Sparrow Tattoo

35+ Unique Sparrow Tattoo Design Ideas (Black & White, Colorful)

Sparrow tattoos are such unique and different tattoo ideas that you’re going to like and love if you’re a fan of nature, animals, birds, or wholesome ideas. Birds or sparrows in particular are cute little creatures that you’re going to like and prefer going for if you’re a fan of the minimalistic approach. Keep on reading as we talk about all the softener ideas and options that one can go for down below.

Sparrow Tattoo: FAQ

Sparrow Tattoo FAQ

1. What Does A Sparrow Tattoo Symbolize?

Birds can symbolize freedom, your will to travel and see the world, as well as your wild character. However and on the other hand, as well as in more particular, sparrows are used to symbolize joy, community, teamwork, protection, as well as your self-worth. They are magnificent birds that you will enjoy showing off as your new tattoo.

2. Who Can Get A Sparrow Tattoo?

A sparrow tattoo is such a small and delicate tattoo, so there’s no reason for you not to get it. It is suitable for any gender or age group due to its practicality, variety in size, color, and shapes/patterns. If you’re a fan of birds and cute tattoos (instead of mean or angry-looking ones) you are going to like the sparrow concept.

3. Where To Place A Sparrow Tattoo?

Sparrow tattoos are so chic and retro, why not place them somewhere visible to make them stand out even more? You will enjoy placing this tattoo over your arm, neck, thigh, or chest. Every placement is different since it varies from one person to the other. You can go for anything that suits you and your personality.

4. How Much Are Sparrow Tattoos?

Expect to pay around $50 for a small bird tattoo (done in only black ink) and up to $250 for larger and more colorful pieces. Each tattoo is different and it can vary in price based on the knowledge and expertise level of your tattoo artist, so stick to someone who you trust and who is within your budget.

Black & White Sparrow Tattoo Design Ideas

1. Nobble Sparrow Tattoo

Nobble Sparrow Tattoo
Image Source:@dagmarderksen

If you’re a fan of smaller tattoos and you’re someone who likes sparrows as animals, you’re going to like this print and this design. It is a small realistic sparrow that will symbolize your realistic side and your will to see the world however you please and at your given pace. Make sure that you have 3-4 hours to spare before you commit to this tattoo.

2. Sparrow Tattoo Ideas Black Ink

Sparrow Tattoo Ideas Black Ink
Image Source:@sidneygulka

Sleeve tattoos done in black and white ink can look elegant and unique. If you’re a fan of larger tattoos and you want yours to tell a story, give it a go with this large and dominant print. This sparrow with flowers will look feminine and elegant, as well as perfect for women who enjoy cute tattoos. If you’re a fan of noticeable ideas and you wish to come off as a true lady with a style for fashion – this is it.

3. Rising Sparrow Tattoo

Rising Sparrow Tattoo
Image Source:@rodrigoroji

Guys craving and wanting a black and white tattoo will like this concept of a sparrow. This one symbolizes a person that’s been trying to fight off bad habits and negative energy. It also shows a guy who can handle the truth, pain, as well as any obstacle that comes his way.

Did you know that female sparrows have brown backs with stripes while males have reddish backs?

4. Neck Sparrows Tattoo

Neck Sparrows Tattoo
Image Source:@dermagraphicstudio

Neck tattoos are quite popular among guys. If you’re interested in showy placements and cool ideas you’re going to enjoy this design. This neck tattoo will show that you’re brave and soft on the inside, just like sparrows.

5. Chest Sparrows Tattoo

Chest Sparrows Tattoo
Image Source:@danaexlynn

This small black sparrow is for women who enjoy cute ideas and feisty birdies. This sparrow will show that you’re someone who is a detail-driven and oriented person. It also shows you as a seeker of truth and positive energy.

6. Two Sparrows Tattoo

Two Sparrows Tattoo
Image Source:@unic0rnvomit

If you have someone specific in mind you can dedicate your tattoo to your favorite person. Show that you’re someone who enjoys deep emotional connections. The end result is perfect for couples or siblings who want to have a meaningful or matching tattoo.

7. Leg Sparrow Tattoo

Leg Sparrow Tattoo
Image Source:@jason_ifa

This sparrow looks realistic considering the fact that it is done in black and white ink. This tattoo will take you 2 hours to achieve, and it is also an affordable solution that most guys or girls will prefer since it is a budget-friendly tattoo.

8. Black Sparrow Tattoo

Black Sparrow Tattoo
Image Source:@fallenheroes

“Not one will fall” will look so good with your sparrow tattoo. This tattoo will look artsy and cute. It is a must-have print for anyone who wants a meaningful design and a tattoo that shows your creative side. Show that you’re someone who is interested in art and literature with this design.

Fun fact: sparrows usually fly at the speed of 24 miles per hour.

9. Arm Sparrow Tattoo Black Ink

Arm Sparrow Tattoo Black Ink
Image Source:@kahoinkshop

Arm or fist tattoos are quite unusual. You’re going to like this print and this concept if you’re someone who likes visible placements and showy ideas. With this tattoo, you will look like a true energetic guy with a love for nature. Also, you will look like you’re keen on details and show-stopping concepts.

10. Sparrows Tattoo Unique Idea

Sparrows Tattoo Unique Idea
Image Source:@bogna.rumi

Are you a magician, or someone who likes the feeling of magic or creativity? If so, you’re going to like this tattoo. Show that you’re a free-spirited guy or girl and someone who believes in the power of out-of-the-world energy. Also, if you’re a real showman you will like this tattoo.

11. Sparrow Tattoo Small Idea

Sparrow Tattoo Small Idea
Image Source:@mamaearthtone

Stomach tattoos will look the best on women who like elegant and feminine designs. If you’re a sexy and attractive woman you’re going to like this print. It will show your freedom and your unique persona that is always trying to stand out and attract looks.

12. Black Outline Sparrow Tattoo

Black Outline Sparrow Tattoo
Image Source:@_pinkypie_83

This black outline tattoo will look the best on those who prefer simpler ideas and who are into minimalism. Show the world that you’re someone who is always creating and having fun on your own terms and under your own regulations. This one will make you look like a detailed diva with a personal preference for unique elements and drama.

Did you know that sparrows can live for around 4-5 years in the wild?

13. Sparrow Tattoo On Hand

Sparrow Tattoo On Hand
Image Source:@oc_tatt

How about a hand tattoo? This image and this black ink will look amazing on those who wish to stand out. This sparrow will look magical and mystical. It will show your elegance and your pure feminine side, as well as your feminine energy. Show the world that you’re always seeking fun and fun with this cute tattoo.

14. Sparrow Tattoo On Back

Sparrow Tattoo On Back
Image Source:@shima_tattoo_studio

This giant back tattoo is for those who enjoy dramatic elements. If you’re looking for a big tattoo that can show your dominant side and your will to have fun on your own terms – you’re going to like this tattoo. Show the world that you’re a bold brave guy or girl with this sparrow tattoo.

Fun fact: these birds are very social when compared to some other species.

Colorful Sparrow Tattoo Design Ideas

1. Giant Sparrow Tattoo

Giant Sparrow Tattoo
Image Source:@yuki_zerkjad

This shoulder or back tattoo is for women who like colorful pieces. Your little sparrow can look playful and flirty once done the right way. Show the world that you’re a creator and someone who likes to go for realistic designs that are in tune with your emotions and your bold side.

2. Sleeve Sparrow Tattoos

Sleeve Sparrow Tattoos
Image Source:@mattburgdorf

How about this large sleeve with different sparrows? This creation is for anyone who can dedicate their tattoo to someone special in their life. You can look like a true family man or woman with this sparrow design. Show how connected you are and represent your love as well. The end result will suit families the best!

3. Traditional Sparrow Tattoo

Traditional Sparrow Tattoo
Image Source:@hemlocktattoostudio

This small sparrow is for those who enjoy realistic and unique tattoos. If you’re a fan of actual birds and you find them to be fascinating creatures, go with this birdie! The final result shows someone who is cheerful, energetic, as well as driven toward details and loves nature.

Did you know that sparrows can eat over 830 different foods?

4. Colorful Sparrow Tattoo Red Ink

Colorful Sparrow Tattoo Red Ink
Image Source:@fetistattoo

Add a pop of red to your tattoo and show off this design anywhere you go! The end result is simple yet gorgeous. It won’t cost you a lot of money either, which makes it ideal for anyone who likes peaceful elements and nature.

5. Sparrow Tattoo Traditional Ink

Sparrow Tattoo Traditional Ink
Image Source:@isaacink_

If blue color is your favorite you’re going to like this design. This bird creation shows you that guys can also wear and go for sparrow tattoos as well. Show that you’re someone who likes birds, dominant energy, as well as power with this sparrow idea. It will take you 3-4 hours to achieve this design.

6. Sparrow Tattoo Bird Print

Sparrow Tattoo Bird Print
Image Source:@jorogumojadie

This funky and funny sparrow will suit those who like color. If you’re a fan of cute ideas and you find them to be retro, this is ideal for you. This sparrow will symbolize your freedom and your will to express your own liking. It will suit those who are always laughing and having fun the best.

Fun fact: they can reach 4 to 8 inches in length.

7. Black Sparrow Tattoo Sleeve

Black Sparrow Tattoo Sleeve
Image Source:@gurutattoo

Sleeve tattoos are not for everyone. In fact, this tattoo will suit you only if you enjoy larger tattoos and funky designs. This one is dramatic and it will look the best on guys who work out. If you have a lot of space and you want to decorate it with a funky bird, give this sparrow a go.

8. Small & Realistic Sparrow Tattoo Idea

Small & Realistic Sparrow Tattoo Idea
Image Source:@abii_tattoo

This small sparrow is realistic and ideal for anyone who enjoys cute ideas. It is also an adorable tattoo that will look the best on men and women who want something practical and elegant. This tattoo also shows a person who is driven by art and pure beautiful lines. It is also a cute image that won’t cost a lot.

9. Half-Sleeve Sparrow Tattoo

Half-Sleeve Sparrow Tattoo
Image Source:@isaacink_

This arm tattoo is for anyone who is in or realistic ideas and concepts. If you have 4 hours to spare you can consider going for this tattoo. It is a symbol of fun, love for nature, as well as your new journey that is ahead. Show that you’re someone who likes to create and have fun under your own terms.

Did you know that they are very sociable birds, often nesting in colonies?

10. Delicate & Feminine Sparrow Tattoo

Delicate & Feminine Sparrow Tattoo
Image Source:@emiliano_animanera

Women who like female tattoos and elegant ideas are going to like this retro and beautiful concept. Add some flowers to make this tattoo even more attractive and powerful. The end result will show your will to create and explore in life with any and every aspect.

11. Small Mini Sparrow Tattoo

Small Mini Sparrow Tattoo
Image Source:@pineapplecookies

This small sparrow tattoo will look the best on women who like colorful yet small ideas. This design won’t take you a lot of money or time to get. It will suit girls who need a playful design and a bird that is great for expressing your persona. Make sure that you have 3-4 hours to get this design.

12. Brown & Realistic Sparrow Tattoo

Brown & Realistic Sparrow Tattoo
Image Source:@tonytrustworthy

This brown sparrow will look amazing on creative individuals. Make sure that you have 4 hours to spare when achieving this tattoo. It can look great on men and women.

Fun fact: in some urban areas the population has fallen by 99%.

13. Bright & Colorful Sparrow Tattoo Creation

Bright & Colorful Sparrow Tattoo Creation
Image Source:@rokatattt

Men and women who enjoy colorful ideas can go for this tattoo. If you’re into flowers and meaningful designs you’re going to like this print. A lighthouse will represent your will to explore the world and yourself, as well as your personality. Show that you are always exploring and trying to test new fields of your life.

14. Cartoon Sparrows Tattoos

Cartoon Sparrows Tattoos
Image Source:@monikbonestattoo

Go for this arm or palm tattoo if you’re okay with showy and noticeable placements. This tattoo will suit those who enjoy precision and elegance. The end result shows a person willing to change and adapt to new surroundings and elements that surround him or her. Make sure that your job allows you to wear showy tattoos before you end up wearing or dedicating one.

15. Leg Calves Sparrow Tattoo

Leg Calves Sparrow Tattoo
Image Source:@henrygreeve

How about these two birds that you can place over your calves? This tattoo will show that you’re someone who likes and prefers balance. Show the world that you’re always expressing yourself and adapting to new surroundings or situations. The end result shows that you’re always open to something new and experimental.

16. Creative Sparrow Tattoo

Creative Sparrow Tattoo
Image Source:@lu_profecia

How about you try out this little creative tattoo and this colorful piece? Men and women of any age can consider this design. This colorful sparrow will show that you’re someone who likes historical designs and tattoos that have a lot of strength and personal value to them.

Did you know that the Italian sparrow is thought to be a stabilized hybrid between the house and the Spanish sparrow?

17. Bright Neon Sparrow Tattoo

Bright Neon Sparrow Tattoo
Image Source:@alexbelangertattoo

If you prefer to show off and you like that big dominant energy you’re going to like this tattoo and this concept. The end result with all of these funky loud colors will show someone who is known for their brilliance or big bold moves. Show the rest of the world that you’re a creator and someone who is a trend-setter in their life or line of work.

18. Arm Colorful Sparrow Tattoo

Arm Colorful Sparrow Tattoo
Image Source:@nickweavertattoos

This sparrow will look amazing over your arm. If you’re someone who likes creativity and you’re a fan of inspirational images make sure that you consider this little sparrow. It won’t take you more than three hours to place this tattoo over your arm and it won’t cost you a lot of money either.

19. Red Sparrow Tattoo

Red Sparrow Tattoo
Image Source:@rickdobrantattoo

If you like ankle tattoos or foot tattoos you’re going to enjoy this sparrow bird. It is a powerful concept and a tattoo that will look the best on women who enjoy colorful ideas and floral prints. Make sure that you have a high pain tolerance level since this tattoo is quite tricky to get since it is placed on such an unusual area and right next to your bone.

20. Stomach Sparrows Tattoo

Stomach Sparrows Tattoo
Image Source:@lyonsdentattoocompany

Lastly, this chest tattoo or under boob tattoo can look great on those who enjoy showy designs and who like to show off their masculine body. If you have 5 hours to spare you can experiment with this design. The end result shows a traveler and a softy in the heart. Does this sound like you?

Sparrow Tattoo Lovers!

Are you ready to get one of these tattoos from our list? Which one is your favorite and a must-have ultimate print? Birds are a symbol of joy and self-expression, so show your vibrant personality in this wholesome way!

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