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40 Best Name Cover Up Tattoo Design Ideas (2024 Updated)

When you’re madly in love and committed to someone, it seems like the perfect idea to consecrate that love by getting their name permanently inked on your skin. However romantic this may seem in the moment, however, it naturally becomes a little unfortunate in the event that you break up.

If you’re reading this article, then you’ve probably found yourself in this exact, undesirable situation. However, you can look at it as an opportunity to get a new piece of body art which you will definitely end up preferring.

Perhaps you’ve just broken up with your ex, and their name tattooed on your body is getting you down. Or perhaps it’s been sometime since you separated but you’ve waiting until you’re in a good place to address the unfortunate ink. Either way, you don’t need to worry. There are a plethora of solutions and cover up ideas to get rid of the name on your skin forever.

In this article, we’ll take you through options for tattoo removal, as well as give you plenty of ideas of how to get creative in covering up your ex’s name with a whole new, bold and beautiful tattoo.

Can You Cover Up A Name Tattoo?

Just like your relationship, name tattoos don’t have to last a lifetime. Luckily, like with all tattoos, name tattoos can be covered up with a completely new design. Usually, a tattoo artist will use the existing lines and marks of the name tattoo as a guide in creating a new image.

The first step in getting a cover up tattoo is usually getting some laser removal work on the tattoo to initiate fading. Once the tattoo has been adequately faded, and the lines of the tattoo are very light, then the various marks and lines can be repurposed to create a new artwork.

You don’t have to go into removal treatments with a specific idea of what you want to get as a cover up tattoo. After the name has faded you can work with your tattoo artist to create something that will work perfectly with the shapes and lines you have already. Many tattoo artists are very talented in this area, and are able to come up with numerous possibilities for new artwork. In fact, it’s a creative challenge for artists and they often relish the opportunity to work on cover ups!

The amount of fading required will depend on your name ink. If you’ve got bold and thick black lines, you might need more laser removal work to get it faded enough to work on. If you only have a light and thin-lined tattoo, then it probably won’t be long before you’re ready to go in for a cover up.

Often black ink tattoos are slightly easier to remove than color ones. However, lasers are equipped to remove all colors on the spectrum. This means you don’t have to worry if yours is multicolored, you’ll still be able to get a cover up.

How Much Will It Cost to Cover Up a Name Tattoo?

How much you can expect to pay for a tattoo cover up will vary according to the number of fading sessions you’ll need, plus the size of the cover up tattoo and whether or not you want black ink or color.

For example, a large tattoo cover up stretching the length of your back in various colors, will be much more expensive than a small finger design in black and white.

The cost will also depend on your tattoo artist, as very experienced and high skilled artists will likely charge more. Paying for a highly esteemed artist however, will pay off in the long run, as you’ll have a much more aesthetically pleasing finished result.

Ready to Get That Cover Up?

If you’ve made your decision to cover up your ex’s name and move in with some fresh ink, then you’re in the right place. Below are some top tips for getting the most out of your cover up tattoo experience.

Top Tips for a Name Cover Up

Go Bold

Go Bold 1
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Go Bold 2
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When it comes to getting a cover up tattoo, you have to be willing to get something bold and often a little complicated. That way, it can effectively hide the tattoo underneath.

You won’t be able to get a simple line drawing tattoo, for example, as this just won’t do the job. Generally, the more complex a tattoo is, the better job it will do of covering up the name beneath. This means going for plenty of shading, dark and deep colors, plus lots of details.

If you want to get colors other than black, opt for dark colors, like deep green, purple and blue. Fish, with all the variegated scales, or a black panther with lots of fine details would both be excellent ideas.

Conversely, fair colors, like pink or yellow, would likely be less successful in covering up a name tattoo — especially one written in black ink.

Go Big

Go Big 1
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Go Big 2
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Go Big 3
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You also have to bear in mind that your new tattoo design will have to exceed the original in terms of size. Otherwise, your name tattoo might still be visible — which is not what you want!

This means you’ll have to be prepared to go big and get something a bit more eye-catching than the name tattoo you already have.

Combine with Removal

As we already mentioned, you’ll often get the best results out of your cover up tattoo if you get some removal sessions beforehand. This will make it easier for a tattoo artist to repurpose the existing lines and shapes of the tattoo.

This isn’t always necessary, however. If your existing name tattoo has already faded with age, or is light in color, then you might be able to proceed directly to a cover up.

Consult with a tattoo artist to find out whether you’ll need to get any tattoo removal sessions before you can go in for your cover up.

Name Cover up Tattoo Inspiration Ideas

Now you have an idea of the size and scope of the tattoo you’ll need, it’s time to start thinking seriously about what kind of design you want to get. Below you’ll find lots of inspiration and examples of successful name cover up tattoos.

Feather Cover Up Tattoos

Feather Cover Up Tattoos 1
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Feather Cover Up Tattoos 2
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Feather Cover Up Tattoos 3
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Feather Cover Up Tattoos 4
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Feathers are a hugely popular choice for name cover up tattoos as the shape of the plumage works perfectly for covering a short piece of text. This is because it can easily adopt the same form. The density of the feather vane also allows for either shading or color blocking, which is great for concealing the words beneath.

The great thing about feathers too is that they symbolise strength and resilience, so they can be a powerful emblem for getting over your ex and having the strength to move on. If you went as far as tattooing a person’s name on your body, then it must have been a serious relationship and a painful one to end. A feather can remind you of your personal fortitude in getting through such a tough time.

There are lots of reasons to consider getting a feather tattoo, and if it’s something that you find beautiful, then the practicality of the cover up is just another plus!

Flower Cover Up Tattoos

Flower Cover Up Tattoos 1
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Flower Cover Up Tattoos 2
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Flower Cover Up Tattoos 3
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Flower Cover Up Tattoos 4
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Flower Cover Up Tattoos 5
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Another fantastic option for a cover up tattoo is a flower, or several flowers. This is because, like feathers, the petals have enough density to effectively cover up the existing writing. You can also get plenty of shading on the petals, or even dark colors to make extra sure that no part of the previous name tattoo is visible.

If you do decide on a flower cover up tattoo, you have an enormous amount of flower types to choose from. Of course, if you go with a rose it will connote romance and love. This can be an apt symbol of moving forward in your love life and forgetting about your ex.

Minimalist Cover Up Tattoos

Minimalist Cover Up Tattoos 1
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Minimalist Cover Up Tattoos 2
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Minimalist Cover Up Tattoos 3
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Minimalist tattoos are all the rage right now. If you have a very delicate and fine name tattoo, then it might be possible for you to get a simple, minimalist design. If you’re not one for big, colorful tattoos, then this is an option worth looking into. Although you will likely have to have black blocking in places to cover up the existing name tattoo, this shouldn’t affect the overall minimalist aesthetic.

Color Cover Up Tattoos

Color Cover Up Tattoos 1
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Color Cover Up Tattoos 2
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Color Cover Up Tattoos 3
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Color Cover Up Tattoos 4
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If you want to get a particularly striking cover up tattoo, then you might opt for some color in your design. Dark colors, like green, blue, purple and even red, all work great at covering up faded text and completely disguise the name tattoo that was formerly there.

When it comes to getting a cover up tattoo, the expression “go big or go home” is particularly pertinent. If you want to forget your ex and celebrate new beginnings with fresh ink, then why not go all out and get something bold, bright and colorful.

Animal Cover Up Tattoos

Animal Cover Up Tattoos 1
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Animal Cover Up Tattoos 2
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Animal Cover Up Tattoos 3
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Animal Cover Up Tattoos 4
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Lots of people opt to get an animal tattooed over their ex’s name. This is because it’s often large enough to cover the whole tattoo, and packed full of enough details to mask the previous text.

Depending on what animal you choose, it can also carry certain symbolic meaning. A lion, for example, conveys pride and victory — which can be a positive sentiment to bear in mind in the wake of a tough break up.

Bird Cover Up Tattoos

Bird Cover Up Tattoos 1
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Bird Cover Up Tattoos 2
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Bird Cover Up Tattoos 3
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A bird is an excellent choice for a cover up tattoo as its wing-span covers plenty of skin, ensuring your name tattoo will be well and truly hidden under the new ink. Birds are also a great choice if you’re newly single, as they symbolize freedom. This new tattoo could therefore represent you spreading your wings and making a fresh start independently.

Wing Cover Up Tattoos

Wing Cover Up Tattoos 1
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Wing Cover Up Tattoos 2
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Wing Cover Up Tattoos 3
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If you don’t fancy opting for a whole bird, then a wing or a pair of wings is a great option. Like feathers and birds, wings work extremely well with tattoo cover ups because they can easily cover the expanse of the existing tattoo, and are the perfect shape to cover text. As long as there is adequate shading and plumage, then there will be no trace of your previous name tattoo once the wing is completed.

If you would like something particularly eye-catching, then you can get a coloured wing. Using dark colors like a blue or purple, or even something which will reflect the shimmery plumage of a peacock, will work just as well as black in disguising the name tattoo beneath.

Whether you opt for black and white or color, big or small, you certainly won’t be short of compliments if you get a wing cover up tattoo.

Butterfly Cover Up Tattoos

Butterfly Cover Up Tattoos 1
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Butterfly Cover Up Tattoos 2
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Butterfly Cover Up Tattoos 3
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Butterfly Cover Up Tattoos 4
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Butterfly tattoos are a very popular choice for women, but many men also opt for the graceful design. For similar reasons to birds, feathers, and wings, butterflies are great for cover up tattoos as they can be large enough and dense enough to cover up ink. As well as being pretty and delicate, butterflies also have a plethora of symbolic meanings.

If you’ve been through a breakup and are pursuing new beginnings, then a butterfly is a great tattoo option, as it symbolizes the metamorphosis from caterpillar to a beautiful winged insect. If you feel like you’ve come out of a cocoon of depression, then a butterfly can be the perfect tattoo to represent your fresh, new beginning.

The other big plus of getting a butterfly as a name cover up tattoo is that they can be very colourful. Using deep colors is a great way to cover up the faded ink below. It also makes for a bold and eye-catching look.

If you opt for a butterfly, your tattoo artist will surely thank you as it’s an artistically fulfilling design to complete and an opportunity for them to show off their skills.

Your butterfly tattoo can be beautiful at any size, but would probably work best covering a small or medium size name tattoo. If your name tattoo runs all the way along your forearm, however, then a feather might be a better option.

Change the Name

Change the Name 1
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Change the Name 2
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Change the Name 3
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Some people choose to alter the letters written to change the name to something or somebody else. A famous example of this is Johnny Depp, who changed his “Winona Forever” tattoo (which he got while dating Winona Ryder), to “Wino Forever”.

Some choose to change the name to that of their current partner, but a safer choice is to go with someone who you know for a fact will be in your life permanently. This could be a sibling or a parent, for example. You could also go with your favorite band or singer. Generally, this sort of cover up tattoo works well, as long as they can work with the original letters.

Scenery Tattoo Cover Up

Scenery Tattoo Cover Up 1
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Scenery Tattoo Cover Up 2
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Finally, a natural forest or alpine scene can make a great tattoo cover up tattoo. They convey a sense of peace and tranquility, which is a great sentiment to seek out after a break up. This sort of design will work best with lots of dark shading so as to ensure the original name tattoo is well and truly covered.


There are countless bold and beautiful ways to cover up an unwanted name tattoo. Getting something unique with symbolic meaning can also be a great help in healing the wound of the breakup. Whether you opt for a feather, a butterfly, a ferocious animal, or another name, getting a cover up can be the perfect way to finally move on from a past relationship.

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