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60+ Best Music Tattoos To Show Off Your Love For Good Tunes

Someone once said that life would be a mistake without music, and we couldn’t agree more. For centuries, classical composers, philosophers, and psychologists explored the way music impacts our life, our brain, and our development as a species. Nothing touches a human brain like music, and that is scientifically proven. So, your love for music truly stems from thousands of years of human evolution and the evolution of intelligence.

But, every person comprehends music differently; not everyone resonates with the same pieces, tunes, and songs, nor do we all feel the same way when we hear a certain song. People generally ascribe their own interpretation to the meaning and feel of a tune or song, based on their life experiences and circumstances.

And that is simply so interesting and unique to each and every one of us. But one thing that all ties it together is that we cannot live without music, and there isn’t a person that wasn’t impacted by it. Music is necessary for self-expression, mental health, creativity, and the overall need to relate to something.

So, if you’ve recognized your love for music, or if music is already a big part of your life, why not show it off to the world with a music-inspired tattoo. If this seems like a good idea, then you’re at the right place. We’ve got a selection of the best music tattoo designs you can use for inspiration. So, let’s take a look and dive right in!

Our Top Picks For Music-Inspired Tattoo Designs

Headphones Tattoo Design

Headphones Tattoo Design 1
Credit: @rachktattoo

What better way to display your love for music than by getting a cool headphones tattoo. A simple idea, but exceptional execution can make this design truly stand out. Whether you get it in color or black & grey, the headphones tattoo design will show off your love for music, good tunes, and need to enjoy the music on your own from time to time. To make this tattoo more unique to you, try getting it in the actual design of your favorite headphones.

Headphones Tattoo Design 2
Credit: @tattooer_dogy
Headphones Tattoo Design 3
Credit: @richard_sorensen
Headphones Tattoo Design 4
Credit: @finelinetattooandpiercing
Headphones Tattoo Design 5
Credit: @duvidaaaaa
Headphones Tattoo Design 6

Piano Tattoo Design

Piano Tattoo Design 1
Credit: @industrialinkestudio

Whether you actually play the piano, or you simply enjoy classical piano sound (on its own or in classical pieces/music), the piano tattoo design is a perfect representation of your love for music. A piano represents so much; it is not just any instrument, it is one of the most important aspects of classical music for any musician or classical music enthusiast. And, when it’s played right, it really hits the soul.

Piano tattoos look super awesome, as you can see from our exemplary tattoos. You can get a tattoo of the actual piano, or just go for the black & white keys; the effect will be there in both cases.

Piano Tattoo Design 2
Credit: @mitatink
Piano Tattoo Design 3
Credit: @eontattoo
Piano Tattoo Design 4
Credit: @zdvyhl
Piano Tattoo Design 5
Credit: @zero21porto
Piano Tattoo Design 6
Credit: @tattooist_cozy

Trumpet Tattoo Design

Trumpet Tattoo Design 1
Credit: @logansquaretattoo

Trumpets are a staple presence in music for decades. Whether in pop music, jazz, or swing, one cannot deny the power and intense presence of a trumpet in some of the most powerful pieces of music ever known to mankind. Trumpets draw all the attention to themselves, and they are generally the central pieces in numerous pieces and tunes. If you like a good trumpet, that means you’re far from being timid or wanting to be in the shadows. So, by getting a trumpet tattoo, you’ll definitely prove the point.

Trumpet Tattoo Design 2
Credit: @katuszakwiatkowska
Trumpet Tattoo Design 3
Credit: @raphafons
Trumpet Tattoo Design 4
Credit: @_matt_roe_
Trumpet Tattoo Design 5
Credit: @moths_ink
Trumpet Tattoo Design 6

Clef Tattoo Design

Clef Tattoo Design 1
Credit: @studiobysol

Clef is a symbol used at the very beginning of every piece of sheet music. Written music depends on this symbol since it indicated the note value of each line on the staff. Now, regardless of whether you’re a musical expert or not, this symbol, outside the sheet music, is also a universal symbol of music itself. By getting a clef tattoo, you’ll show your love for music, and maybe indicate that you know a thing or two about music symbols as well. The clef symbol has a unique design, allowing you to be as creative as possible with the tattoo.

Clef Tattoo Design 2
Credit: @tattooistslck
Clef Tattoo Design 3
Credit: @yeowool_tattooer
Clef Tattoo Design 4
Credit: @thedayafter_tat2
Clef Tattoo Design 5
Credit: @hezetattoo
Clef Tattoo Design 6
Credit: @tx5_tattoo_olomouc

Guitar Tattoo Design

Guitar Tattoo Design 1
Credit: @gavytattoo

The guitar is one of the most essential instruments in the past century. It has contributed to people making incredible music, starting new music waves, and ensuring some of the world’s best guitar players come to light. Whether dominant in rock or pop music, the guitar always steals the shows and draws all the attention to itself. So, whether you play the guitar, or you’re simply in love with its sound, you should definitely consider getting a guitar tattoo design. Whether acoustic, electric, or bass guitar, you can be sure the tattoo will stand out.

Guitar Tattoo Design 2
Credit: @dilettattoo
Guitar Tattoo Design 3
Credit: @_dudink_
Guitar Tattoo Design 4
Credit: @d.farmaki
Guitar Tattoo Design 5
Credit: @madame_mim_tattoos
Guitar Tattoo Design 6

Favorite Musician Tattoo Design

Favorite Musician Tattoo Design 1
Credit: @opusmagnumwien

Sometimes, people don’t want to show off their general love of music, but rather their love for a specific musician, composer, and artist. Maybe their songs or pieces helped someone go through a tough period in life, a breakup, someone’s passing away, or their music is just a reminder of good times. Whatever the reason, there is nothing wrong with getting a tattoo of someone who has impacted your life. Here are some of our top picks for favorite musician tattoo designs, which you can use as an inspiration for your own musician tattoo.

Favorite Musician Tattoo Design 2
Credit: @jiro_painter
Favorite Musician Tattoo Design 3
Credit: @edenbodyartstudios
Favorite Musician Tattoo Design 4
Credit: @a_dem_tattooartist
Favorite Musician Tattoo Design 5
Credit: @manufdz1
Favorite Musician Tattoo Design 6
Credit: @julesmaymartin

Notes Tattoo Design

Notes Tattoo Design 1

Musical notes can be a perfect choice for a music tattoo since they’re essential for making music of any kind. Whether you chose the notes of an actual composition or a song, or you simply go for the notes as musical symbols, you can sure to have an eye-catching tattoo that will show off your love for music, or even your knowledge and professional involvement in music. Such a tattoo is a great conversation starter as well.

Notes Tattoo Design 2
Credit: @vittatts
Notes Tattoo Design 3
Credit: @luna_tattoo_
Notes Tattoo Design 4
Credit: @cassarino.ttt
Notes Tattoo Design 5
Credit: @fallensparrowtattoos
Notes Tattoo Design 6
Credit: @koizhoubeautiful

Playlist Tattoo Design

Playlist Tattoo Design 1
Credit: @jello_t

Now, this is an interesting tattoo concept that has come to our attention only recently. People are getting these playlist tattoos, with the ‘play’ or ‘next song’ symbols used in music apps and elsewhere. The tattoos are generally created by having the name of one’s favorite song seem as if it’s playing on the app. Such an image is used to display one’s favorite song, favorite artist, or overall love or music. We think this is a super interesting design that can become easily unique to you, by simply adding your favorite song to the design.

Playlist Tattoo Design 2
Credit: @mor_tattooer
Playlist Tattoo Design 3
Credit: @skattytattys
Playlist Tattoo Design 4
Credit: @ynnssteiakakis
Playlist Tattoo Design 5
Credit: @tattoofulloption

Various Instrument Tattoo Designs

Various Instrument Tattoo Designs 1
Credit: @taveratattoo

We’ve mentioned only a few specific instrument tattoo designs before, but we’re aware that there are numerous other instruments people love and find significant in music. That is why we’ve also collected some of our favorite various instrument tattoos that you can use for inspiration. When getting such a tattoo, always make sure to do what you want and what you like, not what you think is cool and trendy.

Even though a guitar or a piano tattoo might be the most popular, doesn’t mean it will speak to you or show off your love for music. So, check out our top picks and see if they’ll inspire you to get an instrument-inspired tattoo.

Various Instrument Tattoo Designs 2
Credit: @yamoztattoo
Various Instrument Tattoo Designs 3
Credit: @jfrigenti
Various Instrument Tattoo Designs 4
Credit: @naptinomeseleyi
Various Instrument Tattoo Designs 5
Credit: @tattoo_artist_olive
Various Instrument Tattoo Designs 6
Credit: @leonnitattoo

Famous Band Logos Tattoo Designs

Famous Band Logos Tattoo Designs 1
Credit: @tattooby_elise

There are other ways of showing your love and appreciation for a specific musician. For example, getting a band’s logo is a great way to show your love for the band’s music and songs. Maybe you don’t have to get a singer’s face tattooed on your body, but a band logo is a cool and creative way to still express your appreciation and even grab the attention of a fellow fan of that band. Band logos are generally super creative and look great in any size or color as tattoos. With this kind of tattoo, you cannot go wrong.

Famous Band Logos Tattoo Designs 2
Credit: @dovenadam
Famous Band Logos Tattoo Designs 3
Credit: @liviaranzoti_tattoo
Famous Band Logos Tattoo Designs 4
Credit: @tattoo.katze
Famous Band Logos Tattoo Designs 5
Credit: @cobratattooink
Famous Band Logos Tattoo Designs 6
Credit: @moniferraritattoos

Cassette Tape Tattoo Design

Cassette Tape Tattoo Design 1
Credit: @noamyona___

If you’re feeling nostalgic or you’re thinking about that one song you used to listen to in your childhood, then getting a cassette tape is a perfect way to keep that memory alive. Even though outdated, cassette tapes are still very much popular among music lovers. They are a great reminder of the golden days of music in the 1990s, even more than records themselves.

Cassette tapes are especially popular among the generations between the 1960s to 1990s, who, as grown-ups nowadays, reminisce over their past and youth’s bittersweet memories. So, if you fall into this group, you’ll be more than happy to get a cassette tape tattoo.

Cassette Tape Tattoo Design 2
Credit: @sebastian_tattoo
Cassette Tape Tattoo Design 3
Credit: @na.nago
Cassette Tape Tattoo Design 4
Credit: @_dudink_
Cassette Tape Tattoo Design 5
Cassette Tape Tattoo Design 6
Credit: @_dudink_

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, our selection of music-inspired tattoos will be useful for your own journey in discovering the perfect designs for a new tattoo. Bear in mind that the aforementioned tattoos are only there for inspiration and shouldn’t be copied. If you’re still unsure of the tattoo you want to get, then maybe consult your potential tattoo artist, show them some of the aforementioned tattoos, and maybe they’ll come up with a cool idea. We wish you good luck and happy tattooing!

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