horse Tattoo Ideas
Image Source:

Do you love portrait tattoos and precise realistic horses? If you’re someone who is up for a lot of details and you need to look breathtaking with your chosen design you will adore this concept.

Show that you’re willing to enjoy your freedom and that you’re a spiritual person. Let the world see you as an explorer, wouldn’t you love that?

3. Iron Horse Tattoo

Iron Horse Tattoo
Image Source: @pietro.stigmata

Red horse tattoos are quite popular and common among guys who love a pop of color. Red is a passionate color and a gorgeous design for true animal lovers.

Show that you’re in a real connection with yourself and your surrounding, as well as your closest ones. This horse will suit fierce and masculine guys a bit better than girls.

Fun fact: horses have the largest eyes when compared to all the land mammals.

4. Horse Tattoo Drawing Watercolor Idea

Horse Tattoo Drawing Watercolor Idea
Image Source: @luca_braidotti_tattoo

Back tattoos are for anyone who is into larger prints. If you love to look fierce and you enjoy dominant ideas this concept of a horse will suit you.

These colors will make you look like someone outgoing. If you have a lot of layers in your personality and you’re complex you’ll enjoy this horse.

5. Giant Horse Shoulder Tattoo

Giant Horse Shoulder Tattoo
Image Source: @laguadalupetattoospain

This horse with a pop of orange/yellow looks magical and different. If you’re someone who knows how to enjoy a good artsy piece you’re going to love this cute concept.

Yellow is a color of wealth and success. If you’re headed the right way and you’re trying to make a difference in life represent your positive change with this horse idea.

6. Funny Horse Tattoo Ideas

Funny Horse Tattoo Ideas
Image Source: @iporkedittattoo

Guys or girls who have a funny side to them and who like to goof around will love this horse concept. It is a fun tattoo for anyone who has a silly side to them.

Place the word workhorse underneath your tattoo and show that you’re your own working force. You are well aware of what you bring to the table, isn’t that right?

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Did you know that horses can run within hours after birth?!

7. Two Horses Running Tattoo

Two Horses Running Tattoo
Image Source: @katkatattoo

Feminine horses are quite something, wouldn’t you agree? Often times horse tattoos can look like a piece of art and a unique design. This color combo of blue and brown is for anyone who knows how to enjoy a pure design.

These colors represent a soul who has been enjoying a spiritual and long journey. If you’re someone who has never had a doubt about some paths in your life and you stand firmly with your decisions these horses will represent you as a persona.

8. Colorful Horse Tattoo Arm Print

Colorful Horse Tattoo Arm Print
Image Source: @akanapalm

Stick to black, red & yellow ink and show that your horse design can look happy as well as artsy. This duo is for men and women who know how to rock a subtle pop of color with their tattoos.

Red and yellow represent you as a powerful force. Are you someone who is putting in work and you know that you’re always the main attraction? Show your pure power and let the world see you as a natural leader.

9. Blue & White Horse Head Tattoo

Blue & White Horse Head Tattoo
Image Source: @dziara_tattoo

Blue and white are quite popular and masculine colors. If you’re someone who wants a horse design that is not overpowering or too dramatic you’ll enjoy this animal ink. Heads up since it will take you 5-6 hours to achieve it.

This ravishing color combo will show that you’re an opportunist and someone who knows how to stay at peace at all times. You will also come off as a genuine giving person.

Fun fact: hoses can see colors, and they are way better at seeing yellow, green, purple & violet hues.

10. Woman & Horse Tattoo Combo

Woman & Horse Tattoo Combo
Image Source: @valebubu_libh

A woman with a horse is a common choice option for most those who are deeply connected with their feminine side. Have around four hours to spare before you commit to this horse.

Woman and horse symbolize their deep connection and link to nature. They are also a symbol of love and pure happiness, as well as care and deep personal connections.

10 Black & White Horse Tattoo Ideas

1. Gorgeous Thigh Horse Tattoo

Gorgeous Thigh Horse Tattoo
Image Source: @pabloash

Do you crave a gorgeous thigh tattoo? Women who are proud of their curves and those who are on a thicker side will enjoy this concept.

This black and white idea with flowers is for women who are sensual and sweet. If you have that sexy side to you; you will enjoy this print and this cute concept.

2. Watercolor Splash Woman & A Horse Tattoo Idea

Watercolor Splash Woman & A Horse Tattoo Idea
Image Source: @clodin_93

Get a horse print and a woman’s design if you’re someone who loves cute and sweet artsy prints. This idea is for those creative souls who love to stand out.

Show that you’re always up for fun and a challenge. Show your true beauty and your creative side with this concept and let the world see you for a girl that’s still within you.

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3. Giant Shoulder War Horse Tattoo

Giant Shoulder War Horse Tattoo
Image Source: @readytattooink

Larger shoulder tattoos and black and white ink is for those who don’t want to pay way too much money for their concept. This horse idea is for anyone who is trying to stick to something semi-big and sweet.

The end result will show you as a fierce guy and someone who is amazed by the beauty of nature. Are you a free-spirited person? Show it with this concept.

Did you know that horse’s teeth take up a larger amount of space in their head than their brain?

4. Horse Tattoo Over Back

Horse Tattoo Over Back
Image Source: @staytruetattoopa

You can also dedicate your horse tattoo to someone important in your life. Show how much you appreciate and value the most important person in your life with this horse design.

Add the phrase “love you dad” and show your genuine side and pure emotions. If you are close to your parents or parent you can go for this horse back tattoo.

5. Woman & A Horse Black Tattoo Idea

Woman & A Horse Black Tattoo Idea
Image Source: @dominiqueotto

Get this black tattoo and show the true beauty of simpler ink. If you are a fan of funky tattoos and you’re someone who knows how to enjoy horror-like ideas this horsey print is for you!

Get a print or a woman that has that scary look to complete the vibe. Show that you’re mysterious and up for fun with the closest ones that are in your life and your own way.

6. Realistic Horse Tattoo Over Arm

Realistic Horse Tattoo Over Arm
Image Source: @theravenandthewolves

Some designs can look quite realistic, only if you find a trustworthy and amazing tattoo artist. Do you trust yours?

This horse black idea is for anyone who is a perfectionist and who believes in the power of attraction. You can make the world see you for who you are and for a bold guy who is a stand-up person. Does that sound like you?

Fun fact: males have 40 while females have 36 teeth.

7. Shoulder Back Horse Tattoo With Florals

Shoulder Back Horse Tattoo With Florals
Image Source: @tattooist_mate

You can opt for a back or shoulder tattoo if you don’t want the entire world to see your print. Show that you’re low-key and that you know how to enjoy a good design for yourself without broadcasting it to the entire world.

This horse with flowers will symbolize you as a seeker for truthful and rightful events. Show that you’re always outgoing and that you’re true to your temper.

8. Horses Running Tattoo

Horses Running Tattoo
Image Source: @kctattoo13

This large shoulder tattoo is for those who don’t want to look overpowering with their tattoo. Black and white go so well together, and this unique concept will take you 5 hours to achieve.

This funky horse will show that you’re still a child and someone who enjoys exploring your everyday events with an honest heart.

9. Funny Horse Tattoo Small Idea

Funny Horse Tattoo Small Idea
Image Source: @btn_tattoos

You will also enjoy this hilarious idea if you’re a comic yourself. Guys who can appreciate a good joke will fall for this tattoo.

Your small and funny horse can stand for your quirky personality. Show that you’re fun to be around with and that you know what is fun and popping!

Did you know that horses can sleep both lying down and standing up?

10. Black Horse Outline Tattoo

Black Horse Outline Tattoo
Image Source: @chinatomik

Simple black outlines are for those who are low-key and minimalistic guys or girls. This is simple yet a humble concept that you’ll naturally gravitate to.

Flowers will show that you’re sensual and smart while being naturally driven. Embrace this girly horse tattoo and show the world that you are calm, cool, and collected.

10 Small Horse Tattoo Design Ideas

1. Side Stomach Horse Tattoo Drawing

Side Stomach Horse Tattoo Drawing
Image Source: @renoirsurblanc

Side stomach tattoos are quite cute and artsy. If you’re someone who loves an unusual approach and you don’t mind the pain levels (since these are quite painful) give this horse’s black outline a go!

This stomach art print will show that you’re a giver and someone who doesn’t mind contributing in whatever way it may be in life. Show your strength and your giving side.

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2. Small Horse Tattoo Over Leg

Small Horse Tattoo Over Leg
Image Source:

This foot tattoo is not a time-consuming piece. If you enjoy black colors and black ink give it a go with this simple design. It will take you less than three hours to commit to it.

This faded horse can show your pure luck and the direction where you’re headed. Show that you’re strong-minded and powerful with this mystical horse.

3. Simple & Detailed Black Horse Tattoo

Simple & Detailed Black Horse Tattoo
Image Source: @pimientanegra_tattoo

If you’re a fan of geometry and black sharp lines give this tattoo a chance. This horse is cartoon-like and inspired with different deeper meanings.

The final result of this horse image will look like a delicate masterpiece. Show that you’re trying to conquer the world and that you’re a bright optimist that understands your future.

Fun fact: horse’s eyes are on the side of their head which makes them capable of seeing nearly 360 degrees at one time.

4. Horse Running & Coin Print Tattoo

Horse Running & Coin Print Tattoo
Image Source: @leehumphs_tattooer

People who love small designs and realistic horses will also enjoy this pop of color. Add this golden coin and show that you’re an opportunist.

The final tattoo and this design show your will and power to chase your dreams and goals while also profiting from your future. Show that you’re a money-making machine and rock your new tattoo.

5. Leg Horse Tattoo Calf Print

Leg Horse Tattoo Calf Print
Image Source: @_dudink_

Don’t let the tattoo rule you since you can rock your tattoo and completely rule it! This one is sweet and completely positive while being easy to achieve by most tattoo artists.

Defined lines will show your defined personality and your ability to steer it however you want. Show that you’re your own master and creator.

6. Realistic Black Design Horse Idea

Realistic Black Design Horse Idea
Image Source: @tattoosbyrhianne

This horse with black and red lines is a fierce print for fierce personas. Show that you’re icy cold and that you’re a determined individual like so.

This horse print will show your energy and attempts to chase life while successfully avoiding any complications or bad energy at your own pace.

Did you know that horses use their ears, eyes and nostrils to express their mood?

7. Small & Simple Line Drawing Of A Horse

Small & Simple Line Drawing Of A Horse
Image Source: @0one_tattoo

Forearm placement and a horse idea can look so well as a concept. If you love smaller designs and horse tattoos this image will suit you.

Outlines and silhouettes of a horse will also symbolize that you’re naturally driven by eternal beauty and glorious moves.

8. Geometric Horse Forearm Design

Geometric Horse Forearm Design
Image Source: @timeahirsch

This black ink and geometrical print of a horse is for anyone who is into detailed designs and geometry prints. You can show that you’re a perfectionist and a vision-are with this geometrical idea.

The final result shows a horse and your train of thought. You will come off looking like someone who has wild thoughts and whose brain can work 24/7 just to fulfill your dreams.

9. Girl & Horse Tattoo Black Ink

Girl & Horse Tattoo Black Ink
Image Source: @elena_arvat

A woman hugging a horse is a common tattooing concept. True lovers of the animal world will enjoy this tattoo. If you’re a girl looking for a horse tattoo that is cute stick to it!

This romantic duo can suit everyone’s passion and giving side. If you love to give way more than you like to receive you’ll enjoy this horse tattoo.

Fun fact: horses can’t vomit.

10. Forearm Black Horse Tattoo

 Forearm Black Horse Tattoo
Image Source: @chilenovenegas

Lastly, why not go for this black forearm piece? This design is a practical solution when it comes to its placement + it doesn’t hurt too much, ideal for both genders.

You can show that you love to live a fast-paced life and that you’re seeking perfection within you. If you are on a spiritual or mental journey you will like this horse tattoo.

Horse Tattoo: More FAQs

1. What Is The Best Placement For Your Horse Tattoo?

Guys of any age and women of any age will enjoy this article, as well as this tattoo inspiration. Ideally, you will want to place your horse tattoo over your chest, back, or your leg. Usually, these places work the best with similar ideas and with noble animals such as horses.

2. Who Can Get A Horse Tattoo?

Anyone who is going through some type of change will enjoy a horse tattoo. If you are evolving or changing your thoughts, beliefs, or even your place of living you’ll enjoy this as your next go-to tattoo.

3. Does The Tattooing Process Hurt?

Horses can be a bit tricky to do & they are complex animals, but a smaller or medium-sized tattoo will be bearable and not too painful for either gender.

4. Which Color Of A Horse To Go For?

It all comes down to your preference & what you enjoy when it comes to animal tattoos. Here are the most common options & ideas:

  • Black horse tattoo will show the right type of strength and maturity, as well as your mysterious side.
  • Brown horses are seen as emotional & strong beings that know how to handle challenges.
  • A white horse tattoo will show your wisdom, balance, freedom, as well as purity.
  • Colorful horse (pink, red, blue, green etc) will tell that you are a victory-oriented person who knows how to enjoy life & get things your own way.

5. What Are Some Celebrities That Have A Horse Tattoo?

Some of your favorite celebrities are enjoying horse tattoos and ideas quite a lot. If you want to, you can copy the style of Iggy Azalea, India Westbrook, Noah Cyrus, Halsey, and some others. Find your inspiration within a funky design in order to stand out.

Want A New Tattoo?

In the end, make sure to let us know which design is your favorite when it comes to these top 30 horse ideas?! Guys who are animal lovers and women who know how to appreciate gracious animals will enjoy this article. Let us know if you have a specific design in mind before you book your next tattooing session.

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