Pros And Cons Of Getting An Inner Lip Tattoo

Pros And Cons Of Getting An Inner Lip Tattoo

When Miley Cyrus introduced the public to her new inner lip tattoo, the internet was taken by a storm. After a few more celebrities tried out the trend, it was known that the inner lip tattoo is going to be a huge trend for several reasons. It’s daring, bold, easy to hide, and inspires the freedom of expression.

But, even though there are several good things about getting an inner lip tattoo, it’s important to learn what getting one also entails, and that also means potential health risks. That’s why we wrote about the pros and cons of getting an inner lip tattoo. Continue reading through this article and learn about what you get with the inner lip tattoo.

How did this trend come to be? Tattoos today are extremely popular and chances are that your neighbor either has a visible large tattoo or the subtle one you possibly can’t see. Tattoos are becoming more popular and widely acceptable and available. But, it wasn’t always that day.

During certain years, people with ink on their bodies were thought to belong in some kind of cult or a criminal organization. Some health organizations even discouraged blood donations coming from the inked people. Tattoos even made it difficult for some people to get a job in a corporate position.

When Miley Cyrus came out with her inner lip tattoo everyone was taken by that trend. The popular singer and the Hannah Montana star published her photo on Instagram, showing her “sad kitty” tattoo. The black and yellow cat also boasted a teardrop colored in royal blue, which is why the tattoo was named the “sad kitty.”

Lip Tattoo vs. Underlip Tattoo

Underlip Tattoo on girl
Saved Tattoo

Before we get to the pros and cons of getting an inner lip tattoo, let’s briefly look at the difference between lip and underlip tattoos, as many people seem to confuse the two. The only thing that is similar between these two types of tattoos is that they don’t last long, although the lip tattoo may end up lasting longer than the underlip tattoo.

The lip tattoo is a procedure that lasts about 30 to 40 minutes and involves red pigment being injected into your lips to give them the color and make them pluckier. There are several names that this type of tattoo can come by, some of them is permanent makeup, as well as lip art.

The procedure of an underlip tattoo is not much different than getting an actual tattoo is done. You ink a part of the text, illustration, or some symbol on the inner side of your lips. It involves the process of inking with the tattoo needle and then brushing and shading, if there’s the color inside the tattoo, like in Miley’s kitty tattoo.

The Pros Of Getting An Inner Lip Tattoo

If you have any knowledge about tattoos or you’ve already made a tattoo earlier, then you know the hardships of getting a tattoo. However, if you’re interested in getting an inner lip tattoo and are aware of the potential drawbacks, here you can look at some pros too and weigh in on whether a lip tattoo is worth it.

It Allows Self Expression

As we said before, tattoos were highly controversial until recently, which means being inked also meant you won’t be able to find a job in some corporate field. Even though tattoos are more acceptable now, not everything that is inked is found appropriate, especially when it comes to some lyrics or potentially offensive text.

The tattoo that is inked under the lips means it’s harder to find, and you won’t think about showing it off to just anyone. With that in mind, it’s a more acceptable place for some potentially mean or offensive words, or symbols that aren’t acceptable with just anyone.

Everyone has their way of expressing themselves and an underlip tattoo could be one of those ways. That way you won’t have to worry about whether you’re insulting or offending someone who’s not comfortable with seeing your tattoo, while also finding a subtle way for expressing yourself the way you want.

Editor’s notes: The best way about these tattoos is that you can express creativity and yourself, and still keep it at a relatively intimate and hard to notice the place.

inner lip tattoo on women
Image Credit: @anto_carrazana

It’s Not Permanent

Lip tattoos and underlip tattoos aren’t permanent and can fade over time. However, the inner lip tattoo can fade faster compared to the actual lip tattoo for several reasons. This can be both a pro and a con because a lot of people want a tattoo because they want it to last for the rest of their life.

The skin of which our mouth consists maybe vulnerable but it repairs itself quickly. Additionally, the friction that holds well inside our mouths, as well as the saliva makes the tattoo wounds heal quickly and fade after some time.

The inner lip tattoos don’t last long. If yours was inked by an experienced and skilled artist, it could last up to a few years, but in most cases, it doesn’t last more than a year. In some situations, the inner lip tattoo doesn’t hold up even for a few months.

Still, for some people who can easily change their minds, that’s good. The tattoo will fade in some time, and you may not even remember it after a few years. That especially holds well for people who are easy to regret their tattoo decision.

Editor’s notes: Before you jump to the closest tattoo artist to bring your underlip tattoo to life, the “not permanent bit” depends on many factors like your salivary glands, the skill of the tattoo artist, ink quality, and how quickly your wounds heal. We can’t tell a precise time about when could the tattoo fade because, for everyone, it’s different.

You Can Hide Them Easily

A lot of women feel depressed at their workplace because of their tattoos, and that’s why choosing an inner lip tattoo is a great way to hide the tattoo away from a place it would normally be noticeable. People would need to open your mouth and expose the inner lip to be able to see your tattoo, and you don’t have to show it to them or let them know you got inked just for them to be judgmental.

They Let You Keep Up With The Trend

A lot of celebrities flaunt their tattoo designs, and just like Miley, some of them showcased their inner lip tattoos on Instagram. Whether they planned to get these tattoos to last long or not, they influenced a lot of people to get the inner lip tattoos too.

Finally, if you aren’t sure yet if tattoos are for you, but you want to try it out, the inner lip tattoo is ideal for you because you can experience the pain, as well as the experience and choose whether you want to take the next step and get a tattoo elsewhere. If you don’t like it, no one will see it, and it’ll fade away after a few months to a year in most cases.

Editor’s notes: With more and more celebrities enjoying flaunting their underlip tattoo, we’re sure that many others are encouraged to show them off too. Don’t be shy, even if your tattoo is hidden, you can set a new trend with a specific symbol!

However, trends and fashion aren’t everything, which is why we also listed the cons of getting an inner-lip tattoo. Keep in mind that getting an inner lip tattoo can also have health-related consequences.

The Cons Of Getting An Inner Lip Tattoo

Underlip Tattoo of girl
Saved Tattoo

Even though there are some good sides to getting an inner lip tattoo, they are mostly related to the growing trend of getting the tattoo on that spot. There are some bad sides to getting an inner lip tattoo, and you should be aware of them.

They Hurt A Lot

For both men and women, a tattoo under the armpit or rib cage causes unimaginable pain, so strong that they are often thinking of whether getting a tattoo is even worth it. The facial tattoos can hurt just as much, and even more, the inner lip tattoo doesn’t have the same skin composition as the rest of the body, which means higher exposure to the nerve ends and with that more pain.

Editor’s notes: Still, know that all tattoos hurt, some more than others. With the right skill of the tattoo artist and patience on your side, you can make the healing process much more convenient. Check our guides on tattoo aftercare to inform yourself about the right practices of tattoo healing.

Again They Are Temporary

Even though the temporary effect of the inner lip tattoos is exactly what attracts people to get them, it doesn’t satisfy everyone. A lot of people are disappointed to find out that the tattoo they paid up to $100 will last only a couple of months and then fade completely.

That’s why it’s important to be aware of this bit about the inner lip tattoos before you attempt to get them. Not to mention that a lot of people expose themselves to the excruciating pain before finding out that the inner lip tattoo won’t last permanently.

The first fading symptoms of the fading inner lip tattoos can be noticed a few weeks after the tattoo has healed, although it’s different for everyone, and as the months pass, it may fade out even more.

Editor’s notes: As we mentioned earlier, it’s hard to predict the time your tattoo could start fading and if ever. The good news is that many skilled tattoo artists do a great job in making your tattoo as long-lasting as possible. Talk to other people who had this ink work done and remember, you can always do a touch-up to make your tattoo last longer.

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It’s Good Only For Small Tattoos

The biggest drawback of inner lip tattoos is that they are associated with smaller designs that can fit into space without potentially hurting you. That usually means a small animal design such as the kitty of Miley, as well as some small letters or words.

It Is Risky

Even though saliva is thought to be antiseptic there are a lot of bacteria living inside our mouth. Thanks to the moist environment in your mouth, that’s a breeding ground for bacteria and other microorganisms, which can hinder the healing process of your tattoo, and lead to potential infections if you don’t take proper care of your tattoos.

inner lip tattoo of women
Image Credit: @sara_fleur 

Potential Risks Of Getting The Inner Lip Tattoo

There are several risks of getting an inner lip tattoo, you should be well-aware of. We listed some of them for your reference, and things you should keep an eye on before going to the inner lip tattoo appointment.

  • The swelling could spread across your face. The nerve endings on the face are connected and interlocked with the rest of your face, making the potential for a similar amount of swelling as if you’ve extracted a tooth. The swelling could make it difficult for you to eat and make some daytime activities.
  • Bacterial infections are a popular occurrence with tattoos, and the inner lip tattoo is no exception. As mentioned earlier, the mouth is moist and filled with different flora and potentially harmful bacteria that is dormant and waiting for ways to enter your bloodstream.
  • If your tattoo artist isn’t enough skilled and professional, he could hurt your tissue and leave an uncomfortable scar that wouldn’t flatter your tattoo at all.

This scientific article here explores and lists the potential risks of inner lip tattoos. Some of them include heavy swelling that can turn into bacterial infections, hurt tissues, severe allergic reactions, and more.

Although there are some risks associated with tattoo aftercare, bear in mind that this is a trend that not only saw thousands of people following it up but also celebrities. Proper research processes and a skilled tattoo artist are all you need to get the underlip tattoo from your dreams.

Remember, all tattoos hurt, and they all can get infected if poor hygiene and reckless aftercare are practiced, the same goes with these tattoos.

Frequently Asked Questions About Inner Lip Tattoos

The inner lip tattoos are still growing in popularity and people are curious about them. We hoped to answer some questions we’re commonly asked about getting the inner lip tattoo.

Q: How to care for the inner lip tattoo?

A: Unlike other tattoos that are covered in the waterproof patch and rinsed with antibacterial soap, inner lip tattoos have different aftercare routine. You normally can’t rinse your mouth with soap, so you can use an antibacterial mouth wash to rinse your tattoo. You should also avoid some food like spicy food to prevent additional injury.

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Q: How much does the inner lip tattoo cost?

A: It all depends on the tattoo artist. Some tattoos can cost as little as $50, while some more reputable tattoo studios with better equipment and more experienced personnel will charge up to $100 for an inner lip tattoo.

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Q: How long before the inner lip tattoo heals?

A: Some tattoos can take as much as 6 weeks to heal. But with the inner lip tattoos, that’s different as they can take up to 2 weeks to heal and 3 weeks to heal completely.

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Q: How long before the underlip tattoo starts fading?

A: This is different for everyone. Some people report that their tattoo begins to heal after a few months, 2 to 3. Some people can enjoy their tattoo for much longer, well-over one year. For some people, only a part of tattoo heals up, while for some it doesn’t fade at all. It depends on your skin, tattoo artist, intensity of your salivary glands and other factors.

Q: Can I do something to stop fading of the underlip tattoos?

A: Underlip tattoos, like other tattoos can get touched up for a more lasting effect. Some people go once a year, while some people will go once every few years. It’s important to discuss these things with your tattoo artist, to make sure your tattoo will be touched up to last.

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