Lion Tattoo On Hand

30+ Fearless Lion Tattoo On Hand: Brave Designs To Try This Season

Imagine having a lion standing on your hand, surrounded by the edge of a mountain and colored with the shades of a fantastic sunset. When the sun hits the fearful creature, the silhouette will be just right to show off your personality. The lion tattoos have a majestic look, which makes them one of the most popular choices in terms of men’s body art.

Speaking of the man’s hand, this body part shows power and strength. The gentlemen’s hands are like their business cards. Hands are a tool, not a weapon. However, once getting inked with a ferocious lion on the hand, things change a bit.

Lions usually symbolize courage, power, royalty, and pride. Having a lion hand tattoo design has deep meanings. It means that those gentlemen are tired of making decisions based on others’ opinions and want to be themselves. But let’s learn more on the matter.

Why Lion Tattoos On Hands?

Lion tattoos on hands are more likely to be worn by men. Considering lions are generally the symbols of masculinity, men want to show off their personality by wearing these lines on their skin. Men who have lion tattoos on their hands will revive the power that lies deep within them.

People with lion tattoos do not want to hide their essence anymore but are looking for a symbol showing dominance.

They are generally powerful spirits, maybe some sports professionals or people who simply love having stylish tattoos on their skin. In a nutshell, the lion tattoo is just a masculine symbol of power, pride, and manliness, and these are enough reasons to choose it.

The Powerful Symbolism Of Lion Tattoos

There is nothing new that the lion is the king of the jungle and the leader of all animals. No wonder why this mammal is the primary symbol of power and strength. By giving yourself this body art pattern, the lines will denote the idea of “king of the jungle,” as well as the other attributes that come together with this animal: wisdom, courage, forcefulness, as well as an awe-inspiring leader.

Many people relate to the symbolism of lions due to the superior qualities like protection, pride, even royalty, and command. Every trait I have mentioned can relate to each individual differently, depending on everyone’s vision. Thus, lions are by far some of the most popular options when it comes to tattoo designs.

The meanings of this pattern are genuinely significant compared with other ink designs. Consequently, many people are attracted by this model, so lion tattoos have become quite substantial in this industry.

Art is limitless, even when it comes to lion tattoos. People are getting different lion designs and ink themselves using this pattern that stands for power and bravery.

Those who want to borrow a bit of courage, combined with the fearless vibe of lions, should look for the “King” of the jungle. Nevertheless, those who aspire to the power of this animal can also channel their energy and creativity in inking themselves with this mecca of courage.

What is for sure is that lion tattoos have a powerful symbol, and they are certainly some of our favorite designs for body art. Choosing the ideal from that sometimes can be a bit overwhelming.

Don’t worry now, as today you will find more about the top lion tattoos in different structures, colors, and shapes, as well as contrasting meanings and significance. Keep on reading to learn more about the lion tattoo images and how you can precisely express your feelings through body image.

Lion Tattoo Design Ideas

Lions are by far one of the most loved tattoo designs worldwide. Men are likely to have this type of ink design, as lions symbolize masculinity, courage, strength, and power. But that doesn’t mean that they can be worn by other genders just as well.

Furthermore, lion tattoos are also instantly recognizable; as such, their look is kind of straightforward. Lion tattoos suit many art styles; as such, each ink lover can find their ideal manner of showing off their body art.

Down below, you will find different styles, from tribal, to realistic or geometric lion tattoos. Keep on reading to discover all these different types and styles and choose the ideal piece for you.

Lion Head Tattoos

Lion Head Tattoos 1
Credit: @luxembourg_electric_avenue
Lion Head Tattoos 2
Credit: @freebirdtattoos

One of the most majestic and intimidating lion tattoo designs is the lion head ink art. Although you can get it anywhere on the body, meaning the back, the leg, even the chest or forearm, lion head tattoos will look stunning once you have them on the hand.

As long as you add lots of details, the tattoo will look realistic.

While most ideas focus on the details, there are ink concepts that incorporate artistically and tribal stylings. You can either choose to have a lion head roaring or only keep the heart of a lion inked on your hand.

Personal opinion: It is only up to you how simple or detailed you wish your tattoo to be. Make sure you have a tattoo that is peaceful and beautiful outside.

Realistic Lion Tattoos On The Hand

Realistic Lion Tattoos On The Hand 1
Credit: @rapidotat2
Realistic Lion Tattoos On The Hand 2

What better way to honor the power, forces in nature, and leading spirit than having a realistic lion tattoo right on the hand? Lions are living in some groups also known as “prides.”

The realistic lion tattoos are the best symbols of loyalty, kindness, and family. So it is not only about the power of the king of the jungle, but also the other deep meanings, such as proper protection.

Personal opinion: It all depends on the tattoo styling you will choose. According to the design you choose, the final tattoo could signify a profound promise or the love for something unique.

The Lion Face Tattoo

The Lion Face Tattoo 1
Credit: @jaspreettattooz
The Lion Face Tattoo 2
Credit: @inkmasters_tattoo_studio

When you have to choose the ideal lion tattoo design, the options are kind of endless. However, there are some popular choices, such as the lion face tattoo, with recognizable elements. Depending on the features you want to integrate into this tattoo, this lion face tattoo can share many emotions.

Based on the sentiments you have, personalize the face tattoo as you wish. For instance, if you are looking for a forceful design, you should go for an open-mouth or roaring lion face. You can also find a quiet side or a warm part in the lion tattoo.

Personal opinion: A lion face tattoo usually comes with plenty of details regarding the tattooing process, so the final result will truly shine on the skin.

Lion with Crown Tattoo

Lion with Crown Tattoo 1
Lion with Crown Tattoo 2
Credit: @worldinkzone.tattooz

I bet everyone remembers the Lion King film, The Witch, or the Wardrobe. Not only these movies, but also everything we have learned about animals is showing the regal role a lion has. They are the leaders of the jungle.

There is nothing wrong or inappropriate to add a beautiful crown to your tattoo drawing. The design of a lion with a crown is widespread, especially among men who want to share their fierce reputation.

Personal opinion: For those men who feel like a protector and the pillar of their family, the structure of this lion with a crown is ideal and genuinely dynamic.

Female Lion Tattoo

Female Lion Tattoo 1
Credit: @adansanchezink
Female Lion Tattoo 2
Credit: @animalnavarro

If you thought that the lion king design means the most, the female lions would share even more. Going back to the Lion King, female lions are mostly known for the huntress, deep protection, and fantastic family lover.

Although people might think that women would mostly choose this tattoo design, men would opt for these creatures.

They represent a connection between us and nature and a beautiful and elegant tribute to women, their excellent skills, devotion, and warmth.

Personal opinion: Whether people choose this tattoo design to remember their mother, daughter, sister, or grandma, the lioness symbolizes the connection with loved ones.

Tribal Lion Tattoo

Tribal Lion Tattoo 1
Credit: @samowentattoo
Tribal Lion Tattoo 2
Credit: @officialrktattooz

As mentioned before, there are lots of different versions of a lion tattoo. A courageous option is the tribal lion tattoo, ideal for those who wish to pay homage to the roots they have.

Personal opinion: Usually, the tribal lion tattoos come with bold lines, lots of dark shadings, as well as different other cultural elements to personalize even more this lion-inspired design.

Tiny, Minimal Lion Tattoo

Tiny, Minimal Lion Tattoo 1
Credit: @harry_tattoo_artist
Tiny, Minimal Lion Tattoo 2
Credit: @1920tattoozhub

You don’t need to choose a rich, detailed lion tattoo for your hand when you can go minimalist. Make a roaring lion tattoo for more impact, or select only a delicate line contour to make the most of its allotted space.

Don’t worry if the hand is not the ideal skin spot for you, as the minimalist tattoo will suit any body part.

Personal opinion: However, make sure you are implementing those vivid details, as well as some minimal shading. This way, the lion tattoo will look amazingly cool in miniature.

Blue Color Eyes Lion Tattoo

Blue Color Eyes Lion Tattoo 1
Credit: @tattooeunb
Blue Color Eyes Lion Tattoo 2
Credit: @cristianogiovannini_tattoo

Once adding some blue eyes, the lion head tattoo will look simply majestic. Once adding some blue eyes to the classic inked lion, considering the blue color represents deep royalty.

The blue color will add a more vibrant look while also attracting all the attention to this tattoo.

Personal opinion: This blue-eyed lion tattoo can be done in a funky design, so the final look is modern. The eyes usually encapsulate the power and agility of these animals while also making them so attractive.

Geometric Lion Tattoo

Geometric Lion Tattoo 1
Credit: @morpheus.artistry
Geometric Lion Tattoo 2

One fantastic way to add much more zest to your favorite lion tattoo design is by enhancing it with geometric shapes.

The geometric lion tattoo highlights the vision and creativity of the body art lovers and the tattoo artist. Moreover, the geometric lion tattoo is a more modern approach, with a unique visual twist.

It is essential to talk to your tattoo artist and establish your future lion hand tattoo details. You can choose to have bold lines, maybe some shades, or some clever shape layering.

Personal opinion: Do not hesitate to ink yourself with some abstract concepts, such as 3D elements. These details will add much structure to the final tattoo result.

Lion of Judah Tattoo

Lion of Judah Tattoo 1
Lion of Judah Tattoo 2

For those passionate about lion tattoos, there is nothing new about the powerful symbolism of the Lion Of Judah.

As such, this tattoo is, in essence, a religious symbol that usually contains a pennant, a raised paw, even a crown, or some other elements, such as some verses included.

Personal opinion: This design is connected with the tribe of Judah and with Christianity or the Rastafarian religion.

Aslan Tattoo

Aslan Tattoo 1
Credit: @kadikoybodyart
Aslan Tattoo 2
Credit: @tattooumittpiercing

Lion tattoos can symbolize even more than power, strength, or a leading spirit. The Aslan tattoo is a design that stands for wisdom and parallels Jesus Christ in a secular character. Lions have religious roots as well.

Personal opinion: These designs are connected to The Chronicles of Narnia, so they have religious symbolism.

Lion Pride Tattoo

Lion Pride Tattoo 1
Credit: @pigmentedtattoos
Lion Pride Tattoo 2
Credit: @brian_evelsizor

Those who want to share their love for family and devotion and look to demonstrate their loyalty should look for the lion pride tattoo. What is truly special about lions, unlike other cats, is that they tend to stick together and have a deep connection. It is only about cohesive family units.

When it comes to lion pride tattoos, these designs are sweet and genuinely sentimental. You can choose to ink yourself with a male lion or a lioness.

On the other hand, some people would prefer to have a lion and their cubs playing together or lying in the grass.

Personal opinion: By adding some names or birth dates, you can constantly personalize this tattoo exactly how you wish.

Roaring Lion Tattoo

Roaring Lion Tattoo 1
Credit: @summers_end_tattoo
Roaring Lion Tattoo 2
Credit: @flamure_tattoo
Roaring Lion Tattoo 3
Credit: @ninefourtattoos1

There is nothing more powerful and fearful than a roaring lion tattoo. This amazingly powerful tattoo is an authentic piece of art that embodies both ferocity and strength.

The roaring lion tattoos are ideal for powerful men who want to share their pride and masculinity with others. Moreover, this tattoo design is inspired by nature and the beauty and creatures of it.

Personal opinion: Though the roaring lion tattoo would suit lots of body parts, well, once inked on the hand, this body art will simply shine.

Lion Eyes Tattoo

Lion Eyes Tattoo 1
Credit: @venusbarkarby
Lion Eyes Tattoo 2
Credit: @electricrebeltattoo

Lions have a fantastic posture and a beautiful crown of fur that makes them look so powerful. However, another deep part of their body is the eyes.

The lion’s eyes are calculated, complex, deep, the mirror of their soul. Lions’ intellect and power are beautifully revealed in their eyes.

The lion eyes tattoo is unique, exciting, genuinely catchy, and with a special design. Add some color, so the art style is more detailed-oriented and realistic.

Personal opinion: Make sure you go to a talented artist capable enough to create that glam behind a tattoo design. The result will be an intimidating tattoo you will always want to show off.

Astrological Lion Tattoo

Astrological Lion Tattoo 1
Credit: @antesignumtattoostudio
Astrological Lion Tattoo 2
Credit: @cherrytattooshop

The astrological lion tattoo is ideal for a minimal approach to their future body art pieces. The lion zodiac tattoos consist of a pure symbol of this zodiac.

It’s true, this approach is a very safe and simple one, but with profound meanings behind it. The curved design signifies the most straightforward pattern of a lion and its mane.

Even without the roaring lion face, this zodiac symbol is perfectly designing the leader’s power.

Personal opinion: If you want to personalize the tattoo’s design, do not hesitate to add a name, birth date, or even a link essential to your very existence.

Lion Finger Tattoo

Lion Finger Tattoo 1
Credit: @cristiflo91
Lion Finger Tattoo 2
Credit: @dr.etertattoo
Lion Finger Tattoo 3
Credit: @raj_inkcraftindia

What about a finger lion tattoo? Maybe a more atypical approach to this design, placing a lion on the finger, is a true statement for power and rugosity.

Placing a lion on the finger is somehow a contrast: wearing such a robust and robust animal on one of the minor areas of the body.

More than the atypical placement, a lion tattoo on the finger is a unique approach, so only a few people will immediately recognize it.

Personal opinion: If you are interested in matchy tattoos, this one can be an exquisite option.

Last Thoughts

Having a lion tattooed on the hand is a sign of power, love, devotion, and a leading spirit. Today’s designs are just part of the top lion tattoos ideas. Personalize and enhance them depending on your personality and the message you want to convey.

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