How To Hide My Tattoo

How To Hide My Tattoo: 7 Clever Ways To Cover the Ink

So, you have a big event coming up, or you’re waiting for a tattoo removal appointment? Either way, there are some moments in our lives when we want to keep the ink well hidden. Sometimes, we do not want the attention, or we simply do not want to display our bodies all the time. There is a solution to all of these problems, so do not worry!

Regardless of whether we’re talking about a formal event or an everyday tattoo coverup for that job of yours, we have the best and most clever ways to cover the ink. Therefore, without further ado, let’s just get right into it!

Our Ingenious Ways To Go Undercover

1. Wear a Scarf

Sure, this may not be appropriate for every occasion, and it is highly determined by the weather, but wearing a scarf might be a lifesaver. Scarves can be super elegant and go well with dresses and formal outfits. So, if you’re attending a formal event, like a wedding for example, just throw a nice, elegant scarf over the dress and cover all those attention-stealing tattoos. Scarves are great for covering tattoos on the upper back, shoulder, and neck area.

Wear a Scarf to hide tattoo

We recommend you go for lightweight scarves simply because they can be manipulated the most. For example, if you have a tattoo on the back of your neck but you don’t want to cover your dress completely, then simply tie the scarf lightly around your neck and let it serve as a beautiful accessory to your outfit. Your tattoo will be out of sight, and your outfit will still pop out and look beautiful.

2. Wear Long Sleeves

Now, this is the most obvious one; if you have a full of half sleeve tattoo, or you have tattoos scattered around your arms and you want to cover them, sleeves are your best option. Sure, you can go with a long-sleeve shirt, but if you need to spice up your outfit, we always recommend cardigans. These are super stylish and trendy right now, and you can buy them in every single thrift shop for a few bucks.

Cardigans immediately elevate any outfit, from a dress to a shirt and jeans outfit. Of course, you will go for light-knit cardigans in the hotter month, and thicker cardigans in the colder months. So, regardless of the type of event coming up, you can always grab a cardigan, throw it over, and keep your tattoos well hidden.

3. Accessorize (Bracelets and Watches, or even Armbands)

This is a rather specific recommendation since it’s for those who have tattoos on the lower arm/wrist area. Sure, you can utilize the aforementioned tricks with long sleeves, but sometimes long sleeves are not an option. In that case, all you can do is accessorize. What we mean by this is, well, throw on all of your bracelets (thicker ones preferably), and put on a nice watch for example. Sure, you may look and sound loud, but who cares? The accessories are a part of your outfit and no one can tell you otherwise.

Accessorize (Bracelets and Watches, or even Armbands)

Of course, this works for smaller tattoos, but if you have a bigger wrist tattoo, we recommend those single, super thick bracelets (that look like warrior gear). They are always interesting, look great with any outfit, and do a good job covering the ink.

And, of course, armbands can help you out as well. Sure, they’re not really suitable for a lot of occasions, other than sport-related ones. But, they do the job, and if the occasion allows (or you simply don’t care about anyone’s opinion), then try to rock some armbands, which will most definitely cover your wrist tattoo.

4. Wear Pants or Tights

Another pretty obvious recommendation to cover any tattoo on your legs is to, well, wear pants, tights, or even longer dresses and skirts. Anything that covers your legs will do just fine and will look pretty nice as well. Now, for thighs, you will have to go with the thicker ones, mostly because the lightweight thighs can be see-through, which defeats the purpose of them covering your tattoos. The same goes for dresses and skirts, especially those with bigger slits.

When it comes to pants or jeans and will do well for that matter. Just make sure to dress appropriately for a specific event, but try to keep the outfit still in line with your personal style so you don’t look out of place or like you’re trying to cover that tattoo way too hard. It’s all about being relaxed and confident, and anything you wear will look simply stunning.

5. Wear High Top Shoes

If your tattoo is placed somewhere on your feet or ankles and you don’t want people to keep staring at it, simply wear high-top shoes. In case it’s super warm where you live, we recommend you wear high-top Converse sneakers, for example.

They go well with almost every outfit, plus they’re super comfortable to walk around and enjoy your day without the fear of someone pointing out your tattoo. For the colder month, boots go without saying, so we can’t really imagine this being an issue; boots will cover your ankle or foot tattoo 100%. Of course, socks are also a must when you have to take your shoes off.

In case you need to wear high heels and you need to cover that foot tattoo of yours, we recommend you wear nude-colored tights or feet socks. They’re super convenient and make high heels-wearing a bit more comfortable. Plus, they cover the feet which is super useful if you’re in need of a quick tattoo cover-up.

6. Apply Makeup

Even though we’re not really in favor of covering skin with makeup for tattoo cover-up purposes, we cannot help but recommend Dermablend cosmetics. Dermablend is a brand that creates body makeup with a full-coverage formula. This makes it perfect for the purpose of covering a tattoo.

We recommend you check out their high-performance Cover creme. The creme is designed to be full coverage without the issue of pore-clogging and skin irritation. It keeps its full coverage up to 16 hours. The creme is smudge and transfer-resistant which makes it perfect for tattoo cover-up for any body area. You will not have to worry about the creme smudging (and revealing the tattoo), or it transferring onto your nice clothes. It is suitable for a variety of different skin types, including birthmarks, burns, scars, lupus, vitiligo, hyperpigmentation, and so much more.

Cover creme to hide tattoo

This is the only makeup hack we would recommend to our audience. Other, similar makeup products are surely designed with full coverage intention in mind, but such products are often pore-clogging and can cause skin irritation. Plus, the majority of those products aren’t even full-coverage or doesn’t offer enough shades suitable for different skin color and pigmentation. You can find the Dermablend Cover creme in more than 20 different shades, which is yet another benefit of choosing this product.

7. Don’t Cover It at All

And, our final recommendation is this one; unless you want to cover your tattoo because it turned out bad, or you’ve experienced a tattoo infection and it didn’t heal nicely, you should not feel the need to cover it just to satisfy others. Sure, we do understand when on some occasions tattoo cover-up is necessary (for example, religious ceremonies), but if you’re covering it up because someone might feel uncomfortable, then you’re doing it for the wrong reasons. Covering something that is now a permanent part of your body is pretty silly in this day and age.

We do support tattoo cover-ups out of respect for someone or some event, but general tattoo cover-ups dictated by other people’s rules and opinions are futile; the only thing you’re covering up, in that case, is yourself, your appearance, your artistic expression, and your personality. So, try to wear your tattoo with confidence; even if it’s not the best tattoo in the world, so long it is not offensive, wear it with pride.

Final Thoughts

And that’s it; those were our tips and tricks for covering up your tattoo. Sure, some of the tips are obvious, but we hope we’ve provided a new way to utilize some of the well-known tips. Even when you have something obvious and usual in front of you, by changing the approach and perspective you can quickly turn it into something new. We hope you’ll do the same with these cover-up recommendations. We wish you good luck and hopefully, you won’t be needing to keep your fabulous tattoos covered for a long time.

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